Conversations #71

This week we started talking about the impact of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Real-time science connections! This led to Earthcast, a 24 hour webcast on Earth Day, April 22. The Earthcast will be hosted on Worldbridges on the Earthbridges channel. We were able to get a few more people to sign up to participate, in fact all three Conversations hosts will be participating! What will your school, organization or you do on Earth Day? For more information, go to or the wiki (


Chat log:

 11:20:53  MariaK ->  Good morning
 11:21:10  Peggy George ->  Hi everyone!
 11:21:33  Peggy George ->  are you streaming on ustream today?
 11:22:05  Sheila ->  ustream
 11:22:13  Sheila ->  and EETA
 11:22:21  Peggy George ->  excellent!!
 11:23:59  Mary ->  hi
 11:24:31  Peggy George ->  Hi Mary-so glad you could join us!!
 11:25:05  Peggy George ->  they will be streaming on both ustream and EdTechTalk-A
 11:26:42  Sheila ->  Hi woodenmask!
 11:27:58  woodenmask ->  I'm trying to remember. What do I click? "Stream Status"?
 11:28:08  Peggy George ->  are you having server problems this morning?
 11:28:30  Mary ->  when I clicked on windows media player, it said server problem
 11:28:41  Sheila ->  not streaming yet.
 11:28:42  Peggy George ->  neither stream is running yet woodenmask-you will see on air in the ustream when they start streaming
 11:29:01  Sheila ->  may have ETTA issues.
 11:29:18  Peggy George ->  that's the same error message I got Sheila when I clicked on stream status
 11:30:23  Peggy George ->  @woodenmask-are you having problems staying logged in today :-)
 11:30:34  Peggy George ->  ustream is running now :-)
 11:31:06  woodenmask ->  Finally got UStream. Kept getting bumped out of the room when I was clicking various links.
 11:31:12  Peggy George ->  woo hoo!!!
 11:31:20  woodenmask ->  Hi Maria, Lisa and Sheila.
 11:31:50  Peggy George ->  @woodenmask- click on the blue file folders to float the chat window and then you won't get logged out when you click on links
 11:31:55  Sheila ->  Hi John!
 11:32:29  Peggy George ->  so glad we're talking about Earthcast and Earth Day!! coming very soon!!!!
 11:33:06  Peggy George ->  wow!! 18 students to Iceland!! how exciting!
 11:33:21  Peggy George ->  Hi Maureen
 11:33:34  Maureen ->  Hi Peggy
 11:34:05  MariaK ->  @woodenmask - didn't hear from you about today's show - hope next week might work or another day
 11:34:06  Peggy George ->  what an incredible opportunity for the students!
 11:34:33  Peggy George ->  will you stream something from Iceland????
 11:35:16  woodenmask ->  I know. I'm sorry - the week got crazier and crazier. Mrs. Mask was on the road all week and The Boy was slowly losing his mind and taking mine with it.
 11:35:47  Peggy George ->  get the reporters to interview your kids :-)
 11:36:06  Maureen ->  My friend's son's trip to France was cancelled... he's home- on break for the week- but is a junior in HS, so not a big issue.
 11:36:40  Peggy George ->  I'll bet he's really disappointed Maureen! Why was the trip cancelled?
 11:36:52  Maureen ->  Flights were cancelled into France
 11:36:59  woodenmask ->  A Twitter friend was at a conference in Oxford this week and got "stranded" in London for an extra 4 days. She's looking at taking a ship home to make a wedding.
 11:37:11  Peggy George ->  oh--that's too bad!!
 11:37:55  Peggy George ->  I guess I need to listen to the news!! I'm out of the loop!!
 11:38:23  woodenmask ->  Prevailing winds blow to the SouthEast
 11:38:27  Maureen ->  Yes, today Italy cancelled all flights
 11:38:38  Maureen ->  What a great idea! Maria
 11:39:30  Peggy George ->  huge environmental issues!! perfect connection to the topic today!!
 11:39:46  Peggy George ->  clapping wildly!!
 11:40:05  Mary ->  no sound for me
 11:40:07  woodenmask ->  Cool, semi-sarcastic article by the BBC on what the future w/out air travel will look like:
 11:40:08  Maureen ->  Someone on Twitter is stuck in Istanbul with a group of students, was looking to skype with people who wanted to talk about the ash cloud
 11:40:31  Peggy George ->  I saw you on the Earthcast schedule Lisa!! I'll be there!
 11:41:07  Peggy George ->  YES! technology is wonderful (when it works) :-)
 11:41:13  Mary -> says shoutcast server is down
 11:41:24  Maureen ->  no, it was this morning- maybe Olliebray?
 11:41:26  Mary ->  windows media player also does not work for me
 11:41:36  woodenmask ->  I'd be really happy to be stranded in Reykjvik, London or Istanbul
 11:41:37  Peggy George ->  can you view the ustream Mary?
 11:41:43  Lisa Parisi ->
 11:41:47  Peggy George ->  I'm listening/viewing on ustream
 11:41:56  Lisa Parisi ->  That's where I am streaming
 11:41:58  Mary ->  where?
 11:42:03  Lisa Parisi ->  ETTA
 11:42:13  Mary ->  ?
 11:42:22  Peggy George ->  mine shows the Shoutcast stream is up and running
 11:42:25  Lisa Parisi ->  EdTechTalkA...right side bar
 11:42:36  Peggy George ->  ustream is in the window to the right of the chat
 11:42:40  Peggy George ->  cick on play
 11:42:45  Maureen ->  I've been off line a lot lately- trying to take better care of myself- had to go to the dentist last week- "traumatizing" my teeth by grinding them in my sleep. Had tried to get around this by sleeping less, but... :-)
 11:42:59  Mary ->  ther is no play on my screen
 11:43:08  Mary ->  there is stream status
 11:43:13  Peggy George ->  maybe you should log out and log back in Mary
 11:43:22  Mary ->  and windows media player  or real player icons
 11:43:30  woodenmask ->  My understanding is that the more ash, the less lava
 11:43:32  Mary ->  I just did that
 11:43:36  Mary ->  ok no problem
 11:43:37  Maureen ->  @Mary, below that do you see the ustream box?
 11:43:43  Mary ->  it just does not work today for me
 11:43:45  Mary ->  bye
 11:43:49  Lisa Parisi ->  Maureen, my dentist offered to make me a mouth guard after he asked me to open my mouth and it clicked open
 11:44:13  Maureen ->  Mouth guard is the next step- want to avoid it
 11:44:37  Mary ->  just a recording of past shows
 11:44:43  Peggy George ->  which browser are you using Mary?
 11:44:48  Mary ->  firefox
 11:45:22  woodenmask ->  For a while, paeleontologist were guessing that Iceland was formed by the anti-dinosaur comet impact 65 mil. y.ago.  It's that young.
 11:45:22  Peggy George ->  try this link Mary:
 11:45:30  Sheila ->
 11:47:45  Maureen ->  Using chrome
 11:47:45  McTeach ->  No problems in Safari
 11:47:56  McTeach ->  Oh, by the way...good morning!
 11:47:58  Peggy George ->  I lost my stream now!! Ugh!
 11:48:18  Lisa Parisi ->  Peggy, turn on skype
 11:48:33  MariaK ->
 11:48:49  Peggy George ->  ok sorry-can you call again?
 11:49:18  Sheila ->
 11:50:10  Peggy George ->  thanks!! couldn't get back into stream on either ustream or ETT-A
 11:50:28  Peggy George ->  Hi
 11:50:59  Peggy George ->  the schedule is still developing but coming along well
 11:51:21  Peggy George ->  I have such a hard time keeping track of the time zones!
 11:51:35  Peggy George ->  it starts at 5:00pm for me on Wed. night-AZ
 11:52:42  Peggy George ->  I decided to copy/paste the schedule into a Google doc for myself so I could add the AZ times to everything :-)
 11:53:23  Peggy George ->  the kids will get excited once they see it!
 11:53:45  Peggy George ->  Sheila you are amazing!!!
 11:54:44  Peggy George ->  Sheila aren't you at 9:00am on Thursday?
 11:54:49  woodenmask ->  Maria - Maybe Rod's or Kira's guys could take a shift
 11:55:12  Sheila ->  yes, I'm from 9-10am EDT
 11:55:26  Peggy George ->  when they get on the air and people ask them questions they will easily fill the time and find things to talk about
 11:55:47  Maureen ->  Multi-tasking- listening, checking brush burning...Anyone going to Gary Stager's CC celebration before ISTE?  Lunch, networking and tech4learning software.
 11:55:53  Sheila ->  Lorax by Dr. Seuss
 11:56:19  Maureen ->  I love that story, one of my favorites
 11:56:24  Peggy George ->  I go to that every year Maureen but hadn't seen the announcement for this year. It is fantastic!!
 11:56:44  Maureen ->  @Peggy- I just saw it announced this morning
 11:57:03  Peggy George ->  those spaces fill up really fast!! last year it filled in about 1 day!
 11:58:08  McTeach ->  Going through trash...sounds delightful
 11:58:36  McTeach ->  We're having a Week Without Trash contest
 11:58:50  Sheila ->  Actually the trash deal was fairly clean!
 11:59:14  Sheila ->  They put a tarp down and it wasn't that smelly!
 11:59:29  Maureen ->  I have tried to get a garbage/recycling thing going at my school for several years. We recycle, but I want the kids to something like what Sheila's... and I want them to write letters/email to all the publishers of catalogs, etc.. and tell them to stop sending all this junk that we throw out.
 11:59:57  Peggy George ->  Sheila, is there a time slot for the Skype calls that Matt was suggesting?
 12:00:11  Peggy George ->  he would call into classrooms for 5 minute skype calls
 12:00:30  woodenmask ->  I like the Skype number idea.
 12:00:32  Sheila ->  Not sure if it was confirmed, Peggy.
 12:00:37  Peggy George ->  ok
 12:00:50  Peggy George ->  the form was created but no one has signed up on it yet
 12:01:02  Maureen ->  But how much energy goes into the tech?
 12:01:05  Peggy George ->  which time slot are you talking about Lisa?
 12:02:33  Peggy George ->  is that the 14:00-14:30 time slot Lisa?
 12:03:00  Peggy George ->  Sheila knows how to stream video through ustream :-)
 12:03:09  MariaK ->  I would be using the 14:00 time
 12:03:17  Peggy George ->  ok thanks Maria
 12:03:21  MariaK ->  10 eDT
 12:03:31  Maureen ->  I don't know if it would be helpful, but you can drop stuff into and present it there too.
 12:04:04  Peggy George ->  Tell them about Twibbon Sheila
 12:04:45  Sheila ->
 12:05:10  Peggy George ->  if you have them draw pictures of the story you can share that while they read it
 12:05:42  Peggy George ->  yes talking about favorite parts, characters, etc
 12:05:53  woodenmask ->  My understanding is that it wouldn't actually violate copyright, if it fundamentally changes meaning or presentation.
 12:06:05  Peggy George ->  yes please add to the voicethread!
 12:06:08  MariaK ->
 12:06:51  Peggy George ->  I just joined twibbon this morning but need to check my settings :-)
 12:07:21  Peggy George ->  you can choose if you want it in twitter or facebook or both
 12:08:02  woodenmask ->  Sorry - brain was on extended staycation - 10 am or pm?
 12:08:15  Sheila ->  am
 12:08:15  Peggy George ->  I can't see anything on ustream--is that where you're playing it?
 12:08:27  Sheila ->  yes
 12:08:35  Peggy George ->  it says off air
 12:08:39  MariaK ->  @woodenmask 10am
 12:08:49  Peggy George ->  I did
 12:08:55  Peggy George ->  and tried 2 different browsers
 12:09:02  Maureen ->  I could see it
 12:09:10  Peggy George ->  at least I can hear you in skype :-)
 12:10:19  woodenmask ->  That's one of our Magnet days, so we might be able to reshuffle the schedule and maybe the Outreach or Social Activism Magnet could take a shift. Nature already has something planned. I'll be doing a Skype tasting w/Ginger in Kansas.
 12:10:38  Maureen ->  Talked to my son in Alaska yesterday- he was building a new outhouse- they have no running water there, according to him- no unusual. Would drive me nuts.
 12:12:08  Sheila ->  So Peggy join us and tell us about the posterous site.
 12:12:48  woodenmask ->  There is?! Where is there a grocery store in Deerfield?
 12:13:15  woodenmask ->  Forgot to tell you how much I like that idea, by the way.
 12:13:17  Maureen ->  You're lucky... I have to drive 25 miles one way for a grocery store!
 12:13:40  woodenmask ->  Ahhhh... so no Kosher foods aisle...
 12:13:55  Peggy again ->  amazing! the ustream finally started playing and then it bounced me from the chat! what fun!
 12:14:34  Maureen ->  If they can understand reuse of bags, it is a giant step
 12:15:50  Maureen ->  I still find it jarring tho, when kids talk about "nature"- It is our whole environment, not just a strip of the woods.
 12:15:51  McTeach ->  Here's the link for the Earth Day Groceries Project...
 12:16:04  McTeach ->  Ooops...copy and paste is NOT working for me!
 12:16:17  McTeach ->  Here you go...
 12:16:20  Peggy again ->  have you seen this site?
 12:16:52  Lisa Parisi ->  My twibbon is not working
 12:16:53  McTeach ->  I grew up as an environmentalist because my dad raised us to be
 12:16:54  Peggy again ->  has a great service learning guide for middle and high schools students that walks them through the steps of a community cleanup
 12:16:54  woodenmask ->  Actually, I'm thinking that this would be a good discussion during the tasting w/Kansas - how do food-miles net out w/the benefits of multi-culturalism?
 12:17:07  Lisa Parisi ->  I moved it around too much :(
 12:17:32  Peggy again ->  interesting student comment!
 12:17:40  McTeach ->  Bless you!
 12:18:48  MariaK ->
 12:19:17  woodenmask ->  I think Maureen's comment about our perception of What Is Nature? is a good one. Does conservation awareness fit neatly into one discipline?
 12:19:18  MariaK ->
 12:20:18  woodenmask ->  This idea of balance - a cockroach is just as much a part of Nature as a panda - how do we keep a sense of balance? Lots of great Social Studies connections there.
 12:20:24  Maureen ->  @woodenmask- it doesn't for me... it's how we live, the choices we make- not just going for a walk in the woods.
 12:20:29  Peggy again -> we compiled a lot of links for earthcast and earth day on this show a couple of weeks ago
 12:21:10  Peggy again ->  there were many links shared during the chat in that show and I went back and added them to the archives for the show
 12:21:36  MariaK ->  Keep those ideas coming @woodenmask
 12:22:41  woodenmask ->  I'd like to do an integrated Science/Social Studies Eco-Unit sometime. For instance, the killing off of the bison was largely a deliberate attempt to mess up the prarie environment and starve the Native Tribes off the land. Lots of interconnections there.
 12:22:41  Peggy again ->  every subject area can be addressed through environmental issues! excellent ideas woodenmask!
 12:23:56  Peggy again ->  it's funny/sad that kids think of learning as subject area periods!
 12:24:04  Maureen ->  @woodenmask- the movie-, that whole series... it really points out that when we are talking about the "environment" we are talking about a lot more than saving trees and cute baby seals
 12:24:32  Peggy again ->  did you all get to see the Phillipe Costeau webinar through DEN this past week? it was fantastic!!
 12:24:32  woodenmask ->  What is the phrase they use? "Charismatic Mega-Fauna"?
 12:24:54  Maureen ->  @Peggy- I missed it- hope it's archived
 12:25:33  Maureen ->  I think we should have more criminals so the handcuff makers will do better
 12:25:37  Peggy again ->  it was recorded and archived! there were over 1000 people in the session and many of them were classes!!
 12:25:39  McTeach ->  Peggy..I had signed up for it, but I missed it. With our tech coordinator our after surgery, everyone asks ME for help. I've lost a lot of prep time these last few weeks
 12:25:58  woodenmask ->  Been thinking of a big, overly-ambitious project for next year. Students would do a video inventory of their fridges in different communities and parts of the country and share via Skype/blogs - I'd like to call it "Bridges 2 Fridges".
 12:26:11  Peggy again ->
 12:26:22  Maureen ->  Thanks Peggy
 12:26:23  Peggy again ->  hope that link works for you--very long!
 12:26:34  woodenmask ->  Geography, Health, cultural touchpoints
 12:26:44  Peggy again ->  he did a fantastic job answering kids' questions
 12:27:18  Peggy again ->  a secret garden :-) love it!
 12:28:34  Peggy again ->  yes Sheila!!
 12:28:43  Peggy again ->  search stories on Google :-)
 12:28:47  Maureen ->  Yes, but I didn
 12:28:58  Maureen ->  Haven't tried it yer
 12:29:08  Maureen ->  yes
 12:29:14  Peggy again ->  yes see it but it's the youtube video challenge by Matt
 12:29:35  McTeach ->  Uh-oh...lost sound
 12:29:48  Peggy again ->  search stories on
 12:29:49  MariaK ->
 12:29:53  Maureen ->  mashup of video, maps, images... whatever type you ask for
 12:30:17  Peggy again ->  that is amazing!!!!
 12:30:57  Sheila ->
 12:31:32  Peggy again ->  that is really fun!!! is it kid safe to use?
 12:31:39  McTeach ->  Did you see the one @principalspage sent out yesterday?
 12:32:01  Peggy again ->  no McTeach-missed that! can you post the link?
 12:32:04  MariaK ->  do tell
 12:32:12  McTeach ->  I'm looking for it...
 12:32:16  Peggy again ->  thanks!
 12:32:38  Sheila ->  I don't think it is kid safe so you need to preview each page, which they do allow you to do.
 12:32:45  Maureen ->  My garden is calling me.. still have one more loooonnng row of raspberries to prune and burn the canes- and get the chain saw going to finish cutting up the brush that was too big to drag over to the pile to burn.
 12:33:06  Peggy again ->  did you retweet it McTeach?
 12:33:10  McTeach ->  Here it is...
 12:33:18  Peggy again ->  thanks!!!
 12:33:26  McTeach ->  He cracks me up!
 12:33:42  McTeach ->  I need to figure out Earth Day stuff today
 12:33:54  Lisa Parisi ->
 12:33:58  woodenmask ->  Good luck in Iceland!
 12:34:17  Sheila ->  Thanks!
 12:34:31  Peggy again ->  wonderful show!! see you at the Earthcast meeting Sheila
 12:34:34  Lisa Parisi ->  Thank you all for coming today.
 12:34:35  Sheila ->  Thanks everyone for being here!
  12:35:07  Peggy again ->  love that you're keeping your sense of humor Maria :-)
 12:36:07  Peggy again ->  everyone join the brainstorming session about Ning alternatives on Elluminate-Tuesday 8:00pm EDT
 12:36:33  woodenmask ->  Would that make Lisa Yoko?
 12:36:35  Peggy again ->  bye everyone