SEEDlings 2011-2-10 Show #107 Priya and Maya Ganesan

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19:22:37 laurenwells: hey whats up!?!?lol
19:23:00 bobsprankle: lauren! you made it! so great to have you here!
19:23:09 bobsprankle: we're getting ready
19:23:18 laurenwells: ok
19:23:20 bobsprankle: you won't hear anything on the stream yet
19:23:28 bobsprankle: yay for you!
19:23:33 laurenwells: ok
19:24:29 bobsprankle: can you hear us
19:24:57 laurenwells: no
19:25:21 bobsprankle: did you click on the stream in the right hand corner?
19:25:26 bobsprankle: edtechtalk A
19:25:32 bobsprankle: one of those icons
19:25:44 laurenwells: im going
19:25:51 bobsprankle: prob. the color one with the wheel if you're a PC
19:26:03 PeggyG: I'm having problems getting sudio too-itunes wouldn't respond and realplayer won't connect
19:26:22 PeggyG: they changed some things with the server this morning-could that be affecting it?
19:27:44 loonyhiker (aka Pat): hi y'all!
19:27:51 laurenwells: i cannt hear any sound
19:29:19 laurenwells: mr.sprankle you there!?!?!?
19:29:21 PeggyG: Cheryl is working on the streaming issue now :-)
19:29:41 laurenwells: kk
19:30:03 alicebarr (Seedlings): Hi Lauren
19:30:07 laurenwells: :? :o
19:30:15 alicebarr (Seedlings): Bob Sprankle will be here in a minute
19:30:22 laurenwells: kk
19:31:23 laurenwells: is it fixed???;)
19:31:39 bobsprankle: hang on Lauren... it's problem on our side
19:32:15 laurenwells: :( :o :? k
19:32:21 PeggyG: having some issues because the server changed today
19:32:25 bobsprankle: can you hear cheryl
19:32:27 bobsprankle: ?
19:32:31 PeggyG: not yet
19:32:34 alicebarr (Seedlings): Can anyone hear Cheryl?
19:32:36 laurenwells: no
19:33:07 bobsprankle: hang on.
19:33:20 loonyhiker (aka Pat): nothing yet
19:33:32 laurenwells: notta
19:33:34 cheryloakes~seedlings: working on sound, thanks for hanging in
19:34:09 laurenwells: uhg im tired
19:34:42 PeggyG: you might try ustream
19:34:58 loonyhiker (aka Pat): nothing on ustream yet
19:35:00 laurenwells: anything
19:35:26 cheryloakes~seedlings: any sound from chat
19:35:32 cheryloakes~seedlings: do you hear anything?
19:35:45 PeggyG: nothing yet
19:35:50 laurenwells: nope
19:35:56 loonyhiker (aka Pat): i tried ustream, etta, and ettb but nothing
19:36:22 laurenwells: :{ :{ *)
19:36:49 laurenwells: *(
19:37:01 PeggyG: 21st century learning ended up using tinychat yesterday
19:37:13 PeggyG: but that was supposed to be fixed with the move to the new server
19:37:25 laurenwells: coolyo
19:37:48 laurenwells: mr.s
19:38:04 laurenwells: uthere
19:39:17 laurenwells: -mr.s????!?1/1/1/!?!?!?!!?!?!
19:39:28 PeggyG: everytime I try to select an audio option to test I get booted out of the chat
19:39:36 loonyhiker (aka Pat): @peggy do u need some duct tape? LOL
19:39:47 PeggyG: I think so :-)
19:40:03 laurenwells: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
19:40:21 PeggyG: patience is a virtue :-)
19:40:23 alicebarr (Seedlings): See if you can hear us now?
19:40:46 PeggyG: not yet
19:40:56 PeggyG: did you try ustream?
19:41:04 bobsprankle: lauren, you're awesome for hanging in there!
19:41:08 cheryloakes~seedlings: don't know how, especially on macs'
19:41:11 alicebarr (Seedlings): We son't know how to Ustream yet...
19:41:47 laurenwells: cannt hear u
19:41:59 cheryloakes~seedlings: Ok, it has been more than 30 seconds we have tried this.
19:42:18 PeggyG: it shows you're using the correct IP address but I get error-connection to server could not be established
19:42:36 cheryloakes~seedlings: hm, just contacting dave c.
19:42:50 PeggyG: good idea
19:43:21 laurenwells: :{ ;)
19:43:42 loonyhiker (aka Pat): i'm going to go wash the dinner dishes and come back in a bit - hope y'all get it fixed. hang in there!
19:43:45 PeggyG: I posted it on the ETT Governance chat too
19:43:56 laurenwells: whos dave c.
19:44:16 PeggyG: one of the site managers
19:44:54 laurenwells: how do you cnyacthim
19:45:18 PeggyG: Sheila is going to ustream for us. She'll be right here
19:45:34 laurenwells: how do you cnyacthim*contact him
19:46:33 PeggyG: not sure what you're asking lauren
19:46:56 PeggyG: how do we contact Dave C?
19:47:13 bobsprankle: i think cheryl's on the phone with him
19:47:35 PeggyG: he said he can't help but Sheila is going to do the streaming on ustream
19:47:39 cheryloakes~seedlings: OK,i just chatted with Dave
19:48:08 laurenwells: wat he say
19:49:03 cheryloakes~seedlings: hi rileighmwells,
19:49:07 cheryloakes~seedlings: we are working on sound
19:49:33 laurenwells: hey riligh
19:49:36 rileighm34iwells: ok
19:49:52 bobsprankle: hi rileigh!!!!
19:49:55 PeggyG: be watching for a play button on the ustream window
19:50:00 bobsprankle: we're working on audio right now
19:50:05 PeggyG: and it will say on air
19:50:06 bobsprankle: some bugs in the system
19:50:10 bobsprankle: so great to have you here
19:50:22 laurenwells: ooga booga
19:50:30 PeggyG: really looking forward to hearing from you about TEDxRedmond!
19:50:57 rileighm34iwells: hi lauren and mrs
19:51:25 laurenwells: ooga booga
19:51:42 laurenwells: not on air
19:52:05 PeggyG: yeah! on air now!!!!
19:52:09 rileighm34iwells: lauren?????????
19:52:10 PeggyG: click on play on the ustream
19:52:19 laurenwells: ON AIR
19:52:30 bobsprankle: can you hear us all?
19:52:31 PeggyG: I'm hearing you
19:52:43 PeggyG: yes after the ad finishes I'll hear better :-)
19:52:49 PeggyG: hearing all of you now
19:53:10 rileighm34iwells: hello
19:53:20 laurenwells: I CAN
19:53:20 PeggyG: some echo but can hear Cheryl, Bob and Alice
19:53:41 PeggyG: i might have it open twice
19:53:44 rileighm34iwells: hi lauren
19:53:50 JL: I'm not hearing any echo - Sheila is right
19:54:00 JL: Sorry for the last minute change of stream stuff
19:54:03 bobsprankle: lauren and rileigh, so sorry for the delay and yay for you to join us!
19:54:09 PeggyG: I'm good now--no echo
19:54:09 JL: I'm not simulcasting the Ustream on the the Shoutcast
19:54:23 PeggyG: congrats!! great team effort!!
19:54:27 JL: not>now
19:54:34 JL: no coffee yet
19:54:46 PeggyG: sending you the best coffee in the world!!
19:54:50 PeggyG: yes can hear everyone
19:54:52 rileighm34iwells: who is JL lauren
19:54:58 JL: Jeff Lebow
19:55:04 cheryloakes~seedlings: thanks Jeff
19:55:17 alicebarr (Seedlings): Thank you Jeff!
19:55:18 rileighm34iwells: um hi
19:55:24 PeggyG: no echo at all for me
19:56:10 laurenwells: HI C B
19:56:22 PeggyG: yes hearing you cheryl
19:56:33 laurenwells: THIS IS SO COOL
19:56:38 PeggyG: here we go!! it will be worth the wait!!
19:57:01 PeggyG: was that an echo? :-) both said same thing at same time :-)
19:57:05 rileighm34iwells: yah lauren
19:57:26 laurenwells: ITS OK
19:57:47 PeggyG: so glad to have the students with us!!!!!
19:57:47 laurenwells: HEHEHEHEHEHE
19:57:53 cheryloakes~seedlings: We have students!!
19:58:16 laurenwells: HI
19:58:21 PeggyG: what a wonderful global team!!!
19:58:25 rileighm34iwells: thank mr sprankle
19:58:40 cheryloakes~seedlings: yes thanks to Jeff, Dave, Peggy
19:58:44 cheryloakes~seedlings: We are great.
19:59:08 laurenwells: :D
19:59:22 alicebarr (Seedlings): Thank you Jeff, Dave, and Peggy!
19:59:26 PeggyG: the echo must have something to do with using skype and ustream because those of us just listening on ustream aren't getting it
19:59:34 alicebarr (Seedlings): Welcome Wells Students!
19:59:43 laurenwells: did u answer my ?
19:59:48 cheryloakes~seedlings: Ok, thanks Peggy,
19:59:54 rileighm34iwells: hi mia and preiya
19:59:55 PeggyG: TEDxRedmond leaders are the best!!!!
20:00:17 alicebarr (Seedlings): Lauren what was your question?
20:00:20 laurenwells: <33
20:00:39 laurenwells: coo,l
20:01:07 PeggyG:
20:01:44 rileighm34iwells: hay woowho hay hay hay
20:01:44 PeggyG: read about our guests here :-)
20:01:47 laurenwells: pria mya i think ur cool
20:02:23 rileighm34iwells: lauren
20:02:36 PeggyG: I got to participate in almost the entire day for TEDxRedmond and it was an incredible experience (all virtual for me)
20:02:56 PeggyG: I saw everything except when the stream stopped :-)
20:03:02 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:03:05 laurenwells: me 2
20:03:11 cheryloakes~seedlings: tedxredmond was amazing
20:03:13 PeggyG: I thought that was a great idea to have the parents in a separate room :-)
20:03:16 alicebarr (Seedlings): That was Maya's presentation
20:03:24 rileighm34iwells: miss peggy g u are awesome
20:03:40 laurenwells: wat
20:03:51 PeggyG: that's a great testimonial about how engaging the day was!!
20:03:54 cheryloakes~seedlings: rileighm3/4iwells, I agree miss peggy g is awesome!!!
20:03:56 PeggyG: thank you :-)
20:04:03 alicebarr (Seedlings): Priya
20:04:24 laurenwells: ya peggyg
20:04:30 rileighm34iwells: hi lauren.'Again'.
20:04:44 laurenwells: teehee
20:05:03 rileighm34iwells: lalalalalalalalalallala
20:05:22 PeggyG: those stories are powerful!
20:05:23 alicebarr (Seedlings): Lauren and rileigh can you hear?
20:05:40 laurenwells: YEPSY
20:05:41 rileighm34iwells: iyu65'pouy[65p9y[459y4[056yp56079 to you too lauren
20:05:54 laurenwells: WAT
20:05:54 cheryloakes~seedlings: lauren or rileighm34iwells, have you ever lost points for being creative?
20:06:09 PeggyG: sadly that happens a lot in college too!
20:06:10 bobsprankle: lauren and rileigh... please follow proper chat etiquette
20:06:14 cheryloakes~seedlings: like in art class for making your own plan?
20:06:18 rileighm34iwells: yes alice
20:06:51 laurenwells: yes alice
20:06:56 rileighm34iwells: and yes mr s
20:07:18 laurenwells: yes mr.s
20:07:19 bobsprankle: ty :)
20:07:42 laurenwells: *)
20:08:20 laurenwells: oh so sad
20:08:22 PeggyG: so did you learn that it was important to ask in advance if it was ok to modify the assignment in a more creative way without losing points? 
20:08:27 rileighm34iwells: preiya I get to live both lives
20:09:04 PeggyG: teachers seem to be rewarding the students who follow the template
20:09:25 laurenwells: i agree mr.s preia maya
20:10:08 PeggyG: that was a great example
20:10:19 rileighm34iwells: hello????
20:10:27 laurenwells: i know
20:10:33 laurenwells: hi
20:11:10 laurenwells: 1 grade i didnt like it
20:11:30 rileighm34iwells: lauren do you know we are in chat room 2
20:11:37 laurenwells: haha
20:11:57 cheryloakes~seedlings: Hello Principal Miller!! we have students with us tonight as guests and in the chat.
20:12:06 laurenwells: we r
20:12:18 mmiller7571: Is that my warning not say anything inappropriate:)
20:12:22 PeggyG: that's why most kids only draw trees with green leaves :-)
20:12:23 rileighm34iwells: we are ???????
20:12:27 cheryloakes~seedlings: Yes, you bet :-)
20:12:57 rileighm34iwells: 698696987o96o98
20:13:23 PeggyG: maya and preia sound so thoughtful and mature!! :-)
20:13:31 laurenwells: hi princable miller im a student
20:13:58 cheryloakes~seedlings: lauren, I think Principal miller logged out for a bit. Whe will be back
20:14:12 laurenwells: kk
20:14:25 cheryloakes~seedlings: Melinda, we discussed you as a speaker for our state conference, are you interested for a Maine trip in October?
20:14:26 mmiller7571: i don't have any sound yet I'll let you know
20:14:34 laurenwells: helo
20:14:35 cheryloakes~seedlings: Oh, try the ustream
20:14:36 PeggyG: click on play on ustream
20:14:58 mmiller7571: Yes, if I don't have to ski:):) You guys talk about skiing alot:):)
20:15:12 PeggyG: that is such a good point! learn about the issue first
20:15:13 cheryloakes~seedlings: I am the skiing, but winter, Nov. to April, so no worries
20:15:17 mmiller7571: still no sound......its my end
20:15:20 laurenwells: i did
20:15:33 cheryloakes~seedlings: Melinda, click on ustream please
20:16:08 mmiller7571: okay I have sound
20:16:19 laurenwells: ohy im a studuent
20:16:19 PeggyG: the more we know, the better choices/decisions we will be able to make
20:16:21 cheryloakes~seedlings: Yeah!
20:16:31 cheryloakes~seedlings: We have two of bob's students from Wells Elementary
20:16:33 mmiller7571: Hello students! This is very exciting to hear your voices!
20:16:50 cheryloakes~seedlings: Plus we have two speakers from RedmondTedX
20:17:14 PeggyG: perfectionism often causes us not to want to take risks--at least that's what happens to me
20:17:22 laurenwells: where bnot on it
20:17:32 laurenwells: *not
20:17:37 rileighm34iwells: mr s willy said that
20:17:37 cheryloakes~seedlings: And it starts so early in school we when always provide models.
20:18:26 cheryloakes~seedlings: Yes, we don't value the process of learning, always the finished product
20:18:37 PeggyG: at some point spelling is important--in the final product and I don't think all writing projects should have a final product :-)
20:18:43 laurenwells: modles are "prety"
20:19:05 mmiller7571: Oh good point Peggy, not ALL writing is a published piece
20:19:13 PeggyG: I agree with that point! we tend to use safe words we know how to spell rather than better words that would express it better
20:19:23 laurenwells: me 2
20:19:29 rileighm34iwells: ;)  winky face
20:19:33 alicebarr (Seedlings): The thsaurus is my best friend!
20:19:39 alicebarr (Seedlings): thesaurus
20:19:51 laurenwells: haha good one
20:20:00 PeggyG: I use a dictionary and thesaurus all the time and love that it is so easy to access now with technology!
20:20:02 mmiller7571: don't let them read my blog then, yikes! I viewed my blog more for sharing than a published work:)
20:20:11 rileighm34iwells: me too lauren
20:20:40 laurenwells: :? scared face
20:20:58 cheryloakes~seedlings: Melinda, I think it all depends on what we start with blog rules.
20:21:10 laurenwells: *) :( :) :/ :? :D :o :p :{ ;) lol
20:21:12 cheryloakes~seedlings: I like that on the blog, we can always go back and fix
20:21:15 PeggyG: actually when I started using twitter and chat logs I was finally able to stop worrying so much about things being "perfect". the message is more important than typing/spelling erors
20:21:28 laurenwells: tired
20:21:32 mmiller7571: Bob should be very proud of these kids, only listened for a few minutes and they are so confident!
20:21:32 PeggyG: I agree Cheryl!
20:21:38 rileighm34iwells: metoo
20:21:41 cheryloakes~seedlings: yes, peggy, that is right, you want to get the message out quickly, not perfectly
20:21:43 laurenwells: *yawn
20:21:56 rileighm34iwells: yawn
20:22:18 laurenwells: i no rite
20:22:23 PeggyG: it takes courage to ask to modify an assignment! good for you!
20:22:28 laurenwells: fun
20:22:44 PeggyG: do you girls have any questions for the special guests?
20:22:46 rileighm34iwells: *bird* yawn yawn
20:22:47 mmiller7571: no yawning, wake up!! it's early here in Missouri
20:22:57 cheryloakes~seedlings: yes, Peggy, and the more we have student choice the better it will be
20:23:03 rileighm34iwells: wow
20:23:10 cheryloakes~seedlings: for the student, more engaged, more motivated
20:23:22 laurenwells: its sad maya
20:23:30 PeggyG: I'm not sure that is a trust issue but it's definitely a listening issue
20:23:33 bobsprankle: agree, lauren
20:23:40 rileighm34iwells: I am in WELLS
20:23:57 laurenwells: I AM WELLS
20:23:59 PeggyG: they often do think they know better and control is so important to so many teachers
20:24:11 mmiller7571: What advice would you give to your principal?
20:24:16 laurenwells: uha
20:24:22 cheryloakes~seedlings: Oh, good Melinda
20:24:27 rileighm34iwells: um
20:24:50 laurenwells: um
20:24:55 PeggyG: good advice for students!
20:25:45 laurenwells: wow
20:25:57 PeggyG: students need to learn about when it's ok to "break the rules"--that would be an interesting conversation
20:26:00 rileighm34iwells: *meow* *meow* I am a cat
20:26:46 alicebarr (Seedlings): Great advice
20:26:54 PeggyG: not all students are able to articulate why their way is better for them
20:27:20 laurenwells: *bark* *bark* im a dog be afraid rilegh
20:27:24 PeggyG: yes! you can't be creative when you fill in those bubbles :-)
20:27:31 alicebarr (Seedlings): Good point Peggy. What are some other ways students advocate for their needs?
20:27:49 PeggyG: yes I would be really interested to hear them talk about that some more
20:28:00 laurenwells: ok mr.s
20:28:22 rileighm34iwells: who is jl my sis wants to know
20:28:28 PeggyG: very positive attitude about the new tests :-)
20:28:56 laurenwells: i have 2 go to bed in a few min. ok?
20:28:57 PeggyG: how do they feel about learning portfolios to demonstrate their learning?
20:29:15 bobsprankle: that's fine, lauren. Understood :)
20:29:21 PeggyG: love it!
20:29:26 bobsprankle: it's so great that you came on!!!
20:29:47 laurenwells: hi
20:29:57 rileighm34iwells: oy :(
20:30:07 laurenwells: oy
20:30:18 PeggyG: I used to read The Principal in the Black Lagoon to my students just to have conversations with them about what the principal really does. I always enjoyed those conversations.
20:30:25 cheryloakes~seedlings: are the portfolios more pick what the teacher wants?
20:30:31 alicebarr (Seedlings): I love that Book
20:30:38 PeggyG: me too Alice
20:30:50 rileighm34iwells: I love that book too!
20:30:52 laurenwells: what book
20:31:06 rileighm34iwells: The laggon books
20:31:06 PeggyG: so the portfolios aren't meeting their needs?
20:31:18 laurenwells: i love that book too!
20:31:52 laurenwells: be rite back
20:32:12 rileighm34iwells: ok
20:32:21 PeggyG: portfolios should be more than reflections though
20:32:35 mmiller7571: This is a great topic and I am sorry I was late! My 2 yr. old just fed my dog breath mints and he is "sick" so I have to sign off. Kudos to your students Bob!!!
20:32:54 PeggyG: great point! there are so many ways to reflect and process your learning and it doesn't always have to be in writing
20:32:59 laurenwells: gotta go see you tommrow ri
20:33:04 bobsprankle: poor dog! good luck mmiller!
20:33:06 PeggyG: good night mmiller
20:33:10 rileighm34iwells: bye
20:33:17 mmiller7571: have missed listening to you guys!
20:34:00 laurenwells: by mr.s cherly and alice
20:34:08 alicebarr (Seedlings): Bye lauren
20:34:10 PeggyG: that's one of the real frustrations with standardized tests because the students almost never get to see the results or they come at the beginning of the next year
20:34:14 bobsprankle: goodnight, lauren! so great to have you here!
20:34:18 bobsprankle: see you tomorrow
20:34:30 PeggyG: good night lauren
20:34:34 laurenwells: by everyone
20:34:45 rileighm34iwells: bye
20:34:48 laurenwells: good nite
20:35:31 PeggyG: choice in medium is really important but there are all of those "standards" to address :-)
20:36:01 PeggyG: who are they writing them for? the teacher?
20:36:48 PeggyG: yes curriculum standards for every subject
20:37:34 PeggyG: great answer!
20:37:43 cheryloakes~seedlings: I understand the curriculum should be a road map, but I don't think we look often enough at where we are going
20:38:03 PeggyG: or that some students actually got there ahead of us :-)
20:38:53 PeggyG: those things could happen in every classroom :-)
20:39:04 cheryloakes~seedlings: I think the big conversation has to be about does everyone have to have the same experience or can we get to some arbitrary point with different routes.
20:39:13 PeggyG: I agree!
20:39:23 cheryloakes~seedlings: It must be more global
20:40:37 PeggyG: I think creativity and perfectionism are interesting topics to explore together. How does one impact the other?
20:40:51 PeggyG: I believe there is a direct correlation!
20:41:28 cheryloakes~seedlings: Interesting Peggy, they are related and inter-related
20:42:27 PeggyG: being creative sometimes requires more critical thinking and hard work and sometimes students would rather take the easy way out and just do what they have to
20:44:20 rileighm34iwells: hi, I am bored
20:45:05 cheryloakes~seedlings: rileighm34iwells, it is getting late, and harder to listen to the stories. We have the podcast, so you could listen tomorrow if you want.
20:45:21 cheryloakes~seedlings: Rileighm34iwells, this is even late for me!
20:45:37 PeggyG: so sorry-emergency call and need to go! thanks for a great show!
20:45:46 alicebarr (Seedlings): Bye Peggy
20:45:53 bobsprankle: bye peggy
20:46:24 cheryloakes~seedlings: Geek of the Week getting ready
20:46:57 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:47:23 rileighm34iwells: wow
20:48:18 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:49:06 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:49:29 rileighm34iwells: Hi this is now Hailey. Rileigh is going to read her book now. I thought this was very interesting and I wanted to listen.
20:49:49 bobsprankle: that's great hailey! welcome!
20:49:51 cheryloakes~seedlings: Hi Hailey, we are sharing our favorite sites
20:50:02 rileighm34iwells: Thanks!
20:50:05 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:50:25 cheryloakes~seedlings:
20:51:01 rileighm34iwells: I like
20:51:26 bobsprankle: awesome, hailey!
20:52:02 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:53:37 bobsprankle: yay!!! poetry from the ganesans!!!!
20:54:09 rileighm34iwells: I like your poem ^.^
20:54:51 alicebarr (Seedlings):
20:57:03 cheryloakes~seedlings: February 17, we have John Pathfinder, Lester and Virtual Maine Group
20:57:33 cheryloakes~seedlings: and the peeps for the Virtual
20:58:53 alicebarr (Seedlings): Hi Doug
20:58:53 cheryloakes~seedlings: Hi doug, no servers, so shelia is streaming for us.
20:59:14 dougsymington: hi all, sorry to bust in
20:59:23 cheryloakes~seedlings: no, you should take over
20:59:24 alicebarr (Seedlings): No worries, we're done
20:59:38 rileighm34iwells: I guess bye everybody ................................
20:59:39 dougsymington: just catching up on the server talk in skype and playing with some settings
20:59:48 rileighm34iwells: BYE
20:59:51 dougsymington: please continue
21:00:00 dougsymington: nothing special planned on  my end
21:00:25 cheryloakes~seedlings: we are off air and just saying bye
21:00:40 cheryloakes~seedlings: Ok, then signing off, bedtime.
21:00:54 dougsymington: g'night Cheryl
21:03:35 Sheila: Hey JL!
21:03:53 JL: Hello Sheila
21:03:53 Sheila: ARe you missing the snow here!
21:04:25 dougsymington: Hey JL
21:04:31 JL: Was in Thailand last week - shorts, sandals, 85 degrees at the beach - sorry to rub it in
21:04:35 dougsymington: great to see you
21:04:46 dougsymington: that is rubbing it in :)
21:04:48 JL: ETBS going on?  Thought we might take the new multi-cam skype out for a spin
21:04:51 JL: Likewise DS
21:05:16 dougsymington: can't seem to get the stream to connect, see via skype that the WB elves have been busy
21:05:23 Sheila: 2 weeks and I'll be in Belize so I'm not feeling it too bad.
21:06:05 dougsymington: think of us poor souls in the Great White North--both of you
21:06:09 JL: New IP for shoutcast - will get the ustream going if you like
21:06:30 Sheila: I'm in ustream now if you want.
21:06:41 dougsymington: that's ok, didn't have much for tonight anyway
21:06:47 dougsymington: sure Sheila, thanks
21:07:40 Sheila: Or JL did you want to do it? with the new skype? Either way . . .
21:07:56 JL: ah just grabbed it -
21:08:01 dougsymington: don't need to stream, but it would be good to say "hello" to you both nonetheless
21:08:11 dougsymington: good either way
21:21:08 Sheila: won't work. Should have read the directions. I have an older OS.
21:22:34 JL: too bad.  Come back anyway
21:22:56 Sheila: Can't overwrote skype need to find another version. Just listening.
21:26:03 Sheila: ok so how do I get an older version back?
21:26:08 Sheila: Need 4.7
21:28:48 JL:
21:35:03 Sheila: Do I have to pay? to download?
21:42:02 Sheila: hmmm
21:42:09 Sheila: bye!