Conversations Episode 90 - Curiosity in the Classroom

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In this show, Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, and Sheila Adams explored how to create a culture of curiosity in classrooms. 

In this show, Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, and Sheila Adams explored how to create a culture of curiosity in classrooms. 

Chat Log

 11:12:23  Lisa Parisi :  Welcome InnovativeEdu
 11:15:04  Sheila :  Hi all!
 11:20:58  Lisa Parisi :  Hello Scott
 11:21:04  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  Hello friends
 11:21:06  Sheila :  Welcome Scott!
 11:21:57  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  What is the proposed topic today?
 11:22:33  Lisa Parisi :  Curiosity in the Classroom
 11:23:29  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  Sounds like it will be interesting.
 11:26:15  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  Ustream today?
 11:26:19  Lisa Parisi :  Yes
 11:27:09  Sheila :  Welcome to Conversations!
 11:28:48  Lisa Parisi :  Hello Jamie
 11:28:54  connect2jamie :  Hi all! Happy Sunday!
 11:29:50  Lisa Parisi :  Hello Amanda!
 11:29:56  Sheila (again) :  Hi Amanda!
 11:30:06  marragem :  HI girls!
 11:31:17  Sheila :  Hi Maureen!
 11:31:18  Lisa Parisi :  Hello Maureen
 11:31:27  Maureen :  Hello everyone
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 11:31:55  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  hi y''all!
 11:31:56  marragem :  Hey Pat!
 11:31:59  Lisa Parisi :  Hi Pat!
 11:32:02  connect2jamie : EdTechTalk A up? Not hearing anything. Is it me?
 11:32:04  Maureen :  Hi Amanda- How's it going down there?
 11:32:15  Lisa Parisi :  Ustream will be up soon
 11:32:26  connect2jamie :  Ahh...ok!
 11:32:39  marragem :  busy, busy - school starts tomorrow (Tues)
 11:32:45  Lisa Parisi :  Hi Karen
 11:33:10  Maureen :  @Amanda, do you have any 3rd grade teachers who would like to connect w/US teacher in the spring?
 11:33:15  McTeach (Karen) :  Good morning!
 11:33:18  Sheila :  A big crowd - yeah! Hi all!
 11:33:22  McTeach (Karen) :  ETTA?
 11:33:34  Lisa Parisi :  Hello Sarah
 11:33:36  marragem :  Hi Karen
 11:33:42  connect2jamie :  Hi all!
 11:33:51  Sarah H :  Hi all
 11:33:54  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  @Karen I think Lisa said ustream
 11:34:05  Lisa Parisi :  Ustream is up and ETTA will be soon
 11:34:05  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i can hear u
 11:34:15  Lisa Parisi :  ETTA is up
 11:34:15  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  ustream working
 11:34:22  Maureen :  Great- ustream is up
 11:34:33  McTeach (Karen) :  Hello Amanda!!
 11:34:39  McTeach (Karen) :  Thanks Pat!
 11:34:50  MariaK :  good morning / evening  which ever applies!
 11:34:55  Maureen :  Is it frigid up in NH? Hoping to make it into the teens today
 11:35:10  MariaK :  We're in the teens already, maureen!
 11:35:10  marragem :  Hey Maria!
 11:35:18  Sheila :  Up to a whooping 20 in the sun right now!
 11:35:23  MariaK :  Amanda - are you crazy?
 11:35:29  marragem :  yes!!
 11:35:36  Maureen :  Brrrr.... It's too darn cold
 11:35:44  marragem :  actially couldn't sleep
 11:36:01  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i like to survey my students and ask them what things they want to know more about and we brainstorm ideas
 11:36:37  Maureen :  I think that giving kids choices helps them develop more curiouity.
 11:36:38  connect2jamie :  Wow! It's 55* here, and all the south Texans think they're about to die from the cold. LOL!
 11:37:17  Maureen :  It was -13¬?F last night. Furnace is working overtime
 11:37:28  connect2jamie :  @Maureen Wow!
 11:37:43  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i think fear of failure make students afraid to be curious about things
 11:37:51  Sarah H :  I work w/ HS students and I get so sad when I see that curiousity and school have nothing to do with each other.
 11:38:52  Maureen :  I was observing a 3rd grade the other day- part of her 5 yr eval team. Kids were asking great questions re taxes. They're studying Am rev. I was bored, but she really drew the kids out with her questions.
 11:39:05  connect2jamie :  And can we teach curiosity? I'm really thinking about adults. I get frustrated w/ tchrs that don''t seem to be curious about much.
 11:39:21  Lisa Parisi :  Is that curiosity, Maureen?
 11:39:44  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i think we can model the behavior so that students can feel safe
 11:39:57  Maureen :  lost audio
 11:39:59  McTeach (Karen) :  Where'd everybody go?
 11:40:05  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  no sound
 11:40:07  connect2jamie :  yikes
 11:40:09  connect2jamie :  !
 11:40:12  Maureen :  back now
 11:40:15  connect2jamie :  OK it's back
 11:40:15  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  ok now
 11:40:27  Sheila :  a little glitch in sound
 11:40:47  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i think curiosity means wanting to know more or get more answers and seeking them
 11:40:49  Sheila :  Hi PeggyG
 11:40:50  Maureen :  Wanting to learn more
 11:40:59  PeggyG :  Good morning everyone
 11:41:03  Sarah H :  Do students have an obligation to be curious about the current "content" in the class?
 11:41:09  Maureen :  Asking why, how come?
 11:41:17  marragem :  wanting to now more, questions alot
 11:41:30  Lisa Parisi :  Do we have an obligation to get them to be curious, Sarah?
 11:41:47  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i remember tchrs i had being impatient if a student asked too many questions and discouraged questioning
 11:42:02  connect2jamie :  not only questioning, but going that next step of exhibiting the behaviors that help to find out more.
 11:42:05  Sarah H :  What if they are curious about other things?  I think we have a responsibility to be responsive when they are.
 11:42:12  Lisa Parisi :  Yes, Jamie!
 11:42:23  connect2jamie :  That idea of learning more about something--going out of your way--just because you want to knoiw
 11:42:28  Maureen :  Sometimes kids just memorize the content, accept it as fact. I saw kids asking if we still have taxes, what they are for, who decides, what happens if you cannot pay them, etc.
 11:42:41  marragem :  I think it is. But after the reflection comes more questioning - that's inquiry
 11:43:22  connect2jamie :  Doesn't it also link to the idea of being ready/willing to learn, unlearn and relearn?
 11:43:30  Maureen :  I thnk that the teacher's role is to take the questions and allow them, help them find out more
 11:43:48  marragem :  but Idon't work that way - my units of work start with what the kids are curious about
 11:44:05  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i carry a little notebook to jot down thoughts or things that I want to know more about and will look them up later when i have time or when i'm at home
 11:44:09  Maureen :  Amanda do you use a KWL model?
 11:44:24  Lisa Parisi :  I hate KWLs
 11:44:37  Maureen :  Why Lisa?
 11:44:41  Lisa Parisi :  I think about them, Pat, and then forget.
 11:44:56  marragem :  don't plan units before time - written as we go  - based on the continual reflection & questioning. Lots of kids going off on different tangents in my room
 11:44:58  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  @Lisa that is why i have to carry a little notebook
 11:45:00  Sheila :  Reminds me of John Dewey's cycle of experiential learning.
 11:45:20  marragem :  sort of, Maureen
 11:45:23  woodenmask :  Most of what I teach my students is stuff that they don't care about - at first, anyway. I see my job as getting them hooked and seeing either relavence or fascination.
 11:45:33  McTeach (Karen) :  Middle schoolers never want to know anything when it comes to the KWL
 11:46:24  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  But isn't finding errors in their foundation important?
 11:46:43  Sheila :  Yes, but I can handle it differently.
 11:46:48  marragem :  I listen to kids conversations to see what they're interested in. The kids form an overarching question - you have to start though with what they might already now - even if they are misconception
 11:47:15  marragem :  then you change the lesson
 11:47:41  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  I agree.  Assessment if knowledge is important, but not in full public view
 11:47:48  woodenmask :  KWL is a tool. It's not always useful. There is a time and a place for them, but to try to fit them into every unit is probably ill-advised.
 11:47:51  Lisa Parisi :  Anyone want to come into skype?
 11:47:52  connect2jamie :  I do think that KWLs tend to fit into the more prescriptive curricula. Does that make sense? We guide students to "discover" the info that we know they have to discover to "cover" the objectives. Not really authentic curiosity--in practice.
 11:48:17  marragem :  questioning is about the teacher not really being in control - you can't plan the lesson before hand. If you value trhe kids curiosity then you include them in planning the lessons
 11:48:31  connect2jamie :  no.
 11:48:32  Maureen :  In science there are lots of misconceptions, but looking at them and how the kids got there is a great way of talking about how scientists work and learn
 11:48:42  Lisa Parisi :  Amanda, that's why I tend to plan only two days at a time.
 11:49:04  woodenmask :  The Library of Congress has a primary resource sheet for interpreting historical photographs that is essentially a KWL chart that can be really useful. I did a staff meeting activity with it last year that was really interesting.
 11:49:17  connect2jamie :  time for authenic curiosity may be a luxury that we have to wedge into our day!
 11:49:18  Lisa Parisi :  I plan a unit but in my plan book, I only have two days in a row, then I regroup
 11:49:23  McTeach (Karen) :  When we were studying Islam, kids had a lot of questions I couldn't answer. I started a wallwisher for them to post questions they had. The idea was to use the wallwisher to prompt independent research. Then the wallwisher crashed!
 11:49:23  marragem :  worksheets - what are they?
 11:49:24  Sheila :  Right Maureen, you really have to break down the foundations of the misconceptions.
 11:49:46  connect2jamie :  Curiosity is important--I think we all agree on that
 11:49:53  Maureen :  @woodenmask- I'm on a 3rd gr teacher's eval committee and she has asked me to help her with her ss curr... Finding LOC a great resource
 11:50:17  Maureen :  @Karen- use linoit- more stable
 11:50:18  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  @Lisa your blog post was great about the science experiments that seemed to encourage students to be curious and look for answers
 11:50:45  McTeach (Karen) :  Thanks Maureen...will check that out right after the show!
 11:50:55  marragem :  everything does!
 11:51:09  connect2jamie :  That's great! Create the environment that encourages curiosity rather than prescribing curiosity.
 11:51:10  PeggyG :  you've got it!! it's there in every subject area :-)
 11:51:12  marragem :  everyone justvhas tho think like an early years teacher
 11:51:24  Maureen :  Science does lend itself to curious learners, because they are "doing"- many other subjects are not "doing" like science
 11:51:34  marragem :  if you're not making mistakes then you're not learning
 11:52:45  Maureen :  Was listening to CIndy Moss yesterday on DenSCicon- she had amazing stats re elem teachers and science- amazingly awful
 11:53:01  Maureen :  Do you let them fail in other subjects?
 11:53:11  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  our teachers are too overwhelmed w/ teaching to the standards in what seems like a short period of time - it's all about testing and ayp
 11:53:19  woodenmask :  I'm in the middle of a giant experiment - trying my 8th graders out with a self-directed project that lets them make lots of mistakes and follow their passions. Making me really nervous.
 11:53:31  PeggyG :  I agree Maureen! Cindy Moss was doing some fantastic things in her district!
 11:54:04  woodenmask :  One of the Science teachers at SLA last year told me that his class' motto was, "Fail fast and Fail often". I like that idea.
 11:54:16  PeggyG :  But they are also pouring lots of hours into PD for teachers using the Discovery Ed science curriculum and resources which are all about inquiry!
 11:54:25  woodenmask :  (Seeing as how much of my time I spend failing, myself...)
 11:54:41  Maureen :  If you look at Vi Hart's work in math, it doesn't have a right answer- or the same path to get to it
 11:54:42  connect2jamie :  I so think early grades teachers have the mindset that the rest of us could learn from. In lots of ways.
 11:54:53  woodenmask :  I disagree about definitive answers in Social Studies.
 11:54:56  woodenmask :  Far from it.
 11:55:10  MariaK :  Go John!!! Tell more
 11:55:10  marragem :  I think we do, connect2jamie
 11:55:17  Maureen :  It's the way you get to the answers - that's where the learning is
 11:55:26  marragem :  agree, Maureen
 11:55:28  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  sometimes the "why" questions do not always have definitive answers in any subject
 11:55:48  woodenmask :  The Kenedy Assasination - lots of answers - most of them questionable.
 11:55:57  Maureen :  But you can ask the same what if questions in every subject
 11:56:02  woodenmask :  The South was made up of Bad Guys during the Civil War.
 11:56:15  woodenmask :  What does it mean to be African?
 11:56:18  woodenmask :  Or Muslim?
 11:56:24  MariaK :  or american?
 11:56:25  woodenmask :  How does the Economy work?
 11:56:45  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  Many of the people where I live still call the Civil War - the war of northern agression! LOL
 11:56:48  Maureen :  @ maria:D Was waiting for that
 11:57:09  MariaK :  @Maureen - you can count on me!
 11:57:11  woodenmask :  I'm just saying that the idea that Social Studies is all wrapped up and it's just a matter of transmitting information is a little myopic.
 11:57:43  connect2jamie :  I had a tchr tell me that she wanted me to remove an Eyewitness book about Islam from the library b/c "we are at war with those people." Wow.
 11:57:52  Lisa Parisi :  Wow!
 11:58:18  Maureen :  Is it because you had to be curious and open to other possibilities when you taught out of the box, Lisa, that makes you think it was the subject?
 11:58:25  connect2jamie :  We have a large and growing % of Muslim kids in our school too. Probably 20% or so right now.
 11:58:59  woodenmask :  Again, I'm afraid I don't agree. It's ALL interactive and open to investigation.
 11:59:00  PeggyG :  makes me think of "bad" webquests which are strictly questions that students research to find correct answers for. Good webquests encourage curiosity and exploration and higher level thinking.
 11:59:06  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  Sorry to run but I will listen to the recording of the rest - hubby insists we have to go get lunch before the huge church crowds get there! thx y'all
 11:59:14  Lisa Parisi :  Not sure, Maureen.  Maybe I just needed to be a little risky this year, due to all the prescriptives we were given last year.
 11:59:23  connect2jamie :  Bye Pat!
 11:59:54  PeggyG :  Using "Understanding by Design" principles and starting with the big, enduring question doesn't result in just learming facts or correct answers to low level questions.
 12:00:57  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i'm back - hubby decided i waited too long :)
 12:01:04  Sarah H :  @Peggy--the best part of a webquest is when a student gets completely embroiled in something that captures their interest and forgets to "finish"
 12:01:04  PeggyG :  I agree with woodenmask! I think it's all interactive and open to investigation.
 12:01:07  woodenmask :  Sorry to comment and run - Big Lunch Decisions to be made here with The Boy and Mrs. Mask.
 12:01:12  PeggyG :  I agree Sarah!
 12:01:48  Maureen :  If you look at any of the disciplines, how a historian works, how a mathmatician works, etc... they "know" the facts, but have questions. To me, that is curiousity
 12:01:56  PeggyG :  that question leads to a yes/no answer ultimately, Lisa
 12:01:58  marragem :  but who came up with the question - you or the kids?
 12:02:23  marragem :  the kids have to own the qiestions for it to be authentic
 12:02:28  MariaK :  Do we allow time in our day for children's questions?
 12:02:38  MariaK :  I'm curious about that!
 12:02:57  PeggyG :  but they can explore resources on the web--lots of primary sources for historical events
 12:04:09  connect2jamie :  Early years tchrs--teach us!
 12:04:16  connect2jamie :  You are GREAT at it!
 12:04:51  marragem :  so ask them to come up with ??? about it
 12:05:13  PeggyG :  some of the best questions come from not knowing anything about it
 12:05:58  marragem :  an environment of curiosity/questioning needs to have the kids at the centre - it's not about the teacher being in control
 12:07:04  Maureen :  Is it like opening Pandora's Box... you don't know what you'll get or how to close the box
 12:07:32  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  You have to act as the tour guide to their learning.... the big question is how often and hor far you will let them diverge from the planned route. Some of the best learning comes from 'side trips' away from the original plan.
 12:07:50  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  I like the "parking lot" strategy for them to post questions on post it notes to be answered later
 12:07:57  marragem :  I have a graffitti board where they put there wonderings
 12:08:30  PeggyG :  love the idea of the grafitti board @marragem
 12:08:31  connect2jamie :  @loony yes! parking lot is a great technique. Gives student assurance that their curiosity matters, but doesn't derail
 12:08:35  Maureen :  Tough to teach history without getting political or religious
 12:09:26  PeggyG :  interesting Lisa-some of your best learning comes from side trips and yet you don't want your students to take those side trips??
 12:10:05  Maureen :  I used to have to limit the number of batteries, they would get too hot and melt the plastic holders
 12:10:29  Lisa Parisi :  I do want them to, Peggy.  But we have content to cover.
 12:10:35  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  curiosity brings learning a step further
 12:10:41  Lisa Parisi :  So I allow the side trips as much as possible.
 12:10:48  marragem :  my inquiry units are all about sidetrips - if we end up somewhere different then it's because the kids questioning took us there
 12:10:50  connect2jamie :  Not sure it's that Lisa doesn't WANT side trips--it's that the upper elem curriculum gets soooo prescriptive and tight on time. Serious time constraints.
 12:11:40  PeggyG :  it's definitely true that teaching/learning has been changed dramatically because of NCLB and standardized testing. Very sad!!
 12:11:42  marragem :  our culture is so different - we have te roles of the life long learner  the main one being a reflective self directed learner
 12:12:26  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  having the big picture of our us history helps me more than memorizing the little details
 12:12:29  connect2jamie :  our students have benchmarking/curriculum assessments every 3 wks, so if all the "important" topics aren't "covered," it's a seriously bad thing. It's about covering--and the curric that has to be covered is massive amt.
 12:12:30  marragem :  I find I cover more than the curriculum requires through inquiry approach.
 12:13:27  connect2jamie :  very prescriptive curriculum means that we have to be wildly creative about providing opportunities for curiosity. Not easy but important
 12:14:09  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  Growing up learning about the statue of libery and what is engraved on her really makes me sad about closing our borders but it is too touchy to talk about in classrooms here
 12:14:27  Lisa Parisi :  So how are you creative, Jamie?
 12:14:38  connect2jamie :  @loony oh man! here too!
 12:15:42  Maureen :  Can you talk about how immigration policies in the past built the country... and then look at immigration issues today? Why are the feelings different  or are they?
 12:15:54  connect2jamie :  @lisa I am soooo lucky right now b/c I'm not in a classroom--I'm a teacher-librarian. And my curriculum is not nearly as prescriptive as those of classroom tchrs. That's why I have the BEST job in the bldg. That is, until they eliminate us, which may happen...
 12:15:59  Lisa Parisi :  We do Maureen, but the topic gets touchy
 12:17:05  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  AR program kills the desire to read in many kids
 12:17:09  connect2jamie :  We DO kill readers. Just read an article about how we should get rid of fiction reading in schools. Talk about killing creativity.
 12:17:40  connect2jamie :  We have many, many boys that are absolutely passionate a bout the military.
 12:17:50  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i had colleagues who made fun of my low readers because they read harlequin romances - i was just glad the hs girls were reading anything!
 12:18:09  connect2jamie :  Boys will read books w/ old black/white pics of WWII for hours and hours!
 12:18:38  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i'm even glad for some of my low readers to read comic books!
 12:18:43  Lisa Parisi :  Scott, my daughter stopped reading because of AR.
 12:18:57  Lisa Parisi :  Love graphic novels, Pat.  Takes comics to a new level.
 12:19:03  connect2jamie :  @loony and I'd bet that some of those very tchrs might be hiding a harlequin romance or two as they pack up to go to the beach on vacation!
 12:19:09  McTeach (Karen) :  That's why I started following The Book Whisperer this year. I let kids read what THEY want to read!
 12:19:39  Sheila :  Welcome Anna
 12:19:42  connect2jamie :  HATE AR. I'm almost successful in getting rid of it in our bldg. Much to some older tchrs' chagrin.
 12:20:05  Maureen :  I read The Hundred Dresses when I was observing 3rd grade the other day. Great book, I'd never read it. Lots of discussion
 12:20:07  connect2jamie :  Unconscious delight reading is massively important!
 12:20:14  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  I'd love to hear how you chased the AR monster away
 12:20:18  Lisa Parisi :  Love that book, Maureen.
 12:20:41  Sarah H :  Thanks all great conversation!--I gotta run. Daughter wants to write a story :)
 12:20:57  Lisa Parisi :  Bye, Sarah, thanks for joining us.
 12:20:59  PeggyG :  When  you hear the Book Whisperer tell her story about how she came to giving students choice in their reading you will be persuaded. A great success story that makes so much sense!!
 12:21:05  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  Thx Karen - i just found the book whisperer on facebook
 12:21:14  Lisa Parisi :  Have to look, Peggy.
 12:21:21  connect2jamie :  I must admit that it helped when the reading curric director decided AR wasn't a good thing. But the main argument that seemed to work was that AR doesn't not correlate directly to the state objectives. And the
 12:21:40  McTeach (Karen) :  Pat...she's also on twitter @donalynbooks...I think
 12:21:47  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :
 12:22:00  connect2jamie :  AR test questions are not higher level questions, which doesn't correlate with our district or school objectives.
 12:22:05  PeggyG :  She did a fantastic show for us on Classroom 2.0 LIVE and you can hear her tell the story and how she inspires reading.
 12:22:18  connect2jamie :  I have tons of AR info if you'd like me to dig it up for you.
 12:22:23  McTeach (Karen) : was a great show!!
 12:22:36  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  Thx Karen - i found her there and am now following her
 12:22:49  PeggyG : You can listen to the recording here
 12:22:49  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  @donalynbooks on twitter
 12:23:37  connect2jamie :  @Peggy excellent! I missed that one! Can't wait to listen
 12:23:54  Maureen :  Do you find that letting kids have their own blogs- and having comments on them, encourages the kids to read?
 12:24:20  PeggyG :  there are also a lot of great links on that blog post that support her position and provide great resources for books and activities
 12:24:34  Lisa Parisi :  Sometimes, Maureen.  Unfortunately, usually, the poor readers are also the poor writers.
 12:24:49  Lisa Parisi :  They don't choose to  write anymore than they choose to read.
 12:24:53  connect2jamie :  @lisa--exactly! Choosing a "just right" book for you doesn't just regard reading level. Subject is an even more important thing, IMO
 12:25:00  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i used to sneak higher level books when i was in elem. school because they kept telling me that those were "too high" for me but the others were too boring and easy for me
 12:25:23  marragem :  Most definitely, Maureen. The year I started blogging I had Year 1's - they flew with their reading & writing!
 12:25:52  connect2jamie :  GASP! Your library is *levelled*?  Oh my...HATE hearing that.
 12:26:00  Lisa Parisi :  I think blogging improves skills but some still see it as an assignment.
 12:26:16  Lisa Parisi :  Yes, Jamie.  We are very proud to have a leveled library.
 12:26:27  connect2jamie :  That is sickening.
 12:26:32  Maureen :  That's why the Harry Potter books, etc. were so amazing- the kids who wouldn't pick up a book, were reading these tomes- they were curious, interested.
 12:27:13  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  @Lisa I had grad students (who were teachers) file a complaint about me because I made them to blog once a week and comment on 3 others each week.
 12:27:16  connect2jamie :  We have a levelled library upstairs, but I have nothing to do with it--reading specialist organized it--and our main library is not levelled at all. never will be if I have anything to do with it.
 12:27:45  PeggyG :  My 6 year old grandson was not allowed to read Harry Potter because it wasn't on his AR list so he just read them at home. School is killing his motivation to read.
 12:28:06  connect2jamie :  @Maureen absolutely! HP was the best thing to happen to reading for kids in a long time. Last Olympian series is also a motivator
 12:28:12  Maureen :  When I taught K, we didn't have reading groups...but the kids read all the time. Before blogs, etc... environmental print, books, their own stories.
 12:28:20  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  my high school kids loved when i read to them!
 12:28:43  connect2jamie :  Adults love to be read to--or audiobooks wouldn't be so successful!
 12:28:52  Lisa Parisi :  Peggy, that's what happened to my daughter.
 12:28:52  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  Many schools mandate AR, but do NOTHING with the collected data.  What is the point?
 12:29:16  McTeach (Karen) :  I was an undiagnosed dyslexic as a kid. struggled with reading, but I saw my parents who LOVE reading and I learned to love reading
 12:29:34  marragem :  God I hope Australia doesn't go down the same track as the US. What you're talking about, dictating what kids can & can't read, just doesn't happen here
 12:29:42  PeggyG :  that's so disappointing loonyhiker! That happened to me with some of my university students--didn't file a complaint but whined and complained all the time when forced to "think" and create.
 12:29:54  Maureen :  My daughter used to read, but told me just the other night, when I rec'd a book, that she doesn't read anymore. My son, who hated reading, now reads constantly. I have no explanation. Lifestyle choices?
 12:30:35  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  hubby had reading problems in school and was made to feel like he was stupid - then he became a judge and loves reading law books and non fiction now - but he had to find his own way and was self motivated
 12:30:48  Maureen :  I read constantly... at least a couple of books a week- on vacations, a book every day. Cannot imagine not reading
 12:30:53  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  not all students are self motivated enough
 12:31:40  MariaK :
 12:31:59  Maureen :  Sheila is the new Alice Mercer- queen of summarizing.
 12:32:00  connect2jamie :  My daughter had a terrible time learning to read--and doesn't read habitually now that she's in college. When she finds something she really likes, she does read avidly now though. She mercifully didn't have AR in her life as an elem student though. That would have been fatal.
 12:32:37  Sheila :  Funny Maureen! I take notes because I can't remember!
 12:32:46  Maureen :  You all should read Unbroken- perseverance...
 12:33:00  PeggyG :  Angela has some great resources in her Classroom Habitudes book (activities, curriculum) that will definitely inspire you!! Her newest book is "Passion Driven Classroom" and you will love that too!
 12:33:05  connect2jamie :  This was a great discussion.
 12:33:08  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  hubby is curious as to where we are going to lunch! LOL
 12:33:21  connect2jamie :  Have a fun lunch!
 12:33:24  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  i will be on a cruise so i'm glad i won't miss anything :)
 12:33:24  McTeach (Karen) :  I have Open House next Sunday!
 12:33:33  Maureen :  Read Curious George
 12:33:40  PeggyG :  I'll be attending EduCon virtually!! Can't wait!
 12:33:46  marragem :  have fun on the cruise, Pat
 12:34:00  PeggyG :
 12:34:01  Maureen :  I'll see you in Philly.
 12:34:01  MariaK :
 12:34:04  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  thx - going to try to find somewhere warmer than here! :)
 12:34:06  marragem :  I;m attending virtually too, Peggy
 12:34:20  connect2jamie :  cruise! Wow! I'm leading such a boring life! No cruise or educon trip for me next week. Might have to clean house. gasp! Surely I can figure out a way to avoid that tho
 12:34:23  PeggyG :  I didn't have to talk and search at the same time :-)
 12:34:38  loonyhiker (aka Pat) :  thx for a great conversation!
 12:34:50  Lisa Parisi :
 12:34:52  Maureen :  Can't be stranded- only have 1 day of sub plans
 12:34:54  connect2jamie :  Thanks all! Have a great week!
 12:35:10  McTeach (Karen) :  Thanks ladies! Have a fabulously curious week!
 12:35:14  Lisa Parisi :  Bye
 12:35:14  PeggyG :  thanks everyone! fun conversation!
 12:35:24  marragem :  bye everyone!
 12:35:25  connect2jamie :  Bye!
 12:36:28  Scott Shelhart @kd9sr :  bye