ETBS: Asian University for Women

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Jeff Flynn returns to ETBS and introduces us to Paul Coleman, the Chief Information Officer of the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Matt Montagne also joined us and was able to share his experiences migrating his school's mail to Google.

Jeff Flynn returns to ETBS and introduces us to Paul Coleman, Chief Information Officer of Asian University for Women (AUW) in in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Thanks to Matt Montagne for joining the conversation via Skype, and sharing his experiences around email migration--and to all those in the chat.

NOTE:Had some technical difficulties which precluded adding some to conference--please accept my apologies, and plan to join us again


20:58:56 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Hi Paul
20:59:18 Paul in Chittagong : A cheery hello from Chittagong!
20:59:32 ds : greetings all
20:59:44 ds : skype dougsymington to join the conversation
21:00:12 Jeff from Ann Arbor : You got room?
21:00:18 ds : oh yes
21:00:29 matt montagne : Hey DS
21:00:42 ds : salut Matt
21:01:19 matt montagne : back to shoutcast ds?
21:03:24 drthomasho : howdy
21:04:56 matt montagne : Roger and Me!
21:05:48 matt montagne : thanx for getting ustream up and running ds
21:07:08 PeggyG : Hi everyone
21:07:28 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Hey There everyone
21:07:30 matt montagne : 100 Abandoned Houses Project in Detroit:
21:08:18 matt montagne : quite an art project about the urban blight in Motown
21:08:18 PeggyG : wow Matt! cool collection of photos!
21:08:32 matt montagne : really is an incredible project
21:08:38 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Thanks for sharing this Matt
21:09:41 matt montagne : prob
21:10:01 matt montagne : I actually grew up in suburban detroit...I know the story of detroit quite well
21:10:22 PeggyG : how is internet access in Bangladeish now?
21:10:25 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Where did you head to?
21:10:45 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Palo Alto?
21:11:27 PeggyG : hey Matt-maybe Paul's students could get involved in your Peace project :-)
21:11:30 Alice Barr : Paul sorry I missed the beginning. I used to live in Dhaka
21:11:52 PeggyG : he's connected with Stanford and so are you :-)
21:12:21 Cathy E : My daughter attends Peace College - all female
21:12:24 PeggyG : @Matt-tell people about your Peacedot project
21:12:27 matt montagne : @paul - mjmontagne on twitter
21:12:38 matt montagne : I'd be happy to Peggy
21:12:50 ds :
21:13:17 ds : hey Sheila, welcome
21:13:18 Sheila : Yikes, almost forgot it was Thursday! Hi all!
21:13:26 ds : the very idea--
21:13:37 Sheila : Forgive me?
21:13:39 Cathy E : hey Shelia
21:13:40 PeggyG : Hi Sheila
21:13:40 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Paul's skype's is paulcoltexas
21:13:48 Alice Barr : Have visited Chittagong
21:13:49 ds : but of course :)
21:14:05 Sheila : Hey all! The gang's all here?
21:14:05 ds : all call dougsymington to join the convo
21:14:29 PeggyG : looks like it Sheila! :-) great conversation already!!
21:15:34 ds : Hi erikka3, welcome
21:15:41 erikka3 : Danke!
21:15:43 erikka3 : Thanks
21:16:10 matt montagne : thanks for paul's skype Jeff...I'll be sure to skype spam him frequently :-)
21:16:20 ds : we're speaking with Paul Coleman of
21:16:39 matt montagne : Hey Carol!!!
21:17:05 matt montagne : more important to have a strong education background
21:17:07 carolteach4 : Hi, Matt! Loved your tutorials from your blog on your Google roll-out.
21:17:15 matt montagne : thanks carol
21:17:37 matt montagne : @paul - any talk of deploying google services??
21:17:40 ds : yes Matt, you've done lots of good work w/ Google and Ed
21:17:54 Alice Barr : The etch guy who I worked with in Dhaka is still there maybe he could be a source
21:17:56 carolteach4 : We are up and rolling at my middle school- some glitches but the kids and some of the teachers are excited
21:18:02 Alice Barr : tech guy
21:18:09 matt montagne : woops
21:18:21 matt montagne : hang tite, folks
21:18:30 Sheila : brb
21:18:55 carolteach4 : Alice is terrific
21:18:58 Alice Barr : A guy in Dhaka American Int'l School Reaz Shahid
21:19:23 Alice Barr : :0 Thanks
21:20:17 Cathy E : still waiting for my Google Voice and Wave invite
21:20:39 PeggyG : have the internet restrictions been restored in Bangladeish?
21:21:01 Paul in Chittagong : No internet restrictions here i know of
21:22:15 Alice Barr : @cathyE me too
21:23:07 Alice Barr : Egads I'm not kidding, I just got my invite to Google Wave!
21:23:22 PeggyG : yeah Alice!!! I'm so jealous!!
21:23:24 matt montagne : @paul...sorry if you answered this already, but is Google Mail a possibility for your school??
21:23:29 kcaise : congrats @alice!
21:23:37 Alice Barr : Wow!
21:23:45 Alice Barr : Thanks to @sharonbetts
21:23:59 Cathy E : @ Alice I'm green
21:24:10 PeggyG : @Alice-so can the first 100,000 send invites to others?
21:24:13 Paul in Chittagong : matt we're weighing the pros & cons of gmai. Low bandwidth, security(?), etc.
21:24:25 Alice Barr : @PeggyG yes
21:24:57 PeggyG : how many can you invite to Google Wave?
21:25:00 matt montagne : @paul...we just switched...find the security to be excellent
21:25:13 Cathy E : Paul - how many women attend your school?
21:25:22 Paul in Chittagong : cathy, abt 300
21:25:23 matt montagne : @peggy...I levergaged some of my connections in an unethical way to try to get a google voice account
21:25:36 Alice Barr : But the best weather is coming soon
21:25:41 carolteach4 : @Paul-we have Google Apps for education at my middle school, so security is an issue. I have the email set so that my student users can only email and receive email from other members of our domain.
21:25:49 Cathy E : The college my daugheter attends has 500 women - in Raleigh, NC
21:26:16 PeggyG : good for you Matt--could use some advice about how a person goes about doing that :-)
21:26:32 Alice Barr : Matt is a Google expert! :)
21:26:37 Paul in Chittagong : Tnx carol, that's an idea
21:26:38 Cathy E : any sports Paul?
21:26:52 Paul in Chittagong : Cathy -- Karate!
21:27:05 Paul in Chittagong : no field sports now, tho
21:27:16 Cathy E : My daugther plays volleyball
21:27:38 Cathy E : She is home for fall break
21:28:15 carolteach4 : Google Apps for education is also adding another level of email security with an outside agerncy (can't remember name), and it's free if you sign up before June 2010.
21:28:46 carolteach4 : agency - oops! typo
21:28:49 Paul in Chittagong : carol--yes, Postini
21:28:57 carolteach4 : Thanks, Paul.
21:29:38 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Good information! Carolteach4, I think we need to help Paul in that direction.
21:32:41 matt montagne : sorry to miss out on the chat here
21:36:10 Cathy E : my connectivity is "iffy" and I live in North Carolina - it has been very frustrated at school this week
21:36:19 erikka3 : How did you get that gig, Paul?
21:36:25 PeggyG : where was that video posted--of the ride?
21:36:39 carolteach4 : @Paul - what time is it in Chittagong - 9:30pm here on East Coast
21:36:45 erikka3 : What does Paul do @ the school?
21:36:48 erikka3 : Which school?
21:37:05 PeggyG : CTO I think
21:37:06 Paul in Chittagong : erikka -- answered an ad in the Chronicle of Higher Ed
21:37:23 PeggyG :
21:37:25 erikka3 : Good pay
21:37:26 erikka3 : ?
21:37:37 Paul in Chittagong : 8:30 a.m. here
21:38:12 carolteach4 : audio is gone
21:38:14 Cathy E : Facebook is how I keep up with my own college kids
21:38:17 Paul in Chittagong : reduction from North Americn pay, but good in this market
21:38:22 erikka3 : Do you encounter issues for being American, Paul?
21:38:39 Paul in Chittagong : people like Obama!
21:38:52 ds : Carol, does refresh work--seem ok from this end....
21:39:06 carolteach4 : I reloaded it; I can hear again - yeah! I meant refresh
21:39:16 ds : excellent
21:41:10 carolteach4 : That is so true; my cousins were missionaries in Peru, and strip and burn farming in the rain forest was matter of survival for many
21:42:57 Alice Barr : The hardest thing to understand about Bangladesh is the sheer numbers of people
21:43:14 Alice Barr : 120 million people in a country the size of Wisconsin
21:43:49 carolteach4 : Hard to conceive of those numbers.
21:44:19 Alice Barr : It's amazing when the floods come
21:44:39 Alice Barr : But people are so resourceful and are so nice
21:45:13 Alice Barr : I miss it very much
21:45:20 PeggyG : horn honking :-) sounds like NYC :-)
21:46:34 carolteach4 : @Alice - how different from Maine!
21:47:04 matt montagne : @alice...did u spend time in Bangladesh as well??
21:48:49 carolteach4 : @Paul - how does your son keep in communication with his friends - even though he's only 12, does he Facebook?
21:49:37 Jeff from Ann Arbor : He skyped me one morning in August by surprize.
21:49:50 Paul in Chittagong : yes he Facebooks and skypes with friends back in the states
21:50:27 Alice Barr : @matt yes lived in Dhaka for 6 years
21:50:49 Alice Barr : Taught at International School
21:50:59 carolteach4 : @Matt -I was in a webinar with Maine Township School near Chicago referencing their roll out of Google Apps. Is

Google Apps available in Chittagong?
21:51:05 Alice Barr : First to have e-mail in Bangaldesh :)
21:51:40 PeggyG : this is such a fascinating, informative conversation!!
21:52:57 kcaise : first class is based out of canada
21:53:11 kcaise : you have groups called 'conferences'
21:54:15 carolteach4 : I did have a problem with Google docs today. In the morning I had a class of 28 kids upload the document they were working on in their own network folder to their docs account in our Google Apps domain. It went fine. Then in the afternoon, another group of students tried to upload their documents, and Google would not take them. Said the doc was corrupted or not the right file type. Google offered the work around of having the kids create a new Google doc and then copy and paste into it from their original, but that was not as impressive as uploading.
21:54:16 kcaise : that is their selling point, it is all inclusive
21:55:55 carolteach4 : We tell the kids that Google is their "work platform", and they have no expectation of privacy; a school administrator can look at anything sent, and they must be ethical an professional.
21:56:04 carolteach4 : and
21:56:07 PeggyG : I think that frog is a first :-) we've had dogs, cats, birds...
21:56:52 carolteach4 : I haven't played with the calendar feature yet.
21:57:11 carolteach4 : I assume you keep your calendars private.
21:57:20 Alice Barr : Calender is awesome for teachers
21:57:28 Alice Barr : Tehy use them for homework
21:57:35 Alice Barr : Kids subscribe to them
21:58:03 carolteach4 : Please see my comment on google docs above and respond.
21:58:13 PeggyG : collaborative calendars on google are fantastic for school scheduling
21:58:59 Cathy E : I am using Google Calendar in my school too - have a student and staff calendar
21:59:39 carolteach4 : In the chat on Maine Township and Google Apps, the question was asked about cost, and one of the Google reps reiterated their committment to keep Google free for schools.
21:59:41 PeggyG : @carol--your comment about student privacy re google docs?
22:00:19 carolteach4 : @Peggy - no, why uploading to Google Docs worked in the morning and not in the afternoon.
22:00:32 kcaise : wont the audio issues be lessened with the full scale implementation of google wave?
22:01:01 carolteach4 : I don't think they are looking at Google Wave for schools - at least not right now.
22:01:14 PeggyG : could have just been a google glitch--I've had days when I had problems uploading things on google but it usually corrects itself
22:01:35 carolteach4 : @Peggy - that's what I figured, but it was still frustrating
22:02:35 Alice Barr : Thank you for sharing! Good stuff
22:02:49 PeggyG : have Paul come back again for an update!! fantastic!!
22:02:59 carolteach4 : Listened to the podcast "This Week in Google" from iTunes - this week all the talk was about Google Wave - try it out.
22:04:18 Cathy E : night all
22:04:31 carolteach4 : Thanks, everyone. Very interesting discussion.
22:04:34 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Good night Thanks Doug and Matt
22:04:43 PeggyG : just heard that blogging news on local TV today
22:05:25 carolteach4 : I heard that story on NPR about bloggers having to disclose if they are paid for a company to promote it - seems only fair.
22:05:32 Alice Barr : Thanks fun to revisit Bangladesh
22:05:40 Paul in Chittagong : Alice, you still there?
22:06:02 Jeff from Ann Arbor : Just missed her Paul
22:06:17 Paul in Chittagong : would love to get more of her take on BD. Maybe next time
22:06:40 carolteach4 : Google Alice; I'm sure you'll find her blog.
22:07:00 Paul in Chittagong : carol, ok tnx.
22:07:52 carolteach4 : She teaches at the high school and college level in Maine. She is terrific. If it were not for her, I'd still be struggling with setting up groups in Google Apps for education.
22:08:34 carolteach4 : @Matt - how is your wife adjusting to being back in the classroom. Say hi to her for us.
22:08:36 kcaise : absolutely, love the kiddos
22:08:36 PeggyG : the girls did a great job Matt!!
22:09:13 PeggyG : I watched their youtube promo of peacdot project and it was so much fun!
22:10:22 PeggyG : that is such an exciting project!!
22:10:57 carolteach4 : peacedot -what a great project - wish it all the best -
22:11:26 PeggyG :
22:11:59 PeggyG : Castilleja will be hosting the Peace Dot "Alpha" launch on October 27th--straight from GatorRadio blog :-)
22:12:25 matt montagne :
22:12:42 PeggyG :
22:13:20 PeggyG : thanks for fixing that link Matt :-)
22:13:32 kcaise : there were 21 ustream viewers when i entered tonight doug
22:13:41 PeggyG : wonderful show and post-show tonight!
22:13:50 matt montagne : nite all!
22:13:57 matt montagne : thanks peggy
22:14:10 PeggyG : that's so sad!!!
22:14:17 matt montagne : my macbook display is blank right now...backlight i sout
22:14:25 matt montagne : sorry I can't read chat better
22:14:36 carolteach4 : Such a tragedy. so sorry
22:14:57 PeggyG : condolences!! it's happening way too often!! such a tragic loss!