SEEDLings 2009-12-9 Snow day!

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 Maureen  Hi Maria.. any stream? where's Alice and Cheryl?

 12:06:52  bobsprankle  hey all!

 12:06:58  Maureen  Hi Bob

 12:07:03  bobsprankle  er... I think my comrades have lost power

 12:07:14  bobsprankle  cheryl def. did

 12:07:25  MariaK  oh no - I wondered if that was what happened

 12:07:30  Maureen  Oh no, Hoping we don't lose it here. Got 10 + inches on the ground so far

 12:07:34  bobsprankle  we were going to cell phone her... but i think alice who's streaming may have as well

 12:07:40  bobsprankle  wow mauree!

 12:07:43  bobsprankle  n

 12:07:47  MariaK  do you want me to stream for you?

 12:07:55  bobsprankle  hang on... i'm going to phone them

 12:08:05  Maureen  Hey Maria

 12:08:15  MariaK  i won't be in the show but could be mute in skype call

 12:08:21  Maureen  Loving my itouch- feel like one of the cool kids now

 12:08:41  MariaK  mute maria = an oxymoron!

 12:08:59  bobsprankle  alice has power

 12:08:59  MariaK  @maureen - and do you like your case - I love mine!

 12:09:03  bobsprankle  we are moments away

 12:09:05  bobsprankle  :)

 12:09:05  MariaK  good

 12:09:11  bobsprankle  happy snow day all!

 12:09:11  Maureen  How was Christa Mc A conference?

 12:09:31  Maureen  I haven't gotten the case yet- they said they shipped yesterday

 12:09:33  MariaK  great but a bit hectic for me - I did 4 presentations!!!

 12:09:56  Maureen  @Maria wow! that's a lot

 12:10:16  Maureen  I got approval to go to educon... going to book flight today

 12:10:58  Maureen  I knew we wouldn't have a mute Maria!!

 12:11:59  Sheila  Hi there!

 12:12:10  Maureen  Hi Sheila

 12:12:35  Sheila  The threesome!  :)

 12:13:02  Sheila  sounds good from here!

 12:13:08  Maureen  Jealous of GTA

 12:13:43  Maureen  Not turning here

 12:14:43  Sheila  Love that I can float this chat room!

 12:15:31  Sheila  Still have no snow here on the NH Seacoast!

 12:16:05  Maureen  I worked late last night- if I play instead and count on it- I always jinx it

 12:16:31  Maureen  We don't have to make up snow days... ;-)

 12:16:35  MariaK  hi michael , sheila and kevin, maureen

 12:16:36  mrichme  Hi Everyone

 12:16:50  Sheila  Hi Michael!

 12:17:27  Maureen  @Sheila- come take my snow away...

 12:18:43  mrichme  No generator here!

 12:18:54  Maureen  I have enough wood in for a day, but more than that I have to go dig out the woodpile. I mostly hate having no water when it goes out.

 12:20:23  Sheila  brb

 12:21:30  Maureen  Missed ChristaMcA, but absolutely loved Joyce's K12 keynote! So much fun, and I learned lots too.

 12:23:27  mrichme  The kids are dragging me outside and play in the snow.  I'll catch the podcast later on.  Have a great day

 12:24:47  Maureen  I put Joyce's K12 keynote on our faculty blog page, along with Kelly Hines. I think I'll just make my own little K12 online page for our faculty.

 12:26:04  Sheila  Back - What did I miss?  :)

 12:26:31  Sheila  Kidding, will catch it on archive.

 12:26:52  MariaK  sheila - links to the McA archive!

 12:26:58  MariaK  keynotes

 12:26:59  carolteach4  Hey, a snow day show! How great is that. I just read something about how in the future, snow days could be used for collaborative learning and pd for teachers, and the days wouldn't have to be made up. I'm not sure that would fly for my district.

 12:27:27  carolteach4  I had time to add two posts to my blog at:

 12:27:45  Sheila  Now I can release Joyce's. Had to wait for hers to show on K12online. Will get it shortly.

 12:27:50  carolteach4

 12:28:14  Sheila  Joyce Valenza's -

 12:28:32  carolteach4  I really intended to shut down this computer cover and go bake holiday treats and then I found Chery's message. I've missed Seedlings - been so busy and so tired.

 12:29:11  Maureen  No, they can call it in to ;-0

 12:29:22  Sheila  Other shows from CMTC09 -

 12:29:31  melindamiller  just popping in to say hi before I go to lunch doodie:)

 12:29:32  carolteach4  I almost forgot to turn on the sound; I knew I was missing something.

 12:30:00  Harold  how do you turn on the sound?

 12:30:01  melindamiller  No sound so I have not idea what you are talking about but I am jealous for your snow day:):):)

 12:30:03  carolteach4  Hi, Bob and Cheryl, and Sheila, and all.

 12:30:16  Sheila  @MariaK still no case delivered. :(

 12:30:22  Sheila  Hi Carolyn!

 12:30:39  carolteach4  Click on the speaker icon under EdTechTalkA

 12:30:46  Maureen  @Sheila- mine just went out yesterday... it'll be a bit I think

 12:30:57  melindamiller  this chat is so much better

 12:31:00  carolteach4  I am soooooo happy to be back to the old chat window. Hated the other one.

 12:31:25  carolteach4  How much snow in Maine? 

 12:31:45  carolteach4  Hi, Alice.

 12:32:01  alicebarr  Hi everyone

 12:32:04  carolteach4  I've never been able to chat in the Ning.

 12:32:19  carolteach4  I know you can save the chat in Elluminate.

 12:32:36  bobsprankle

 12:32:40  alicebarr  we have about 3 inches of wet snow

 12:33:09  carolteach4  It's just raining here in West Haven, but I guess they got a lot of snow in Bethany where I teach.

 12:33:42  Harold  Augusta area about 3 inches of snow too :)

 12:34:12  carolteach4  Yes, I really don't like the ads in the NINGs

 12:34:26  Maureen  I use ning with 7-9 and the apps they have on- not all appropriate. Any way to make them go away. We don't have the ads, got rid of gifts- but the apps... yuck

 12:35:11  Harold  gotta go do honey doo 

 12:35:59  carolteach4  That is good to know, Cheryl. I haven't set up a NING yet. I'm still getting Google Appls for Education popularized in our school.

 12:36:16  carolteach4  Did you see the new phone app - Google Goggles?

 12:36:28  Maureen  @ALice- I remember using a link off classroom 2.0 when I did it

 12:36:44  carolteach4  Are you recording this chat so we can get the links?

 12:36:58  alicebarr

 12:37:01  Sheila  back again - we are trying to decide to have Belize class tonight or not . . . We have rain.

 12:38:08  Maureen  They work for me- in chrome right now

 12:38:50  carolteach4  They worked for me - I got to Bob's and Alices - popped up in a new window.

 12:38:59  carolteach4  I'm in Firefox.

 12:39:12  Maureen  FF keeps crashing- it is not playing with java nicely. But I love FF- just use chrome when it crashes repeatedly

 12:39:18  Maureen  No

 12:39:36  Maureen  I have ie, FF, chrome and safari... 

 12:39:42  carolteach4  My husband had to delete Chrome. It absolutely would not let him load and run his Adobe PhotoElements program.

 12:40:19  carolteach4  Can I ask an important question about my iPhone?

 12:41:14  Maureen  it won't work on my itouch- new one. I downloaded and tried to make it work this monring

 12:41:38  Sheila  Has anyone used this to broadcast?

 12:41:49  Maureen  I looked on their site and it does not list itouch, only iphone

 12:42:19  Sheila  oh

 12:42:37  Maureen  While you're being geeky- what apps should I get for my itouch

 12:42:44  Maureen  @maria

 12:42:45  Sheila  I only have an iTouch too Maureen.

 12:43:15  carolteach4  My old computer got a terrible virus, and I had to reformat the drive. I am now on a new Toshiba running Windows 7. When I connected by iPhone, I got the message that I can only link to one iTunes library. It wants to erase my whole phone and replace it with current library. Now I know that the phone backed up when I upgraded it (without syncing), but I'm afraid I won't be able to restore all my old stuff to the iPhone.

 12:43:30  Maureen  @Maria- it did not work on my itouch... I have an app called recorder, and the new itouch has a voice memo

 12:44:42  Sheila  I saw those tweets too

 12:45:31  carolteach4  @Bob and all - can someone please speak to my question about the iPhone? Please!

 12:45:40  Maureen  Mortenson- 3 cups of Tea guy has a new book out that i want to read

 12:47:56  Maureen  I showed the 5th graders my itouch on Monday. I told them I didn't know anything about it. Had them suggest apps and show me how to do cool tricks- take screenshots, etc. I downloaded the airmouse and played with it last night- pretty cool.

 12:49:38  carolteach4  Bless the computer - I'll look for that.

 12:49:52  carolteach4  Thanks. I really don't want to lose what I have on my phone.

 12:49:58  Maureen  I know nothing about the whole thing, but I found yesterday that since I have 2 different itunes libraries on laptop and desktop... same account. So I decided only to sync on the desktop.

 12:50:22  alicebarr  @CarolTeach You probably heard about help

 12:50:43  carolteach4  I went to the help site, but I got kind of lost.

 12:51:31  carolteach4  Oh - that  is awful for the schools. I think that it's terrible how all these new tech updates ruin it for older computers.

 12:51:43  carolteach4  Thanks, Bob, I'll look right now.

 12:52:42  carolteach4  Hey, guys, this was fun. I've really missed you. Made it to Maine (Camden) for Thanksgiving.

 12:53:03  Maureen  Bye, have fun! 

 12:53:06  carolteach4  Probably won't make it up for Christmas. Hubby has to have radiation treatments.

 12:53:44  bobsprankle  bye all

 12:53:49  carolteach4  Thanks to everyone. I won't make Seedling tomorrow. concert at school.

 13:08:23  Sheila  Lost internet - at public library but too late I assume . . 



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