EFL Teacher Talk #1 w/ Sarah Lilburn and Mike Marzio

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EFL Teacher Talk
From ETT's cousin site EFLBridges.net
July 12, 2009
a discussion with 
Mike Marzio of Real-English.com
Sarah of The Daily English Show

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09:51:29  JL ->  Hello Carlos
09:53:37  Carlos Raul ->  Hi, good morning
09:54:00  Carlos Raul ->  What's the name of the previous song?
09:56:04  JL ->  when the water comes by Cloud Cult
09:56:21  JL ->  this is Rio da Bassa Nova by Beto Villares
09:56:52  Carlos Raul ->  Thanks!
09:57:46  PeggyG ->  good morning
09:58:01  Carlos Raul ->  The souns is as well as the volume
09:58:15  PeggyG ->  your audio is coming through great for me
09:59:29  PeggyG ->  only hearing Carlos-no one else
10:00:25  mod ->  Hello all - still doing a bit of audio troubleshooting - should get rolling in a few minutes
10:00:34  Carlos Raul ->  Hi
10:00:44  helen davies ->  Hello
10:00:46  PeggyG ->  now I can hear JL
10:02:11  PeggyG ->  There's Jose :-)
10:02:35  PeggyG ->  I think I can hear everyone now and it sounds fine :-)
10:03:22  andrewjfarmer ->  Hello Sarah!
10:03:28  andrewjfarmer ->  Hello Mike!
10:03:38  PeggyG ->  I'm just waking up too--had to set my alarm to get up in time--7:00am in Phoenix AZ
10:06:09  andrewjfarmer ->  I second that; great job tdes!
10:07:33  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi everyone
10:07:43  michaelc ->  Hi Jose!
10:07:45  PeggyG ->  Good morning everyone
10:07:46  Carlos Raul ->  Hello Jose
10:07:55  tdes ->  :D
10:07:56  andrewjfarmer ->  Actually 13 people,  my baby Celina is on my lap!
10:08:05  michaelc ->  and Mike and Sarah and all
10:08:16  dreamcomestrue ->  wow, this is an amazing live vid.
10:08:37  PeggyG ->  very relieved to hear you have gone Pro--:-)
10:10:15  PeggyG ->  This is my first time to join you on EFL Live
10:10:35  Carlos Raul ->  Hi Peggy, this is my first time, too
10:10:44  JoseRodriguez ->  our too.. peggy
10:10:48  JoseRodriguez ->  it's the first show
10:11:00  PeggyG ->  then I guess I'm a prolific pioneer too :-)
10:11:48  JoseRodriguez ->  Welcome to the Indiana Jones Club!!! all.
10:11:55  michaelc ->  :0
10:12:01  michaelc ->  :)
10:12:40  michaelc ->  Simple and brilliant idea Mike!
10:13:08  JoseRodriguez ->  I like that .. on the street..
10:13:17  JoseRodriguez ->  and now we can do it live..
10:14:45  PeggyG ->  http://thedailyenglishshow.com/
10:15:01  PeggyG ->  thanks for sharing that link with me JL-have really enjoyed exploring it
10:15:21  mike ->  thanks Michael
10:16:17  helen davies ->  sorry I must leave you - my kids are fighting :(  will catch up on the recording :)
10:16:40  JoseRodriguez ->  ok helen.. thanks for stopping by
10:17:10  PeggyG ->  it's a wonderful site and daily show! very comprehensive and easy to navigate
10:17:25  JoseRodriguez ->  probably less nervous.
10:17:40  JL ->  TDES#1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmpou2hAfeU
10:19:18  PeggyG ->  wow! that first video has had 12,905 views! :-) awesome!
10:19:25  andrewjfarmer ->  I have a question for the "prolific pioneers"; since Sarah and Mike are so active in      video based ELL I wondered about your feelings on crowd sourced (amateur) subtitles to supplement the videos.
10:20:42  michaelc ->  halogen
10:20:53  PeggyG ->  so glad you asked that question JL-this is really interesting! fantastic use for umbrellas :-)
10:21:17  JoseRodriguez ->  go.  pro..
10:22:32  JoseRodriguez ->  vodcasts..
10:22:43  Carlos Raul ->  Jose, Where is Mike?
10:22:50  JoseRodriguez ->  in FRance
10:23:30  Carlos Raul ->  Does he have a website or channel at YouTube, like Sarah?
10:23:35  JoseRodriguez ->  looking to doing some on the street reporting here also...
10:23:53  PeggyG ->  is there a link for Mike's videos?
10:24:07  michaelc ->  realenglish.com
10:24:32  PeggyG ->  thank you!
10:24:38  Carlos Raul ->  Oh, yes, I remember now. Thank you.
10:25:02  mod ->  http://real-english.com/
10:25:11  mod ->  and http://thedailyenglishshow.com/
10:25:56  michaelc ->  LOL
10:26:31  Nina Liakos ->  Mike, where did you teach in Paris?
10:28:09  Nina Liakos ->  I used to teach at the Club International Audiovisual--which doesn't exist anymore
10:28:12  PeggyG ->  is that offered through ASU Online? That's my university :-)
10:28:16  Nina Liakos ->  Audiovisuel, sorry
10:28:36  knf ->  tdes using the microphone that BEHRINGER C-1
10:28:51  andrewjfarmer ->  l
10:28:54  andrewjfarmer ->  l
10:33:49  PeggyG ->  which video sites are not blocked in your school Jose?
10:34:22  JoseRodriguez ->  not blocked.. well vimeo.. blip.tv
10:34:31  JoseRodriguez ->  ustream..
10:34:59  PeggyG ->  very interesting Jose--ustream not blocked but youtube is blocked??
10:35:02  JoseRodriguez ->  anything that teenagers don't use.. :D
10:35:42  JoseRodriguez ->  or hogs up the network.. We are able to use skype / skype video / etc.. as long as we are below the radar
10:36:47  PeggyG ->  I've had great success uploading video to blip.tv
10:37:50  michaelc ->  wow - that's a heap of time!!!
10:38:14  JoseRodriguez ->  I love using blip.tv and how you can use embeds for your own blogs
10:38:15  PeggyG ->  that's a full time job!!
10:38:31  JoseRodriguez ->  the quicktime video files are very light also
10:39:04  Carlos Raul ->  It's a lot of love, also.
10:39:17  PeggyG ->  yes I love how easy it is to embed blip.tv in blogs! but I guess that's true for any video that has an embed code
10:39:59  michaelc ->  :)
10:40:23  michaelc ->  good point Jeff
10:40:31  PeggyG ->  accents are interesting! no accent in AZ except with people who move here from other places :-)
10:40:57  JoseRodriguez ->  It's funny peggy..
10:40:58  michaelc ->  non-native speakers are after all the majority
10:41:11  PeggyG ->  so true michaelc!
10:41:16  Carlos Raul ->  You're right, Michael.
10:41:30  JoseRodriguez ->  accent is anyone that doesn't speak like ME>>> :D
10:41:37  michaelc ->  LOL
10:42:26  PeggyG ->  with so many shows for Sarah I wonder how she keeps track of what she's already done when she produces a new show??
10:42:32  JoseRodriguez ->  andrew we are in the eflbridges chatroom
10:42:44  JoseRodriguez ->  doubleclick to get in with the rest of us..
10:42:45  andrewjfarmer ->  oh  thanks
10:42:59  Carlos Raul ->  Sarah, you must be single to do all what you do.
10:43:04  JoseRodriguez ->  welcome andrew
10:43:19  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Francisco..
10:43:26  andrewjfarmer ->   I have a question for the "prolific pioneers"; since Sarah and Mike are so active in video based ELL I wondered about your feelings on crowd sourced (amateur) subtitles to supplement the videos.
10:43:57  PeggyG ->  thanks for rephrasing my question JL! exactly what I wanted to know :-)
10:44:01  patxigu ->  Hi, a tutti
10:44:04  JoseRodriguez ->  subtitles.. as in translation.. or transcription?
10:45:06  andrewjfarmer ->  well, if on screen subtitles are available for videos, they can be used by different levels of students
10:45:07  PeggyG ->  is there a sequence to the content or can you view them in any order?
10:45:42  PeggyG ->  do either of you use the dot.sub subtitled videos?
10:46:59  michaelc ->  LOL
10:47:12  michaelc ->  LOL
10:47:30  JoseRodriguez ->  dot.sub is a good option...
10:47:33  michaelc ->  Quote of the session: "I have no business model!"
10:47:40  Carlos Raul ->  Does any of you know of a tutorial to add subtiltles to videos?
10:48:35  PeggyG ->  you can easily add text to ustream videos when you are streaming--otherwise I only know about dotsub.com
10:48:40  Nina Liakos ->  I always wondered whether all businesspeople had "business models" and "business plans"
10:48:46  Nina Liakos ->  I guess not! :-)
10:48:57  Carlos Raul ->  Thanks Peggy.
10:49:13  michaelc ->  Jeff - what's World Bridges business model? :)
10:49:22  Nina Liakos ->  LOL I HATE that (everyday)
10:49:45  PeggyG ->  I guess no translations are ever perfect??
10:49:56  andrewjfarmer ->  thanks for the question
10:50:00  JoseRodriguez ->  My guess... as in worldbridges.. is that we were looking for the answer from Mike and sarah..
10:50:56  JoseRodriguez ->  good answer...
10:51:07  andrewjfarmer ->  I was going to say the same thing!
10:51:09  michaelc ->  thanks Jeff
10:52:34  PeggyG ->  is a "business model" a plan for making it self-supporting or profit-making?
10:53:09  PeggyG ->  what an exciting life of travel Mike!
10:53:36  PeggyG ->  love that!! child of hippies :-)
10:53:52  marialbers ->  And how many things you should have learn in those years of travel!!
10:54:31  PeggyG ->  it's Sarah's show so she can do whatever she wants :-)
10:55:23  Carlos Raul ->  I would like to do what Sarah and Mike do but in Spanish. would that be taken as plagiarism?
10:55:25  andrewjfarmer ->  both Sarah, Mike, Jeff and Jose have chosen to use powerful Internet tools to assist in ELL and I truly believe, international communication and undertanding.   You all deserve a pat on the back and we should work together to make sure that anyone with an interest in ELL, as a teacher or a student can find and engage with the awesome content you prodcue.
10:55:47  PeggyG ->  I agree Andrew!!
10:56:37  andrewjfarmer ->  cheers Peggy
10:57:26  Nina Liakos ->  It's wonderful that you both offer these fabulous resources to the ESL/EFL community and students
10:57:27  JoseRodriguez ->  thanks.. andrw
10:57:47  andrewjfarmer ->  thank you
10:58:16  PeggyG ->  this has been a fantastic conversation! thank you so much for sharing your stories!
10:58:40  JoseRodriguez ->  so.. how can we make efl content viral?
10:59:21  PeggyG ->  very interesting observation Sarah
10:59:36  patxigu ->  PArdon, meeting Hidalgo, EDUCACION EXPANDIDA is now? here?
10:59:44  PeggyG ->  I guess entertainment videos are more popular than learning sites??
10:59:49  Nina Liakos ->  No, this is EFLBRidges
11:00:05  patxigu ->  ok!! Nina!! Thanks!!!
11:00:59  Nina Liakos ->  I have to leave now--thanks to all for providing this interview (next time let us know a bit earlier pls!)
11:01:10  michaelc ->  Me too folks
11:01:10  JoseRodriguez ->  patzigu.. that webcasts starts in an hour.. http://puentesalmundo.net/radioweb2.0
11:01:18  michaelc ->  Delightful session – thank you both for your time and wonderful work. And for excellent facilitation Jeff.
11:01:25  PeggyG ->  yes we need to spread the word!! :-)
11:01:50  PeggyG ->  excellent interview questions Jef!
11:02:16  PeggyG ->  please come back Sarah and Mike!
11:02:25  andrewjfarmer ->  thanks from Osaka from Andrew Farmer!
11:02:31  Carlos Raul ->  Thank you Jeff, Jose, Sarah, and Mike for this successful session.
11:02:33  JoseRodriguez ->  Thanks Jeff.. great webcast..
11:02:35  michaelc ->  Bye everyone
11:02:36  andrewjfarmer ->  cheers  Jeff
11:02:50  PeggyG ->  wonderful webcast! definitely worth waking up early for!!
11:03:54  PeggyG ->  I love that "passion" is such an important word for all of you! You are great models for this!!
11:03:55  Carlos Raul ->  Clap, clap, clap
11:04:10  andrewjfarmer ->  I truly enjoyed this, thanks.
11:04:25  PeggyG ->  thank you everyone!
11:04:26  mod ->  http://webcastacademy.net/
11:04:28  JoseRodriguez ->  bye all.
11:04:44  JL ->  skype 'worldbridges' to join the conversation
11:05:08  Carlos Raul ->  Oops! Transmission is off.
11:09:58  andrewjfarmer ->  I am sure Sarah will vouch for this comment; Japanese Internet users tend only to stay in the realm of the Japanese Internet
11:11:08  andrewjfarmer ->  Japanese keywords and if possible, subtitles are the only way to initially connect with  Japanese students
11:11:12  patxigu ->  Ok!! Jose Rodriguez!!MAny Thanks
11:13:57  andrewjfarmer ->  I think having downloadable scripts make it much easier for hungover teachers to access the medium of online video and use it in the classroom
11:14:51  andrewjfarmer ->  I feel, through experience,  that video truly captivates students and the motivation to study comes from within
11:17:07  andrewjfarmer ->  Here is the thing; we have the two most prolific producers of ELL video content in the history of the Internet online live now and most likely, only teachers watching
11:17:21  andrewjfarmer ->  how do we get students involved?
11:21:05  andrewjfarmer ->  great answer Sarah
11:21:58  andrewjfarmer ->  YouTube videos are usually blocked in Japanese schools
11:22:17  andrewjfarmer ->  Great Jeff, Saah and Mike
11:23:38  tdes ->  :) Thank you.
11:23:46  tdes ->  Goodbye.