EdTechSomething - Science Network Edition

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EdTechSomething - Science Network Edition
with Gary

EdTechSomething - Science Network Edition
July 19, 2009

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18:36:44  JL ->  Hello gail
18:36:59  gail ->  Hi there
18:45:36  guest478 ->  lets go science lets go
18:45:37  JL ->  I see you Gary
18:45:54  guest478 ->  I'm hearing you jeff
18:47:41  JL ->  guest478, would you like to join in?
18:50:57  Gary ->  http://www.asla.ca/
18:54:38  JL ->  Gary, are do you know how to reactivate the conference?
18:55:31  guest478 ->  yay!
19:01:19  Gary ->  http://www.asla.ca/
19:02:01  JL ->  glad your here Jason
19:02:08  Jason R ->  Ahoy ahoy
19:02:43  gail ->  can we boost Patty's mic?
19:03:16  guest478 ->  @gail she's on a telephone
19:06:52  Jason R ->  Guess that leaves Secondlife out :)
19:07:12  JL ->  we'll have to get that question in
19:07:16  guest478 ->  money?
19:08:27  gail ->  WOW What a team!
19:11:28  tjmeister ->  The geeks were quite into physics...as I recall...
19:11:47  Gary ->  http://www.asla.ca/
19:12:00  gail ->  thanks for the audio boost
19:15:05  Jason R ->  Is ASLA still in need of an exec director? http://www.asla.ca/careers.html
19:15:44  Gary ->  No - that is old
19:17:21  Gary ->  We hired - just not updated
19:21:26  tjmeister ->  No strangers to pretty tight "programs of studies" in Alberta...
19:22:53  tomshepp ->  Lots of excellent ed programs for k-12 out there but hard to integrate with overloaded curriculum.
19:24:28  JL ->  http://www.awsn.com/OperationMinerva/tabid/87/Default.aspx
19:26:53  Jason R ->  Looked it up. We've done videoconference programs with The Learning Connection (Edson, Alberta)
19:27:10  tomshepp ->  I like the I3 program (science & technology) but I can't find the time to implement even though it relates well to what I teach (http://www.iteaconnect.org/i3/index.htm).
19:28:02  Patty ->  Sorry... website for Alberta Women's Science Network should be www.awsn.com
19:28:19  Jason R ->  Is there an equivalent to NSTA in Canada?
19:28:29  Jason R ->  National Science Teachers Association
19:28:46  gail ->  More than most subjects, science needs to be hands on. By and far the best interacting goes on with science
19:29:26  Jason R ->  Got to gear up. Hangs on.
19:29:44  tomshepp ->  Find it difficult to get girls interested in robotics as well.
19:30:30  alicemercer ->  Group at NECC was trying to get girls into programming, and NOT just the ones who would gravitate towards it anyway (ones doing PHP/Perl in spare time)
19:30:34  Gary ->  https://www.scienceandtechnologynetwork.ca/main/modules/news/
19:32:59  gail ->  Would it surprise you to hear that getting a bunch of professionals together will probably bring these things along?
19:33:43  tomshepp ->  I think sometimes on East Coast there is a waiting for leadership from above and it cannot work that way.
19:35:44  tjmeister ->  #bill 44
19:36:11  carolteach4 ->  Hello -fascinating conversation -started listening on iPhone in backyard and then came inside-the streams are in different places on UStream, iPhone, and EdTechTalkA-the iPhone seemed to be ahead of the streams on my laptop - interesting.
19:36:39  guest478 ->  huh.
19:36:49  guest478 ->  what are you listening through on ur iphone?
19:37:30  carolteach4 ->  I turned the iPhone off, and I'm on EdTechTalkA stream on my laptop now.
19:39:29  Jason R ->  In now
19:40:26  JL ->  audio is a bit low Jason
19:43:05  guest478 ->  I'm going to hop our guys
19:43:15  guest478 ->  tres cool discussion folks. thanks for having me in
19:43:19  JL ->  who are you hopping?
19:43:30  guest478 ->  that should be 'out'
19:43:54  Jason R ->  Well, Dave sounds great. I want his mic
19:44:39  Jason R ->  Are you doing any videoconferencing?
19:44:41  gail ->  I have heard great things about some system of crates used in CA
19:47:29  SR ->  we have the Science Teachers' Association of Ontario
19:47:40  SR ->  www.stao.org
19:48:40  carolteach4 ->  I am not a science teacher but I get a newsletter from the National Science Teachers' Association - I pass a lot of their links onto the science teachers I work with:  http://www.nsta.org/
19:49:15  tomshepp ->  Is that on Alberta SuperNet?
19:49:35  Gary ->  Yes - on Supernet
19:49:50  SR ->  why not skype in the scientists
19:50:37  Jason R ->  We use room-based videoconferencing. Skype is good for one to one, but not for classroom presentations (in my experience)
19:51:02  gail ->  How much real interest is there for presenting to kindergarten kids? They are often left behind in favor of the older kids and yet their experience is usually hands on
19:51:05  Jason R ->  Plus there is not much you can do to gurantee quality of service on Skype
19:51:51  Scott Shelhart ->  Our local elem school has a science lab.  I sits unused as a storage room.
19:52:00  gail ->  We have to make our own adventure and they eat it up
19:52:57  gail ->  That does it, I'm going to invite some scientists in!!
19:53:11  Gary ->  Good for you gail.
19:53:31  Scott Shelhart ->  Kindergarten science is a blast.
19:53:42  SR ->  catchy title .. The Naked Science podcasts http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/podcasts/breaking-science/
19:53:55  gail ->  Skype is cheap but the sudio is always dicey
19:54:05  gail ->  that should say audio
19:55:20  tjmeister ->  Gary, what about a virtual world component?  ..Opensim perhaps   cost effective.
19:55:24  gail ->  Scott, it really is great
19:55:37  Gary ->  http://www.asla.ca/
19:55:38  Jason R ->  Good to hear all this. Thanks for sharing.
19:55:40  JL ->  http://www.asla.ca/contact.html
19:56:06  carolteach4 ->  Our 8th grade science teacher started a program with an elementary school (2nd graders)where the 8th graders wrote books on simple machines for the 2nd graders. They had several face to face meetings where the students interacted and did experiments dealing with force and motion, Newton's laws, etc. The kids had a blast. It was funded by a grant from our local ACES (area cooperative extension service). The kids made powerpoint presentations together with their buddies, but there was not communication via technology between the two schools.
19:56:07  Scott Shelhart ->  If you are the Gail I think you are...You do some great science in your classroom.
19:57:00  SR ->  science buddies .. a great idea
19:57:08  gail ->  In my K class we moved tables w/ wedges and built inclined planes
19:57:55  carolteach4 ->  This was a great show. It would be wonderful if we could get some science classes in the states connected with classes in Canada.
19:58:33  carolteach4 ->  @JL - I assume the chat with all the links will be available soon?
19:58:42  JL ->  yep
19:58:45  Gary ->  Skype ld_gmc
19:58:45  Scott Shelhart ->  Gail- Gail Poulin?
19:58:48  tomshepp ->  Resistance is futile
19:59:15  carolteach4 ->  It is hard for me to type and pay attention to the audio, so I fully understand.