Seedlings-2010-05-06 with Lucy Gray and the K12Horizon Report

Post-Show description: 

 If you have not read the 2010 K12 Horizon Report, this Seedlings episode will convince you to read the report word for word and exciting link by link! There are so many hidden treasures in the report with examples and interactive wikis which provide transparency! Lucy also recommends that we all read the National Technology Plan with Karen Cator at the helm! Join us for a great conversation!

Join us as we learn more details about the Horizon Report with Lucy Gray. Plus Lucy tells us what has been happening in her professional life!


Links from the show:


K-12 Horizon Report

Horizon Report Wiki

High Techpectations (Lucy’s Blog)

Prezi by Rachel Smith about Horizon Report

“Geek of the Week” Links for 2010-05-06 




The Chat:

 19:26:15  cheryloakes  Hello, just setting up. brb

 19:26:51  Lucy Gray  Hi Everyone

 19:29:14  cheryloakes  Hello Maureen,

 19:29:22  Maureen  Hi Cheryl

 19:29:55  cheryloakes  Lynn, good evening

 19:30:12  bobsprankle  hi all!

 19:30:50  Maureen  uh oh... hearing Mickey Mouse voices.... will log off and try again

 19:31:42  Maureen  Oh much better- you all sounded like the munchkins!

 19:32:06  cheryloakes~seedlins  Back here

 19:32:11  cheryloakes~seedlins  How is the sound???

 19:32:38  Maureen  All better now... I closed it and refreshed the page.. it was funny tho

 19:32:47  cheryloakes~seedlins  great, ready to go!

 19:34:19  cheryloakes~seedlins  Hello Michael, welcome!

 19:35:06  cheryloakes~seedlins  Michael, you have been so busy with your blog! I was very busy myself reading.

 19:36:10  mjgormans  Thanks Cheryl, have a webinar on ISTE this May 12 trying to get ready for.

 19:36:32  cheryloakes~seedlins  Evening Wes, I loved Rachel's story :-)

 19:36:34  Wes  woo hoo - Lucy going independent soon!!!

 19:36:38  bobsprankle

 19:36:48  cheryloakes~seedlins  All you independent folks:-)

 19:36:50  Wes  Thanks :-) iPadio really is amazingly easy to use.

 19:37:19  alicebarr  Hi WEs

 19:37:27  bobsprankle  hi wes!!

 19:37:32  Wes  So my wife and I are having a QUITE rare date tonight, but it is delayed until Seedlings is over :-)

 19:37:49  cheryloakes~seedlins  Your wife is very patient and we love that!

 19:37:50  bobsprankle  lol! wow! we're honored!

 19:37:52  alicebarr  OH!! Are you sure!??? We are so honored

 19:37:57  Wes  @bob hi! I am actually listening to Seedlings tonight on the 'magical' iPad, connected to our home stereo :-)

 19:38:09  bobsprankle  awesome and magical!

 19:38:17  Wes  Yes she is. Spouses of geeks need to have a much higher patience quotient, I think.

 19:38:34  bobsprankle  hehe

 19:38:42  cheryloakes~seedlins  Oh, yes, ask my husband!

 19:38:43  Wes  I'm really interested to hear more about your conference, Lucy

 19:39:40  Wes  I think it will be great to really encourage teachers to get involved in collaborative projects as a result of the conference :-)

 19:39:52  mjgormans  Sounds awesome Lucy!

 19:40:00  alicebarr  So timely, my teachers are dying to collaborate more

 19:40:02  cheryloakes~seedlins  Oh, yes, we need to demonstrate collaboration and how to make it easy.

 19:41:17  Wes  So let's be honest. How many people here have read an ENTIRE Horizon report? I admit I have just scanned them...

 19:41:28  bobsprankle  i read the whole thing :)

 19:41:35  Wes  that is good

 19:41:39  bobsprankle  but over time

 19:41:44  cheryloakes~seedlins  Well, to prepare for our shows, I read the whole report and compared back to 2009, I know geek.

 19:41:46  alicebarr  deep scan (as opposed to scan)

 19:41:53  Maureen  @wes- more of an executive summary person myself- why I love to hear more about it

 19:41:58  Wes  Are the Horizon reports available in an eBook format?

 19:42:05  mjgormans  cheryl, i'm impressed

 19:42:08  bobsprankle  pdf, webversion

 19:42:09  Wes  @Maureen - yes, that's how I've digested them in the past

 19:42:13  bobsprankle  looks good on ipad

 19:42:16  cheryloakes~seedlins  I love all the resources and links in the reports! So great.

 19:42:20  alicebarr  Wes doesn't work in Stanza

 19:42:24  alicebarr  I tried it

 19:42:38  Wes  Can't you convert the PDF to eBook with Stanza?

 19:42:52  bobsprankle

 19:42:53  Wes  What is the calendar/timeline for the Horizon reports each year?

 19:42:59  Maureen  Sent this link to my admin...

 19:43:18  alicebarr  @Wes I tried, and it didn't work but I could have done it wrong?

 19:43:35  alicebarr  I think it was formatting

 19:43:39  Wes

 19:43:48  bobsprankle  some pdfs don't translate well in stanza

 19:44:07  Wes  hmmm, bummer. Maybe Horizon could release as an eBook next year too?

 19:45:42  Wes  "schools that think technology is optional and an add on" - boy we have a few of those in Oklahoma....

 19:46:04  mjgormans  Our biggest movement with tech is basic drills like read180 and study island

 19:46:40  cheryloakes~seedlins  we are trying study island in the middle school too.

 19:46:50  jamie  @mjgormans I see that in our district too. Very disheartening.

 19:46:50  Maureen  I met with my tech committee ystrday. Tech is not a priority, have been told to slow down, baby steps, not make staying current in your field a priority. I was not happy

 19:47:08  Wes  Boy I totally agree on the concern over content filtering. We need a broad-based social action campaign for balanced filtering in the US.

 19:47:20  cheryloakes~seedlins  Maureen, that is a common thread, we need parents to speak up.

 19:47:24  Wes  @Maureen that is so depressing

 19:47:31  mjgormans  the kids love study island but it is not the end all, tech is still best as a tool not a program

 19:47:37  alicebarr  @Maureen I am sorry

 19:47:42  Wes  iPad content: well, ALMOST any content....

 19:48:00  Maureen  I guess I wonder how many years of baby steps this baby is going to take. My kids walked early :-)

 19:48:06  cheryloakes~seedlins  Maureen, it is like we need to move towards the middle not strive for more challenged activities

 19:48:39  mjgormans  Process not end product

 19:48:42  Wes  @Lucy: I was so excited to see you start a family learning blog awhile back!

 19:48:55  Maureen  Absolutely- my kids have it all... but they do not know how to use for education and NO ONE is willing to teach them

 19:49:11  Wes  "got to get away from canned programs designed to boost student achievement" - yes!

 19:49:34  alicebarr  Welcome Iroe

 19:49:39  cheryloakes~seedlins  hello lroe and dendari, welcome

 19:49:44  Wes  I think Sarah is going to get in the chat room here in a minute

 19:49:44  alicebarr  Welcome dendari

 19:49:52  cheryloakes~seedlins  Ok, wes

 19:49:58  mjgormans  Wes, as long as success is measured by standardized test, I'm not sure if we will get away from canned

 19:50:18  Wes  @mjgormans I think you're right. We have got to move away from our narrow assessment paradigm.

 19:50:38  Maureen  I have a lot of parents who are still so very fearful of tech. I have teachers of the lower grades who say that the kids get too much "screen time" at home, so they won't give them any time at school.

 19:51:06  cheryloakes~seedlins  National Education Technology Plan is a must read

 19:51:16  bobsprankle

 19:51:20  mjgormans  maureen, it should be transparent between home and school

 19:51:21  Wes  Is the National EdTech Plan finalized or still open for comment?

 19:51:52  lroe  Totally agree with the testing comment...Our state is implementing online testing. We've are spending excessive time testing the testing!

 19:52:08  cheryloakes~seedlins  Welcome Sarah F.

 19:52:13  alicebarr  Hi Sarah F

 19:52:31  Lucy Gray   I think it's still open for comments

 19:52:34  mjgormans  As long as the divice is more then a number 2 pencil

 19:52:39  Wes  I wonder what Karen K is thinking at this point about educational change / transformation, now that she's been a part of the administration for several months?

 19:52:43  Lucy Gray  Hi Sarah! Wish my daughter was here to chat with you all, too.

 19:52:43  Maureen  If you can get admin to read these reports... can't get far without admin support

 19:52:49  cheryloakes~seedlins  Yes, Michael! more than a #2 pencil

 19:52:50  alicebarr  @mjgormans :)

 19:53:23  Sarah F  I'm so exited to be here!!:D 

 19:53:40  cheryloakes~seedlins  We are glad you are here too! Jump in with questions or comments.

 19:53:42  bobsprankle  hi sarah!

 19:53:52  Wes  fear and ignorance: two of the biggest villians which continue to plague us as learning advocates...

 19:53:57  jamie  Welcome, Sarah!

 19:54:32  Wes  Yes, the "shift to the cloud" - so important

 19:54:48  cheryloakes~seedlins  The cloud is very important to our district.

 19:54:48  mjgormans  Ever seen the TED on sixth sense?

 19:55:05  cheryloakes~seedlins  Yes, that is amazing on Ted.

 19:55:12  Maureen  After I did a minor rant at the tech committee- was asked if I really wanted was to wipe the slate clean- fire all current teachers and start new.  Think I blew it with my rant, not what I want. Would like to see teachers willing to learn, to change. Spinning my wheels. 

 19:55:25  Wes  too many IT directors are "in the drivers seat" for technology in their district and keeping computing client focused. District leaders need to have the "cloud based" vision and move the technicans into the garage... and let teachers be in the driver's seat...

 19:55:51  cheryloakes~seedlins  yes, Wes, educators need to drive this!

 19:55:55  Lynn  I have to disagree wes --- they need to work hand in hand

 19:56:06  mjgormans  We have to remember that the real client is our students. 

 19:56:19  Wes  @Lynn I definitely agree in collaboration...

 19:56:23  Maureen  @ Wes- I want IT director to be proactive- current and want the teachers to have a clue about what the possiblities are and willing to take a chance

 19:56:48  Wes  But we have so many districts where the superintendent abdicates ALL decisionmaking to the tech director, who is still running Novell and acting like it's 1995

 19:56:49  jamie  argument that I've heard in my district is that if we depend on the cloud, our district is no longer "in control" of our information. Very scary for an ultra conservative district.

 19:56:50  cheryloakes~seedlins  Hello rsorrent, welcome

 19:57:24  mjgormans  The Google ed closed community helps sell to education

 19:57:28  Lynn  the largest problem continues to be that IT and Classroom Teachers and Administration are not in agreement.  IT does have an important job to keep the network working for the teachers.  

 19:57:31  Wes  @jamie but this is the heart of the horizon report: the cloud IS the future. Multiple devices: mobile / laptop / desktop, all accessing to the could

 19:57:56  Lynn  IT is not always the bad guy.  

 19:57:57  Wes  too many schools have IT departments that treat networks just like businesses. locking down as many things as possible, trying to make sure no one is creative.

 19:58:09  jamie  I agree! Not sure the message is easy for many in my district to hear though. Slow process

 19:58:17  Lynn  Wes, do you not agree that that is probably what their job description was that they agreed to??

 19:58:17  jamie  too slow

 19:58:18  Sarah F  I entered the Doodle for google contest that google had.:D

 19:58:36  mjgormans  Sounds like apllication of 21st century skills

 19:58:54  alicebarr  @SarahF Good Luck!

 19:58:59  Lynn  I don't believe that that is correct, but I believe many are doing what they were hired to.  The difference occurs is when you put an educator into the IT seat

 19:59:08  Wes  @Lynn I would agree that most school boards and superintendents have not looked for IT directors and CIOs who expressly want to empower learner creativity.

 19:59:10  bobsprankle  awesome, sarah!

 19:59:37  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, when will you hear?about Doodle for Google.

 19:59:50  Lynn  @Wes, many schools have IT directors who have been in place since the 1990's and what worked then, needs to be revamped and reviewed in 2010

 20:00:20  Wes  @Lynn I agree with that. We need people with educational experience leading our districts and IT departments. In our district an IT director was hired because he was NOT from education. The board didn't want to hire an educator or educationally-focused person.

 20:00:30  mjgormans  Lucy, that is so true

 20:00:59  Lynn  Our school's direction totally changed when a former teacher joined the IT team.  Both sides began to be seen and compromises and understanding really began to take place.

 20:01:01  Sarah F  I'm not sure. I did it in Enrichment so I guess she wiil tell me.

 20:01:03  Wes  @Lynn YES - We definitely need to find ways to help IT directors "retool" and "re-vision"

 20:01:11  mjgormans  If lessons are engaging it will be students that make it happen outside

 20:01:12  jamie  The time is here that the answer from IT directors should not automatically be NO when educators want to try something creative. The answer should be "how can we work with you to make that happen"

 20:01:13  Wes  @Lynn that is great

 20:01:16  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, you must keep us in the loop!

 20:01:28  Wes  @jamie Amen

 20:01:37  Lynn  @jamie -- it is NO but here is another option

 20:01:41  Lynn  as well

 20:01:53  mjgormans  Whaqt a great goal!

 20:01:54  Sarah F  I will do that for sure!!!

 20:02:05  Wes  I think a focus on CREATIVITY can help shift that conversation.... not just "engagement" but student creativity too...

 20:02:05  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, what are you reading now?

 20:02:24  mjgormans  Technology helps make it happen, it is not the end product

 20:02:25  cheryloakes~seedlins  And student choice, Wes and Lynn

 20:02:36  Maureen  @ALice- Instructional rounds? What is that?

 20:02:48  Wes  Wow, 8 hours to work!!!! Imagine that, time to do a project! That is great Alice.

 20:02:57  Lynn  @mjgormans  but sadly, Tech still seems to be the wow factor

 20:02:59  jamie  @lynn yes! That would at least indicate some understanding that the KIDS' LEARNING is @ the heart of decision making

 20:03:12  mjgormans  did you put projects online?

 20:03:16  Wes  I think TIME for teachers to do projects IS so important

 20:03:28  Lucy Gray  Also student empowerment, Wes. Chris Lehmann has pointed that out.

 20:04:06  Wes  yes, definitely. I don't think a lot of our schools are really "into" student empowerment at this point, however.

 20:04:21  Maureen  Thx Alice

 20:04:26  Sarah F  cheryloakes~seedlins I am reading 2 books one in class which is called spotting the Lepord and on my own I am reading best friends!!

 20:04:47  cheryloakes~seedlins  Best Friends, I do not know, who is the author?

 20:04:56  alicebarr  @Maureen The book Instructional Rounds is available on Amazon

 20:04:59  Wes  Lucy: Have you identified specific classrooms which you think are exemplars for collaboration? Is that something you spotlight on your Ning?

 20:05:01  bobsprankle

 20:05:11  mjgormans  Lucy, educaqtors in IL do a great job with ICE, had a chance to present at ICE and NICE

 20:05:13  Wes  @Lucy: What do you think of the new Ning terms? You going to stick with Ning?

 20:05:31  Sarah F  Ann M. Martin

 20:06:01  Wes Learning By Heart: Roland Barth

 20:06:37  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, just looked at Amazon, the book looks great.

 20:06:48  Lucy Gray  Not sure, Wes. I have more than 150 peple

 20:07:05  Lucy Gray  There are some people who are exemplary Wes

 20:07:21  Sarah F  I sure have been enjoying it!

 20:07:30  Lucy Gray  Valerie Becker's work in Martha's Vineyard does amazing stuf

 20:07:32  mjgormans  Isn't NING goinfg to announce in July a Free NING for ED?

 20:07:36  Lucy Gray  Yes, IL educators are savvy!

 20:07:38  cheryloakes~seedlins  It looks like a book for a series

 20:08:01  Sarah F  bobsprankle how is Zoe

 20:08:22  alicebarr  @mjgormans it will be for 150 users and no groups for starts

 20:08:23  Wes  I have been wondering about a good way to really spotlight and celebrate innovative edtech teachers - sort of a hall of fame. There are different places where that is done now, I know... but one specific to digital collaborative projects would be great

 20:08:36  Lucy Gray  Yes, Wes, great idea. 

 20:08:44  Lucy Gray  We need a database of people and examples.

 20:08:51  cheryloakes~seedlins  that is a great idea, like the blog awards

 20:08:51  mjgormans  alice, thanks for that info

 20:09:00  Sarah F  It is it is the 4th book in the series! I have read all of them so far.

 20:09:05  Wes  @mjgormans Yes I think a free education option is coming for Ning, but we don't know terms yet (ads probably)

 20:09:17  cheryloakes~seedlins  That speaks highly of the books, Sarah.

 20:09:24  Wes  OK, you're inspiring me now to read the ENTIRE K-12 Horizon report :-)

 20:09:33  alicebarr  Welcome. If you go to their announcement page they have the pricing laid out, It's pretty straight forward

 20:09:42  mjgormans  Wes, i thought they may announce at ISTE

 20:09:49  alicebarr  That was for @mjgormans

 20:10:12  Wes  @mjgormans that would make sense

 20:10:25  Sarah F  Yes, it is so good I even got my mom to start thr series.

 20:10:44  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, you are a good book talker!

 20:11:00  bobsprankle  Sarah: zoe is great! v. busy these days with theater, chorus, etc.

 20:11:04  Sarah F  Thx

 20:11:06  Wes  @Lucy has Karen Kator blogged or written things since she's been with the administration?

 20:11:13  Wes  YES: inspire teachers again....

 20:11:30  Wes  "teaching is not a safe job anymore"--- that is true for most professions today

 20:11:36  Lucy Gray  she's speaking a lot at various events, Wes

 20:12:11  Wes  @I will create a Google news and blog alert for her and see if I can find some posts people are sharing about her comments

 20:12:18  mjgormans  Merit pay for parents

 20:12:27  cheryloakes~seedlins  great idea Michael!

 20:12:44  Maureen  Missed that one- is she from commonsense media?

 20:12:53  Wes  @Bob: Yes! We need more PTA coffee talks about technology projects and NETS

 20:12:57  alicebarr  @Maureen Yes

 20:13:11  mjgormans  Bob and Wes, great point!

 20:13:17  alicebarr  We are talking alot about working more with parents at school

 20:13:28  Maureen  @Alice I used their curriculum this fall. Good, down to earth stuff

 20:13:49  Lucy Gray  Create a search in Tweetdeck, Wes.

 20:14:09  alicebarr  @Maureen That's great to know... We are certainly looking at it closely

 20:14:13  Wes  I'm a Hootsuite user at this point, but I could do it there I suppose...

 20:15:44  Sarah F  Lucy I am a fourth grader. I was wondering what you think would ge a great collabrative project?

 20:16:08  mjgormans  Alice, I think your attitude and concern is what will keep you ahead of the game in year 4 and 5

 20:16:10  cheryloakes~seedlins

 20:16:28  Wes  I misspelled her name: Karen Cator

 20:17:33  alicebarr  That's a great point about relationship

 20:17:35  mjgormans  Thanks for the prezi link

 20:17:54  cheryloakes~seedlins  Great recommendations for collaborative project: know your audience,have a plan, find a good partner 

 20:18:07  Wes  good advice for collaborative projects: structure is key, and develop a relationship with your partner teacher

 20:18:09  cheryloakes~seedlins  wikis are good for project.

 20:18:15  alicebarr  That's what is hard about teachers to collaborate they don't have a "partner"

 20:18:23  Wes  I think there is a bit of a recipie there for collaborative projects...

 20:18:32  cheryloakes~seedlins  Right Thinkquest has built in structure and partners.

 20:18:45  Wes  @Cheryl do you all still use

 20:18:54  cheryloakes~seedlins  great idea a K-12 continuum for collaborative projects!

 20:18:59  alicebarr  That;s whay Nings have been great for building relationships between teachers

 20:19:19  cheryloakes~seedlins  I had for 5th grade for 3 years and the teachers didn't buy in, I lost energy to keep it up.

 20:19:41  Wes  Good ideas: map out skills and activities for students by grade level

 20:20:02  Wes  yes, flexibility is the key :-)

 20:20:18  Sarah F  I will use those tips!:D Also I have a bookclub. 

 20:20:21  Lucy Gray  Ut oh

 20:20:23  Lucy Gray  I don't hear anything

 20:20:31  alicebarr  Me neither

 20:20:36  Lucy Gray  Come back Bob

 20:20:40  Wes  the audio is still going in the stream now...

 20:20:42  alicebarr  Hang on folks...

 20:20:47  Lucy Gray  You were on the verge of saying something great! LOL

 20:20:52  Wes  ok, bob just cut off

 20:20:53  alicebarr  Yes !!

 20:20:59  Lucy Gray  lol 

 20:21:05  Wes  the gremlins have struck

 20:21:07  Lucy Gray  Maybe Arvind did it.

 20:21:15  Lucy Gray  He's been strangely silent there the entire time. :

 20:21:19  alicebarr  Here we go

 20:21:19  Lucy Gray  :)

 20:21:25  Wes  back!

 20:21:32  Sarah F  Hi

 20:21:52  alicebarr  Here we go

 20:22:05  cheryloakes~seedlins  we are back

 20:22:19  cheryloakes~seedlins  Thanks for hanging in.

 20:22:31  Sarah F  cheryl are you reading any books?

 20:23:11  Lucy Gray  What's everyone doing this summer?

 20:23:24  cheryloakes~seedlins  I am reading a war story, from a man in town about all his brothers who were in WWII, world war 2. It is really interesting to read how his brothers didn't go to high school, but were very successful.

 20:24:04  Wes  I agree this experience is something all teachers should have an opportunity to do... I have a dream of hosting advertised opportunities to join in webcasts like this at a local coffee shop

 20:24:18  Wes  "take my hand" - that was a meme for k12online08 by @dkuropatwa

 20:24:28  cheryloakes~seedlins  Wes, this piece is cruical, f2f at some point.

 20:24:39  mjgormans  I will give a mainstream presentation and I am lucky to have 2 out of 30 that have even heard of Wordle

 20:24:45  Wes  Where is Peggy tonight?

 20:24:49  Sarah F  That sounds fabulous!!

 20:24:56  cheryloakes~seedlins  Good question, Peggy where are you?

 20:25:09  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, it is a good book especially since I know the author.

 20:25:22  Wes  I want to do some formal research on some questions like the following for teachers: Do you know about Creative Commons? Wordle? Skype?

 20:25:32  Wes  Are you working on a PhD, Lucy?

 20:25:33  mjgormans  One problem is the choir preaching to the choir

 20:25:40  Sarah F  How do you know her?

 20:26:00  Lucy Gray  Nope, not yet, Wes.

 20:26:14  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, I know the author, a man, because he has breakfast at the Maine Diner every friday. He gave our group the book. Pretty nice.

 20:26:32  Wes  Lucy: I am really looking at shifting to Buddypress / Wordpress

 20:26:41  Wes  micropayment economy

 20:26:45  Lucy Gray  Michigan Stat has a new PhD program that's a hybrid that's interesting me

 20:27:01  Sarah F  Cool sorry about my miss print

 20:27:03  Wes  yes, no groups in a Ning is a big limitation...

 20:27:20  cheryloakes~seedlins  that is fine, youare doing well keeping up with this.

 20:27:37  Sarah F  I't very fun!!

 20:27:45  Wes  The Ning CEO rhetoric about ROI made me rather ill.... reminded me of AT&T days.... of course ROI is what businesses look at, but.... Thank goodness for WikiSpaces for Educators and Google Sites.

 20:28:05  Wes  this hour has FLOWN by...

 20:28:16  Wes  Lucy will you help with Horizon next year again?

 20:28:32  cheryloakes~seedlins  Hello MGA

 20:28:43  cheryloakes~seedlins  it flew!

 20:28:44  Lucy Gray  I hope so, Wes. 

 20:28:48  Wes  That widget tip jar is good...

 20:28:51  Lucy Gray  They may be sick of me, though. :)

 20:29:04  Wes  geeks of the week... woo hoo!

 20:29:13  mjgormans  Lucy, thanks for great info

 20:29:14  cheryloakes~seedlins

 20:29:29  Sarah F  I am so sadd we are almost leaving!

 20:29:31  Lucy Gray  There is a place on NMC site where you can submit your name if you want to be on the Horizon Report advisory board

 20:29:41  Lucy Gray  Thank you all for coming

 20:29:45  Wes  Lucy I am so thankful for all your continued advocacy for collaborative projects! Looking forward to your Nov conference with Steve!

 20:29:52  jamie  It was good to have Sarah here with us tonight!

 20:29:57  bobsprankle

 20:30:01  Lucy Gray  Sorry I haven't been chatting that much... I am not good at multitasking tonight

 20:30:09  alicebarr

 20:30:12  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, it is nearly time.

 20:30:15  mjgormans  Very cool site

 20:30:40  Sarah F This is my geek of the week!

 20:30:46  Wes  Sarah and I have REALLY been missing Maine, the Seedlings, and Bob's family :-)

 20:30:52  Maureen  This is an interesting site, which is relatively new and growing.

 20:30:58  Wes  woo hoo - the O'Reilly blog!

 20:31:20  mjgormans  Check out Mouse Mischief from Microsoft

 20:31:24  bobsprankle  and we've been REALLY missing the fryers!

 20:31:26  cheryloakes~seedlins  Lucy,   

 20:31:35  jamie  That's a great one, Sarah! My teachers have used that one! 

 20:31:38  Wes  what is the URL for that Diigo group, Lucy?

 20:31:43  cheryloakes~seedlins

 20:31:44  Lucy Gray  Let me find it

 20:31:51  Sarah F  I love it!

 20:31:54  cheryloakes~seedlins  Sarah, thanks for the geek of the week!!!

 20:32:02  cheryloakes~seedlins  I will try it after the show Sarah.

 20:32:18  Wes  I love that speech by JFK when he says "we choose to go to the moon in this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard...."

 20:32:20  Sarah F  We used it in Social studies

 20:32:31  cheryloakes~seedlins  Oh, I recognize it now. I do love this site. My 4th and 5th graders love it too.

 20:32:41  mjgormans  The guide is awesome

 20:32:42  Lucy Gray  How can I paste it in here?

 20:32:53  Wes  you have to drag the link in from another window

 20:32:56  Lucy Gray  Ahhh

 20:33:01  cheryloakes~seedlins  lucy, depends on the browser, but usually go to the page and drag to the chat

 20:33:11  Lucy Gray

 20:33:17  Wes  super, thanks!

 20:33:17  Sarah F  Bob Tell Zoe I said Hi.please

 20:33:18  Lucy Gray  I need this site for my kids!!!

 20:33:19  bobsprankle

 20:33:19  alicebarr  Thank Lucy!

 20:33:31  Lucy Gray  Yay Sarah!

 20:33:55  Wes  (sarah is laughing)

 20:34:08  Wes  yes, we should totally do a "kids technology" webcast

 20:34:13  jamie  It was fun to have Sarah here!

 20:34:17  lroe  My first time, here, thanks! I enjoyed listening to everyone.

 20:34:21  Maureen  @sarah, I watched part of the stream when you visited in Maine- so poised in front of so many people- great job!

 20:34:21  Lucy Gray  Yes, Wes!!!

 20:34:23  cheryloakes~seedlins  we should do that! especially with Ben and Ben

 20:34:27  Sarah F  I have loved it!!

 20:34:29  cheryloakes~seedlins  Thanks to the chat room for making our show.

 20:34:40  Wes  I am inspired to read the ENTIRE K12 Horizon report now :-)

 20:34:47  Sarah F  Bye Seedlings!!

 20:34:51  cheryloakes~seedlins  Wes, read it in parts, it is so good.

 20:34:52  jamie  Thanks all! 

 20:34:57  cheryloakes~seedlins  Bye Sarah F

 20:34:59  mjgormans  Bob can you repost link, it did not work

 20:35:04  Wes  thanks all! No dogs tonight!

 20:35:14  jamie  I missed the dogs too!

 20:35:19  Wes  OK, now it's off to date night :-)

 20:35:20  alicebarr  Dogs tired... :(

 20:35:31  jamie  Thanks Lucy!

 20:35:35  cheryloakes~seedlins  Have a great Date!

 20:35:35  Wes  over and out!

 20:35:43  Sarah F  See ya later Alice Bob and Cheryl and Lucy

 20:35:45  Wes  my dogs are perking up now!

 20:36:00  jamie  good night!

 20:36:04  Wes  night all!

 20:36:08  bobsprankle  goodnight all!

 20:36:18  cheryloakes~seedlins  Night, glad you were here.

 20:36:27  mjgormans  great conversation, thanks