SEEDLings 2009-9-24 Quest Atlantis

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Thanks to Bronwyn for joining us from Australia.

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Chat log:

bobsprankle ->   Hi Bron!

 alicebarr ->   Hi technatude

 bobsprankle ->   hi all!

 technatude ->   Hi!

 alicebarr ->   Technatude where are you from?

" technatude ->   Hi Alice, it's Stacy Alvarez from Westbrook!"

 alicebarr ->   Oh hi Stacy! Great to have you here!

 alicebarr ->   What fun!

 alicebarr ->   AND Congrats!!!

 technatude ->   I got the tweet and decided to join.  Thanks!

 alicebarr ->   Excellent

 alicebarr ->   Do you know how to listen?

 technatude ->   real player?

 alicebarr ->   or Itunes. See the icon in the upper right ahnd corner

 technatude ->   I clicked on real player on the right in ed tech talk A

 alicebarr ->   That should work we will broadcast in a minurte

 technatude ->   awesome

 alicebarr ->   Bob remind me to archive please

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Hello all,"

 PeggyG ->   stream/audio is coming through great!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   how is the sound?

 PeggyG ->   Hi everyone!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Thanks Peggy

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Peggy what is fall like in AZ

 PeggyG ->   Very excited to hear about Quest Atlantis!! Got to see it in action in Jackie Gerstein's class last year

 technatude ->   sounds good

 PeggyG ->   no fall here!!

 PeggyG ->   96 degrees right now :-)

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   What grade is Jackie

 PeggyG ->   she was teaching 5th grade students in a gifted program last year

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   peggy, we need her as a contact"

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Yahoo! to technatude!!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Welcome to Bronst! Browyn Stuckey of Quest Atlantix

 PeggyG ->   I think Jackie might even join us today :-)

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Atlantis wrong key

 PeggyG ->   :-)

 technatude ->   this might be kinda public.

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->    This is your night technatude!!! Stacy?

 PeggyG ->   There she is!! Yeah!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Yeah we have Bronwyn is with us.

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   We love the background noise.

 technatude ->   Pictures from there look like mars

 bobsprankle ->   wow

 PeggyG -> I created a Photopeach slideshow of my visit to Jackie's class that includes images of her students using Quest Atlantis. Mute the audio!!

 PeggyG ->   what fun!! a 4-week course on Quest Atlantis!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   It is great fun.

 PeggyG ->   that is a real talent to be able to engage learners at all ages/stages!

 PeggyG ->   Jackie's students loved it and couldn't wait to tell us about it!

 PeggyG ->   welcome back Bron!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Bron is trying a different wireless to connect to us.

 alicebarr ->   welcome bauwarter

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   hello to all, this is a show about Quest Atlantis"

 bauwarter ->   Hi.  Where is Quest Atlantis?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   So, Peggy, we will be doing the same as JackieG. at Wells Elementary"

" technatude ->   bauwrter, check this out"

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   thanks for the link

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   A truly international group

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   hi peggygagain

 PeggyG-again ->   my browser froze--ugh! back on a new browser!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->    have you cloned yourself/

 PeggyG-again ->   as if one of me wasn't enough!! :-)

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   we never get enough of you

 PeggyG-again ->   it's incredible how far reaching QA is!!

 alicebarr ->   It's amazing the globa; reach of QA

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   this is the part that we have never been able to produce at school, this is nice to have the platform all built"

 PeggyG-again ->   I think this is a much better experience for students than SL!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   yes peggy, this models great virtual living"

 PeggyG-again ->   absolutely!

 alicebarr ->   If you have questions please ask

 PeggyG-again ->   I love the fact that QA doesn't crash your browser because of bandwidth!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   yes it is FREE!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Grant project from Indiana University

 technatude ->   What about the training?  The information suggests that 1 peson be trained.  How do we do that?

 bauwarter ->   What curriculum objectives does this fit in with?

" PeggyG-again ->   we always worry about our ""free"" resources because they tend to disappear. What's the prospect for QA after the grant funding is gone?"

 technatude ->   good question Peggy.

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Technatude, it is highly recommended that 2 people per district or school be trained together."

 PeggyG-again ->   I think you can fit curriculum standards from all subject areas in it!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   A really good idea.

 bobsprankle ->   great questions all! we'll get them in!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   The curriculum is about science, research and digitial citizenship to name a few."

 PeggyG-again ->   I think it's always wise to have at least 2 teachers in a school to introduce new technologies for support!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Yes Peggy, it is about our network and support"

 PeggyG-again ->   why would people think a virtual world is US centric?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   hello Kim, welcome"

 PeggyG-again ->   it has incredible potential for teaching digital citizenship!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   This evening's show is about Quest Atlantis

 technatude ->   Probably because it's from Indiana

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   FREE training

 PeggyG-again ->   do you have a link for signing up for the training?

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Hello Leeanne_HK welcome from tomorrow.

 technatude ->   Love free

 kcaise ->   hi cheryl! hi everyone!

 PeggyG-again ->   Hi Kim!

 technatude ->   How much class time should be devoted to this?

 kcaise ->   hi peggy!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Well, Leeanne is from tomorrow, we are still in her yesterday"

 PeggyG-again ->   great response!!

 kcaise ->   i downloaded it during the webheads convergence conference

 Leeanne_HK ->   Hi Cheryl - running late this morning - slept in

 bobsprankle ->

" bobsprankle ->   that's the training schedule, peggy"

 bauwarter ->   How much time per week would a child like to spend here?

 PeggyG-again ->   do you allow professional development people (like me) to participate in the training if we don't have our own school or classroom?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   entertainment, education, values"

 PeggyG-again ->   but it's not just a game where students participate but they can create!

 bobsprankle ->   right peggy!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   yes Peggy, it is a build it yourself"

 alicebarr ->   Hi Tim

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   hello tim

 tim hart ->   hey there. sorry I am a bit late

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   glad you made

 bobsprankle ->   hi tim!

 PeggyG-again ->   who could ever disagree with those values??!! powerful stuff!

 bobsprankle ->   very powerful :)

 alicebarr ->   Wow Student centered too

 Leeanne_HK ->   missed the beginning - is there any verification of identiy to ensure that kids only or do you create a private space?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Leeanne, we haven't touched upon that"

 PeggyG-again ->   that's fascinating about asperger's students!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   I am so going to bring it to my JHsS people

" alicebarr ->   There is so much about Atlantis ""out there"" actors in to many stories and online games"

 bobsprankle ->

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Hey DS, welcome"

 alicebarr ->   Whoa..  What a great background story

 tim hart ->   This is the type of detail that immerses kids in video games. QA brings that to light in the classroom. 

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   exactly Tim, it takes the best of the best"

 kcaise ->   i am trying to register the training session for the jokaydia conference and the form requires a registration code. 

 PeggyG-again ->   doesn't she make you want to be a part of that experience??!! it shouldn't just be for kids!! :-)

" ds ->   thx Cheryl, good to be hear--greetings all"

 ds ->   here too :)

 PeggyG-again ->   it's so versatile!!

" technatude ->   wow, this is amazing"

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   it is amazing

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   yeah ds!

 bobsprankle ->   that's so interesting

 alicebarr ->   LOve that kids were involved in the start

 PeggyG-again ->   and it's even research-based!! :-) love it! 

 tim hart ->   that is great. kids POV!

" ds ->   yes indeed, kids are the best ID"

 tim hart ->   what is QA built on? is it a home grown tech solution or on top of something else?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Yes, Peggy could train!"

 PeggyG-again ->   because of the way it keeps growing deeper and deeper kids will never get bored!

 Leeanne_HK ->   sorry so brief - gotta go teach now... have a great weekend everyone

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   bye leeanne 

 alicebarr ->   Bye Leanne

 PeggyG-again ->   thanks Cheryl! That's why I was wondering about the 2 person requirement for the training. I'd love to participate!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   hi carolteach4, welcome"

" carolteach4 ->   Hi, cheryl"

 carolteach4 ->   and all

 PeggyG-again ->   a student-managed version--how exciting!

 ds ->   love the notion of the guild

 bobsprankle ->

 technatude ->   a guild master like in WOW.  They'll love it!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   won't they love it

 PeggyG-again ->   reminds me of senior camp counselors :-) older student mentors

 bobsprankle ->

 tim hart ->   thanks

 PeggyG-again ->   that's a good thing because it's not so bandwidth intensive (besides all of the value of being curriculum-based)

" ds ->   how transferable/not are development and scripting skills among and between the various platforms? Active Worlds, SL, OpenSim?"

 PeggyG-again ->   great question DS! I'd like to know too!

 ds ->   ty  Peggy :)

 kcaise ->   the flat classroom project uses reaction grid

 carolteach4 ->   I had hoped to play in Second Life during the summer but never got time. I am totally lost in there. Maybe Quest Atlantis will be easier for me??? I'd be stuck at the portal probably.

 alicebarr ->   What programs should high school students look for if they are interested in game design?

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   carolteach4, you should try it, it is very fun and supportive"

 PeggyG-again ->   @carolteach4--I think it might be easier :-) we should become virtual explorers together!

 tim hart ->   @alicebarr - many off the shelf games have rich modding experiences.

 tim hart ->   that is a great place to start for them

 alicebarr ->   @tim thanks

 PeggyG-again ->   principals should be impressed to see how engaging it is for students while still being curriculum based (with such solid values embedded throughout!)

 carolteach4 ->   @peggie - that would be fun. I've been swamped these first weeks of school.

 PeggyG-again ->   what a great point! self-moderation!

 PeggyG-again ->   could QA actually become student eportfolios :-)

" carolteach4 ->   That sounds like a wonderful way of handling the database. I have been building our database for Google Apps for education, and it has taken a tremendous amount of time. I can't imagine how much time it must take Project Atlantis controllers."

 carolteach4 ->   I was wondering if the program were free.

" carolteach4 ->   Does it have to be large groups that join, or could it be maybe 10 or 15 kids in my computer club?"

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   yes carolteach, it is great for small groups"

 PeggyG-again ->   good to know about the funding! by the time the research project is finished it should provide some strong rationale for other sources of funding!

 ds ->   you can never have too many dogs--love it !

 carolteach4 ->   Thanks!

 technatude ->   Thanks so much for the info!

" carolteach4 ->   I came in late, but I've gotten some more inspiration."

 kcaise ->   the jokaydia conference in SL that starts tomorrow has several sessions on QA

 PeggyG-again ->   tshirts for avatars :-) great idea!

 bobsprankle ->

 PeggyG-again ->   do you have the link for that Kim?

" kcaise ->   yes, one session is at 8pm for you peggy"

 kcaise ->

 PeggyG-again ->   I was in that session! It was incredible!!!!!

" carolteach4 ->   I had an informal computer club this afternoon, and three of my boys were learning programming from each other - python - or something like that?"

 PeggyG-again ->   everyone should listen to the recording of Danah Boyd!

" carolteach4 ->   Oh, please send that link. Is it spelled Danna Boyd?"

 PeggyG-again ->   the recording will be posted on

" carolteach4 ->   Will you twitter it, Alice?"

 carolteach4 ->   Oops. asked too soon.

 PeggyG-again ->   Danah's research is really powerful!!

 carolteach4 ->   spell that please

 PeggyG-again ->

 kcaise ->

 carolteach4 ->   evening is better - too busy during the school day

 kcaise ->   one session is at 11pm EDT

 carolteach4 ->   Goog thing it's a Friday night. Maybe I'll nap when I get home from school.

 PeggyG-again ->   I wish it didn't overlap with the Equinox Webcastathon!! so many wonderful choices!

 kcaise ->   jokaydia is a fantastic trainer for newbies!

 kcaise ->   i learned a great deal from her

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 PeggyG-again ->   thank you so much Bron!!

 technatude ->   Love it

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 PeggyG-again ->   what a great tool to know about Bob!

 PeggyG-again ->   I use netnewswire on both my computer and iphone :-)

 alicebarr ->

" bobsprankle ->   it's great, isn't it peggy?"

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   This will be a podcast tomorrow with all the great chat information and links.

 PeggyG-again ->   yes!! love it!

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Thanks to the chat room, you make our show."

 PeggyG-again ->   wonderful show!! Thank you everyone!!

 bobsprankle ->   Thank you Bron! Thank you all!

" technatude ->   very good info, thanks"

 PeggyG-again ->   you all did some great problemsolving with the technology at the start of the show!

 tim hart ->   Yay Lisa!

 PeggyG-again ->   How exciting! We heard it first here!!

 kcaise ->   congrats!!

 carolteach4 ->   I Love Maine - born in Westbrook

" cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Thanks Peggy, it took a while to get to Austrailia"

 carolteach4 ->   grew up in Gorham

 ds ->   congratulations!

 PeggyG-again ->   wow!!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   carolteach4

" bauwarter ->   Good night, everyone"

" technatude ->   I'm a transplant Mainer, but I love it too"

 PeggyG-again ->   congratulations to the winners!

 carolteach4 ->   Yeah! That should be exciting!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   Isn't this great!!

 PeggyG-again ->   oh yes!!!! next week!

 PeggyG-again ->   thanks all!

 cheryloakes~Seedlings ->   night

 alicebarr ->   Wes is one of our keynote at the ACTEM conference

 PeggyG-again ->   night all!

 carolteach4 ->   Good night and thanks