Instructional-Design-Live#22 2010-06-18 E-Portfolios

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Dr. Helen Barrett, recipient of the EIFEL lifetime achievement award for her contributions to e-portfolio research and development, joins us this week to put a firm emphasis on having students control their learning through e-portfolios. In addition to highlighting the ‘two faces of e-portfolios’, Helen makes the case that universities have been placing too great an emphasis on e-portfolios for summative learning. 


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Chat Transcript

Jun 18, 2010 10:02:46 AM - IDL 22: HELEN BARRETT - E-PORTFOLIOS

01:10 - Robert

01:12 - Mary 1
Yes, Cammy.

02:25 - Robert

02:34 - Mary 1
No, you're just controlling your own window.

02:39 - Robert
We control our own

03:52 - Robert
Hi Linda

04:08 - Jennifer
hi, all! HVAC contractor just left ... just in time for 90+ degree day :)

07:12 - Robert
Here is alink to a recent article Helen wrote on these twp faces:

09:20 - Linda U
hi...finally got audio working.

09:25 - Jennifer
curious about your perspective on "ownership" of portfolio (institution vs student) ... esp. for portfolio as workspace ... and the importance (or not) of them to be able to take it with them after the formal educational experience is over.

10:46 - Robert
Audio is set for two speakers now, so grab the mic if you have a question :-)

10:47 - Jennifer
* take it with them, add it it, use it for other classes, etc.

12:30 - Mary 1
Is the "telling" the same as a collection of artifacts, then?

12:57 - Robert

17:17 - Robert
Perhaps this is the article being discussed :

25:49 - Robert
Hi Tanya

27:29 - Robert
Here's Helen's Ted Talk:

30:32 - Cammy
HI Tanya!

39:10 - Cammy
I've got to jump off for another call.  Thanks!

39:14 - Cammy
Great session.

40:19 - Cammy
My notes:

41:13 - Robert

41:14 - Jennifer
thank you for the resources and for sharing your perspective

41:30 - Linda U
very interesting session - thanks very much!

41:47 - Robert

41:48 - Tanya Fusco 2

41:55 - Jennifer

41:56 - Mary 1
Bye everyone.

41:58 - Mary
Thank you for the invite and to share this interesting discussion with me.


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