EdTechBrainstorm - Community Callibration

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EdTechTalk asks, "Where are we at and where do we want to head?" 

Sept. 24, 2009

A Community Callibration
for EdTechTalk and other Worldbridges Communities

Chat Log Below


20:37:25  JL ->  ETBS/Community pre-show on air now (Ustream)
20:37:34  JL ->  skype 'worldbridges' to join in
20:39:40  kcaise ->  jeff, are you teaching this year?
20:41:08  kcaise ->  i got doggies playing and barking jeff
20:41:22  JL ->  that's what mute buttons are for
20:41:32  kcaise ->  lol,okay
20:42:43  kcaise ->  hi peggy
20:42:55  JL ->  skype in peggy (worldbridges)
20:43:07  PeggyG ->  hi-are we streaming on ustream or ETTA?
20:43:16  JL ->  yes and yes
20:43:28  PeggyG ->  thanks!
20:44:22  PeggyG ->  I have no toolbar!! Ugh! have to log out and come back.
20:47:03  kcaise ->  welcome back peggy
20:48:09  PeggyG ->  getting the audio now--whew!
20:49:26  PeggyG ->  as soon as I finish re-uploading the 85 tabs I had open when my browser froze :-)
20:49:50  PeggyG ->  will limit the video segments to 20 min max
20:51:05  ds ->  rifflandia.org
20:51:14  ds ->  rifflandia.com
20:51:40  PeggyG ->  45 min slots now
20:52:28  PeggyG ->  yes an important half hour before the LAN party :-)
20:52:45  PeggyG ->  meet the co-conveners and get an overview of this year's conference
20:53:36  carolteach4 ->  Oh, hi Peggy - long time no hear from; it's been busy for both of us, I'm sure.
20:53:54  PeggyG ->  I'm so excited about the merger of Worldbridges/ETT/webcastacademy/k12online this year!!
20:54:07  PeggyG ->  hi carolteach4!
20:54:38  PeggyG ->  that's funny!! DS!!
20:55:17  PeggyG ->  yeah Jose!
20:55:43  PeggyG ->  come to Phoenix Jose! it's only 96 degrees :-)
20:56:51  carolteach4 ->  It was really warm for CT today - about 80-
20:58:02  carolteach4 ->  That is so sad for public education
20:58:51  PeggyG ->  subs don't have to be highly qualified in our area
20:59:19  Cathy E ->  All of my teachers were hired back - but some of them did not get the call until a few days before school began
20:59:50  JL ->  you can also call 603-574-4923
20:59:57  JoseRodriguez ->  we are still looking at the remants of the Bush Era
21:00:00  JL ->  +16035744923
21:00:13  JoseRodriguez ->  I can hear y'all on the ustream
21:00:48  JoseRodriguez ->  I am cool for now..
21:00:54  PeggyG ->  oh yes!! click on record!!
21:00:58  JoseRodriguez ->  Will call in in a bit..
21:01:37  JoseRodriguez ->  I also use call recorder for mac
21:01:39  PeggyG ->  I've been using Call Recorder and Conference Recorder on my Mac for a couple of years with Skype and it does a great job!!
21:02:20  JoseRodriguez ->  btw.. the live events committee for k12onlineconference rocks!!!
21:02:40  PeggyG ->  thanks Jose!! we're trying hard!!
21:02:55  JoseRodriguez ->  DS ... the man
21:03:51  JoseRodriguez ->  I am manager @puentesalmundo.net :-)
21:03:52  PeggyG ->  does anyone know why we can't add links in the ustream chat? tried to do it today in the webcast with Robert Squires and it always says <URL removed>
21:04:49  PeggyG ->  so many fantastic opportunities!!
21:05:43  JoseRodriguez ->  too funny
21:05:50  PeggyG ->  can you explain the differences between Worldbridges and ETT?
21:06:27  PeggyG ->  I still have some of those draft documents :-)
21:06:43  dave ->  lol
21:06:48  ds ->  love it
21:06:49  dave ->  he does have a shopping habit
21:07:01  PeggyG ->  Hi Lorna!
21:07:09  Lorna ->  Hi Peggy and all
21:07:26  Lorna ->  system crashed - fun overload
21:07:46  PeggyG ->  @Lorna-that happened to me at the beginning of the show too!
21:08:42  PeggyG ->  what do you think of as a template JL?
21:10:09  dave ->  need wine
21:10:41  JoseRodriguez ->  wine 2X per week or your brain WILL shrink :-)
21:10:51  dave ->  i think i'm safe
21:11:38  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Alexis..
21:11:42  PeggyG ->  it's hard to think of a management structure when everyone is a co-contributor to the community
21:11:47  JL ->  http://koreabridge.net/
21:11:59  PeggyG ->  lots of overlapping circles :-)
21:12:03  Alexis ->  Hi Jose
21:12:05  JoseRodriguez ->  Alexis.. is a Webcaster in training from Puentesalmundo
21:12:35  Alexis ->  Dave
21:12:49  PeggyG ->  it is definitely a very healthy community!!
21:12:50  sheila ->  Hi Alexis! Science teacher here.
21:13:30  PeggyG ->  how many managers are there? :-)
21:13:35  Alexis ->  Hi Sheila!
21:13:43  PeggyG ->  Hi Shelia!
21:13:50  JoseRodriguez ->  @Alexis is a Middle School Science teacher also
21:14:03  PeggyG ->  fantastic to have you here Alexis!!
21:14:05  sheila ->  Hi all!
21:14:13  JoseRodriguez ->  @from Peru
21:14:26  Alexis ->  yes, I am Science teacher in Peru
21:14:27  sheila ->  Ohhh another science teacher . . .thinking Earthcast Echo!
21:14:37  PeggyG ->  good thinking Sheila!
21:15:30  PeggyG ->  but they provide very interesting historical perspective
21:15:41  PeggyG ->  how would you decide what you no longer need to archive?
21:16:10  Lorna ->  We have discussed storage being the responsility of each show before. Are you thinking in those terms?
21:16:20  JoseRodriguez ->  easy .... archive everything
21:16:26  JoseRodriguez ->  forever
21:16:56  alexr ->  Hey -- Dave
21:17:00  PeggyG ->  you think like I do Jose!
21:17:02  alexr ->  's talking about us.
21:17:16  alexr ->  Feeling like an old guy!
21:17:39  alexr ->  washing dishes. 
21:17:47  JoseRodriguez ->  21st.. Century in the house
21:17:56  alexr ->  missed the beginning of what dave said.
21:17:56  PeggyG ->  @Lorna-if storage was the responsibility of the show, what happens if the show host doesn't have server space or doesn't stay with the show?
21:17:58  JoseRodriguez ->  sure..
21:20:08  PeggyG ->  :-)
21:20:40  PeggyG ->  I don't see anyone stepping forward to take charge of a more "aggressive" mission!
21:21:25  dave ->  mostly jeff :)
21:22:02  JoseRodriguez ->  I just have it on auto-replay for every show... of it's elementary..
21:22:14  JoseRodriguez ->  Thanks... Jeff and Dave.. etc...
21:22:41  PeggyG ->  that's not in the script Jeff!
21:22:50  JoseRodriguez ->  so..did you meet Sam?
21:23:01  dave ->  nope. he came to the conference dog free
21:23:16  sheila ->  Hey we just mentioned you both and ETT at our last state edtech annual meeting this week.
21:24:00  JoseRodriguez ->  nah..
21:24:15  Lorna ->  *)
21:26:37  PeggyG ->  is this still the mission of ETT? The community fosters the development of networks of educators who come together to collaborate, debate policies and practices, and support one another in their professional and personal use of educational technology.
21:27:12  PeggyG ->  diigo search :-)
21:27:15  JoseRodriguez ->  that I can dig... as in produced in the community
21:27:57  stlouisohio ->  anyone quick review on what we are discussing
21:28:06  PeggyG ->  when you search diigo with your connections you get sites specifically recommended by people you know and trust
21:28:36  matt montagne ->  hey y'all
21:28:43  stlouisohio ->  hi
21:28:48  PeggyG ->  I agree! that's the focus of ETT!!
21:28:48  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Matt
21:29:01  sheila ->  I know the quality of info I will get at ETT.
21:29:11  PeggyG ->  it's about the people and the community focused on ed tech
21:29:12  matt montagne ->  Hey Jose
21:29:33  matt montagne ->  I would ramp up the facebook fan page thing
21:29:39  PeggyG ->  the comments and interaction happen during the shows for the most part
21:29:41  matt montagne ->  don't try to do it all with the website
21:29:49  stlouisohio ->  i enjoy that i can trust and interact with different people, and get different ideas
21:29:50  sheila ->  I agree Peggy!
21:29:55  Lorna ->  audio feeds to work sound good
21:30:20  matt montagne ->  good to hear DS!!
21:30:32  dave ->  :)
21:30:33  Lorna ->  It sounds like we are happy with the way things are going
21:30:38  PeggyG ->  I keep crashing!!
21:30:41  dave ->  nod nod
21:31:06  matt montagne ->  i like thnat thought
21:31:58  PeggyG ->  I love the idea of an ETT badge :-)
21:31:58  Lorna ->  can you tell us why we are having this discussion - I thought we had visited this before
21:32:11  Lorna ->  I love the badge idea
21:32:29  matt montagne ->  hey peggy, cathey, dave, lorna, sheila, et al
21:32:30  sheila ->  I like the badge idea as spreading the word. As a member of . . . starts to sound exclusionary (is that  a word?)
21:32:32  matt montagne ->  agreed
21:32:35  kcaise ->  woohooo!
21:32:36  matt montagne ->  newsletter rocks!!!
21:32:40  matt montagne ->  hey kim
21:32:42  Lorna ->  kudos to newsletter team
21:32:48  PeggyG ->  I'm thinking it's time to survey members about the newsletter :-)
21:33:00  matt montagne ->  are ther e any other shows we'd like to see on ETT??
21:33:12  kcaise ->  hi matt! sorry  i missed gator radio last night
21:33:34  matt montagne ->  np kim
21:33:37  PeggyG ->  I think the site has improved a lot--easier to find things and the newsletter has an RSS feed too :-)
21:33:52  stlouisohio ->  oops i'm bnack
21:33:59  matt montagne ->  that is what podcasts are for! It was a nice show...the kids are really gaining experience and comfort
21:34:04  Cathy E ->  mee too
21:34:09  PeggyG ->  WOW is planning to return with a slightly new focus--social issues from a global perspective
21:34:13  Cathy E ->  many nights I can't UStream
21:34:22  Lorna ->  support to shoutcast !!
21:35:30  PeggyG ->  why would we want a private twitter?
21:35:43  stlouisohio ->  are we just using ustream tonigt, was at dinner just got here
21:35:53  matt montagne ->  spammers
21:36:00  JL ->  ETT A is also on
21:36:17  sheila ->  @Alexis - are you able to use ustream or do you use ETT A?
21:36:27  Lorna ->  I have no idea what life would be like without Skype
21:36:31  PeggyG ->  but we can search on twitter for #edtechtalk and get any conversation that mentions it--I like that
21:36:53  matt montagne ->  we started using Yammer at our school, which is  a private Twitte, and I really, really like it
21:37:12  sheila ->  Still can't connect with teacher in Belize because skype is banned in the country! Need other alternatives.
21:37:12  matt montagne ->  I find that email is typically used for operations communications, and very little curricular
21:37:15  matt montagne ->  Yammer=free
21:37:44  Cathy E ->  somebody will invent something to replace Skype
21:37:45  dave ->  @matt free as in no money.
21:38:15  matt montagne ->  yammer is a great place to start...see if private microblogging will work for your org and if it does, then you can go full bore
21:38:21  matt montagne ->  @dave Yup
21:38:23  stlouisohio ->  skype will progress to something better
21:39:32  PeggyG ->  I was wondering about the Lee Baber Jamboree
21:40:11  JoseRodriguez ->  do you guys have the link for Dave's post?
21:40:20  matt montagne ->  hold up
21:40:39  Lorna ->  I agree about students
21:40:49  PeggyG ->  the Youth Voices show/Teachers Teaching Teachers has done a fantastic job with a focus on the students!
21:41:37  stlouisohio ->  agree peggyg
21:41:38  PeggyG ->  I liked Lisa Parisi's ideas about sharing student/classroom based streams
21:42:22  sheila ->  So where does Earthcast Echo fall if we get that going .. . should we be concerned about students . . . ?
21:42:34  Cathy E ->  I really miss Making Connections - wish someone would take over the hosting
21:42:38  Lorna ->  I would really like students to demonstrate to parents what technology in education is
21:42:46  Cathy E ->  I really miss the learning part
21:42:52  PeggyG ->  me too Cathy E!
21:42:58  sheila ->  me too Cathy!
21:43:32  PeggyG ->  Susan vg is planning to start a new show-maybe bi-monthly-featuring k12online presentations and conversations with the presenters.
21:43:46  sheila ->  nice
21:44:05  Cathy E ->  I want to work through the Google stuff with you guys
21:44:07  PeggyG ->  Matt's gatorradio show is a great model for getting the student voice out there!
21:45:09  stlouisohio ->  what other shows would you suggest?
21:45:56  matt montagne ->  moving from the master of the blog to the planner of the revolution
21:46:02  matt montagne ->  *blob
21:46:10  Lorna ->  muddle along
21:46:13  PeggyG ->  I second it!
21:46:13  matt montagne ->  I third that!
21:46:16  matt montagne ->  See ya dave!
21:46:24  stlouisohio ->  night
21:46:37  PeggyG ->  bye Dave
21:47:26  stlouisohio ->  lost audio
21:47:35  matt montagne ->  hey liz
21:47:42  stlouisohio ->  lost audio anyone else?
21:47:54  matt montagne ->  I can hear it on ustream still stlouis
21:48:00  matt montagne ->  are you listening in ustream
21:48:01  PeggyG ->  I'm still hearing on ustream
21:48:21  Liz Kolb ->  Hi Matt---better late than never lol
21:49:12  sheila ->  Must be that free wifi!
21:49:15  PeggyG ->  Hi Liz! It's great to see you!
21:49:26  matt montagne ->  I agree on the yeah jose comment!
21:49:37  PeggyG ->  @Liz-I really missed your radio show over the summer!!
21:49:46  Lorna ->  Skype is strangling JOse
21:49:56  JL ->  http://www.worldbridges.net/domains
21:50:06  JoseRodriguez ->  ok  .. it was worth a try
21:50:12  JoseRodriguez ->  seems to get me all the time
21:50:36  PeggyG ->  that class with Rick Schwier was fantastic!!
21:51:34  JoseRodriguez ->  great catching up with y'all
21:51:34  JoseRodriguez ->  no worries...
21:51:52  Liz Kolb ->  @Peggy--we started up again yesturday!  Every two weeks--we have great guests lined up for the Fall---archives are always avaliable.  Thanks for the compliment
21:51:54  sheila ->  We did it through July . . . Need to start it up again.
21:51:56  PeggyG ->  Susan vg is stealing Sheila's brilliant idea for echoes with the K12online show :-)
21:52:03  JL ->  we got most of what you said Jose. Thx.  Hope your heard our kudos to you.
21:52:25  PeggyG ->  Thanks Liz! I had to miss last night but have it on my calendar!!
21:52:46  JoseRodriguez ->  well lost audio.. but do appreciate all the love
21:52:50  sheila ->  I need a lesson on the site too. Hard to know where to post.
21:53:41  PeggyG ->  I like the idea of a template so there is some commonality when you move from site to site
21:53:55  Lorna ->  I like the control of drupal
21:54:02  Lorna ->  and the password protection
21:54:10  PeggyG ->  drupal has a BIG learning curve
21:55:00  PeggyG ->  the template would definitely reduce the learning curve with Drupal
21:55:15  sheila ->  I like the look and feel for the earthbridges site. Just don't want to post in the wrong area. I need to ask questions and Ihaven't done it.
21:57:10  matt montagne ->  @Sheila...my feeling exactly. I like it too, but it can feel a bit unfamiliar when trying to add content after not being in the space for a long time
21:57:19  PeggyG ->  there still has to be a place to direct people too (the website) :-)
21:57:22  sheila ->  Just questions in general about how is EArthbridges organized. I think we need to chat about  what's expected.
21:57:41  Liz Kolb ->  It is all about diversifying your organization/information (look at the White house---Youtube, FB, Twitter, MySpace, Nings, etc)
21:58:02  matt montagne ->  agreed Sheila
21:58:15  PeggyG ->  I agree Jeff!
21:58:39  Liz Kolb ->  :D
21:59:11  matt montagne ->  hey, the Whitehouse site turned off commenting too!
21:59:22  matt montagne ->  actually, I don't think tghey ever had commenting on their  blog
21:59:56  sheila ->  I'm still new at all of this, but I love the learning and connecting . . .
22:00:17  Cathy E ->  I like the simple - ness of ETT it is easy to send newbies to the page and they understand
22:01:57  PeggyG ->  yes we definitely need to update the About page :-)
22:02:06  sheila ->  Should it be done before this weekend?  ??
22:02:27  PeggyG ->  it needs to be updated by the show hosts who can best describe their own shows
22:02:40  Lorna ->  peggy is a good conscience
22:02:41  matt montagne ->  how many hours of content to we have at ETT?? any idea JL?
22:02:44  sheila ->  Agreed!
22:03:02  sheila ->  a lot
22:03:32  Lorna ->  really nice to hear ds voice
22:03:32  Cathy E ->  I think getting the iTunes right is a biggie
22:03:45  PeggyG ->  this has been a good conversation
22:03:58  sheila ->  I'm up for it Matt!
22:04:15  PeggyG ->  I'm a conscience?? That's scary!
22:04:24  Cathy E ->  Love you guys, but I have to go to bed *)
22:04:46  PeggyG ->  be careful Cathy E--you may get volunteered for something!
22:05:59  PeggyG ->  could you get people (teachers/students) to submit recorded audio or video that could be played during the earthcastathon?
22:06:05  matt montagne ->  by Cathy!
22:06:13  PeggyG ->  sometimes they just can't participate live
22:06:17  matt montagne ->  alright DS!!
22:06:25  sheila ->  Like old times!
22:06:30  sheila ->  :)
22:07:08  Lorna ->  nite all
22:07:38  sheila ->  I think resources to go with the recorded archives will help entice teachers to use it or start thinking more aobut it.
22:07:48  PeggyG ->  there are so many youth groups/schools that are doing go green kinds of things--maybe a personal invitation (electronic) to them would bring them into the show for a 15 min segment to talk about their activities??
22:08:34  sheila ->  Agreed DS (just typed that! Great minds . . .)
22:09:20  PeggyG ->  couldn't that kind of content be added to the existing site for Earthbridges?
22:09:30  PeggyG ->  it is a wiki isn't it?
22:09:33  JL ->  absolutely
22:10:04  PeggyG ->  teachers could easily add lesson plans and curriculum content to the wiki
22:10:21  matt montagne ->  I've had a half baked idea about how to change schools....
22:10:40  matt montagne ->  it is part of my frustration with having a hard time of pulling off gator radio
22:11:16  matt montagne ->  perhaps, instead of 5 sections of a class with 25-30 kids, what if each teacher facilitated 25 projects with 5 students??
22:11:19  PeggyG ->  are you talking about the Channel One content?
22:11:53  matt montagne ->  the traditional model just doesn't lend itself well to these kinds of projects
22:12:06  matt montagne ->  LOL JL
22:12:16  PeggyG ->  I agree that definitely happened at the last earthcast
22:14:06  PeggyG ->  I can't imagine managing that--it isn't the number of students in the group but the management of so many projects!
22:14:54  PeggyG ->  yes the Quest Atlantis project has great potential as a model because it is connected to curriculum
22:14:55  Liz Kolb ->  Thanks Guys!!! Night
22:16:40  PeggyG ->  that was my concern Matt--how do you manage all of that??
22:17:20  PeggyG ->  that's an interesting thought Jeff!!
22:18:15  PeggyG ->  an assigned experienced "streamer" with space reserved for a particular school group
22:18:53  PeggyG ->  audio is best for students--video presents other challenges with permissions
22:19:07  sheila ->  true
22:22:07  PeggyG ->  mobile phones are synchronous for the most part
22:22:50  PeggyG ->  that's Liz's mission :-) enlightening us about the potential of cell phones
22:23:10  PeggyG ->  that's exciting Matt!
22:23:21  PeggyG ->  Sam is a perfect choice for the panel!
22:23:55  PeggyG ->  that was a great debate--myspace and facebook took front and center in the conversation
22:24:39  PeggyG ->  I DO download the music she suggests!!
22:24:52  PeggyG ->  and buy the movies recommended!!
22:25:50  PeggyG ->  I would love to see more gatorradios out there!! I'm always mentioning it as a model :-)
22:26:02  PeggyG ->  I agree Jeff!!!!
22:28:48  PeggyG ->  they have the ideas but maybe don't know how to make them happen??
22:29:29  PeggyG ->  that's the key Jeff-hard to start from scratch
22:32:48  sheila ->  Open house was tonight. Long day . . . 'see' you all this weekend!
22:33:01  PeggyG ->  night Sheila! see you this weekend
22:35:53  PeggyG ->  yes Matt-I think your students inspired some of the Youth Voices students about gatorradio and student broadcasting
22:39:29  PeggyG ->  I think there's a lot of interest in listening to webcasts/podcasts by administrators/for administrators but noone with time to host it
22:39:46  PeggyG ->  that was a great conversation Monday night with Larry Ferlazzo
22:40:31  PeggyG ->  fun conversation and brainstorming tonight! thanks all