SEEDLINGS Season 3 It's a Wrap!

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Shout out to connect2Jamie from Texas! She joined us live with her family for the last show of the season. At the end of the show jamie said, wow, there are so many links! Yes, we hope the links keep you busy through the summer break. See you for the next school season! Alice, Bob and Cheryl for Seedlings.

“Geek of the Week” Links for 2011-06-16

The Chat:

 19:29:36 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: I am so out of practice. Forgot to launch skype
 19:32:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to SEEDLINGS!
 19:35:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It's a Wrap!
 19:38:06 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 19:38:13 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: link for Hannah
 19:38:17 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Bob you are Quick!
 19:38:31 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: :)
 19:39:09 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: New View! Teen website, penpals.
 19:40:21 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 19:40:30 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: New View site!
 19:42:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jamie!!
 19:42:31 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: hello jamie!
 19:42:31 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Hi all!
 19:42:57 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jamie
 19:43:04 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: This is our show called It's a Wrap, the year in review and what we plan for summer.
 19:43:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Hi all! Had to be here for the last seedlings of the season!
 19:43:25 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jamie!
 19:43:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Thanks so much!
 19:43:57 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: oops! got booted out!
 19:44:02 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'm back!
 19:44:11 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Whew!
 19:44:15 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: :)
 19:44:25 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Had to be here for the last Seedlings of the season!
 19:44:39 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It has been a month! We are glad to be back.
 19:44:45 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: family says hi too heehee
 19:44:52 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Hello to the family.
 19:45:10 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: last few wks of school are always crazy
 19:45:34 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Oh, this has been a very busy time for us. All three different schedules!
 19:46:03 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: out of the mouths of babes!
 19:47:51 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: What a wonderful opportunity for Morgan!
 19:48:36 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: So glad they decided to let her go! Powerful.
 19:49:09 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Yes, they loved it.
 19:49:11 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: great story
 19:50:22 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, this has done so much for the other school,  as well as Morgan.
 19:51:52 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: very powerful. Sometimes hard to convince the adults that the kids have so much to share--that they know so much that is valuable to us!
 19:52:27 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Isn't that the truth.  Jamie
 19:52:35 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Agree Jamie.
 19:53:34 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I have a grp of 4th graders in a small tech club that want to go in to classes next year and teach other classes how to make a book review podcast. It was their idea, b/c they want other kids to do it too. So next year, that's what we're going to try to do.
 19:54:02 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, this is perfect. What do you use for podcasts?
 19:55:40 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: We use audacity. They're here on my library web site:
 19:55:52 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: excellent!
 19:55:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: That is great. Connect with Bob's tech club.
 19:57:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: That would be soooo cool! We have a lot of hoops to jump through w/ my district (no skype, blah blah blah) but I'm feeling like becoming the squeaky wheel. Tired of getting NO for an answer!
 19:57:35 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Like that--letters of interest
 19:57:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Good for you, start small like Cherrie MacInnes! from Brewer Maine.
 19:58:28 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I don't know Cherrie, I dont think. She's trying the squeaky wheel approach too? :)
 19:59:25 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: YES, she was a guest here and she started a state project where her 3rd graders talked to each state and found  a 3rd grade classroom.
 20:00:17 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Oh yes! I remember her. That WAS a great way to sneak the tech & collaboration in!
 20:00:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Wasn't it! She really started ground up!
 20:02:38 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'll bet your kids will love evaluating apps ea week!
 20:02:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: That would be fun.

 20:03:11 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:03:19 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:03:25 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: did these come through?
 20:03:28 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: beat ya, cheryl!
 20:03:29 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: lol
 20:03:35 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: yup!
 20:03:36 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: yes!!! you did
 20:04:58 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:05:33 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Ahh! Maine in October! Sounds GREAT! It was 105* here in Houston today. Blech!
 20:06:29 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:   Minecraft and Teachers teaching teachers
 20:06:40 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:07:45 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:07:47 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:09:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, it is 80 here today!
 20:09:17 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:09:49 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: ahhh...that's winter weather! LOL
 20:10:34 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'd take it too!
 20:11:24 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: What technology wants? Kevin Kelley
 20:12:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: That sounds like quite a read!
 20:12:21 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Need to look at it.
 20:12:32 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I listened to it first!!! Now I have the book to read.
 20:12:48 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Sounds like that may be a good way to do it!
 20:13:15 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: robot reader
 20:13:49 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:14:18 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Google Collaborative spaces!!! Join in.
 20:15:55 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:16:56 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: that is so funny Bob! I made a wiki page for myself to kind of focus my summer learning too!
 20:17:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: And to focus my projects for next year. Lots of changes coming to our library program.
 20:17:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It is good to write the plan and focus!
 20:18:59 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Mine is kind of a mess--it's really for me, but I don't mind of ppl look at it
 20:19:04 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:19:19 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: thank you for sharing that, jamie!
 20:19:29 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Sure!
 20:19:35 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, thanks for sharing, it doesn't have to be done, it is organic and crunchy as my teaching partner says!
 20:19:56 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Love that! My whole LIFE is organic and crunch!
 20:20:01 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: crunchy!
 20:22:15 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Isn't that great???!
 20:22:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I smile at that everyday.
 20:23:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'm gonna remember that phrase! It's brilliantly descriptive! :)
 20:23:35 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Shout out to my friend Beth Goodwin for that one!!
 20:23:52 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Beth is brilliant!
 20:24:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: She sure is! My hero.
 20:25:41 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: "it sits in front of you"--that's a good point.
 20:26:32 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: There are the doggies!
 20:28:07 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Father's Day Geek Gift Bag! Good idea!
 20:28:20 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: He is so smart!
 20:28:38 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: yes--all my Maine friends are!
 20:28:45 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:28:47 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Oh Cool!!!
 20:29:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:29:37 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: biblion looks fantastic!
 20:29:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:32:21 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Wow! That one looks like it really fits into what we all discuss here every week! Ppl need to learn to think! Sounds good. And 99cents! Wow!
 20:32:38 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:33:14 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:33:26 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:33:34 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:33:44 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:
 20:34:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: LOTS of links tonight!
 20:34:29 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: no kidding, jamie!!
 20:34:54 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:  
 20:35:44 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: voki classroom is a great idea!
 20:35:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:36:02 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:
 20:36:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:
 20:37:16 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Audioboo--very cool! I've heard of it, but never really looked closely. I will!
 20:37:29 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I really like Audioboo!
 20:37:48 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Thank all of you too! We will all miss you this summer!
 20:37:51 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: LOL
 20:38:02 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: we will miss you all!
 20:38:05 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Have a GREAT summer--rest and have big, big fun!
 20:38:09 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: can't wait to start up again!
 20:38:14 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It is a wrap!!!
 20:38:15 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: HAve a great summer
 20:38:20 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Bye all!
 20:38:42 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Have a great summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere!
 20:38:50 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'll see you all on Twitter!
 20:38:55 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: see you too!
 20:39:30 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Night all! Great Season 3!