It's Elementary #42: Computer Labs -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The show started with Maria Knee sharing her experiences at EduCon 2.2, and the goals of learner-centered, constructivist education that are the centerpiece of that conference. We then used that as a transition to a discussion about how computer labs are often being used and how it fits in with those goals:

  • We started with the bad and ugly:labs being used for test prep; and lab being used almost exclusively for Accelerated Reader quizing.
  • We then discussed good practices: having students create content, and how do this by having small group projects with some students while the other students work independently.
  • We discussed how we used different tools for different goals and activities, the lab, classroom computers, and IWBs.

NOTE: We will be moving the time of our next show on Monday February 22, one hour earlier to 5/6/7 PDT/CDT/EDT or 1:00 GMT. That show will be on Interactive White Boards in the Elementary Classroom. Hope to see you there.