Seedlings #96 2010-10-15 GEEK of the WEEK Live

Post-Show description: 
Our LIVE ACTEM GEEK of the WEEK show with the SEEDLINGS on the road. The chat contains all the great links as well as the Delicious site.

Geek of the Week LIVE from ACTEM the  State of Maine Technology Conference! Augusta, ME October 15, 2010! Alice, Bob and Cheryl  hit the road for a live show with over 200 participants from out of the 800+ who attend the Conference. All these people give up having a sit down lunch, grab a bag lunch and share their favorite URLs. Enjoy!

Delicious Links for Geek of the Week:

The Chat: Thanks to Peggy and Dennis for joining us in the Virtual Chat!

 12:20:34  Dennis  Hello.
 12:21:54  Dennis  Hi Peggy.
 12:22:11  PeggyG  Hi there! Was having trouble finding you. Is the stream happening here?
 12:22:47  Dennis  I'm attending too. Geek of the Week from ACTEM.
 12:23:26  PeggyG  I was on the link for WOCSD where they streamed yesterday but didn't see anything happening so came here. Excited to hear from everyone!
 12:24:21  Dennis  Alice's tweet at 12:14 said they were about to start.
 12:24:31  PeggyG  @Dennis are you attending ACTEM in person?
 12:24:49  Dennis  No. Virtually when I can.
 12:24:55  PeggyG  me too :-)
 12:25:24  Dennis  Hi Michael. You in Augusta?
 12:25:57  Michael Richards  Greetings everyone
 12:26:01  Dennis  @Karen - karenj?
 12:26:01  Michael Richards  I am Dennis
 12:26:17  Karen  Karena
 12:27:10  PeggyG  Hi Michael
 12:27:15  Michael Richards  @bobsprankle just shared TedxRedmond
 12:27:21  Michael Richards  Hi Peggy
 12:27:45  Dennis  I have no sound.
 12:28:01  Michael Richards  @cheryloakes is working on the sound
 12:28:13  Michael Richards  Hi tjacabos
 12:28:29  Dennis  @Michael Richards TY
 12:28:51  Michael Richards for timelines was just shown
 12:29:19  ~Seedlings  Just getting started.
 12:29:31  tjacobs  Hello! I've listened to you via podcasts for last year.
 12:29:36  Michael Richards  another timeline site registration is required
 12:30:01  PeggyG  thanks a lot for the updates! whetting the appetite!!
 12:30:33  PeggyG  is there a wiki or google doc that has the sites compiled? :-)
 12:30:41  Michael Richards  we are shifting to ustream
 12:30:44  PeggyG  ok
 12:30:45  Michael Richards  address forthcoming
 12:30:50  Dennis  ok
 12:30:51  ~Seedlings  I can't get the stream to work, going to ustream!
 12:31:03  PeggyG  ustream on edtechtalk?
 12:31:07  Michael Richards  or look on the side
 12:31:15  PeggyG  I'm there!!! :-)
 12:31:15  ~Seedlings  yes peggy, can't get my nicecast to play nice
 12:31:23  ~Seedlings  is the server on?
 12:31:32  PeggyG  so sorry!! remember our motto--expect the unexpected!
 12:31:47  ~Seedlings  ok, going to nicecast
 12:31:51  PeggyG  it says server is down
 12:31:56  ~Seedlings  ok, thanks
 12:32:32  Dennis  Can you give the link?
 12:32:45  ~Seedlings  As soon as I set it up.
 12:32:48  Michael Richards  readability website is being showcased right now
 12:33:17  Michael Richards  It strips some of the junk found on a webpage
 12:33:29  PeggyG  nice! new site for me
 12:33:53  Michael Richards is being shown right now
 12:34:09  Michael Richards  visualization of the news headlines
 12:34:41  PeggyG  how is the sharing happening? are people showing it on a screen?
 12:34:45  Michael Richards  yes
 12:35:02  Michael Richards  Cheryl is working on using her ustream
 12:35:14  PeggyG  no problem! thanks for the updates!!
 12:35:23  Michael Richards
 12:35:25  Dennis
 12:35:51  PeggyG  I was on that site earlier--thanks!
 12:35:52  Michael Richards is being showcased right now
 12:36:12  PeggyG  seeing it now
 12:36:25  Michael Richards  Excellent @PeggyG
 12:36:46  PeggyG  audio is great too!
 12:36:51  Michael Richards  even better
 12:38:49  Michael Richards  Google Squared is being shown now,
 12:41:19  Michael Richards is being showcased by @cheryloakes
 12:42:55  PeggyG  I'm using the chat in the stream to add links too :-)
 12:43:12  Michael Richards  excellent, thank you @PeggyG
 12:46:11  Michael Richards  Dennis and tjacobs do you want to join us on the ustream chat?
 12:48:58  tjacobs  I'm watching ustream and see something.... looks like I'm in as guest..?
 12:50:04  tjacobs  Is that www.kickyoutube(remainder of url)...?
 12:51:53  PeggyG  this video shows you how it works (kick youtube)
 12:57:08  PeggyG
 13:00:49  PeggyG
 13:01:29  PeggyG
 13:01:47  Michael Richards
 13:02:00  Michael Richards
 13:04:14  PeggyG
 13:04:44  PeggyG
 13:06:46  PeggyG
 13:07:30  PeggyG
 13:08:56  PeggyG
 13:10:07  PeggyG
 13:10:27  Michael Richards  we are taking a quick intermission
 13:10:58  PeggyG  thanks! is this your lunch time at the conference?
 13:11:32  Michael Richards  Yes it is
 13:12:28  PeggyG  thank you so much for streaming this!
 13:22:51  Michael Richards  we are starting up again
 13:32:02  PeggyG
 13:32:30  PeggyG  free online graph paper
 13:34:26  PeggyG
 13:36:10  tjacobs  Have to run. It was fun being live.... I'll hope to join you again sometime.
 13:36:22  PeggyG  thanks for joining us!
 13:36:48  PeggyG  type Spanish accents
 13:42:06  PeggyG
 13:42:16  PeggyG
 13:53:15  PeggyG
 13:57:10  PeggyG
 13:57:37  PeggyG
 13:59:41  PeggyG
 14:00:10  PeggyG  Internet archives and wayback machine
 14:00:58  PeggyG
 14:03:19  PeggyG
 14:07:00  PeggyG
 14:07:18  PeggyG
 14:09:54  PeggyG
 14:10:03  PeggyG
 14:13:57  PeggyG  text to speech translator like Spanish to English :-)