Conversations #58

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What inspries you? What makes your journey great? Sheila, Maria and Lisa and the folks in the chat room respond to the Guilding Stars poster by Peter Reynolds and share who and what inspires them. Sheila also talked about the Earthbridges echo events she did with her students.

Chat Log

11:29:53 Maureen: @Lisa- did you get buried in snow? Not a flake here.
11:30:56 Lisa Parisi: Maureen, I think we beat some records.
11:31:00 Scott Shelhart: Good morning ladies
11:31:20 Lisa Parisi: Morning, Scott.
11:32:40 Maureen: I can hear now- with echo
11:32:43 Scott Shelhart: only hear you once
11:32:52 Maureen: still echoing
11:32:54 Scott Shelhart: no echo here
11:34:29 kyteacher: Snow missed us completely.  :{
11:35:08 Maureen: Are you on vacation yet? I came home and slept for 8 hrs Friday, spent yesterday reading/watching K12 online vids.
11:35:08 Scott Shelhart: one inch here.
11:35:32 Maureen: Nothing at all here.  We've had 3 feet at time before- it's amazing.
11:36:01 jgates513: oh my... 25" of snow ... poor retailers must be crying!
11:37:33 Maureen: My nephews in Virginia got 20 inches- and they hardly ever get any snow.  They have little ones who will get to play in it for the first time.
11:38:00 Maureen: I'm on vacation.....
11:38:05 McTeach: We're on vacation!
11:38:10 McTeach: I'm not questioning why
11:38:22 sroseman: we are on vacation as well
11:39:00 kyteacher: We're out.  And our last day is in May...unless it snows.
11:39:05 McTeach: Thanks for the help, Sheila! :)
11:39:30 sheila2: ;)
11:39:31 kyteacher: But we start around August 10th.

11:39:45 Maureen: We go back on the 4th for PD day and kids come on the 5th
11:40:00 McTeach: We go back on Monday the 5th, but kids don't return until the 6th
11:40:11 McTeach: Ooops....4th and 5th
11:40:26 Maureen: I spent last week having kids finish up and letting them elf themselves
11:40:39 mariak: fun maureen
11:41:18 kyteacher: Very cool.  I teach hs, so we give finals.  Really no fun for anyone.
11:42:58 Maureen: I introduced the ning to the 7th graders. They spent their time pimping up their pages, chatting and finding "clean" videos to put on their pages. They were surprised to find out how hard that was.
11:43:20 PeggyG: Hi everyone-can't get used to being on the East coast and lost track of the time. Great to see all of you!
11:43:41 Maureen: @PeggyG are you back in my territory?
11:43:56 PeggyG: yes I'm in Pittsboro, NC :-)
11:43:56 McTeach: there an age limit with nings? I haven't used them with my 7th graders as I thought they were too young.
11:44:07 PeggyG: age limit on Nings is 13 years
11:44:20 McTeach: That's what I thought...most of my kids are 12
11:44:21 Maureen: You have to be 13- not all of mine are, but I got parental permission and it's a closed ning\
11:44:38 McTeach: Thanks Maureen...that will work!!
11:45:06 Maureen: @peggyG- I was hoping you were further north- back in Leveret or something
11:45:19 congerjan: In the library we have been using Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa websites to do website evaluations using a tool I created.  It has been so much fun... doing it by modeling.  Next they will use the tool themselves when they do teir research projects.
11:45:29 PeggyG: My grandson is preparing a special breakfast for me this morning--omelette with bacon, mushrooms & onions and cinnamon rolls. Amazing thing!! :-)
11:45:45 Lisa Parisi: What kind of tool, CongerJan?
11:45:51 congerjan: It is nice to see everyone, I am going to listen while I make my cookie batter.
11:45:51 PeggyG: Sheila's students did a fantastic job on their webcast!!
11:46:17 congerjan: I have it on my wiki... hold on while I find the link.
11:46:26 mariak:
11:47:36 Lisa Parisi:
11:48:04 PeggyG: I had to watch the recording of the global climate stream but got to participate live in the interview re Sustainable Harvest. The kids did so well with the interview, following the chat, etc.
11:48:07 Maureen: I've been enjoying the K12 videos. Love the cigar box project- amazing! Sent the skateboard video link to my shop teacher, sent Sarah's art video to my art dept... hopefully they will watch them. I made a little embeddr widget with all the early years videos. I think I'll make up embeddrs for different topics- lots of history type projects- altho most ideas are really cross curricular.
11:49:19 mariak:
11:51:41 PeggyG: I was so impressed that Sheila's kids stayed after school on Friday before winter break to do the webcast!!
11:52:09 PeggyG:
11:52:43 congerjan: Here is the website evaluation tool I created for a grad class... first tool on this wiki:
11:52:48 PeggyG: Fantastic collection of photos from Sustainable Harvest on Flickr:
11:53:40 McTeach: Oh, sign me up for a chocolate tour!!
11:53:51 congerjan: listening... just making cookies.
11:54:33 PeggyG: they were very prepared with their questions and did a wonderful job with the interview :-)
11:55:03 PeggyG: I'm so glad you're doing that Sheila!!
11:55:22 sheila2:
11:55:25 congerjan: I have a friend teaching kindergarten in Peru.  She has been there for 3 years on a mission trip, think she is coming home soon.
11:55:32 PeggyG: @Lisa--a broadcasting club sounds fantastic!!
11:56:22 sheila2: We decided we should talk with Bill Nye next.
11:56:23 Maureen: I was so exhausted after last weekend's marathon video editing of the winter concert- feeling like I had kind of wasted my time, until I saw the smile on a 7th grader's face when I told her that the videos of the concert were available on iTunes now and she could take them on vacation and show her grandparents. That smile made those hours worth it!
11:56:41 congerjan: we have a newspaper club, it would be nice to change it into a broadcast club!
11:56:55 PeggyG: how great Lisa!! the kids blogging about their parent conferences :-) can't wait to read them!
11:56:55 sheila2: It's a great feeling when it works out, Maureen.
11:57:40 Lisa Parisi:
11:57:43 PeggyG: @Maureen--video editing can be so time consuming but I'm sure the students loved seeing them!! Do you have a link we could view?
11:57:58 sheila2: If anyone is interested in trying an Earthcast Echo, I am willing to stream. I'm starting a wiki at
11:58:41 Maureen: I actually had my first student at a conference this year. We don't have students come along, but he was just hanging out, outside my lab, so I invited him in. I want to have all kids invited along next time. Best conference- no interpreters- everything that needed to be discussed with ALL stakeholders was done.
11:58:46 PeggyG: it is VERY hard to webcast and follow everything and stay coherent--especially to listen to the answers so you're not asking the same question again
11:59:01 sheila2: @Maureen - we can stream videos too.
11:59:05 sheila2: ;)
11:59:15 Lisa Parisi: Yes, Maureen.  That what makes it so powerful.
11:59:17 congerjan: yes, I do not think journalists and journalism as we know it today will exist in the future.
11:59:30 PeggyG: this is such exciting stuff!!!
12:00:01 Maureen: @Peggyg I made a youtube channel for them and put them on itunes- the youtube channel is
12:00:41 Maureen: @sheila- do you ustream your videos?
12:00:47 PeggyG: thank you Maureen!!! I can't wait to see!!
12:00:53 sheila2: @congerjan so true!
12:01:23 sheila2: @maureen - yes, can do a mix of audio and video and slides
12:01:26 congerjan: yes, more and more videoconferences are pay now too
12:01:53 congerjan: authors used to do them for free but now they are charging
12:01:56 PeggyG: I really miss all of the student musical performances now that I'm retired! I used to be the one sitting on a table in the middle of the room videotaping everything! Best seat in the house :-)
12:02:44 Maureen: @sheila- can you use a flip on ustream or do I need a "real" videocam?
12:02:49 PeggyG: I saw Robert Ballard present in person in AZ this past year and he was so inspiring and informative!! Outstanding presenter!
12:03:08 mariak:
12:03:40 PeggyG: There are so many wonderful things coming from Fablevision! Anyone can subscribe to their newsletter. :-)
12:04:02 sheila2: Depends if you are doing live video. Recorded would be ok on a flip, I believe. I use camtwist to show them.
12:04:29 McTeach: Love this poster!!
12:05:06 congerjan: Love Peter Reynolds.
12:05:07 PeggyG: that is an outstanding poster!!
12:05:40 sheila2: Can you see it on ustream? Probably not. Too small?
12:05:42 PeggyG: I am going to have to try to create something like that with my Fablevision software :-)
12:05:55 PeggyG: I've looking at the PDF version of it
12:06:25 PeggyG: you can read all of the words if you view it full screen :-)
12:06:27 kyteacher:
12:07:16 PeggyG: what a neat gift idea, Maria!!
12:08:24 PeggyG: a Wordle would allow you to take those words and give certain words more emphasis :-)
12:08:37 mariak: great idea Peggy
12:08:55 sheila2: oh I like that idea too peggy!
12:08:58 mariak: let's share words and phrases in the chat - could go into a wordle
12:10:39 Lisa Parisi: family
12:10:40 PeggyG: oh no!! my family just arrived home and I have to leave!!! Thank you for a very inspirational start to my day! Have a wonderful holiday everyone!
12:10:45 Lisa Parisi: inspired kids
12:10:45 sheila2: Possibilities
12:10:55 sheila2: happy Holidays Peggy!
12:11:15 sheila2: laughter
12:11:28 Lisa Parisi: Bye Peggy
12:11:35 Lisa Parisi: Happy Holidays!
12:11:49 sheila2: Learning
12:12:22 sheila2: Respect keeps me going.
12:12:51 Maureen: Happy kids
12:12:53 McTeach: laughter
12:13:01 Maureen: Making a difference
12:13:09 Lisa Parisi: Challenges
12:13:20 McTeach: my students
12:13:26 kyteacher: Connections
12:14:04 mariak: friends and family
12:14:05 sheila2: challenges help you to learn; see things differently
12:14:26 sheila2: @kwhobbes - glad you found us!
12:14:47 kwhobbes: took a minute. What's on the agenda for today?
12:14:55 Lisa Parisi: Talking about inspiration
12:15:00 Lisa Parisi: What inspires you.
12:15:18 sroseman: Thanks all Happy Holidays
12:15:41 kwhobbes: hmmm - that's a good question.
12:15:50 kwhobbes: btw, is there sound?
12:15:59 Lisa Parisi: in ustream
12:16:03 Lisa Parisi: or in etta
12:16:04 sheila2: yes, click on arrow
12:16:09 kyteacher: It never turns out the same.
12:16:23 sheila2: Or check to see if sound is muted.
12:16:32 kwhobbes: okay, I've got sound.
12:16:36 sheila2: :)
12:17:59 Maureen: I'm not as messy in the computer lab as I was in science. I like to make messes- messing up my desktop is not quite the same.
12:18:44 congerjan: I am looking at teaching 30 library sessions of 5th grade 12 sessions of 6th grade a cycle next year... I am not sure I am going to like it.  I know I am going to make it different each session. It all depends on the students and how they learn.
12:18:51 Lisa Parisi:
12:18:51 Maureen: I used to take it home Maria- my kitchen was my lab- broke the overhead light over my sink with great baking soda rockets
12:18:57 Lisa Parisi: A sample of our projects
12:19:14 McTeach: Love your geography project, Lisa!!
12:19:16 sheila2: Oh, sounds like fun Maureen!
12:19:22 Lisa Parisi: Thanks, McTeach
12:19:36 mariak:  follow this link and scroll down to the poster - guiding stars and downoad the poster
12:19:51 kwhobbes: now that I've found all of you, I have to go have brunch. bbs.
12:20:06 Lisa Parisi: Bye kwhobbes...come back again
12:20:18 Maureen: All my cookie sheets are stained with tumeric from making magic paper- and I still have frozen butterflies, etc... in my freezer
12:24:05 kyteacher: Well...
12:24:05 Maureen: Is anyone reading any inspiring books over break?
12:24:05 Maureen: Is anyone reading any inspiring books over break?
12:24:05 McTeach: That was a bit too emphatic! :)
12:24:20 McTeach: That's a great question, Maureen!
12:24:46 Maureen: What is the flood warning message?
12:25:05 sheila2: Reminder for environmental webcasts -
12:28:43 Lisa Parisi:
12:28:44 Maureen: Have a great holiday everyone
12:29:00 kwhobbes: I'm going to try to reak a book or two but still haven't figured out which one yet.
12:29:00 kyteacher: Happy holidays!
12:29:28 McTeach: Thanks everyone! Happy Holidays!!
12:29:33 congerjan: Have a good break and a nice holiday with your families!
12:29:33 kwhobbes: I only have about 50 to choose from!
12:29:39 Lisa Parisi: Enjoy the week All.
12:29:45 Lisa Parisi: Happy Holidays!
12:29:48 kwhobbes: Happy holidays everone!
12:29:52 Lisa Parisi: Happy New Year!