Conversations Episode 53

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This week, our Conversation centered around a tweet conversation between @intrepidteacher and @courosa about online safety and trust. This article started it all. We moved into trust among educators, with parents, students, and each other.  Feel free to continue the chat at our blogsite.

This week, our Conversation centered around a tweet conversation between @intrepidteacher and @courosa about online safety and trust. This article started it all. We moved into trust among educators, with parents, students, and each other.  Feel free to continue the chat at our blogsite.

Chat Here:

11:21:40  Scott Shelhart : Good morning.  What is the starting topic today?

 11:23:00  Lisa Parisi : Trust and Internet Safety
 11:23:26  Scott Shelhart : Great. Should be an interesting conversation.
 11:25:14  chris3217 : I'm new.  Where do we go on this Site to see Conversations 
 11:25:29  MariaK : Hi chris
 11:25:41  chris3217 : Hi Maria
 11:25:53  MariaK : we will stream on ustream in a bit and also on EdTechTalkA - ustream will be more timely
 11:26:17  MariaK : When we ustream you can click on the ustream window to the left
 11:26:21  chris3217 : How do I access ustream?
 11:26:35  MariaK : also - do you know how to float the chat room so it is independent of this pages
 11:27:10  chris3217 : No I don't know what you mean.
 11:27:13  Scott Shelhart : Chris- wait for the "off air" to change.  Then click the "play" icon 
 11:28:26  chris3217 : Play icon where? Help!
 11:28:52  Scott Shelhart : Just wait Chris.  We will talk you thou it when the audio stream starts.
 11:29:27  chris3217 : Oh, O.K.  It's all very new to me.
 11:29:43  Scott Shelhart : We were all there once.  No worries.  Glad to have you here.
 11:29:46  sheila : Morning all! We will be starting soon.
 11:30:21  Scott Shelhart : @Chris How did you hear about EdTechTalk?
 11:30:22  loonyhiker : I'm so excited that i'm actually home in time for this!
 11:30:24  chris3217 : I'm a teaching student and my professor told me to check EdTech out.
 11:30:34  MariaK : Don't give up chris...
 11:30:50  MariaK : stay with us, this is a great community who will support you
 11:31:02  Scott Shelhart : I'm a teacher-in-training also
 11:31:17  PeggyG : Good morning everyone! Have you started the stream yet?
 11:31:31  Maureen : Good morning everyone... any sound yet?
 11:31:38  chris3217 : Good, I'm very sociable.
 11:31:41  Lisa Parisi : sound is up on ETTA
 11:31:48  Lisa Parisi : ustream is up
 11:31:55  Lisa Parisi : Welcome everyone
 11:31:59  Scott Shelhart : Chris Do you see the play icon in the ustream window?
 11:32:19  PeggyG : hearing you now in ustream :-) Hooray!
 11:32:49  chris3217 : Where's the ustream window?
 11:33:05  loonyhiker : ithe ustream is to the right of this chat window
 11:33:06  Scott Shelhart : On the right side of the screen.  
 11:33:21  PeggyG : "Trust in education and internet safety" --big topics!!
 11:33:53  loonyhiker : hubby thinks i'm watching a movie with him - shhh don't tell him i'm here :)
 11:34:02  sheila : :)
 11:34:06  Lisa Parisi : We won't tell.
 11:34:17  PeggyG : what fun loonyhiker!!! Your secret is safe with us :-)
 11:34:29  Scott Shelhart : Lisa/Maria...Can you send a direct link to the audio for Chris?
 11:34:44  PeggyG : are you getting the audio yet Chris?
 11:34:50  chris3217 : Chris is confused!
 11:35:15  Maureen : Mine was mostly OK- lousy in the middle. Had to run a fac meeting, where it seems like the stress, etc. found a target in tech. I was unhappy for a day, but got over it.
 11:35:20  Scott Shelhart : Chris... try this
 11:35:48  Lisa Parisi : Chris, click on the Ustream box on the right sidebar.  It will start the stream and you can listen there.
 11:35:56  PeggyG : try this direct link Chris--click on listen at the top:
 11:37:07  PeggyG : there was a fantastic presentation on math fluency/learning math facts in the FETC Virtual Conference this week
 11:37:39  sheila : One school in NH is creating "blizzard bags" in case they lose school days due to weather, flu, etc.
 11:38:03  sheila : switching colors . .
 11:38:05  Scott Shelhart : ..or can go directly to the ustream.  Open this in a seperate window
 11:38:11  Lisa Parisi : Chris, can you hear now?
 11:38:32  PeggyG : interesting idea Sheila!
 11:38:46  chris3217 : No I can't find the ustream
 11:39:32  loonyhiker : the leaves are really bright here in the south - the yellows almost look fluorescent
 11:39:49  loonyhiker : sometimes subs are more trouble than they are worth! 
 11:40:13  loonyhiker : started finding subs we loved who understood what we were doing and kept them on our "list"
 11:40:48  Adam : Hello everyone!
 11:41:02  loonyhiker : skyped with a class in Conn. who thought south carolina was a diff. country LOL
 11:42:11  chris3217 : I can hear now, thank you
 11:42:18  MariaK : yippee!
 11:42:23  PeggyG : is it easier to find subs now since so many teachers were "layed off" with the budget disasters?
 11:42:26  loonyhiker : hooray @chris
 11:42:33  PeggyG : congratulations Chris!! Welcome!
 11:42:38  Adam : Hey, I have no sound!! Can someone help me?
 11:42:42  penguindo : am I supposed to hear some thing?
 11:42:42  Scott Shelhart : Congrats!  
 11:42:57  Scott Shelhart : Chris, where do you go to school?
 11:43:10  penguindo : I can hear no sound too. please help
 11:43:32  Lisa Parisi : Penguindo, click on the Ustream on the right sidebar.  Sound will come from there.
 11:43:32  chris3217 : Southern NH University - New Hampshire
 11:43:33  PeggyG : welcome Adam and penguindo! click on the ustream play button to listen--audio only
 11:43:48  chris3217 : Thanks for Congrats!
 11:43:57  Adam : GOT IT!!
 11:44:00  Adam : THANK YOU!!!
 11:44:09  Adam : Hey Chris. I'm from SNHU too!
 11:44:11  PeggyG : I love hearing the stories about flip video cameras!
 11:44:35  chris3217 : What's your major Adam
 11:44:46  PeggyG : you are all doing great finding the audio--gets easier after the first successful time!
 11:44:48  Adam : Elementary Education. And yourself?
 11:44:49  MariaK : Let me guess who might have suggested that our SNHU students stop by
 11:45:02  chris3217 : Same major
 11:45:03  Scott Shelhart : @penguindo...did you find the audio?
 11:45:12  Adam : Oh nice.
 11:45:34  loonyhiker : that is so cool!!!
 11:45:35  Scott Shelhart : @Adam/Chris   Me too!
 11:45:35  MariaK : I@SNHI students - I'd love to chat with you later on about a project I have in mind for for elem ed students
 11:45:36  PeggyG : that sounds ike an exciting conference Lisa! are they streaming any of it?
 11:45:45  chris3217 : Adam what classes are you taking now
 11:45:53  Lisa Parisi : Probably not Peggy.  Small conference.
 11:45:54  Maureen : I had the guy now in charge of preK-3 order flips for his teachers. He kept them in his closet and didn't give them out!  I found out and did emailed all his teachers- said, now that you have your cameras, let me know if you need help.  He finally gave them to them.  Silly man!
 11:45:54  Adam : Thanks great MariaK.
 11:46:08  MariaK :
 11:46:14  penguindo : mine is a mac and i can not see the ustream button?
 11:46:27  MariaK :
 11:46:42  Adam : Right now, I'm taking Technology and Education and Priciples of Education.
 11:46:45  PeggyG : I'm on a Mac too and I can see the ustream window-which browser are you using? I'm using Firefox
 11:46:50  Adam : We heard about you from our professor.
 11:46:54  Adam : Dave Chamberlain.
 11:46:58  chris3217 : Professor Dave Chamberlain
 11:47:02  Scott Shelhart : More male Elem Ed majors! Yay!
 11:47:11  Adam : Lol. I know, right!?
 11:47:12  penguindo : I willl switch to firefox
 11:47:21  PeggyG : Fantastic!! Dave Chamberlain is a frequent EdTechTalk participant! :-) Lucky you!!
 11:47:29  chris3217 : Adam, are you in the Wednesday night class
 11:47:39  Adam : Yes, I am. You too?
 11:47:39  Scott Shelhart : Adam and Chris... are you on twitter and/or plurk?
 11:47:52  Adam : I'm on twitter, yes.
 11:47:54  BrentRJones : Hi, this is Brent in Oak Park, IL  Science teacher and tech user.
 11:48:06  Adam :
 11:48:13  BrentRJones : listenting in on audio too
 11:48:14  PeggyG : internet safety is such a huge topic!!
 11:48:17  chris3217 : Yes, I am actually Christine - I sit in front of his desk
 11:48:24  Adam : LOL!!!
 11:48:43  chris3217 : Adam where do you sit.
 11:48:59  Adam : I sit on the opposite side but on the outside seat.
 11:49:17  chris3217 : Cool!
 11:49:32  Adam : That's funny!! 
 11:49:52  Adam : I enjoy that class.
 11:50:07  PeggyG :  Sharon Betts has some great resources for internet safety/cyberbullying on this site.
 11:50:14  chris3217 : This is the first time I listened to something like this.  It's great!
 11:50:24  Adam : Me too!! I like it!
 11:51:02  loonyhiker : i love edtechtalk stuff!
 11:51:02  chris3217 : The Internet can be confusin.
 11:51:20  BrentRJones : not everything on Internet is permanent, but it has the potential to be
 11:51:53  chris3217 : That's true, but it is a great tool.
 11:52:03  sheila : Presentation was by
 11:52:06  Maureen : This is the blog I am working on with my 7th graders on internet safety this year. I left the comments from last year up.  I have similar ones for the other grades.  Just added sexting this year. 
 11:52:27  Maureen : Sorry, be good to put the link
 11:52:43  Adam : Here's a story: My goddaughter is in 5th grade. Last year another kid had told her to go home and "Google sex tapes." So, she did and she did it on her mom's computer, which has no block and she was mortified, to say the least! We have to MAKE SURE that with kids there is *NO CHANCE* of seeing the nonsense that's out there!!
 11:52:57  sheila : 8th graders thought 6th graders shouldn't hear about sexting.
 11:53:05  PeggyG : is there a password for that site Maureen? says authorization required
 11:53:14  chris3217 : My daughter was awful with the Internet-teenagers
 11:53:23  Maureen : I tell parents that filters and blocks create hackers. They, we need to teach the kids!
 11:53:37  BrentRJones : As a HS teacher of sci and tech, I would prefer to allow student access by White list, site I allow
 11:53:49  Lisa Parisi : Adam, I think the mom should have been teaching her not to search for sex.  
 11:53:53  Maureen : @peggyg- shouldn't be, but let me go check privacy settings
 11:54:12  BrentRJones : otherwise students are on shopping, sports video etc
 11:54:24  Lisa Parisi : My daughter has been learning for years...since she's about 3, what she can search and what she can't
 11:54:26  chris3217 : My daughter got rid of child constraints on the Internet by herself.  There was no monitoring her.
 11:54:37  BrentRJones : loco parents allow in loco parentis
 11:54:40  Maureen : Try it now Peggy
 11:54:44  PeggyG : ok
 11:55:06  chris3217 : Kids search for whatever no matter how much you talk.
 11:55:22  Adam : VERY true Chris!!!
 11:55:35  PeggyG : yeah! that worked Maureen! great site!!!
 11:55:44  chris3217 : At least someone agrees with me.
 11:55:44  BrentRJones : it is very easy to get around filtering software with proxies that change daily
 11:55:46  Lisa Parisi : I have a 14year old.  Her computer is in our family room.  Always has been.
 11:55:56  Lisa Parisi : So searching has always been done with family around.  
 11:56:11  Scott Shelhart : Same here. No TV or computer in teh bedrooms.
 11:56:16  Adam : Lol. Well it's true! 
 11:56:22  Adam : I followed you Scott!
 11:56:36  Lisa Parisi : There are times she searches things that are inappropriate.  She tells me ahead of time why she wants to .  It's usually a youtube video with bad language.  We watch together.
 11:56:45  Scott Shelhart : Thanks Adam.  
 11:56:51  Maureen : My DD told me that girls use the internet for shopping and boys surf porn... this was back when she was in college and I was trying to clean up her computer for her and there was some nasty stuff on it. 
 11:56:54  Lisa Parisi : Nothing is blocked in my house and so far my daughter has not taken advantage of this.
 11:56:56  BrentRJones : video is showing the IM window, TOO FUNNY
 11:57:03  PeggyG :  This is an excellent resource for parents and teens written by Vanessa VanPetten! Great tips about internet safety!!
 11:57:06  Lisa Parisi : We also talk about everything at home
 11:57:07  chris3217 : My computer is in the living room as well and I would look frequently but then we go to bed and Amber gets on the Internet and sometimes when I'm not home.
 11:57:30  Adam : Chris, if you think about it the kids ARE going to find what they want, regardless. I mean now, if it's not on a PC, you can get it from a PHONE!!
 11:58:01  BrentRJones : Raised 3 girls, all are now adults, 2 are teachers. No filters ever; no monitoring SW ever.
 11:58:01  chris3217 : The phone is true too and cell phones
 11:58:11  loonyhiker : taught my students that if they had to hide something, then it must be wrong and they know it in their guts
 11:58:23  PeggyG : kids really need to learn how to navigate safely and what to do if they find inappropriate things when they use the internet--they won't always be at home when they're using the internet
 11:58:28  Maureen : Altho times were different, my dad always shared everything he was reading with me. Access is different now, but it is teaching values and how to navigate the world.
 11:58:42  Scott Shelhart : Nothing blolol cked at my house, but my kids THINK I have a key logger program 
 11:58:45  Adam : My cousin has those blocks on her computer, as well as the school I work at, and the blocks only block everything. They can't even play games on certain sites. I wonder if they're are any tools that can only block certain things?
 11:58:46  chris3217 : Brent you are lucky.  It depends on the teenager.
 11:59:02  BrentRJones : yes it does
 11:59:07  Adam : PeggyG, I agree!!
 11:59:08  sheila : My mother always said  . . .don't write anything you don't want others to see. 
 11:59:47  loonyhiker : my hubby says don't write anything u wouldn't want your mom to see :)
 11:59:49  BrentRJones : why put chat in the video window; waste of bandwidth
 11:59:50  chris3217 : My daughter is very smart and she could undo any blocks on computer and TV.
 11:59:51  PeggyG : filters can only help certain things! not the solution with all of the opportunities for students to use the internet
 12:00:05  Adam : I agree Peggy!!!
 12:00:43  kathbc : I would love for parents to trust.  I have one that just questions every single thing we do. Especially on the internet.  She even opted her child out of one project.
 12:00:54  Maureen : I try to put everything that I am using in class on my blog for parents to see. We have disagreed on things in the past. Some parents do not want their child exposed to the real world, want bubble children.
 12:01:04  Adam : Wow! That's crazy Kathbc!!
 12:01:05  chris3217 : My daughter is almost 18-November and she has grown a little
 12:01:31  MariaK :
 12:01:46  kathbc : I explained to her finally that I will save sites to the server so child wouldn't actually be searching herself.  Didn't seem to help.  Finally just made  an alternate assignment.
 12:01:53  PeggyG :  this site also has some great resources and tips for parents
 12:01:55  Scott Shelhart : Bubble children turn into disfunctional adults.
 12:02:00  loonyhiker : sorry to b a party pooper but hubby wants to go get lunch - thx for a great conversation - will have to hear the rest on the recording 
 12:02:03  Adam : Parents with kids that have IEPs DO question a LOT!! I agree!!
 12:02:04  Maureen : I find it's the parents of kids who come from Waldorf schools...
 12:02:19  BrentRJones : You know Internet use is in it's infancy.  We have used fire and swiming pools for a long time.  
 12:02:19  Adam : Or unfortunately do not ask anything!! Seems to go either way!
 12:02:27  PeggyG : Waldorf schools encourage creative thinking :-)
 12:02:49  PeggyG : Joey Pigza!!! great books!
 12:02:55  chris3217 : My daughter has Bi-Polar - causes many problems
 12:02:57  Maureen : @peggyg- the local waldorf school does not encourage use of computers'
 12:03:06  BrentRJones : Play on the streets used to be safe, but it is not safe everywhere now because of predators
 12:03:09  MariaK :
 12:03:28  kathbc : Actually it's not my IEP'd students, but this mom had homeschooled for a while and is very worried that her child not be exposed to anything not under her control.  Wouldn't even let her watch the speech by the President.
 12:03:57  Adam : WOW!
 12:04:02  PeggyG : @Maureen--often depends on the local school admins/teachers--philosophy encourages creative thinking-similar to Montessori Schools--some good and some not
 12:04:09  Adam : That's too much, in my opinion kathbc.
 12:04:35  Lisa Parisi : I have a child this year, Kath, that I want to suggest home schooling for.  Can't control everything.
 12:05:04  PeggyG : @kathbc--those are the kids I worry about when parents try to control absolutely everything they do/see/experience. They often rebel as they get older!
 12:05:13  kathbc : I agree Adam, but we do have to work within those parameters sometimes.  Working with the parent and as she gets to know me it's getting better, but must move slowly.
 12:05:21  BrentRJones : sp ed is heading for problems: resourses, abuse by parents and schools
 12:05:26  PeggyG : that's a good approach kathbc
 12:05:36  chris3217 : Every kid is different and you have to tailor your strategies.  I had put the power cord under my pillow at night in the past-it worked.
 12:05:44  BrentRJones : my 2 daughters who are teachers, both do sp ed
 12:06:22  Adam : @kathbc Very true!! You have no choice but to work with it. I mean it's not THAT big of a deal, but certainly something that you need to work with!
 12:06:31  BrentRJones : one teaches 4 pre schoolers; only 4 and she is full time at $30,000
 12:06:51  chris3217 : I might want to teach Special Ed.  I'm a paraprofessional with a student with Autism- I love ir!
 12:06:52  BrentRJones : the other has 12 Jr Hi students and 2 aids
 12:06:59  Adam : What a shame @brentrjones
 12:07:15  PeggyG : it's so clear that a LOT of education needs to take place to help parents and teachers understand internet safety--it's much more than the TV spots about the dangers of online predators!!
 12:07:42  BrentRJones : the total expense on sp ed will eventually kill it
 12:08:03  kathbc : I agree that differences show up more in writing, but less so with projects.
 12:08:14  Adam : I agree as well.
 12:08:22  BrentRJones : some districts are using sp ed to get state/fed funds w/o merit
 12:08:27  kathbc : also totally agree that one needs to give additional help when needed.
 12:08:49  BrentRJones : I hear that cat!!!
 12:08:55  Adam : Me too!! LOL!
 12:08:57  Maureen : Feed the kitty!
 12:09:02  BrentRJones : mine is quiet for now
 12:09:12  chris3217 : Meoooow!
 12:09:54  kathbc : I like voicethreads for that very reason.  Can do lots of rehearsal for those that need it.  Others can even type if they need it.
 12:09:56  chris3217 : I have a very vocal cat-meows all day.
 12:10:00  BrentRJones : can we talk about using tech in gen. again?  I don't have a mic right now.
 12:10:08  PeggyG : @Chris3217  Special Ed is such a fantastic field to work in!! You might want to explore some of the resources on a Ning I helped to create--lots of autism resources.
 12:10:18  MariaK : We have our conversation cat - our mascot!
 12:10:29  Maureen : I used to love the self-portraits when I taught K. You can learn so much from them. Parent should look at growth over time, not comparison. Easy to say of course.
 12:10:30  BrentRJones : thanks PeggyG for the link
 12:10:47  chris3217 : Thank you Peggy sounds good.  My mother is Peggy.
 12:10:49  kathbc : Have to go now, DGS is wanting to play.  Thanks for a great talk.
 12:10:49  PeggyG : This is a companion site for the Special Ed Ning with all of the sites we are bookmarking on Diigo.
 12:10:57  Lisa Parisi : Bye Kath
 12:11:03  PeggyG : bye Kath
 12:11:58  Lisa Parisi : Anyone want to join the skype call?
 12:12:02  BrentRJones : got to go now, bye
 12:12:10  Lisa Parisi : bye Brent
 12:12:24  PeggyG : I think "trust" has a lot to do with developing our own Personal Learning Networks. We want to follow people we trust and respect
 12:12:43  SR : hubby is paging me
 12:12:53  SR : thanks all
 12:13:25  chris3217 : Respect kids is so important-they are our future
 12:13:36  Adam : I agree!!
 12:14:02  chris3217 : Adam, you're very agreeable.
 12:14:06  Adam : Lol.
 12:14:18  Adam : I don't disagree with too much! I love everyone's input.
 12:15:17  Maureen : @Lisa- are you talking about kids who break trust or adults?
 12:15:38  chris3217 : Me too.  Theres not much I disagree with today.
 12:15:40  Scott Shelhart : Adam, Chris  - This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Spend some time on here at ETT and cultivate yuor personal learning network.
 12:15:55  PeggyG : we have to be vigilant with our social networks 
 12:16:27  Adam : We need to respect the kids by also not making them feel left out. By blocking them and keeping them away from things, they are going to feel left out. We need to block out what is unnecessary to their AGE, not just generally blocking out things. Similar to movie ratings; based on that type of moderation.
 12:16:28  chris3217 : It seems so Scott.  Thanks for all your help
 12:16:36  dawn : I block a lot of people in twitter, who else would you block?
 12:16:41  PeggyG : before I start to follow someone I always check our common/mutual interests and friends
 12:16:50  Scott Shelhart : :D 
 12:17:40  PeggyG : I read Wes Fryer's blog post about that!! he has fantastic resources on his site about internet safety and digital citizenship!
 12:17:46  chris3217 : What a smile!
 12:17:49  Maureen : It takes a lot of time to do the moderation. I have one class of 7th graders working on blogs, and both my 5th and 6th graders using toondoospaces. Next week it'll be 4th as well. It is a lot of work!
 12:19:10  Adam : Oh yeah, it IS a LOT of work! I'm just saying that the whole 'internet blocking' tools are just not working well and giving us a fair communication with the kids.
 12:19:19  chris3217 : Face Book is such a touchy issue for kids.
 12:19:54  PeggyG : having trouble finding the link--may even have been on Sarah's blog :-)
 12:20:21  Scott Shelhart : My digital footprint IS my portfolio.  I am very careful. 
 12:20:24  Maureen : I don't think you should friend kids or let them follow you. Maybe after they are gone, but mine are middle school. Never current parents or students- boundaries are important to me.
 12:20:55  Adam : NO WAY! I would say to NEVER befriend them on the net.
 12:20:59  chris3217 : I agree Maureen.
 12:21:28  Adam : I work at a high school and they are forever asking me for my AIM, Myspace, etc. I tell them no and that it's not appropriate.
 12:21:43  Leslie D. : I friend parents of my students. 
 12:21:54  chris3217 : Right on Adam!
 12:22:02  Maureen : I blocked one of my 7th graders. Explained to him why... but I think he was offended.
 12:22:32  Leslie D. : but I teach elem. school and I think it's impt. to build those relationships.
 12:22:37  Adam : I kind of feel bad, b/c some of the kids are such great kids to converse with, but so many things happen with high school kids that I just never want to be in the middle of what someone said, etc etc. I guess just being too careful is the way to be!
 12:22:54  Maureen : @maria:D 
 12:23:07  chris3217 : You were right Maureen.  My student is really quiet.  She's too busy getting her work done.
 12:23:34  PeggyG :  These are the handouts from Wes's session at ACTEM-Crafting your Digital Footprint
 12:25:07  Maureen : Geez! I get enough flack from my middle school kids because I won't let them say "sucks" 
 12:25:34  PeggyG : oh no!!! now you're going to have to call this podcast "explicit" :-)
 12:25:41  Maureen : oops
 12:26:01  chris3217 : Sucks is very offending and I won't let my student or the others in class say it either.
 12:26:26  dawn : @maureen   i agree, however i do at home and so do my kids...I have double standards
 12:27:03  Adam : I actually tell them the truth! Because they will be like "Everyone swears." I tell them that is true, but that certain times are not okay to use words like that.
 12:27:30  Adam : Not everyone wants to hear that type of talk, some do find it offensive.
 12:27:40  dawn : :( parent had double standards too
 12:27:50  Adam : Thank you too!
 12:27:53  Scott Shelhart : Great to see some new people here.  Welcome!
 12:27:55  Adam : Yes, I will be back!!!
 12:27:56  PeggyG : I think Matt Montagne has some great advice about using social networks with older students-middle and HS
 12:28:11  chris3217 : My student says the same Adam but I tell her that those group of words mean nothing so she's saying nothing.
 12:28:33  PeggyG :  This is Matt's blog. Somewhere on it he talks about his policy related to Facebook with his students.
 12:28:40  Adam : Ha! That's great Chris!!
 12:28:45  Adam : I like that!
 12:28:51  Lisa Parisi :
 12:29:11  dawn : sorry I was late, enjoyable coversation, giggles- really
 12:29:13  PeggyG : we've just scratched the surface on the "trust" conversation!! :-) We could definitely continue exploring this
 12:29:21  Adam : Bye everyone!! See you on Wednesday Chris!!
 12:29:33  Lisa Parisi : Bye everyone. Thanks for coming.
 12:29:54  chris3217 : Bye Adam.  Thanks everyone
 12:29:58  PeggyG : great idea Maria!
 12:30:06  MariaK : to be continued...keep the conversation going...on the blog.
 12:30:08  Leslie D. : Thanks for the conversation.  Important topic. 
 12:30:10  PeggyG : See you next week!
 12:30:24  PeggyG : great to have the preservice teachers here!
 12:34:24  sheila : Via intrepidteacher - "We have to trust that human beings inherently want to help each other & so prove it their online actions #techtrust