Teachers Teaching Teachers #218 More connections grow between Youth Voices and Voices on the Gulf 9.15.10

Post-Show description: 
On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, teachers along the Gulf of Mexico and those of us who have working together for some time on Youth Voices begin to make some plans about for getting our students together via Skype and deepening our work on Voices on the Gulf and Youth Voices.

It’s not too late to get your students connected on these school-based social networks. We’d love to add their voices! Listen to this podcast, then make plans to join us this at http://EdTechTalk.com/live at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific USA Wednesdays / 01:00 UTC Thursdays World Times.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

20:48:19 SusanEttenheim: hi
20:48:28 Paul Allison: Hi.
20:48:35 Martha: Hi.
20:48:41 SusanEttenheim: your skype isn't on?
20:48:51 SusanEttenheim: hi martha
20:48:53 SusanEttenheim: :)
20:48:58 Martha: Hi. =D
20:57:04 SusanEttenheim: martha - what's your skype name again please?
20:58:30 Martha: It's Martha Colindres
20:58:34 SusanEttenheim: k
20:59:15 PaulWHankins: Hello, Paul and Susan. So good to see you again. I will bouncing back and forth tonight. To which stream should we be connected?
21:00:35 SusanEttenheim: edtech talk A
21:00:54 SusanEttenheim: martha - I'm having trouble calling you can you call me one more time
21:01:04 Martha: ok
21:02:01 PaulWHankins: Have we begun. I don't hear any chatter yet.
21:02:10 chris sloan: still setting up
21:02:26 PaulWHankins: Oh good. Usually, it's me.
21:02:33 Paul Allison: Hi Margaret. Do you wan to joiun us?
21:02:50 margaretsmn: yes, waiting for the call.
21:04:55 Martha: i can hear you
21:05:18 Martha: i don't think you can hear me though... =[
21:06:05 SusanEttenheim: martha we can't hear you
21:06:09 SusanEttenheim: can you hear us?
21:06:15 Martha: i think there's something wrong with my mic
21:06:25 Martha: i can hear you but you guys can't hear me. =[
21:06:25 PaulWHankins: I cannot hear you. Darn. . .
21:06:27 SusanEttenheim: what platform are you on?
21:06:36 SusanEttenheim: we know it works because I heard you fine before
21:07:57 SusanEttenheim: marthaaaa
21:08:04 SusanEttenheim: where are you???
21:08:24 SusanEttenheim: oh hi I see you typing!
21:08:29 Martha: I'm here! I don't know what's wrong...
21:09:15 SusanEttenheim: yeahh martha fixed it!
21:09:38 Martha: Yay!
21:11:33 PaulWHankins: Super. Now I can hear Paul and the group. You sound great, Paul. Looking forward to seeing you again in November.
21:13:11 Gail Desler: Hi Suzie!
21:13:28 Suzie Boss: Hey Gail!
21:16:50 Gail Desler: Not so much BP news out on the west coast now
21:18:46 SusanEttenheim: hi all!
21:18:56 Suzie Boss: hi Susan
21:22:15 Gail Desler: BP = bi-polar LOL
21:29:52 Gail Desler: Tempestuous - yes, good word to describe opening of new school year -in Calif for sure
21:39:10 Gail Desler: Sponge Bob on the BP oil spill?!
21:40:05 PaulWHankins: I love the discussion going on right now about coming into tech tools. This is priceless. Good modeling for our students!
21:40:13 Martha: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants! Who died in an oil spill because of BP? Spongebob Squarepants!
21:40:52 Gail Desler: And there's a Facebook group going on Spongebob & BP?
21:41:23 Martha: There's also the variation: Who lives in a pineapplu under the sae? Nobody now thanks to BP!
21:41:33 Martha: *pinapple
21:41:53 Gail Desler: Thanks, Martha - got to follow up on this one
21:42:26 Martha: its not really a group, its just a page.
21:44:57 Suzie Boss: Great conversation--have to run. Will look forward to more great posts on the site. 
21:45:46 Tasha Whitton: Oops, looks like I missed it. Got in from class late tonight.
21:46:03 PaulWHankins: I love that this forum continues to happen. Nicely done, Paul and Susan. Interesting conversation.
21:46:26 Gail Desler: Welcome, Tasha
21:46:48 Tasha Whitton: Thanks, Gail.
21:47:25 Gail Desler: Have you joined the TTT conversation before?
21:47:41 Tasha Whitton: Yes, I've been on a number of times throughout the summer on this topic.
21:48:03 Gail Desler: Are you a teacher?
21:48:19 Tasha Whitton: Yes, I teach at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.
21:48:25 Gail Desler: "fracking" - is this the word, Paul?
22:00:02 Gail Desler: Found link to http://gaslandthemovie.com/whats-fracking
22:11:28 PaulWHankins: I love hearing Paul in the conversation. It reminds me of the time I got to meet him. Such an interesting, deep-thinking person.
22:13:45 Gail Desler: night all

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