Teachers Teaching Teachers #176 Deep-Sea Diving Into Diigo 4.0 with Maggie Tsai - 11.11.09

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Maggie Tsai - maggie_diigoAs we move into the semester, many of us who are using Youth Voices are also using Diigo with our students.

We invited Maggie Tsai, one of the co-founders of Diigo, back to Teachers Teaching Teachers to talk about how new features in Diigo 4.0 will help us build connections between students through social bookmarking. Come learn with us!

We were also joined by:

  • Alice Barr, Tech Integrator at Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth Maine, and Seedlings Co-Host
  • H. Songhai, Media Literacy/Digital Archiving Instructor (9-12) Hope Charter School, Philadelphia, PA
  • Russ Goerend, Language Arts and Social Studies 6th Grade teacher in Waukee, Iowa

Diigo Resources and Tutorials, by Peggy George

AHS Diigo, by Karl Fisch

How Do You Use Diigo Instructionally?


Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

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[21:10] <PeggyG> Russ shared so many great ideas about how he uses Diigo with his 6th graders in the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show a couple weeks ago!
[21:10] <PaulAllison> http://gl.am/a72vd
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[21:10] <PeggyG> Russ shared so many great ideas about how he uses Diigo with his 6th graders in the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show a couple weeks ago!
[21:10] <PaulAllison> http://gl.am/a72vd
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[21:11] <PeggyG> thanks Paul
[21:11] <PeggyG> there are some great Diigo tutorials and resources in the gl.am link :-)
[21:11] <PeggyG> Michael Wesch does some amazing things with Diigo with university students
[21:11] <alicebarr_> http://drop.io/youthvoices
[21:12] <PeggyG> we just revisit things with new understandings!
[21:12] <PeggyG> we just revisit things with new understandings!
[21:12] <alicebarr_> Peggy, do you have a ink to anything specific you could point me to about M Wesch and diigo?
[21:12] <PeggyG> yes it is in our gl.am links Paul posted
[21:13] <PeggyG> this is a great idea to use drop.io tonight!
[21:13] <alicebarr_> @Peggy Thank you
[21:14] <PeggyG> This is the link to the full Elluminate recording that Maggie and Russ did--you can view it later: http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/10/new-features-in-diigo-4.html
[21:14] <Maggie> thanks Peggy for sharing all these resources!
[21:14] <PaulAllison> http://slides.diigo.com/list/pgeorge/diigo-resources-and-tutorials
[21:16] <PeggyG> all of the Diigo links in the gl.am are also included in the resources for the recording I posted above.
[21:17] <PeggyG> I think you can go much deeper when you share the reading and learning than when you read it alone! That's one of the fantstic things about Diigo!
[21:18] <PeggyG> you can have real conversations about those things you are reading/researching on Diigo
[21:18] <Russ> I'm a big fan of using Diigo to "sticky up" a blog post or article with colleagues.
[21:18] <Russ> Great discussions.
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[21:19] <PeggyG> me too Russ! and I love reading the stickies from other people--they make me think!!
[21:19] <PeggyG> tagging is so important! the tagging group dictionaries that Maggie mentioned last time are such a good idea!
[21:20] <Russ> I'm curious about that too, Maggie. "Tagging" is just an organizational skill. I teach it offline as well.
[21:21] <PeggyG> I think there's value in having some common tags to more successfully retrieve resources in a classroom or topic.
[21:21] <jac05> tagging in 21st Century needs to be taught explicitly to students & teachers as well
[21:21] <PeggyG> I agree!
[21:21] <Maggie> yes!
[21:21] <alicebarr_> yes me too!
[21:22] <jac05> this can be done off & on computer
[21:22] <Guest36455> Sarah : tagging is easier to teach to students than to adults, I think.
[21:23] <PeggyG> once students see how things work with tags they will see the value--if they are working in a research group on a specific topic and everyone in the group tags all of their bookmarks with a common tag they will all be able to access each others sites
[21:23] <jac05> agree kids pick it up quick teachers are still coming to grips with the web
[21:24] <Russ> Mindsets
[21:24] <alicebarr_> Teachers kind of have a hard time leaving the dewey deciaml model
[21:24] <PeggyG> :-) @alicebarr!!
[21:24] <jac05> information revolution is interesting on youtube to explain
[21:25] <alicebarr_> Hi peggy!
[21:25] <alicebarr_> :)
[21:25] <Maggie> @jac05 are there some good links?
[21:26] <PeggyG> this is a great link Russ shared with us: http://www.tagmirror.org/search/label/Diigo  (Russ Goerend: Diigo Tag Dictionary for his personal tagging-excellent tips!)
[21:26] <alicebarr_> I am trying to teach diigo to my grad students. But I had to start them on delicoius first to get the idea, then we could move on to diigo
[21:26] <alicebarr_> They seemed to be able to grasp the concept there. Not sure why
[21:27] <alicebarr_> Diigo was hard for them to understand.
[21:27] <alicebarr_> But the kids totally get it
[21:27] <Guest36455> Sarah: I ended up using pre-printed file labels with one group of adults and having them label themselves and playing "standup/sitdown"
[21:27] <PeggyG> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcecBgRd3ig  (Emily Barney: Very good YouTube video about social bookmarking and Diigo v3. A great starting point for helping teachers understand how to use Diigo.)
[21:27] <alicebarr_> Right now we are using it to collect links for a public policy project
[21:27] <PeggyG> that video by Emily Barney is excellent for helping them understand Diigo
[21:28] <Maggie> "unread"
[21:28] <jac05> information revolution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4CV05HyAbM
[21:28] <PeggyG> they even need to be taught about highlighting :-) how many people do you know that highlight almost everything?
[21:28] <Maggie> group tag dictionary
[21:29] <Russ> Here's the Youth Voice Diigo group
[21:29] <Russ> http://groups.diigo.com/group/youth-voices
[21:29] <PeggyG> a neat thing about tagging is that you can have many tags for a single bookmark so you can use them in different ways
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[21:30] <PeggyG> the group tag dictionary reminds me a bit of what we do with twitter hashtags--when you all agree to tag something the same way it's easier to track the conversation
[21:30] <alicebarr_> We are talking about Diigo
[21:31] <PaulAllison> http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/10/new-features-in-diigo-4.html
[21:31] <PaulAllison> http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dEtxS0pnVGJIU1Eycm...
[21:31] <PeggyG> I use lists on Diigo to create webslides because they are so valuable for students to use to interactive with the sites on the list
[21:32] <alicebarr_> I wish I could do a bit better at organizing my stuff
[21:32] <alicebarr_> Diigo is starting to help
[21:32] <PeggyG> tags are the key alice :-)
[21:32] <alicebarr_> yes exactly!
[21:33] <alicebarr_> But is have things like avatar and avatars not very useful
[21:33] <alicebarr_> Hoping to fix over Christmas
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[21:33] <PeggyG> I like that concept of a digital backpack :-)
[21:33] <alicebarr_> But I have SO many links becasue I have 9-12 and grad school and and and
[21:34] <alicebarr_> me too I like the backpack
[21:34] <alicebarr_> We have been saying tool belt but back pack is better
[21:34] <PeggyG> I think students relate well to the backpack concept--most haven't used a tool belt :-)
[21:34] <alicebarr_> songhai very sensible!
[21:34] <alicebarr_> You are sooooo right
[21:35] <alicebarr_> Digital footprint + digital backback = 21st century learner
[21:35] <PeggyG> that makes so much sense!! having your students become expert in one thing!
[21:36] <PeggyG> you don't have to use everything in Diigo for it to be valuable! use what works for you and add as you find you need more
[21:36] <alicebarr_> The key is helping students organize their work/research so that they can really go for deeper meaning in their reading
[21:36] <PeggyG> and you can add descriptions to everything you bookmark to remind you why you thought the site was valuable
[21:37] <PeggyG> I shared my list you you Paul :-) the diigo webslides is created from a list
[21:37] <Russ> Maggie, I have a wish for lists: allowing multiple people to add to a list
[21:37] <Russ> Am I missing this or is this coming?
[21:37] <PeggyG> you can pause on any of the sites in the webslides and click on the links on the site to explore further
[21:38] <PeggyG> the instructions are very clear for signing up for an educator account in Diigo
[21:38] <PeggyG> they are in the gl.am links above
[21:39] <alicebarr_> And the purpose for an educator account vs regular is?
[21:39] <Russ> Educator accounts can create student accounts.
[21:39] <PeggyG> but you can create a group to share your bookmarks on a specific topic and the resources can be added to by anyone!
[21:40] <jac05> where is Educator accounts can't see
[21:40] <PeggyG> I started a Diigo group for special education and 21st century learning and there are some awesome resources being shared there
[21:41] <PeggyG> http://groups.diigo.com/group/special-ed-in-the-21st-century  there are 250 bookmarked sites there so far
[21:42] <PeggyG> I'm not wild about the idea of sharing to multiple groups at the same time--makes it too easy to share things that aren't really on the topic of the group
[21:42] <PeggyG> I'm eager to hear about a solution to the marriage between Diigo and databases!
[21:42] <alicebarr_> I just joined. Can't wait to show instructional support folks!
[21:43] <Guest36455> @alice--educator lets you create student accounts--I used those to teach students about close reading of digital text.
[21:43] <Russ> Very sorry, but I must get going.
[21:43] <Guest36455> Sarah: There are issues though with student accounts if students opt to misbehave
[21:43] <PaulAllison> Russ... I'll get a last word... if you can?
[21:43] <Russ> OK.
[21:44] <PeggyG> thanks so much for being here Russ!
[21:44] <jac05> Thanks Peggy will be using your group bookmarks
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[21:44] <PeggyG> I like that image--personal wayback machine :-)
[21:44] <alicebarr_> Welcome Nick
[21:45] <alicebarr_> We are talking about Diigo Socila Bookmarking
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[21:46] <PeggyG> wow Russ! fantastic parting thought!!
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[21:46] <PaulAllison> http://www.diigo.com/cached?url=http%3A%2F%2Ffind.galegroup.com%2Fovrc%2...
[21:47] <PeggyG> yes I can see that Paul
[21:47] <alicebarr_> Yes I see it
[21:48] <PeggyG> probably a copyright violation because the content is owned by the database
[21:49] <PeggyG> but the original source is copyrighted
[21:49] <PeggyG> and it's not available for people who don't pay for the service
[21:52] <PeggyG> if you click on the link for the cached version of that page from Gale you can't access it without a password
[21:53] <alicebarr_> Good point. Only problem is you can copy and paste text
[21:55] <PeggyG> didn't know you could highlight an image for Diigo! great!! and video too??!!
[21:56] <PeggyG> voicethread is a problem--something about the url doesn't bookmark correctly in Diigo and it always takes you to the home page
[21:57] <PeggyG> I get so excited every time I hear Maggie talk about the new things they are adding to Diigo--they are so responsive to the requests of educators!!
[21:59] <PeggyG> so you could have multiple networks? very good idea!
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[22:01] <Maggie> [email protected]
[22:01] <PaulAllison> http://sites.google.com/site/ahsdiigo/
[22:01] <PeggyG> great idea to form a feedback group Maggie! it's so valuable to get the first-hand input from the teachers!
[22:01] <PeggyG> you can copy/paste all of the text in this chat to save it
[22:02] <Guest36455> Sarah: I think it is important to have separate accounts for your personal and teacher identities. Just FYI
[22:02] <guest2> who is talking now please?
[22:02] <PaulAllison> That was Songhai
[22:02] <guest2> thanks
[22:04] <PaulAllison> http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dEtxS0pnVGJIU1Eycm...
[22:04] <PeggyG> I think it is very accessible but teachers need to tell their stories about how they are using it--just like tonight with Russ and Songhai!!
[22:04] <Guest36455> Everytime I show teachers how to teach reading online as a skill with Diigo, they are amazed. Then I hear the time complaints begin.
[22:05] <Maggie> Pls advise the issues - we'd like to hear more
[22:05] <PeggyG> time complaint about teaching it to students?
[22:06] <PeggyG> but it's teaching them skills that they will use throughout their lives as they continue in education and careers!
[22:06] <jac05> Thank you so much am just a novice with Diigo but now so much clearer as to what can be done!
[22:06] <PeggyG> it's all about teaching them to fish rather than giving them the fish :-)
[22:06] <Maggie> Songhai - pls advise your email  - let's connect
[22:06] <Maggie> yes - peggy :-)
[22:06] <PeggyG> you are awesome Songhai!!
[22:07] <Guest36455> Sarah: complaining is about the having to teach a tool they need to learn first.
[22:07] <PeggyG> Yes that broadcast will really help people understand because they can see the visual examples that Maggie was talking about tonight
[22:07] <Maggie> well..
[22:07] <PeggyG> http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2009/10/new-features-in-diigo-4.html
[22:08] <PeggyG> thank you! another great conversation on TTT!!!
[22:08] <PeggyG> good night
[22:08] <Maggie> Thanks all
[22:08] <Guest36455> Great conversation--thank you!
[22:08] <jac05> goodbye from Queensland
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[22:09] <Maggie> Guest36455 - can we connect  to learn more
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[22:09] <Guest36455> Hi Maggie---Sarah Hanawald--we've corresponded a little bit, I've been a fan for years
[22:09] <Guest36455> [email protected], sarahhanawald on diigo