Instructional-Design-Live#16 2010-4-30 WebQuests

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Webquests have been defined as “a scaffolded learning structure that uses links to essential resources on the World Wide Web and an authentic task to motivate students’ investigation of a central, open-ended question, development of individual expertise and participation in a final group process that attempts to transform newly acquired information into a more sophisticated understanding. The best WebQuests do this in a way that inspires students to see richer thematic relationships, facilitate a contribution to the real world of learning and reflect on their own metacognitive processes.”    Tom March 2003. In this show, we explore how WebQuests can be used to promote critical thinking and engaged learning. A number of resources are provided to help those new to WebQuests investigate this powerful strategy for facilitating learning.

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Chat Transcript


02:22 - Robert
Hi Cammy

02:27 - Cammy 1

02:35 - Cammy 1
Glad to be here today.

02:45 - Robert
Dblack, Cammy how familiar are you with WebQuests?

04:14 - DBlack
nota at all

05:05 - Cammy 1
Not at all.

05:30 - Cammy 1
Sounds like an online information-based scavenger hunt?

06:15 - Cammy 1
Requires critical thinking skills -- ability to question source materials on the web

06:43 - Robert
Yes, that's the idea, but scavenger hunts are about finding information. I think the difference with WebQuests is that students can go to the heart of considering complex problems and discussing/suggesting sultions

07:24 - Robert
I agree Cammy--a key piece is information literacy skill development

07:33 - DBlack
Is there a component to Webquest that addresses the issue of evaluating the quality, accuracy, reliability of websites and web info

09:27 - Cammy 1
I would love to hear an example as you're talking about this now.

10:30 - DBlack
Any examples that might apply to web skills pertinent to higher ed?

14:45 - Robert
Example WebQuests
Exploring China: 
School Safety Zone 
WebQuest Direct: level WebQuest on the sea that has been well-constructed.
Zunal: --MBA International Business

17:29 - DBlack
These are great examples... the MBA one in particular.

17:50 - Robert
yes, that was the one I was thinking about

17:53 - Cammy 1
I'm looking at the MBA example now.

17:57 - Cammy 1

19:15 - DBlack
How did you locate the MBA examples... since it is not inside the webquest site?

19:44 - DBlack
And same with the China example.

21:37 - DBlack
The GENERAL RESOURCES displayed now... is this a webpage located some where?

22:26 - Robert
General Resources Bernie Dodge’s original WebQuest site, where a number of WebQuest templates are available.
Free Sites for Hosting WebQuests
WebQuest Direct: 
Wordpress: Create a WebQuest on a blog.
Free Templates: 
Example WebQuests
Exploring China: 
School Safety Zone 
WebQuest Direct: level WebQuest on the sea that has been well-constructed.
Zunal: --MBA International Business 
Create/Search Rubrics
IRubric at Rcampus:  Login needed to search/create rubrics. 
Rubistar: RubiStar is supported by the US Department of Education. You can create a temporary rubric by supplying your ZIP code.
Evaluate your WebQuest 
Rubric created by Bernie Dodge:

22:31 - DBlack

23:34 - Robert
Welcome A Marts

24:29 - Robert
This is a great article on how to do this:

25:55 - Robert
Soem examples of evaluation rubrics:

29:18 - Cammy 1
I'm cool

29:23 - A Marts
I'm good. Thanks

29:31 - Cammy 1
This is a new concept for me -- really enjoyed hearing about it.

29:42 - DBlack
I look forward to exploring these resources. I think I can do some good work with this kind of tool.

29:59 - Cammy 1
"creating authentic tasks"

30:22 - Cammy 1
/thank you!

30:37 - Marlene
Thanks, everyone!

31:03 - DBlack
Thanks... another great session. Looking forward to next week's guest.