Teachers Teaching Teachers #213 - "Sometimes the questions just lead us to think in the right direction" - 08.11.10

Post-Show description: 

On this episode of  Teachers Teaching Teachers,we talk to teachers from the Gulf Coast again. School has started in many places along the Gulf, and there are many different and mixed reactions as the emergency has turned into a long-term clean up effort and part of a chronic crisis in the region.

On this podcast you'll learn what teachers and students on the Gulf were thinking about the BP oil spill in at the beginning of August, about 3 weeks after the cap was put on the Deepwater rig. You'll also learn why they believe that the “Voices on the Gulf” project is more important than ever. If you haven’t signed up yet. We’dlove for anybody who listens to Teachers Teaching Teachers to join the site!

We expect that students’ voices will dominate on the site once more schools start up, but we’d love to hear your plans, your thoughts, your voices on the site right now! Thanks!

On this podcast, Matt Montagne and Paul Allison are joined by:

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20:33:07 lharris: Hi, am I terribly early
20:57:10 lharris: Is anyone else getting a crazy feedback on the sounhd
20:59:11 mbroussard: There was some Cajun Music playing earlier.  It is not playing now, but I'm not sure how people are talking or what they are discussing.  It is some sort of website that you can use in the classroom.
21:00:04 lharris: I shut down the edtechtalk site and opened it again so now I'm hearing things the way I should.
21:01:07 mbroussard: Can the people talking please identify themselves?
21:01:36 mbroussard: We can skype in?  What is the number?
21:01:49 matt montagne: hey folks
21:01:55 matt montagne: we're using the ustream audio player to the right
21:01:59 matt montagne: press play in ustream
21:02:04 matt montagne: unless you are on the skype call
21:02:07 dlaufenberg: hey there all
21:02:31 matt montagne: hi diana!!!
21:02:42 matt montagne: we are using ustream this week folks
21:02:45 matt montagne: hey peggy
21:02:48 matt montagne: we are using ustream
21:02:52 matt montagne: how is audio folks??
21:03:02 mbroussard: It sounds good to me.
21:03:03 Peggy George: audio is great!
21:03:04 lharris: great just now. Thanks!
21:03:11 Peggy George: It's so good to be back with you!!
21:03:59 Peggy George: Really excited about your new project! Voices on the Gulf!!
21:04:19 matt montagne: hi prm_arcadia...welcome
21:04:28 matt montagne: audio is playing thru the ustream player on the right
21:04:33 prm_arcadia: hi matt. thank you for the welcom
21:05:07 matt montagne: hi alicia!!!
21:05:09 matt montagne: welcome
21:05:17 matt montagne: we are listening to audio thru the ustream player on the right
21:05:28 mbroussard: Bay St. Louis...which state is that?
21:05:39 dlaufenberg: trailers are no place for school... glad to hear you are in a new shiny building
21:05:48 lharris: Bay St. Louis is in Mississippi
21:05:51 prm_arcadia: congrats on the new gigs!!
21:05:51 David Pulling: Bay St. Louis is Mississippi coast, next to Gulfport/biloxi
21:05:52 matt montagne: hi suzie! welcome. audio is playing thru ustream on right
21:05:56 Peggy George: those honeymoon days at the start of school are so special!
21:05:59 Andrea Zellner: LOOK AT THE BABY!!!!!
21:06:03 Andrea Zellner: ADORABLE!
21:06:09 Andrea Zellner: Congrats again, matt :)
21:06:12 Suzie Boss: Hi Matt--got it!
21:06:17 lharris: It was destroyed by Katrina and they just got their school out of trailers for the first time since then
21:06:27 matt montagne: that is our newborn andrea
21:06:33 Peggy George: this is the most web 2.0 baby ever!! So excited she is finally here Matt!
21:06:37 Suzie Boss: Oh Matt-congrats!
21:06:39 matt montagne: 5 days old...the youngest member of voices on the gulf!!!
21:06:43 Suzie Boss: wowee!
21:06:50 Andrea Zellner: Awesome. Morgan.  AWWWWW.
21:06:50 matt montagne: thanks suzie and everyone!!
21:07:31 mbroussard: Can't hear Kathryn
21:08:07 Suzie Boss: can hear you fine, Paul
21:08:07 mbroussard: I hear everyone but kathryn
21:08:08 prm_arcadia: i can hear you fine. it was kathryn
21:09:13 matt montagne: is audio OK folks??
21:09:24 alicia blair: I do not hear anything, is the skype conference broadcasting
21:09:41 prm_arcadia: his wife is picking up the slack! :)
21:09:44 matt montagne: use the ustream player to the right alicia
21:09:53 matt montagne: she is indeed prm!!!
21:10:13 mbroussard: I lost all sound
21:10:24 lharris: All sound gone..
21:10:24 Suzie Boss: oops--all quiet
21:10:40 prm_arcadia: mine too. it's buffering...
21:10:41 Andrea Zellner: Yes, it seems the stream is having issues.
21:10:46 alicia blair: The message says server is down
21:10:57 Paul Allison: Lost connection.
21:10:57 mbroussard: Can David type what he was going to say?
21:11:00 Paul Allison: We'll be back
21:11:05 dlaufenberg: maybe the ustream was distracted by all the cute baby pics ;)
21:11:05 Andrea Zellner: We could talk amongst ourselves....
21:11:06 Peggy George: the ustream is still playing but no audio
21:11:15 David Pulling: I can't type as fast as I can talk!  :)
21:11:25 dlaufenberg: @david me neither
21:11:27 mbroussard: Oh good audio commercials.  
21:11:39 Peggy George: pushing the bandwidth :-)
21:11:50 Paul Allison: Skype seems to be down?
21:11:52 Suzie Boss: I'll check back in a few minutes--multitasking here!
21:12:17 Peggy George: http://voicesonthegulf.com/  you can browse this site while we wait :-)
21:12:17 Andrea Zellner: We need bigger pipes.
21:12:25 mbroussard: Can we just chat about what it's like now?
21:12:27 Paul Allison: Thanks
21:12:38 Paul Allison: and if you haven't joined yet, please join.
21:12:43 mbroussard: Is the website a wiki or do you need to submit to webmasters?
21:12:47 Peggy George: just joined :-)
21:13:05 Peggy George: have to submit and respond to email message
21:13:13 dlaufenberg: @peggy well done
21:13:16 Paul Allison: @mbroussard just join.
21:14:00 prm_arcadia: is the audio off for good?
21:14:42 mbroussard: Don't know.  So how is the economy in Mississippi this summer?  
21:14:58 David Pulling: Anyway, back to what I would have said when we got cut off, I was going i the direction of saying now that the spill is over and attention is naturally going to shift to other news, I view this project in one sense as a means of keeping the issue in public view.
21:15:27 Peggy George: I'm sure the stream will be back! Matt is a miracle worker
21:15:42 lharris: The Mississippi economy ha actually belft a small boost becayce so the number of people involved in cleaning up the oil spill
21:16:33 prm_arcadia: @david, i agree. the perpetual news cycle only touches the low hanging fruit. or npr digs deeper.
21:16:42 dlaufenberg: @david is your school talking about the spill from a curricular place?
21:16:54 David Pulling: Remember how the Gulf coast econ was boosted for years after Katrina with all the rebuilding.  I don't think that will happen this time, unless BP follows through on its promise to "rebuild the coast" better than before.  They said that when the well was gushing 70K barrells a day and they didn't have a clue about how to stop it.
21:16:56 mbroussard: It is true David. Once you lose the attention of our ADD nation, it seems like problem solving is not as forthcoming.   It is like the oil is gone everything should immediately go back to normal.  (similar to the attitude, the hurricane is gone why can't you people get it together)
21:18:23 prm_arcadia: i volunteered in new orleans the two christmases after katrina. so much work was left then. i'm sure there is work left to do. this will unfortunatly be the same.
21:18:30 dlaufenberg: I'm generally concerned with how easily the american public becomes ahistorical... as well as ADD about issues...
21:18:45 Peggy George:  agree dlaufenberg!
21:18:46 lharris: @broussard, the interesting thing is that Katrina-related constuction projects are just now wrapping up and the outlook for the economy of the Mississippi Gulf Coast will increasinly rely on private investment.
21:18:48 Andrea Zellner: I just posted the NPR story about the "virtual shellfish" on the Voices site.  The story noted that in terms of marine life, we don't know the impact on their resistance to disease, reproduction, the next generation's reproduction, etc.  That isn't the same as: oh, it's over bc the cap's on.
21:19:08 dlaufenberg: @andrea listened to that as well, good stuff
21:19:26 prm_arcadia: some feedback on audio
21:19:27 Peggy George: I imagine some of this is caused by so many people struggling with their own financial situations, bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of jobs, etc.
21:20:16 David Pulling: ADD nation--that's cool, Michelle.  And accurate, agonizingly.  Since the Arab Oil Embargo, this "forgetting has been going on"
21:20:59 prm_arcadia: oh, no. it's been going on since the formation of our great republic.
21:21:00 Peggy George: yeah! as soon ads are finished we're good to go!! :-)
21:21:07 Peggy George: good job Matt!
21:21:17 prm_arcadia: audio much better!
21:21:54 mbroussard: David sounds ok...it is the other speak who is getting feedback.
21:22:00 mbroussard: ahh
21:22:05 mbroussard: much better
21:22:10 Peggy George: good right now
21:24:35 Andrea Zellner: Hello Gail!
21:25:19 matt montagne:  hello gail!!!
21:25:41 Gail Desler: Hi Andrea and Matt
21:25:41 Peggy George: it's the human stories that are so important to continue to be told! This site will contribute a lot towards that!
21:27:55 Peggy George: wow! that is so sad and I'm sure it will continue for a long time
21:29:39 Gail Desler: Hello Lynette!
21:29:45 lharris: Hi Gail!
21:29:52 matt montagne: the history of environmental degradation along the coast is still a serious problem, regardless of the oilspill
21:30:38 lharris: @matt - I agree with you completely.
21:31:03 Andrea Zellner: We don't know the answers to those questions: there's no telling the longterm impact.
21:31:28 dlaufenberg: the dead zone is an enormous issue... that preceded and will still exist long after the oil issue has resolved
21:31:56 prm_arcadia: also, seeing the oil is the macro scale. what about the micro scale. the embryoes, larvae and baby seafood
21:32:20 Andrea Zellner: Oysters are particularly vulnerable.
21:32:21 mbroussard: I still eat shrimp and only gulf shrimp.
21:32:28 prm_arcadia: that is a real shame the oyster beds are gone. i love gulf oysters!
21:32:37 Andrea Zellner: They essential filter the ocean.
21:32:53 matt montagne: hi dbragg...welcome...we are using the ustream audio player to the right for audio
21:33:05 mbroussard: Some of the oysters were killed when they did that fresh water flush.  So not poison but just trying to keep the oil away from our coast.
21:33:38 DBragg: Hi Matt, thanks for the audio notice
21:33:39 Gail Desler: I was well into my 3rd year of living in New Orleans before I got into the whole raw oysters on a Friday at 3 thing
21:33:53 matt montagne: np dbragg...thanks for joining us
21:34:46 Gail Desler: Congratulations, Matt!
21:34:51 Peggy George: education is critical for all of us but we also need to know what we can do about it
21:34:51 matt montagne: I don't want this incident to ever be forgotten...we quickly forget coal mining disasters...does anyone remember the fly ash spill last year in TN??
21:34:54 mbroussard: Besides it is not just the media, it is the rumors that are spreading fear.
21:35:07 matt montagne: hey there Jose
21:35:12 JoseRodriguez: Hey folks..
21:35:17 Peggy George: that's such a good point!
21:35:21 matt montagne: we are using the ustream jose
21:35:26 Gail Desler: You're right, Matt.  
21:35:33 Gail Desler: Just lost audio
21:35:52 matt montagne: try reloading the ustream gail
21:35:54 JoseRodriguez: thanks Peggy.. for reminding me of TTT.. on of my favorite webcasts.
21:36:04 JoseRodriguez: I listen to the podcasts all the time
21:36:05 Gail Desler: JoseRodriguez from LA Unified?
21:36:16 JoseRodriguez: yep.. the one and only.. hahaha..
21:36:17 matt montagne: welcome back mb :)
21:36:29 JoseRodriguez: Hi Gail.
21:36:42 Peggy George: that's funny!!! BP the rescuer???
21:37:17 lharris: BP is actually employing a lot of out of work fishermen in Biloxi and Pass Christian
21:37:25 matt montagne: @peggy...teh criminal has been permitted to run the crime scene
21:37:37 Peggy George: that's a good thing!! they should!!
21:37:47 Peggy George: isn't that the truth, Matt!!
21:37:56 Gail Desler: Jose, how good to see you!
21:38:15 matt montagne: akin to a drunk driver allows to manage the drunk driving accident...
21:38:28 Peggy George: :-)
21:38:50 Peggy George: something like the fox in the hen house :-)
21:38:57 matt montagne: so, that leads into some interesting policy questions...should a multinational like BP be permitted to run the clean up in the future?? What are some other options to manage future disasters??
21:39:31 prm_arcadia: well, let's not the "regulators" off the hook. they allowed the construction of these wells, without a good way to handle the inevitable spills.
21:39:42 Peggy George: wouldn't a virtual field trip help them to see also?
21:39:52 Gail Desler: @Matt I find it strange the BP is running the clean up. Kind of invites tons of similes
21:39:58 matt montagne: very, very true prm...complex, complex issue...
21:40:29 matt montagne: @gail...oohh, yes, indeed...hadn't thought of that...
21:40:42 JoseRodriguez: http://www.edutopia.org/groups/project-based-learning/27898   grant for school projects on the oil spill
21:41:07 prm_arcadia: we are led to believe it is complex. think about how we as "regular" people aren't allowed to write checks for more than is in our accounts. yet the government does that daily. the same sort of reasoning allows this obvious derelection of responsibility.
21:41:16 Gail Desler: Jose, will you and your students be joining the Voices on the Gulf project?
21:41:25 Peggy George: thanks for that link Jose! could this Voices project take advantage of that grant?
21:41:29 matt montagne: another great point prm
21:41:40 JoseRodriguez: @gail.. only heard about it a few minutes ago..  we get back in Sept.
21:42:00 Gail Desler: I'll bug you about it, Jose
21:42:07 JoseRodriguez: the grant application is due.. in Sept.
21:42:22 JoseRodriguez: @gail... would love to participate.
21:42:36 Gail Desler: Hmmm...I'm on uSTream now, but listening to the opening of the show...
21:42:38 prm_arcadia: absolutely!!!
21:43:00 prm_arcadia: the discussion of energy flows via algebra, graphing and the like
21:43:09 JoseRodriguez: http://voicesonthegulf.com/channel/930  that's the project.. right?
21:43:09 Peggy George: what do you hope to accomplish with this Voices project? education AND action?
21:43:17 DBragg: Paul,  I think that we need to help students make connections that they are using these resources coming from the gulf
21:43:28 prm_arcadia: we could use that show where the energy is sourced, where it is consumed, and how it is distributed
21:43:39 matt montagne: that is a great point, Paul...still a concern of mine. How to present this to youth...how can we get them to care...I can barely engage adults/get them to care
21:43:56 prm_arcadia: @dbragg. yes. good point
21:44:07 matt montagne: @Dbragg...that is really good point...
21:44:34 matt montagne: @dbragg...and scientifically, is there an understanding of how the mississippi watershed works and how that impacts the gulf??
21:44:48 Starbucks Poster Child: Voices on the Gulf or Voices from the Gulf?
21:44:50 DBragg: I have a lot of students from the Carribean so I am thinking they will have some connections to the gulf
21:45:02 dlaufenberg: I love 8th graders, too :)
21:45:19 matt montagne: @starbucks: "Voices on the Gulf"
21:45:27 JoseRodriguez: I did my tour of duty with 8th graders .. a few years, back.
21:45:30 Starbucks Poster Child: thanks new daddy
21:45:35 matt montagne: oohh, Lynette...that is a great idea...pulling in primary source docs
21:45:41 JoseRodriguez: sticking with 3rd graders for now..
21:45:43 matt montagne: hahaha!!
21:45:52 prm_arcadia: isn't it the development of their thinking processes
21:46:11 matt montagne: @starbucks...stick around for post show to see some photos of the baby :)
21:46:21 Starbucks Poster Child: :)
21:46:32 JoseRodriguez: oh. I saw a few.. pics.. congrats matt
21:46:35 Starbucks Poster Child: The Diaper Skyper herself
21:46:43 matt montagne: how about comparing/contrasting this event to other current energy disasters and even historial disasters??
21:46:56 Peggy George: Starbucks can be no one other than Durff :-)
21:47:00 matt montagne: yes, indeed...the diaper skyper will be on in a bit!!!
21:47:05 Starbucks Poster Child: busted
21:47:14 Peggy George: love that name!! diaper skyper :-)
21:47:16 JoseRodriguez: that would be @starbucksdecaff
21:47:24 Peggy George: it's your sense of humor Durff!
21:47:34 Starbucks Poster Child: full grade tonight
21:47:34 mbroussard: Problem solving is usually a good way to engage students.  It would be a more culturally relevant approach...choose an issue and see what students can do to study and work toward solving a problem.  A letter writing campaign....a discussion of how seafood can be tested and creating a gulf coast cookbook  (with funds going to some of those overworked and underfunded non-profits that are trying to help those affected)
21:48:07 Peggy George: how do you show students they CAN make a difference?
21:48:47 prm_arcadia: @peggy, perhaps establish a sibbling classroom relationship with your class and a class in an affected area?
21:48:56 Peggy George: to do what?
21:49:35 Peggy George: I know they can be passionate about the problem but what can they do to change things for those suffering from the disaster?
21:49:36 prm_arcadia: @peggy, develop relationships with their peers in the area, and then leverage their friends needs and find ways to supply solutions. ask those that need what they need. don't just decide for them.
21:49:48 Peggy George: that's a great point!
21:49:52 matt montagne: here is a question...does the oil/petro industry run under "capitalistic" principles??
21:49:59 JoseRodriguez: sister classroom?  .. like sister cities, right @prm
21:50:19 DBragg: @mbroussard  My quesitons is how do we know that the seafood is safe to eat...whose word do we take?
21:50:20 prm_arcadia: @jose, yes! i am thinking how i can establish one with my 7th grade students in urban philadelphia
21:50:46 matt montagne: @dbragg...how do we know ANY food is safe??
21:50:48 Peggy George: that is my concern Paul
21:50:52 prm_arcadia: @matt, of course. they are working to mak a profit. they said they would use the reservior again. to make funds!
21:50:54 matt montagne: ...let alone seafood
21:51:14 JoseRodriguez: like that.. crockpot analogy.. change takes time
21:51:16 DBragg: @matt  I teach cooking and nutrition and this is going to lead to that exact discussion
21:52:04 matt montagne: @prm...but the oil industry receives TONS of governmental funding and support...so is it really operating under free market principles?? Or perhaps a better question is, to what extent does it abide by capitalistic principles?
21:52:23 Peggy George: the inquiry approach is essential!! excellent points!
21:52:24 DBragg: I have students that don't believe the milk comes from a cow because their comes from a container in the store.
21:52:38 mbroussard: DBragg...exactly the question students are having...do they know the steps that the govt and shrimp industry is taking to ensure the food is safe?  Are those credible sources?  These are questions that students will have and which they will research and then make a decision.  Like matt said, it is not like the FDA is all that credible.  I think that we can aleviate some fear if they research the answers to their questions.
21:52:48 Starbucks Poster Child: Safe seafood? Great reason to become vegan!
21:52:52 matt montagne: @dbragg...it is going to lead to some interesting conversations in your class (as a side, I'm heartened to know food/nutrition is still being taught in some places)
21:53:02 Peggy George: funny!
21:53:05 prm_arcadia: @matt, it uses it's profits to influence the regulators to provide them an environment in which they can maximize profits. a classically capitalist notion which is in direct opposition to the republic on which this country was founded!
21:53:52 matt montagne: @prm...sadly, you've hit the nail on the head
21:54:32 DBragg: Family & Consumer Science is still a department in the Allentown, PA schools!  We teach parenting and sewing too!
21:54:38 Peggy George: what a great activity!!!
21:54:43 prm_arcadia: @matt, yea. i've been ruminating on republic vs capitalism for about a decade now. i could go on and on. ;)
21:55:33 Peggy George: is "other" like "miscellaneous"?
21:55:46 matt montagne: @mbroussard...take organic certification as an example...while it is a start, it is  kind of a joke. Fields only need to be pesticide/synthetic free for 7 years to qualify...and then of course you can buy organic grapes from south america, but are those any better than locally/conventiallny grown grapes??
21:56:24 lharris: @pg, I think other is anything that doesn't seem to fit in the categories she has on the bboard.
21:56:27 matt montagne: @prm...I can tell you've done some deep thinking on this...are you a member of the voices on the gulf community?? http://voicesonthegulf.com
21:56:32 Peggy George: that will be a fantastic activity to provide on the site! will give teachers a great starting place
21:56:56 matt montagne: @dbragg...where are you located??
21:57:10 DBragg: We have a great farmers market here so they can meet people that raise/grow their own food.
21:57:17 prm_arcadia: @matt, not yet. i am supportive of the area. as i said before, i volunteered after katrina. i come down often. i love the lower mississippi delta area. i kept the site for review.
21:57:28 matt montagne: @dbragg...be sure to check out Jamie Oliver's challenge over at http://openideo.com
21:58:21 DBragg: @matt yes I have checked out Jamie Oliver's challenge and plan to bring that to the classrooom too.
21:58:48 matt montagne: @dbragg...promising to see the explosion in farmers markets, that is for sure...hopefully that will be part of a multi pronged approach to develop our collective Food Intelligence/IQ
21:59:07 Gail Desler: Oh, that's Hadley's poem - the 1st grader - a wonderful piece!
21:59:28 Starbucks Poster Child: I love farmers markets - the veggies are wonderful!
22:00:06 Peggy George: it seems that one thing people might be able to do who don't live in the area is to donate to flip cameras and equipment to help students there capture the stories and interviews
22:00:08 lharris: And I love that farmers markets don't have a huge carbon footprint
22:00:16 DBragg: @matt I loved visiting the market when I was in Chico, CA a few years ago.  I understand that in a popular thing in Northern CA.
22:00:54 Peggy George: we could benefit from before/after stories :-)
22:01:03 matt montagne: @dbragg...we are fortunate out here with access to farmers markets...
22:01:23 DBragg: @ peggy  that is a great idea!
22:02:08 Peggy George: is that flip video special still available-buy one get one free for $150?
22:02:35 Gail Desler: Oh, great idea for a grant, Peggy
22:02:49 Peggy George: I think so too!!
22:02:57 matt montagne: that would be humiliating to have to ask for assistance from BP (at least that is my take on it)
22:03:13 mbroussard: I think that even the shrimpers that speak English are having trouble getting help because you really need to speak Legalese and most people don't speak that language
22:03:28 Peggy George: good point about legalese!
22:04:15 matt montagne: I barely know what I'm doing with my taxes each year...can't imagine the red tape that needs to be crossed to get assistance from BP
22:04:45 Andrea Zellner: Propublica has had some interesting coverage of the claims process.
22:04:47 Peggy George: that's true for just about everything we have to do with the federal govt!
22:05:06 Peggy George: it's so complex that you need a lawyer to compete the paperwork
22:05:07 matt montagne: ohh, thanks for the tip Andrea
22:05:08 Starbucks Poster Child: Legalese is like Klingon -> no one speaks it
22:05:55 Starbucks Poster Child: time to fill the iced coffee....
22:06:09 matt montagne: the issue of the hiding of marine wildlife carcasses is an interesting one...
22:06:16 Peggy George: http://www.propublica.org/
22:06:37 Andrea Zellner: Thanks, Peggy.  My bad.
22:06:39 JoseRodriguez: gotta run folks.. great checking in.. goodnight.
22:06:44 matt montagne: is there a coverup here?? Or am I entering the realm of conspiracy theory craziness?
22:07:00 mbroussard: shrimp and petroleum
22:07:19 Andrea Zellner: @matt I keep meaning to go back and find the On the Media (NPR) of that to post on the site
22:07:20 mbroussard: Two of our biggest industries
22:07:32 Andrea Zellner: They explored some of those issues of the hiding of carcasses and such
22:07:52 Peggy George: http://www.propublica.org/article/tell-us-about-your-bp-claim  Very interesting form!
22:08:11 matt montagne: I read an article on the hiding of the carcases...didn't know what to think, one way or the other...not sure what to believe...
22:08:33 Andrea Zellner: I came across the BP coverage b/c Fresh Air covered the post-Katrina killings by the police that ProPublica has been covering, too.
22:08:42 Gail Desler: Whoa - where was that article, Matt?
22:09:02 lharris: I honestly don't know of any carcass hiding in MS.
22:09:06 prm_arcadia: @matt, i've been a conspiracy lunatic for a long time! and i've made a couple of good points. just because you think they are out to get you, doesn't mean they aren't! LOL
22:09:57 matt montagne: trying to find it gail...I did tag it in delicious voicesonthegulf
22:10:28 prm_arcadia: doubtful, our thirst for each energy keeps us in thrawl to the producers
22:10:49 prm_arcadia: sorry, not each, but cheap!
22:10:52 Andrea Zellner: So sad to leave: but I have to get going! Good night: great stuff tonight!
22:10:54 matt montagne: Gail- article in HUFPO about concealing carcases...I want to triangulate this with other sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jerry-cope/the-crime-of-the-century_b_6629...
22:11:03 Gail Desler: I'm on the Propublica site - very, very interesting reading!
22:11:23 mbroussard: Love propublica!  
22:11:30 matt montagne: @prm...I love that saying!!!
22:11:55 Gail Desler: Thanks, Matt.
22:11:55 matt montagne: "just because you think they're out to get you doesn't mean they aren't!"
22:12:47 matt montagne: @all...please join the Voices on the Gulf community at http://voicesonthegulf.com
22:13:45 Starbucks Poster Child: how long will all of you go on?
22:14:34 matt montagne: tonite durff??
22:14:38 matt montagne: wrapping up in a few
22:14:39 Starbucks Poster Child: yea
22:14:42 matt montagne: baby picts next
22:14:58 Starbucks Poster Child: i'm waiting in anticipation
22:15:08 matt montagne: Lynette, that is a GREAT point...
22:15:17 Starbucks Poster Child: one could say, anticipation is making me wait...
22:15:35 prm_arcadia: thank you all so much! i am energized.
22:16:09 Peggy George: I agree! this is a very motivating, action-oriented conversation!! Some great things are happening and about to happen!!
22:16:16 matt montagne: @lynette...you hit the heart of the sustainability challenge...it is so complex...
22:16:22 Starbucks Poster Child: energised? it's bedtime
22:16:42 prm_arcadia: it's the cheap price. not so much the source
22:16:43 mbroussard: Exactly...we need to break that addiction!
22:17:00 matt montagne: it can be hard to come to grips with the fact that we all lead lives dependent on petro chemicals...in the US, even if you are a "greenie," your footprint is still waaayy bigger than most people around the world
22:17:14 Peggy George: thank you all for your stories and great ideas tonight!!!
22:17:17 prm_arcadia: @matt, about 20X right?
22:17:20 Gail Desler: You're right, Paul - "it's all of our mess."
22:17:30 prm_arcadia: good night
22:17:36 DBragg: Thanks Matt
22:17:37 Gail Desler: Night all.
22:17:44 matt montagne: nite all
22:17:46 Peggy George: here comes the baby!!!
22:17:47 Starbucks Poster Child: awww
22:17:49 Peggy George: :-)
22:17:50 matt montagne: catch you on Voices on the Gulf
22:17:52 mbroussard: thanks everyone!
22:17:53 lharris: night all. Thanks for the gret thinking and support.
22:18:02 DBragg: yeah, baby pics!
22:18:03 matt montagne: little baby morgan montagne there
22:18:16 Peggy George: middle name?
22:18:17 Starbucks Poster Child: first name?
22:18:27 Starbucks Poster Child: morgan
22:18:37 Starbucks Poster Child: yes, middle name?
22:18:47 DBragg: Good Night all!
22:18:48 matt montagne: morgan kathleen montagne
22:18:54 Starbucks Poster Child: start em young
22:19:08 Peggy George: thanks! wondered what that was mkmontagne :-)
22:19:12 matt montagne: indeed durff!!!
22:19:15 Peggy George: hahahaha
22:19:19 Starbucks Poster Child: beautiful name, beautiful girl
22:19:22 Peggy George: headphones :-)
22:19:37 matt montagne: thanks duff!!!
22:19:38 Peggy George: already wired!!
22:19:56 Peggy George: those are just precious!
22:20:00 matt montagne: indeed peggy!!!
22:20:06 Peggy George: keep going
22:20:18 matt montagne: k, couple more...here we go
22:20:21 Peggy George: she's so tiny!!
22:20:55 Starbucks Poster Child: they get heavy quickly
22:20:57 matt montagne: 6 lbs
22:21:03 Peggy George: her first smile :-)
22:21:09 matt montagne: but gaining!!!
22:21:11 Starbucks Poster Child: look at that hair
22:21:18 Peggy George: love it!!!
22:21:35 matt montagne: thanks, all!!!
22:21:43 matt montagne: gotta go do my dad duties
22:21:50 Peggy George: thank you so much for sharing those!!! have fun daddy!
22:21:56 Starbucks Poster Child: change those diapers dad
22:22:14 Starbucks Poster Child: putting pics on flickr?
22:22:21 Starbucks Poster Child: night all