Women of the Web 3.0 #121 Silvia Tolisano

Post-Show description: 

Sharon Peters, Cheri Toledo and Peggy George had an energizing, delightful conversation with one of our favorite people, Silvia Tolisano (Langwitches) in this webcast. We had a wonderful conversation about Skype in the Classroom and her global projects. Her newest project is "Around the World in 80 Schools" and she has created a Ning network for teachers interested in participating in the project to collaborate and learn from each other. 

Sharon Peters, Cheri Toledo and Peggy George had an energizing, delightful conversation with one of our favorite people, Silvia Tolisano (Langwitches) in this webcast. We had a wonderful conversation about Skype in the Classroom and her global projects. Her newest project is "Around the World in 80 Schools" and she has created a Ning network for teachers interested in participating in the project to collaborate and learn from each other. There are some fantastic resources on her blog about using Skype including job descriptions for students managing all of the various Skype tasks, and some excellent classroom posters that can be downloaded and printed explaining all of the literacy skills students are using for podcasting, blogging, wikis and other tools involved with the global projects. Thanks to Sharon's newly developed streaming skills we were able to stream most of the session on ustream so we could view some of Silvia's resources for her student projects. Special thanks to Lorna Costantini for capturing the audio and streaming on Shoutcast for us! The ustream version starts about 10 minutes into the session but it is well worth watching.
A bonus in the session was Sharon's announcement that she is taking a new position in Mozambique.


Chat log


20:24:13 Peggy George -> Room 1: Hi everyone! Welcome! just doing a little setup


20:25:05 Peggy George -> Room 1: we're trying something brave and new tonight--streaming on ustream as well as ETT-A
20:29:00 Peggy George -> Room 1: we're trying to stream on ustream and ETT-A tonight
20:29:16 Peggy George -> Room 1: just getting the ustream stream going now--cross your fingers
20:31:26 Cheri -> Room 1: Hello mslaneeus 
20:31:36 mslaneeus -> Room 1: Hello.
20:31:58 Cheri -> Room 1: we're having technical challenges, we'll be up and running soon
20:32:25 mslaneeus -> Room 1: On U stream tonight?  Or on 'A' ?
20:33:10 Lorna -> Room 1: ETTA
20:33:18 Cheri -> Room 1: Ok, here we go
20:33:29 Cheri -> Room 1: Ed Tech Talk A
20:33:38 Peggy George -> Room 1: Greetings everyone!
20:34:12 Peggy George -> Room 1: the real Silvia Tolisano!! :-)
20:34:49 Peggy George -> Room 1: we're very excited to have Silvia here to share with us tonight!!! I'm sure you know "Langwitches" :-)
20:35:30 spenn0103 -> Room 1: Hello, I'm a college student majoring in education. I'm new to webinars and am wondering if I should be clicking on anything, or if the images will start themselves?
20:35:42 Peggy George -> Room 1: http://www.langwitches.org/  This is her blog
20:35:52 Lorna -> Room 1: choose  media player icon top right
20:35:59 Lorna -> Room 1: edtechtalk a
20:36:05 Peggy George -> Room 1: isn't it incredible how far we've come with technology in such a short time??
20:36:30 Cheri -> Room 1: @spenn0103 - we're just broadcasting audio - so click on the EdTechTalk A icon (of your choice) in the upper right of the screen
20:36:37 Peggy George -> Room 1: http://langwitches.org/blog/
20:37:32 Peggy George -> Room 1: Silvia is going to talk with us about her project: Around the World with 80 Schools  http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.ning.com/
20:37:55 Peggy George -> Room 1: let us know if you see the ustream
20:38:44 Peggy George -> Room 1: she has such amazing projects!!!
20:38:48 Sheila -> Room 1: Ustream is off air.
20:38:54 Peggy George -> Room 1: makes me wish I were a kid again!!
20:38:59 Cheri -> Room 1: @Sheila, thanks
20:39:22 Peggy George -> Room 1: the power of Skype!! :-)
20:40:03 Peggy George -> Room 1: look at all of the markers on the map on her Ning!! schools from around the world!!
20:40:22 Peggy George -> Room 1: http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.ning.com/
20:40:32 Peggy George -> Room 1: welcome everyone!! thanks for joining us!!
20:40:46 Peggy George -> Room 1: feel free to type questions in the chat for Silvia
20:41:09 Peggy George -> Room 1: 400 teachers and counting :-) how exciting!!
20:41:21 Peggy George -> Room 1: a Ning makes so much sense to manage a project of this size!!
20:42:12 dmantz7 -> Room 1: Thanks for the ning address
20:42:35 Cheri -> Room 1: Amazing - how fun!
20:43:53 Peggy George -> Room 1: I would love to hear some stories about what the classes are skyping about
20:44:53 Peggy George -> Room 1: what a great way to begin to understand different cultures and the things they have in common!
20:45:09 matt montagne -> Room 1: I can't help but believe that these kinds of learning opportunities help children build cultural literacies (and adults too!!!)
20:45:18 Peggy George -> Room 1: absolutely!!!
20:45:21 dmantz7 -> Room 1: I need to look and see if I can find some folks talk with my pre-service students at Sterling College about how they use IWB and Skype in class
20:45:27 Peggy George -> Room 1: snow balls for Florida :-) love it!
20:45:46 Peggy George -> Room 1: foods are often different too but I think all kids love pizza
20:46:21 matt montagne -> Room 1: these kinds of converations get us thinking beyond our bubbles
20:47:03 Peggy George -> Room 1: isn't that interesting about antarctica!!
20:47:10 matt montagne -> Room 1: what kind of data do you collect that isn't necessarily found via google search??
20:47:41 Peggy George -> Room 1: those kids are so lucky to get to experience this!!
20:48:02 Peggy George -> Room 1: those time zones can be so challenging!!
20:48:28 Sheila -> Room 1: Bandwidth is for science in Antarctica. We struggled with that too.
20:48:50 matt montagne -> Room 1: for kids (and adults) to get the chance to learn about time zones around the world has important value as well
20:48:54 Peggy George -> Room 1: what was that link again Silvia? wikispaces?
20:49:50 tim -> Room 1: NZ says "good afternoon" :)
20:50:59 Maureen -> Room 1: aroundtheworldwith80schoolsdotningdotcom
20:51:00 matt montagne -> Room 1: are these large group skype conversations leading to smaller, break-out conversations of any sort?? 
20:51:16 Peggy George -> Room 1: If you haven't seen Silvia's K12 online presentation be sure to watch it http://k12online.ning.com/video/around-the-world-with-80
20:53:00 Peggy again -> Room 1: keep getting logged out--ugh!
20:53:35 mslaneeus -> Room 1: @ Peggy........me too....
20:53:36 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wow3-april-11  you can try viewing the stream here if you're brave :-)
20:54:07 Peggy again -> Room 1: Silvia's wiki for the project http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.wikispaces.com/
20:54:13 sarahjane -> Room 1: is the ustream the link to audio?
20:54:35 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/langwitches/3596596028/  this is the video from South Africa she mentioned
20:54:43 sarahjane -> Room 1: got it
20:55:18 Peggy again -> Room 1: great sarahjane!
20:55:26 matt montagne -> Room 1: can't learn this kind of stuff from a social studies text
20:55:43 Peggy again -> Room 1: day light savings is always a challenge in AZ too!! we don't observe it and our time doesn't change
20:56:05 sheila -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wow3-april-11
20:56:15 Peggy again -> Room 1: Silvia's blog is so incredible!! be sure to subscribe to it!!
20:56:15 mslaneeus -> Room 1: Time zones are a huge challenge for me.  Can't connect to Europe because I'm in the Pacific time zone.
20:56:16 sheila -> Room 1: Here's the ustream channel
20:56:35 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://langwitches.org/blog/  the Skype Jobs are the latest post
20:56:37 dmantz7 -> Room 1: Former Senator Bob Dole's own tech support person did not know about Skype last year.  I explained it to him and then we were able to video interview Bob Dole about his childhood. Fantastic experience.
20:56:53 Peggy again -> Room 1: how interesting dmantz7!!
20:57:20 Peggy again -> Room 1: what a comprehensive project!!!
20:57:26 dgoodman -> Room 1: Great wiki!
20:57:32 Peggy again -> Room 1: just look at all of those jobs!!!
20:57:43 sheila -> Room 1: If people want to switch over to the ustream channel (you'll get kicked out of the chat and will have to reenter). Here is the link:http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wow3-april-11 
20:57:45 dmantz7 -> Room 1: Greatly appreciate the wiki access.
20:57:46 Peggy again -> Room 1: not like my elementary years--very different jobs!
20:57:51 Maureen -> Room 1: What grade did you say this was with Sylvia?
20:58:02 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wow3-april-11
20:59:43 Cheri -> Room 1: Amazing authentic experiences with the new literacies!
20:59:46 sheila -> Room 1: I so much enjoy listening in real time than the 30 sec delay. Thanks for using ustream.
21:00:01 Peggy again -> Room 1: look at all of the subject areas they are addressing!
21:00:18 Peggy again -> Room 1: grade 5 I think Maureen
21:00:26 Maureen -> Room 1: Thx Peggy
21:01:32 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://langwitches.org/blog/  can download the jobs chart here
21:01:49 Maureen -> Room 1: I signed up for this project last winter... have yet to be able to do it. Last year it was a bandwidth issue- this year it's time... still really love the project and hope to get involved
21:02:20 Peggy again -> Room 1: I hope you can too Maureen! what an incredible learning experience for the students!! Maybe you can get another teacher in your school to join???
21:03:04 Maureen -> Room 1: Oh Peggy- you know that many teachers at my school think of tech as equivalent to a root canal
21:03:12 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wow3-april-11  try viewing the stream here so you can see what Sharon is showing us
21:03:49 Peggy again -> Room 1: I know Maureen--I'm an eternal optimist!!
21:04:31 Maureen -> Room 1: I know Peggy- your new job in retirement is a "bucket filler"
21:04:33 Peggy again -> Room 1: that really brings the learning to life!!
21:04:41 Peggy again -> Room 1: I love being a bucket filler!
21:04:56 Peggy again -> Room 1: they will never forget the skyping experiences!!
21:05:12 Peggy again -> Room 1: that may be the replacement for field trips that we can no longer afford!
21:05:45 Peggy again -> Room 1: don't you love Silvia's energy and enthusiasm!!!!
21:05:57 Peggy again -> Room 1: you can't help but get excited about the ideas!
21:06:16 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Peggy  I believe we skyped with you last year when doing the 50 states project
21:06:33 Peggy again -> Room 1: that's right!! I told your 5th graders about AZ :-)
21:06:36 dgoodman -> Room 1: We've also skyped an author and illustrator which was absolutely wonderful
21:06:42 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Peggy Yes!
21:06:53 Peggy again -> Room 1: kids love to talk to authors!! 
21:07:14 Peggy again -> Room 1: all kinds of snow balls in Florida!
21:07:27 dgoodman -> Room 1: I'd like to get some teachers on this project as well.  Maybe we can team with someone at Kelly's school...only an hour from us
21:07:46 Peggy again -> Room 1: look at all of the questions emerging from the kids through these experiences! that's real engagement!
21:07:59 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Kelly  Maybe the two of us can take on dentistry and do the root canals
21:08:04 matt montagne -> Room 1: very cool...I love the serendipity!
21:08:40 Peggy again -> Room 1: this is such a great point--they started with a script and then they couldn't wait to continue the conversation completely on their own :-)
21:08:54 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Maureen....I meant you..don't know here I got Kelly from
21:09:05 sheila -> Room 1: Great learning opportunities!
21:09:12 dgoodman -> Room 1: Yes....Peggy that is cool
21:09:19 Peggy again -> Room 1: funny Sharon!! but true-  not letting school get in the way of learning
21:09:25 Maureen -> Room 1: @dgoodman- are you really only an hour from me?
21:09:28 mslaneeus -> Room 1: First linking kids.........next solving the world problems........
21:09:47 dgoodman -> Room 1: no, an hour from Kelly
21:10:14 Peggy again -> Room 1: so true--don't have to limit yourself to the same grade level for skype calls
21:10:21 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Maureen...I think I am about 5 hrs from you but maybe we can team up some way here
21:10:50 Peggy again -> Room 1: that makes sense--the Ning is for the teachers since they have an age requirement of 13 years and above
21:11:09 Peggy again -> Room 1: passion about a topic makes you an expert :-)
21:11:23 dgoodman -> Room 1: our 5th grade kids skyped different grades (2nd grade class, 8th grade class) It was really cool for them to skype with someone who had not done it before.  They felt like experts.
21:11:35 Peggy again -> Room 1: do any of you have questions you'd like us to ask Silvia?
21:11:56 Maureen -> Room 1: @dgoodman- our kids have not done anything w/skype.
21:12:47 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Maureen   Maybe we can team up a couple of our teachers and we facilitate the skype session to get them startes
21:13:29 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Peggy  It may have been mentioned, but does Silvia know about the skypeinschools.pbworks.com
21:13:35 Peggy again -> Room 1: These are the photos she is sharing on ustream Flickr set for Around the world with 80 Schools http://www.flickr.com/photos/langwitches/sets/72157618495945581/
21:14:09 sheila -> Room 1: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/bus2antarctica/
21:14:18 Peggy again -> Room 1: thanks for that link Sheila!
21:14:55 dgoodman -> Room 1: OK....I definitely want to get us involved in this.  This is great!
21:15:18 Peggy again -> Room 1: she makes it irresistable!!!
21:15:19 Maureen -> Room 1: @dgoodman- worth a try. I have a teacher who is working with a friend in Germany. We are trying to work out the time issues and vacation times, so that the 2 choruses can sing the songs they have been practicing together. All of our kids are in specials and moving around all day- hard to coordinate when others are not very flexible.
21:15:45 sarahjane -> Room 1: She is AMAZING!
21:16:49 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://langwitches.org/blog/2009/10/19/we-podcasted-today-so-did-you-lea... this is a fantastic blog post she wrote about what students learn when they are podcasting!!!!
21:16:51 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Maureen   We've had the same problems here when trying to connect folks.  practicing songs together sounds pretty cool...I hope it works out
21:17:01 Peggy again -> Room 1: that link has the poster on it
21:17:09 sarahjane -> Room 1: I think you need to just go ahead  and do it and so it dgoodman - 
21:17:12 Peggy again -> Room 1: it's not about the tool, it's about the skills
21:17:24 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/langwitches/4342696441/in/set-7215760508356...
21:17:43 Peggy again -> Room 1: you can access all of the posters from that link
21:17:49 sarahjane -> Room 1: I have done some amazing things around writing stories, predicting, etc
21:18:01 dgoodman -> Room 1: @Peggy ...so true
21:18:16 sarahjane -> Room 1: my kids are very motivated to write with a progressive story - I teach grade 1
21:18:25 Peggy again -> Room 1: it really helps to be able to explain to parents (and even other teachers) the incredible value of these experiences--meet many standards
21:18:26 dgoodman -> Room 1: I bookmarked this a couple weeks ago.  Saw these from a Twitter post
21:18:52 Peggy again -> Room 1: you can download them to your computer and print them out :-)
21:19:44 Peggy again -> Room 1: that's great advice--interact!! don't just ask a question and give an answer--talk to each other
21:20:40 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://k12online.ning.com/video/around-the-world-with-80
21:20:58 Peggy again -> Room 1: that's a great video to learn about getting started with skype and begin a project like this
21:21:22 Peggy again -> Room 1: yes!!! show that video to your IT director or your principal :-)
21:21:40 dgoodman -> Room 1: Can I put these posters on my wiki for parents, of course with rights given to Silvia
21:22:33 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.ning.com/video  all of the videos on her ning are here
21:22:45 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://vimeo.com/9917168
21:23:01 Peggy again -> Room 1: the vimeo is the student impressions
21:23:29 Peggy again -> Room 1: grandparents love skype to keep in touch with grandkids!!!
21:23:32 dgoodman -> Room 1: This is great!  Thanks so much for sharing all these great resources.  
21:23:50 Peggy again -> Room 1: isn't she fabulous??!!
21:24:28 dgoodman -> Room 1: Our teachers use it to support one another in their classrooms.  I set up a group for our school.  They help each other with technical issues as well as instructional 
21:24:46 dgoodman -> Room 1: Silvia is awesome!
21:24:55 Peggy again -> Room 1: the curriculum 21 site by Heidi Hayes Jacobs--I'll get the link for you in a minute
21:25:01 Maureen -> Room 1: Love her book- want it to be required reading for our faculty!
21:25:07 Silvia Tolisano -> Room 1: http://curriculum21.ning.com/
21:25:09 dgoodman -> Room 1: This session is a big WOW!
21:25:23 Peggy again -> Room 1: perfect!! thanks Silvia!
21:26:18 Peggy again -> Room 1: Heidi is the guru for curriculum mapping!
21:26:39 Peggy again -> Room 1: oh I'm so jealous!! she has an iPad!!
21:28:03 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.urgentevoke.com/
21:28:05 Cheri -> Room 1: http://snipurl.com/uziix
21:28:17 dgoodman -> Room 1: OMG...loving the curriculum21.ning
21:29:13 Peggy again -> Room 1: Tom Barrett has incredible presentations on his site--"Interesting Ways "http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/
21:29:16 Maureen -> Room 1: I thought this one was Richard Byrne- Tom has another one with 43 ways- part of his interesting ways series
21:29:23 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://edte.ch/blog/interesting-ways/
21:29:34 dgoodman -> Room 1: We are loving our flip cameras and using them for short instructional videos
21:29:36 Peggy again -> Room 1: that site compiles all of his presentations
21:30:33 Peggy again -> Room 1: there have been some great webinars on mobile learning on LearnCentral in the past couple of week!
21:30:43 dgoodman -> Room 1: are you guys familiar with fur.ly  YOu can create one short URL for several URLs
21:30:57 Peggy again -> Room 1: you're hearing some breaking news now!!!
21:31:03 dgoodman -> Room 1: http://fur.ly
21:31:05 sheila -> Room 1: Wow!
21:31:09 Peggy again -> Room 1: Sharon is moving to Africa for a job in Mozambique
21:31:12 matt montagne -> Room 1: congrats, Sharon!!!!
21:31:17 sheila -> Room 1: Congratulations, Sharon!
21:31:17 Peggy again -> Room 1: isn't that exciting!!!!!
21:31:23 kcaise -> Room 1: congrats Sharon!
21:31:25 Maureen -> Room 1: Wow! Congratulations! 
21:31:27 matt montagne -> Room 1: how is their internet connection??
21:31:28 dgoodman -> Room 1: Yea, Sharon!
21:31:33 Peggy again -> Room 1: http://www.aism-moz.com/
21:31:35 dgoodman -> Room 1: Let's skype!
21:31:47 Peggy again -> Room 1: American International School of Mozambique
21:32:02 Peggy again -> Room 1: they are using lots of technology there!
21:32:20 Peggy again -> Room 1: what a fantastic senior year for her son!
21:32:20 dgoodman -> Room 1: That is soooo cool!
21:32:26 matt montagne -> Room 1: that is great, Sharon...to bring your son along as well. Good for him to have the courage to do that
21:32:48 Peggy again -> Room 1: good point Silvia!!!
21:32:55 Peggy again -> Room 1: she'll have her digital camera :-)
21:33:06 Maureen -> Room 1: Don't you have a daughter as well? DId I meet her at educon?
21:33:08 Peggy again -> Room 1: thank you so much Lorna for our streaming!
21:33:09 Cheri -> Room 1: Round of applause for Sharon!!
21:33:15 Cheri -> Room 1: Yea Lorna!!
21:33:26 matt montagne -> Room 1: props to Lorna!!!
21:33:29 Peggy again -> Room 1: I'm so glad Sharon was able to get the ustream working for you!
21:33:44 Peggy again -> Room 1: thanks to all of you for joining us tonight!!!
21:33:55 Lorna -> Room 1: had a grt8 time 
21:34:01 Peggy again -> Room 1: see you on April 25, same time :-)
21:34:05 dgoodman -> Room 1: Thanks for the great discussion and links
21:34:08 Silvia Tolisano -> Room 1: Thank you everyone for listening.
21:34:24 Peggy again -> Room 1: thank you so much Silvia!!! you are such an inspiration!!
21:34:31 Peggy again -> Room 1: good night everyone!
21:34:32 sheila -> Room 1: Thank you for a great show!
21:34:39 mslaneeus -> Room 1: Thank you.
21:34:40 dgoodman -> Room 1: good night all