Teachers Teaching Teachers #216 "Maybe we dodged a bullet here, but there are nagging issues." More on the BP Oil Spill 9.01.10

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The conversations around Voices on the Gulf, continue on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers.  Joining on this show with Gail Desler,  who works with teachers in the Sacramento flyway in California, and three guests from Louisiana: Margaret Simon, David Pulling and one of his students at Louisiana State  University at Eunice, Erin Jackson.

Learn more about teaching and learning about the environment, including references to bird artists John Muir Laws and Olivia Bouler.

The conversations around Voices on the Gulf continue on this episToWa-step-by-stepode of Teachers Teaching Teachers.  Joining on this show with Gail Desler,  who works with teachers in the Sacramento flyway in California, and three guests from Louisiana: Margaret Simon, David Pulling and one of his students at Louisiana State ToWa-step-by-step University at Eunice, Erin Jackson.

Learn more about teaching and learning about the environment, including references to bird artists John Muir Laws and Olivia Bouler.

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21:03:36 Gail Desler: Hi Peggy
21:03:50 PeggyG: Hi everyone! So great to be with you tonight!
21:04:47 PeggyG: Hi Gail, Susan and Paul :-)
21:04:49 SusanEttenheim: hi  peggy!
21:04:51 SusanEttenheim: welcome!
21:04:56 SusanEttenheim: how is the sound tonight?
21:05:01 SusanEttenheim: we've missed you!
21:05:01 PeggyG: sound is excellent
21:05:12 PeggyG: I've missed you too!! Too much going on!
21:05:40 SusanEttenheim: were you away?
21:05:49 PeggyG: love the sourthern accents :-)
21:06:01 PeggyG: southern--can spell but can't type tonight!
21:06:18 Gail Desler: @Peggy me too - on accents and spelling;-)
21:06:20 PeggyG: not away but tied up with a total home improvement project
21:06:50 PeggyG: I loved seeing the first email notifications coming through from Youth Voices in photography :-)
21:06:53 SusanEttenheim: ooohhh sounds fun!
21:07:14 SusanEttenheim: ummm not my students yet... not til next week!
21:07:44 PeggyG: not sure whose students they were but saw several emails :-)
21:07:48 Gail Desler: Heading in to find Erin's post.  
21:08:36 PeggyG: http://youthvoices.net/node/41137#comment-21665
21:09:00 PeggyG: that's one of the emails that came through today but maybe wasn't written today
21:09:55 PeggyG: the original post was in June but the reply from Tessa Mills came through today
21:10:03 SusanEttenheim: wow I wonder if that's Chris' student from SLC?
21:10:10 SusanEttenheim: ahh yes I see now
21:10:11 PeggyG: maybe
21:11:01 PeggyG: love hearing from Erin! :-)
21:13:13 PeggyG: I like that question! I was wondering that too
21:15:15 PeggyG: http://www.edutopia.org/project-based-learning
21:15:40 PeggyG: John Muhr?
21:16:41 PeggyG: funny Gail!
21:16:42 Gail Desler: John Muir Laws
21:16:57 PeggyG: thanks
21:17:39 PeggyG: found his field guide http://www.amazon.com/Sierra-Nevada-California-Academy-Sciences/dp/15971...
21:18:21 PeggyG: http://www.johnmuirlaws.com/
21:19:01 PeggyG: would love to see that video! is it available online?
21:19:16 PeggyG: the power of grassroots!! :-)
21:19:22 Gail Desler: The video will be online this week. Peggy
21:19:27 PeggyG: great Gail!
21:20:12 PeggyG: I heard about that on the news--the 11 yr old drawings :-)
21:20:40 PeggyG: isn't she an incredible model for all of us?!
21:21:54 PeggyG: wouldn't that be great to have an art gallery of voices from the gulf! love it!
21:24:17 PeggyG: This includes an interview transcript with Olivia Bowler on CNN-very interesting http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1006/08/cnr.02.html
21:24:38 PeggyG: you have to scroll way down towards the bottom of the page
21:26:12 PeggyG: which site is Paul referring to?
21:28:00 Gail Desler: The advanced search feature on Google and Creative Commons via Flickr, Peggy
21:28:09 PeggyG: thanks
21:28:31 PeggyG: I agree about the interpretation of adding value to the piece for copyright issue
21:32:44 PeggyG: I thought Paul was referring to a specific site where the photos were located about the Gulf (not the part about how to find images on Creative Commons
21:33:16 PeggyG: those are really thoughtful questions Erin!
21:33:50 PeggyG: are you planning to write a blog post about that Erin including your self-reflection questions? That would be really powerful!
21:37:44 PeggyG: This is a really informative page on Voices on the Gulf! http://voicesonthegulf.org/about
21:38:21 PeggyG: so she has not internet access right now?
21:39:08 PeggyG: funny! who has the "power" to push the button to get something unblocked :-)
21:39:14 PeggyG: good job Gail!!
21:40:00 PeggyG: love it when that works!!
21:40:18 Gail Desler: I'm in the same office with the person who blocks and unblocks - I work really hard to stay on his good side;-)
21:41:31 PeggyG: This page by Chris Sloan looks so good! http://voicesonthegulf.org/icon
21:42:17 PeggyG: sounds like it's paying off Gail :-) he's a good friend to have :-)
21:43:17 PeggyG: that's a great approach David! the students will find their way and take ownership of the project
21:43:27 Gail Desler: He's not a teacher, so often it's just a matter of explaining the value of a site
21:44:48 PeggyG: that's a really authentic way to learn to evaluate validity of information on the internet!
21:45:09 PeggyG: and everyone has a personal story to tell :-)
21:45:50 PeggyG: should use the front page newspaper website to compare different versions of the stories around the world!
21:46:15 Gail Desler: Peggy, do you have the URL
21:46:22 PeggyG: http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/
21:46:29 PeggyG: it's a fantastic site!
21:47:01 PeggyG: CYA ads :-) BP has to do this!!!
21:48:43 PeggyG: http://www.bp.com/bodycopyarticle.do?categoryId=1&contentId=7052055
21:49:19 PeggyG: Making It Right http://www.bp.com/extendedsectiongenericarticle.do?categoryId=9034427&co...
21:49:32 Gail Desler: Thanks, Peggy
21:49:55 PeggyG: 5 million a week spent by BP on advertising? wow!!
21:50:05 PeggyG: wish that money could go to schools!
21:51:15 PeggyG: hard to trust that message of burying the hatchet and working together isn't it?
21:54:27 PeggyG: http://voicesonthegulf.org/posts
21:56:30 PeggyG: This is a great post Gail!! http://voicesonthegulf.org/discussion/oil-and-water-dont-mix
21:57:39 PeggyG: hard to believe you haven't started school yet Paul :-)
21:58:48 PeggyG: is there a way to tag posts on the site?
21:59:05 PeggyG: could they have a class tag?
21:59:23 SusanEttenheim: hi soccerdebla where and what do you teach?
22:01:32 PeggyG: Paul is putting her on the spot :-)
22:01:32 Gail Desler: Just lost everyone on Skype:-(
22:01:38 PeggyG: oh no Gail
22:01:55 PeggyG: I lost audio too
22:02:17 PeggyG: now it's back
22:02:41 PeggyG: hearing you again
22:03:11 PeggyG: you've done a great job Erin!!! Don't be nervous!
22:03:27 Gail Desler: Erin, it's been great to have you join us
22:04:47 PeggyG: is there an age requirement for the site?
22:04:51 SusanEttenheim: thanks Peggy!
22:05:06 SusanEttenheim: no peggy there isn't
22:05:17 SusanEttenheim: as usual at the discretion of the teacher
22:05:27 PeggyG: this has been a great conversation tonight and I've really enjoyed hearing from Erin and David!!
22:06:02 PeggyG: Yes I'm in Phoenix AZ hearing your voices tonight :-) I really appreciate the first-hand perspective!
22:06:37 PeggyG: I agree Margaret! This makes everything more real!
22:08:34 PeggyG: you're off to a fantastic start!!! very impressive!
22:09:38 PeggyG: is it the Our Space Channel for K-6?
22:09:47 Gail Desler: Yes, Peggy
22:10:03 PeggyG: http://voicesonthegulf.org/channel/930  Can't wait to explore that!!
22:10:27 PeggyG: good point Erin!
22:10:52 PeggyG: thank you all for sharing your experiences and stories!!
22:12:13 Gail Desler: Sorry about all the barking - but she is a Katrina/Rita survivor - from Port Sulphur LA
22:12:31 PeggyG: love it Gail! :-) no problem
22:12:34 SusanEttenheim: what's her name gail?
22:12:52 Gail Desler: Nola (New Orleans LA)
22:13:00 SusanEttenheim: cute!
22:13:12 PeggyG: wonderful name!
22:13:25 PeggyG: I've joined :-)
22:13:37 PeggyG: thanks everyone!