Online Tests: An Ideal Way to Assess Corporate Training Effect

Corporate training is very important for modern enterprises. Effective training would help the organization to achieve its goal with the help of all employees more quickly. Powerful training program would first build up the team spirit and organization culture, then shape individual working capacity and leadership and finally increase corporate productivity and profitability. This is what we talk about achieving organization goal as well as individual goal.

To assess training effect in time is very essential for all in-house training programs. The assessment results may help the trainers adjust their training schedule in time. An effective assessment should be easy to access and not take too much time. It requires at least the following elements:

  • Convenient for trainers to edit questions, not take too much time
  • Easy accessibility for all the required test-takers, no need to gather together for a small test
  • Effectiveness to prevent cheating
  • Capacity to give the trainers and test-takers quick feedback
  • Online tests would be an ideal way to do the real-time assessment. Online means it can be taken at anywhere anytime. Along with a good assessment tool, other requirement such as convenience, cheating prevention and feedback could be achieved. Among tons of test making tools, I picked out Quiz Creator as an example to show its use for real time assessment of corporate training.

    The features of QuizCreator include:

  • 9 question types that can easily be edited in a question panel
  • The published test can be easily accessed online
  • The tests could be published as Flash, SCORM, exe, word or Excel for easy delivery
  • Online cheating preventing measures which include access limit, domain control, test time control, shuffle choices, and randomized questions, etc.
  • Capacity to give answer level feedback and quiz level feedback to test-takers
  • A FREE quiz management system is provided for trainers to manage all the test-takers and results.
  • A detailed result report could be automatically generated
  • Now let’s see this cooperate training case. An American company which does a lot of foreign trade with China wants to hold this Chinese language training program within the company, it first make an assessment throughout all its employees to know their understanding of Chinese. This assessment includes the basic understanding of this language and some knowledge of Chinese society and culture. The integration with sound Quiz Creator has help to make listening comprehension in language assessment. Hotspot question is very useful for geo test. Assess control helps to prevent cheating. The test-takers are required to use the company mailbox to login, so their results could be clearly shown in the Quiz Management System.

    The trainees could be graded to different categories and given different training programs. During the training process, different kinds of tests could be used to assess the trainees’ progress. Now the advantages of online tests become obvious. The trainees could choose to take the tests at a proper time for themselves, so they don’t need to change their working schedule to take a class test. As long as they finish the test in time, it would be OK. Because of the real-time training effect assessment, this language training within this company is quite successful in the end.

    This is just one case concerning about the application of test making tool in the assessment for corporate training. In fact, HR staff is usually encouraged to be more familiar with the whole assessment process in order to do better in a training program. Of course, online test is a small aspect of the whole assessment process, but its importance on increasing training effectiveness couldn’t be ignored.