Seedlings 2011-01-13 Show 103 with Mike Muir!

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If you or your school district are looking at doing things differently for potential drop-outs, this is the show you have been waiting for! Join us as we talk with Mike Muir about his new online Virtual Problem Based Learning Project!

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we interview Mike Muir, The Citadel Group, and professor at University of Maine, Farmington, who is on the ground floor of an exciting program for an online high school completion program for challenged learners, disaffected youth and students needing a different path for graduation!

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 19:19:17  cheryloakes50  Hello all! getting things ready in the background
 19:27:06  cheryloakes50  Welcome
 19:29:51  cheryloakes50  Hello Peggy! welcome
 19:29:57  alicebarr  Hi Peggy G
 19:30:45  PeggyG  Hi-mainly listening tonight since I can't sit up and type for long. Still recovering from surgery. Great to see all of you!
 19:31:05  cheryloakes50  OH, glad you can listen.
 19:31:35  alicebarr  Oh peggy Hope you are better soon!
 19:32:11  PeggyG  thank you! hate all of this inactivity!
 19:32:19  cheryloakes50  Welcome to Mike Muir, Waterville, ME
 19:32:30  alicebarr  I bet, you are such a bundle of energy!
 19:32:43  PeggyG  I'm glad I can listen though :-)
 19:32:52  alicebarr  UMF = U Maine Farmington
 19:33:28  cheryloakes50
 19:34:01  bobsprankle  hi peggy!!
 19:34:31  cheryloakes50
 19:36:05  cheryloakes50
 19:36:19  alicebarr
 19:36:36  PeggyG  thanks a lot for the links!
 19:36:38  cheryloakes50  This is perfect for any schools looking at dropout prevention
 19:37:19  bobsprankle  "Both the sizzle and the steak"
 19:38:17  bobsprankle
 19:38:51  cheryloakes50  then find dropout
 19:41:01  PeggyG  do you have to be a member to access the nmsa information?
 19:42:20  alicebarr  @PeggyG Not sure. Looks like you can get to most stuff
 19:42:49  PeggyG  I searched for dropout and all of the articles that came up required login
 19:42:59  alicebarr  Probably need to be a member for the journal
 19:43:13  alicebarr  Oh dear
 19:45:42  cheryloakes50
 19:46:19  cheryloakes50  That is nice that AARA funds can be used.
 19:57:06  cheryloakes50  "learning how to do school differently."
 19:57:46  PeggyG  this is such an excellent model!!
 20:00:34  alicebarr  Amazing!
 20:01:00  cheryloakes50  This is so exciting!
 20:04:49  bobsprankle  reconnect to curiousity, passions, learning, community
 20:07:49  cheryloakes50  Ron Newell, Passion for learning
 20:08:59  bobsprankle
 20:09:09  alicebarr
 20:11:58  alicebarr
 20:12:15  PeggyG  :-) whack on side of head
 20:12:44  cheryloakes50  Maine Heritage Paper, The Maine View, Schools for Maine's Future, the Promise of Digital Learning, Jan. 4, 2011
 20:12:58  cheryloakes50
 20:18:05  cheryloakes50  APP  Adult Paradigm P...
 20:18:32  mikemui  Adult Paradigm Paralysis
 20:18:38  mikemui  APP
 20:19:24  cheryloakes50  Multiple Pathways to graduation
 20:19:37  cheryloakes50  Sounds like Universal Design for Learning
 20:19:49  alicebarr  Sure does
 20:25:28  alicebarr
 20:25:30  bobsprankle
 20:25:37  cheryloakes50
 20:25:51  alicebarr  Wow! great minds! :)
 20:26:05  cheryloakes50  All three of us posting!
 20:26:26  PeggyG  fantastic, informative session!! thank you so much!
 20:27:45  alicebarr
 20:28:15  PeggyG  plenty of great links to explore already! :-)
 20:29:52  bobsprankle
 20:29:53  PeggyG  This is a great link of compiled links for science fairs on Diigo--do an enhanced search with yolink on it :-)
 20:30:05  alicebarr  Thanks Peggy!
 20:30:32  PeggyG  great link Bob!
 20:30:42  mikemui
 20:31:53  PeggyG  amazing link! :-)
 20:32:24  cheryloakes50
 20:32:40  PeggyG  how expensive is Project Foundry?
 20:33:31  mikemui  Not sure...  You should contact Project Foundry...
 20:34:05  PeggyG  calendar says cancelled
 20:34:16  PeggyG  for ETBS
 20:34:28  alicebarr  @Peggy feel better soon!
 20:34:32  PeggyG  thank you Mike! your project is outstanding!
 20:35:17  PeggyG  bring him back with some students :-)
 20:35:28  mikemui  Will do!
 20:35:42  cheryloakes50  goodnight
 20:35:52  PeggyG  good night all