Teachers Teaching Teachers #256 - Cooperative Catalyst

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The Cooperative Catalyst Vision and Mission:

Vision: Passionate educators challenge one another to propose sustainable solutions and structures for re-imagining schools and education, supporting one another to enact and refine the ideas.

Mission: To educate and push ALL community members to:
- Acknowledge, accept and embrace contemporary ways of self-directed learning both in and out of school,
- Ask new, reformative questions and
- Offer new, workable proposals for both formal and non-formal learning communities in lean fiscal times.

20:29:52  Jamie Steckart: jeff do we need video?
20:33:40  mrsenorhill: Here's a link to the disruption department, a community group I was just describing on the hangout
20:34:02  mrsenorhill: http://thedisruptiondepartment.com/blog
20:38:16  Chris Sloan: I hear the audio. I'm getting a "Profile not found" message when I try to join the hangout.  For now, I'll just listen and chat here.
20:38:33  JL: jamie - video optional
20:40:28  JL: Chris - will google+ you link
20:42:57  SusanEttenheim: hi
20:43:34  SusanEttenheim: no audio
20:43:35  SusanEttenheim: ?
20:43:57  JL: are others getting audio?
20:44:05  SusanEttenheim: wow lot's of people in the video
20:44:09  SusanEttenheim: hi paul oh
20:44:13  SusanEttenheim: and christina
20:44:14  SusanEttenheim: :)
20:44:36  Chris Sloan: I've got audio
20:44:55  SusanEttenheim: what did you set it at chris?
20:45:19  SusanEttenheim: chris I don't see your video?
20:45:56  Chris Sloan: I meant the audio of Paul and Jeff right now. I just clicked the Icecast window to the left of this chat. I still can't join the hangout though.
20:46:51  Chris Sloan: Not being able to join the hangout.... I feel like such a social outcast
20:47:22  SusanEttenheim: When I click the ustream window, I hear the audio of the video ad/promotion then I hear nothing after that
20:47:28  SusanEttenheim: did that happen to you?
20:47:49  SusanEttenheim: got it!!
20:47:51  SusanEttenheim: I hear
20:47:55  SusanEttenheim: thanks chris
20:48:12  SusanEttenheim: chris what are you doing to get into the hangout?
20:48:44  SusanEttenheim: I have audio now but not into the hangout
20:48:52  SusanEttenheim: same here
20:48:55  Christina: Chris, I am in here. What is the problem?
20:49:02  Christina: Susan, they are looking for you too.
20:49:11  SusanEttenheim: hi jl
20:50:08  csansing: Hi there, folks!
20:50:27  JL: Susan, just skyped you a hangout link
20:50:42  Chris Sloan: Sounds like I need to install Google Voice, which I am doing now.
20:50:54  JL: http://google.com/talk
20:52:17  Jamie Steckart: can anyone hear me
20:53:11  csansing: Not yet, Jamie!
20:53:47  csansing: Hi, Paula! Join the Google Hangout?
20:54:13  paula: Trying--it keeps asking me to install the software, which I have done.
20:55:22  csansing: Including Google Talk?
20:55:50  paula: it's buzzing and whirring now--sounds like the jetsons! 
20:57:30  csansing: @paula - whoa. We're going to rotate through folks in the chat who aren't in the Hangout.
20:58:04  monika: hey guys
20:58:39  paula: connection to the server was lost. Hi, everyone!
20:58:48  monika: hi Paula
20:59:09  Chris Sloan: going to restart my computer now
20:59:17  Christina: hey Paul Allison
20:59:18  monika: she is in the chat
20:59:34  Christina: I need to meet with Christina, Elyse and Kate to prep for the retreat we're at
20:59:54  Mary Beth: hi Paula!
21:00:05  Christina: (this is Paul Oh chatting as [Christina])
21:00:11  Christina: Hi Paula!
21:00:19  Mary Beth: Hi Paul/Christina
21:00:26  JL: Susan, when you're in the hangout, try clicking 'settings'
21:00:29  Christina: Hey Mary Beth!
21:00:31  SusanEttenheim: ok I'm out
21:00:35  JL: second icon from the right
21:00:36  mrsenorhill: Hey all
21:00:37  SusanEttenheim: I'll listen and be in the chat
21:00:38  JL: change mic settings
21:01:07  SusanEttenheim: haha jl - remember I almost joined you last sun :)
21:02:11  Christina: this is Christina again ... watching on ustream ... just had an ad pop in, but otherwise sounds good.
21:02:42  JL: Yeah, not fond of those intrusive ads on Ustream, may switch to another streaming site soon
21:02:44  Paul Oh: I've shed my [Christina Cantrill] alter-ego
21:02:59  SusanEttenheim: sounds and looks great here
21:03:09  SusanEttenheim: after the ad of course :)
21:03:26  SusanEttenheim: Hi Kate - welcome
21:03:38  kate.blinn: Hi, thanks!
21:04:21  SusanEttenheim: Hi Jaime - welcome!
21:04:28  SusanEttenheim: can you all hear and see ok?
21:04:35  monika: yes
21:04:36  SusanEttenheim: hi Paul Oh!
21:04:39  SusanEttenheim: great
21:04:46  Jamie Steckart: yes i can hear
21:04:52  Paul Oh: hey Susan!
21:04:58  SusanEttenheim: What determines which video shows in the uStream?
21:05:07  paula: I'm here in the chat, not the hangout, and not really getting where I am supposed to be.  :-)  Mary Beth--in order, really?? LOL
21:05:18  monika: whoever is talking shows up
21:05:19  Paul Oh: hey paula
21:05:21  paula: And, David, we are blessed you joined us!
21:05:22  SusanEttenheim: Paula - are you at edtechtalk.com?
21:05:25  monika: unless you click on a person
21:05:29  Paul Oh: do you want me to try to invite you into the hangout?
21:05:29  SusanEttenheim: ahhh thanks monika
21:05:33  Mary Beth: Hah. Google + is finicky when tons of people talk at one time!
21:05:38  paula: I am at edtech talk
21:05:39  Jamie Steckart: Go Goddard!
21:05:47  Mary Beth: that was in response to you, Paula :)
21:05:50  SusanEttenheim: hi Fred!
21:05:56  Paul Oh: hey Fred!
21:06:00  SusanEttenheim: can you see paula?
21:06:04  paula: Paul, I can see who is in the hangout, but not participate...weird...
21:06:15  SusanEttenheim: Hi thomas welcome
21:06:15  Fred Haa: Hi Paul
21:06:33  SusanEttenheim: ahh I'm staying in the text chat myself
21:06:37  Paul Oh: that IS weird, Paula ... the interweb is a strange and mysterious place :)
21:06:40  SusanEttenheim: yes it certainly does!
21:06:49  paula: and you would know, MB!!  Thanks for always sharing your expertise!
21:07:06  SusanEttenheim: paula can you hear though?
21:07:25  monika: nice..
21:07:28  monika: thanks MB
21:07:35  paula: I can hear the edtech tlk room, NOT G+ hangout
21:07:39  Paul Oh: Mary Beth, you're awesome!
21:07:49  SusanEttenheim: ok so at least you can see and hear!
21:07:50  Mary Beth: thanks Paul & Monika :)
21:08:08  JL: If folks are interesed, we can do a Hangout troubleshooting post-show
21:08:15  paula: Yep, Susan, just will participate by chatting--with my typos and all
21:08:21  monika: that'd be cool
21:08:25  SusanEttenheim: haah me too paula
21:08:37  SusanEttenheim: hi chris!
21:08:42  Paul Oh: hey Chris Sloan!
21:08:48  SusanEttenheim: I'm staying in this chat - welcome!
21:09:08  Chris Sloan: Hello all. Nice group of people here tonight!
21:09:17  JL: When you join the hangout, make sure to turn the Ustream off
21:09:20  JL: or at least mute it
21:09:20  paula: and we welcome whatever you offer, Telio!
21:09:22  monika: that's Thomas
21:09:36  monika: yay
21:09:48  SusanEttenheim: ah yes that's the echo I hear
21:09:56  thomassteelemaley: Hi Monika, all
21:09:59  SusanEttenheim: but it's not awful
21:10:09  SusanEttenheim: chris did you get into the hangout?
21:10:10  Mary Beth: Someone's video is playing and messing up the video
21:10:21  SusanEttenheim: yes there is echo
21:10:38  JL: Thomas - had to mute you - was getting feedack. I suspect from the Ustream
21:10:49  paula: I LOVED John's post today--haven't had time to respond, but "I have a voice"  we should all post around that theme...
21:10:57  Mary Beth: I loved seeing how Gregory refurbished machines for his classroom!
21:10:58  monika: cool jets.. no?
21:11:02  Chris Sloan: @Susan. no, but I'll try again.  For now, just listening
21:11:04  paula: Local, grass roots--that's what we're all about.
21:11:26  telliowkuwp: Yes, I had some responses elsewhere to John's post.  Loved it 2
21:11:47  Paul Oh: @Paula I haven't had a chance to read John's post yet, but love the idea of teachers and their voice
21:11:48  paula: Gregory--we're all about "learning spaces" in our district--post pics of your classroom?
21:11:53  thomassteelemaley: Ok, I will focus on the chat, no video here....or audio
21:12:03  telliowkuwp: Greg's idea of coop as sounding board rings true for me
21:12:22  JL: Ustream is not working Thomas?
21:12:35  paula: sounding board is a crazy important piece, I agree.
21:12:47  thomassteelemaley: thats right
21:12:51  JL: We heard you when you entered the Hangout, but were getting feedback.
21:13:06  JL: If Ustream if off now (no audio), feel free to try and rejoin the hangout
21:13:19  thomassteelemaley: I may head to the hangout...yes
21:14:08  monika: based on trust
21:14:12  monika: huge energy in that
21:14:43  monika: or in the emails
21:15:16  monika: disruption is a positive word
21:15:29  paula: I may be in the hangout, but the sound is weird--can't understand--and I have my ustream turned off.
21:15:30  SusanEttenheim: whoever is typing - could you please mute while you type?
21:15:51  JL: try clicking 'settings' in hangout
21:15:55  JL: adjust speakers, perhaps?
21:16:34  SusanEttenheim: uh oh another ustream ad... hahaha
21:16:40  SusanEttenheim: oh they're fast!
21:16:42  SusanEttenheim: gone
21:17:56  Jamie Steckart: Whne I hear reform i think reform school, I prefer redesign
21:18:41  SusanEttenheim: hi peggy!
21:19:22  PeggyG: hi everyone. had login problems tonight. looks like you're using google hangout?
21:19:30  SusanEttenheim: yes !
21:19:37  PeggyG: Great to see all of you!
21:19:39  SusanEttenheim: Have you done it with jl yet?
21:19:58  SusanEttenheim: Is Thomas outside?
21:20:31  PeggyG: I was a lurker last night with the group :-) watched on ustream
21:20:47  SusanEttenheim: which group was hanging out last night peggy?
21:20:55  paula: can someone  twitter DM pammoran the links--she's tryingot join us and my tweetdeck has locked up.
21:21:07  PeggyG: jeff, paul, Monika, matt & others
21:21:22  SusanEttenheim: was it one of the edtechtalk shows?
21:21:38  SusanEttenheim: hi msestep welcome
21:21:39  PeggyG: just a spontaneous trial of hangout i think
21:22:16  MsEstep: Hi, Susan
21:22:17  Paul Oh: hey April!
21:22:23  MsEstep: Hey Poh!
21:22:27  PeggyG: paula-which link does pammoran need?
21:22:59  SusanEttenheim: ahh
21:23:11  SusanEttenheim: have you "hung out" yet peggy?
21:23:17  PeggyG: so funny to see the faces pop up with the slightest comment :_)
21:23:33  SusanEttenheim: yes it gets a bit frantic at moments :)
21:23:36  PeggyG: I've only observed several hangouts so far
21:23:40  SusanEttenheim: ahh
21:23:55  MsEstep: Are they using the hangout in G+?
21:24:11  PeggyG: i love seeing everyone's faces! :-)
21:24:13  jeff: good way for people to become visually aware of their background/typing noise
21:24:21  jeff: a new audio nag tool :)
21:24:23  PeggyG: yes-hangout in google +
21:24:27  SusanEttenheim: have you all seen this site? coopcatalyst.wordpress.com
21:24:54  SusanEttenheim: we have a typer now... :)
21:24:57  Jamie Steckart: I am pursuing an educational delivery mechanism that will allow the most freedom to teachers and students, right now in MN that tool is charters, but if they gives us something that has less red tape, I am on it in a heartbeat.
21:25:14  Mary Beth: Love that...Personal Action Network
21:25:19  SusanEttenheim: jamie - I used to live in St. Paul - where in MN are you?
21:25:22  Chris Sloan: I'm a little late to this. How did Chad, Paula, Aaron, and Adam get together in the beginning of this?
21:25:26  MsEstep: This is pretty cool :)
21:25:55  SusanEttenheim: uh oh I just lost the ustream
21:26:00  SusanEttenheim: did anyone else?
21:26:17  PeggyG: paula is talking but her image didn't pop up
21:26:31  SusanEttenheim: I have a black screen and a sad face
21:26:38  SusanEttenheim: guess I'll go out and come back in
21:26:42  PeggyG: I'm getting an ad now
21:26:44  MsEstep: I keep losing sound and the pic isn't changing
21:26:45  SusanEttenheim: did it happen to anyone else?
21:26:46  Jamie Steckart: the coop is thefree market of idea, like John Locke envisioned
21:26:48  MsEstep: oh, there it goes
21:26:57  SusanEttenheim: brb
21:27:06  PeggyG: show is back now for me
21:27:19  SusanEttenheim: ah I just got a message that my shockwave flash plugin crashed
21:28:26  SusanEttenheim: hi all - back!
21:28:32  MsEstep: wb!
21:28:38  PeggyG: I can't float the chat window tonight. Did the chat tool change?
21:28:42  SusanEttenheim: funny to see the ad and hear the conversation
21:28:54  SusanEttenheim: I'm not able to float the chat either Peggy
21:29:10  paula: got kicked out of the hangout.  my connection stinks--next time, I'll be doing this from school.
21:29:10  paula: my connection stinks tonight, apparently--I am losing sound and the pic doens't move either.
21:29:14  PeggyG: makes it impossible to drag a url into the chat
21:29:26  SusanEttenheim: yup I typed it in before
21:29:31  PeggyG: sorry paula
21:30:09  PeggyG: the chat is really wonky tonight-types caps when i don't and removes them when i type them
21:30:35  jeff: I'm really not liking this addon chat room any more. Thinking it is time to leave this behind , but haven't found great alternatives. Been using Meebo on some sites.
21:30:51  Jamie Steckart: homeschoolers rule!
21:30:59  PeggyG: i've never had this many problems with the chat
21:31:17  Chris Sloan: @jeff. what do you want the chat to do that it doesn't do now
21:31:25  Jamie Steckart: unschoolers really rule!
21:31:32  SusanEttenheim: chris - paste into it
21:31:38  Chris Sloan: right
21:31:47  Chris Sloan: that's a big one
21:31:56  PeggyG: and be able to copy/paste chat to save it
21:32:00  Chris Sloan: @Jamie. say more about unschoolers
21:32:26  PeggyG: lisa nielsen has done some awesome writing about unschooling--also interviews
21:32:33  Jamie Steckart: Here is our blog: http://homegrownonsiskiwit.blogspot.com/?zx=ae5b72aba2fe3331
21:32:57  Jamie Steckart: I run a public school but my children are unschooled.
21:33:23  Jamie Steckart: John Holt Freedom from Schools
21:33:24  SusanEttenheim: that's interesting because we always say students are more thoughtful when they know others are reading it and now we see it here :)
21:33:46  PeggyG: every time you have to refresh the stream (stalled) a new ad comes up. ;-(
21:34:01  SusanEttenheim: yes at least they are short ads :)
21:34:07  SusanEttenheim: who is this speaking?
21:34:16  SusanEttenheim: where do you teach?
21:34:48  PeggyG: last message i typed didn't come up while the ad was playing
21:34:49  Chris Sloan: thanks for the resources Jamie
21:34:54  SusanEttenheim: who was it who was teaching 3 yrs?
21:34:57  Jamie Steckart: How do you fight the seven lesson school teacher http://www.newciv.org/whole/schoolteacher.txt
21:35:01  Mary Beth: @Susan Chad Sansing (@chadsansing)
21:35:03  monika: gregory hill
21:35:05  Chris Sloan: weird but I'm not getting any ads
21:35:07  jeff: @Chris - I want it to be lighter, more cross-platform friendly, and a lot easier to paste links inot
21:35:08  monika: in st louis
21:35:09  jeff: into
21:35:12  Jamie Steckart: We can start another school chad
21:35:13  SusanEttenheim: before chad
21:35:14  Mary Beth: oh wait, that was Greg
21:35:34  jeff: Considering IRC possibilities, but would want to set up automatic logging and moderation
21:35:48  Jamie Steckart: We are looking at starting three new schools next year.  Looking for some Goddard Grads to fill the staff positions
21:35:53  PeggyG: everything froze up for me AND I had to refresh the page. now the ad again...
21:36:03  SusanEttenheim: ah Greg I'm wondering what happens at your school in terms of any mentoring for new teachers?
21:36:04  paula: paul oh
21:36:33  Chris Sloan: I lost audio. anybody else?
21:36:35  PeggyG: when you record the stream does it include the ads?
21:36:40  Jamie Steckart: New Teachers at www.nwphsorg team teach for an entire year with a veteran teacher.
21:36:53  PeggyG: yes me too chris--just froze up
21:36:54  jeff: no (ads in recording)
21:37:04  csansing: Y'all rock - dive into the video hangout if able!
21:37:04  PeggyG: thanks jeff-that's good
21:37:12  Jamie Steckart: You should look at teacher run schools at EdVisions.com
21:37:13  monika: rhizomatic
21:37:16  paula: yep, lost the audio
21:37:34  jeff: recording will also have higher video quality - using screencast-o-matic which does better than Ustream recording
21:37:34  Jamie Steckart: Teachers as owners
21:37:51  PeggyG: wish names would appear when people are speaking ;-)
21:38:08  paula: Peggy, I agree
21:38:23  Chris Sloan: more interesting links Jamie
21:38:25  PeggyG: are you doing that jeff? that's great!
21:38:25  monika: in live chat they do
21:38:35  Mary Beth: That was me :)
21:38:41  jeff: The ETT elf is here to serve
21:38:45  PeggyG: do the names just appear on the bottom of the hangout windoW?
21:38:57  jeff: if you mouse over,yes
21:38:58  Chris Sloan: @Jaime. I appreciate the links your providing, I mean.
21:39:04  paula: when we began we agreed to post on a common theme each week. Now it's agreed in the google groups
21:39:04  PeggyG: you're thE BEST!
21:39:51  SusanEttenheim: hey chris
21:39:56  jeff: except when people backchannel in the hangout, messes up name display and adds bings to the audio
21:39:56  PeggyG: that's a great way to do it with a common theme each week
21:40:08  Mary Beth: we did also have a long discussion about organizing by blog topic
21:40:12  PeggyG: that's funny1
21:40:15  Chris Sloan: who comes up with the themes
21:40:22  SusanEttenheim: ah is that where the bings are coming from!
21:40:28  paula: anyone comes up with themes to suggest
21:41:05  jeff: and when people enter or exit
21:41:12  SusanEttenheim: hi val welcome!
21:41:13  paula: we're right now trying to get folks to support the SOSMarch with the hashtag #bloggermarch
21:41:21  jeff: wish is as possible to mute them, but don't think it's an option yet
21:42:06  SusanEttenheim: hi andrea welcome!
21:42:08  Chris Sloan: hi andrea Z
21:42:09  paula: the organic piece is part of what makes it so powerful
21:42:15  Andrea Z: Thanks Susan! Hi Chris!
21:42:22  csansing: Terry made a great post about emergence in the video chat - how has your work and our work led to emergent discoversies and acts?
21:42:24  Andrea Z: Sorry I'm late: I was doing school things :)
21:42:32  Chris Sloan: it makes sense that the process is organic, given the conversation so far
21:42:36  Jamie Steckart: I am really looking forward to see a theme on how we can develop personal learning plans for all students
21:43:01  Chris Sloan: personal learning plans for all students?
21:43:13  Paul Oh: Need to go to do some planning! Good night, all.
21:43:18  Chris Sloan: bye Paul
21:43:22  csansing: Later, @poh!
21:43:22  SusanEttenheim: night paul oh!
21:43:26  PeggyG: this is a fascinating model! so glad you're sharing it
21:43:31  paula: Hi, Andrea!  Great question, Chad!
21:43:44  SusanEttenheim: chris I wonder what the relationship will be between personal learning plans and eportfolios
21:44:00  paula: will the hangout chat be archived?  Only those in it can see it.
21:44:07  SusanEttenheim: will be good when eportfolios stop being just a traditional replacement and really something new and exciting
21:44:13  csansing: Love it - "The tags were outta control!"
21:44:21  jeff: If it's OK with participants will be glad to post
21:44:28  SusanEttenheim: no paula - I can see it
21:44:32  csansing: @jeff, please do!
21:44:46  Andrea Z: Ahh: the tag issue. Always a problem with the collaborative blogging. At gradhacker we use categories.
21:44:50  Chris Sloan: @Chad. sounds like a collaborative necessity.
21:44:52  PeggyG: we can only see the posts in the ETt chat
21:45:09  monika: philosophical meanderings
21:45:24  PeggyG: common tags are very helpful
21:45:26  Jamie Steckart: @Chris we use ProjectFoundry to develop PLP for every kid
21:45:38  SusanEttenheim: what's that chris?
21:45:39  paula: susan, where do you see it?
21:45:53  csansing: @Chris - indeed.
21:45:53  SusanEttenheim: oh I meant right now in the ustream window
21:46:10  paula: there's a separate chat happening in the hangout.
21:46:27  SusanEttenheim: ah I see what you mean - I don't see that
21:46:30  Andrea Z: I really want to be in the hangout....I'm in love with hangouts.
21:46:44  Chris Sloan: @Jaime. where's your blog again?
21:46:50  monika: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/6cfa653c70d88c354dc393881fa8c2a20...
21:46:53  csansing: @johntspencer's post today was a great illustration of how to flip powerlessness into authority.
21:46:55  Mary Beth: Guess I need to go read John's post ASAP!
21:47:05  mrsenorhill: indeed
21:47:18  paula: Chad's description of John's post is AWESOME!
21:47:20  csansing: @MaryBeth - I have a ticker in my classroom that just streams the Coöp.
21:47:25  mrsenorhill: I'm trying to
21:47:27  mrsenorhill: won't let me post
21:47:53  csansing: @paula, come talk about #bloggermarch?
21:47:56  Mary Beth: @Chad nice. I have Intergrated Gmail. Trying to keep up!
21:48:18  monika: paula is on her way
21:48:18  thomassteelemaley: @Jamie @Susan working on design for networked ePortfolios using Blogger for the Kornerstone School, Project Foundry for PLPs, Wiki for collaboration....Project Foundry will be in Google Apps/Winter much potential for mash-up
21:48:32  SusanEttenheim: coopcatalyst.wordpress.com/author/bookchoice
21:48:37  mrsenorhill: coopcatalyst.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/i-have-a-voice-but-what-can-i-do
21:48:43  Chris Sloan: like to hear more about that Thomas
21:48:52  Andrea Z: Now I'm hanging out, too!
21:48:54  paula: can't get in the hangout again.  Sorry, Chad.
21:49:26  SusanEttenheim: thomas is there a link?
21:49:30  SusanEttenheim: that we could see?
21:49:36  mrsenorhill: saveourschoolsmarch.org
21:49:41  thomassteelemaley: Chris will you be at the Project Foundry Un conf next week by chance?
21:50:09  Andrea Z: BLOGGER MARCH!
21:50:22  Chris Sloan: This is the first I've heard of Project Foundry. So no, I won't be there.
21:50:33  csansing: @Andrea #bloggermarch onward!
21:51:05  Jamie Steckart: PFUNC is at our school this year NWPHS.org her is the link http://pblhq.eventbee.com/event?eid=831207223
21:51:07  Andrea Z: In Michigan, there is no tenure protection for teachers now, but my 3 yos can legally hunt in rifle season. I wish I could march. #bloggermarch is on!
21:51:37  SusanEttenheim: thomas you're in MN?
21:52:40  thomassteelemaley: Getting the link, sorry susan
21:52:46  Andrea Z: Google kicked me off the server :(
21:53:01  SusanEttenheim: jamie that takes me to the unconference link
21:53:08  telliowkuwp: Blogger march is a fine term
21:53:14  mrsenorhill: I like it too
21:53:15  thomassteelemaley: No, Im in Maine, work for schools in Wi soon MN
21:53:26  csansing: Losing Paula's audio intermittently.
21:53:26  Andrea Z: I borked it haha! True to form
21:53:33  SusanEttenheim: ahh
21:53:41  monika: Jeff do you hear that.. that's the binging
21:53:45  Jamie Steckart: @ Susan yes the link is for the unconference.  www.nwphs.org is our school www.projectfoundry.org
21:54:23  Andrea Z: OOOh: what WILL my sign say?
21:54:44  Jamie Steckart: Kids Are Not Dollar Signs
21:54:49  Andrea Z: i want to say something about students not being a product
21:54:56  SusanEttenheim: great site jamie
21:55:00  Andrea Z: Business models of ed are bunk
21:55:45  Jamie Steckart: Teaching is a craft, much like art, or guilds, it relies on mentors, community parents and kids' passion
21:56:39  Jamie Steckart: Lets redo an oldie but goodie: Don't Tread on Me
21:57:11  Jamie Steckart: We need to send the # to all of our legislators
21:57:24  Mary Beth: You can use the hashtag #bloggermarch or send one to [email protected] if you have ideas to post
21:58:07  Jamie Steckart: Growth models suck!
21:58:26  csansing: Go, @Andrea!
21:58:31  Jamie Steckart: Kids are not a crop to be harvested
21:58:45  csansing: Jamie, you should share the link to the growth ring post.
21:58:53  Jamie Steckart: We need to strap up and build allies
21:59:47  thomassteelemaley: @Susan sorry for the stretch there Info on Kornerstone http://bit.ly/p4XF94
21:59:50  Andrea Z: haha, @csansing, I get on a roll....
22:00:01  Jamie Steckart: http://coopcatalyst.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/magical-forests-growth-mode... my post about growth models
22:00:05  SusanEttenheim: cool thanks thomas
22:00:24  mrsenorhill: we need a coop for kiddos
22:00:25  Jamie Steckart: @thomas, are you working with Mike McCabe
22:00:28  mrsenorhill: le petit coop
22:00:36  mrsenorhill: lepetitcoop.wordpress.com
22:00:38  mrsenorhill: cmon
22:00:39  mrsenorhill: do it
22:00:45  SusanEttenheim: thomas - says I have insufficient priviledgess to see the site?
22:01:07  Jamie Steckart: Sucking the bone marrow out of life is what is common at the coop
22:01:49  thomassteelemaley: @ Susan Here is the Home URL: http://kornerstoneschool.org
22:01:52  csansing: Jamie, this is gold. You are on the video chat next time ;)
22:02:15  Jamie Steckart: Is mccabe in the chat
22:02:28  SusanEttenheim: great thomas
22:02:28  paula: no, jamie
22:02:38  Jamie Steckart: Kornerstone is going to rock next year
22:02:54  Jamie Steckart: Thomas are you coming to PFUNC?
22:03:01  SusanEttenheim: jamie are you a 1:1 school?
22:03:10  thomassteelemaley: Yes, Jamie
22:03:40  thomassteelemaley: @Susan try the other link again after a refresh
22:03:55  paula: Has to happen for all kids.  I talk to my kids, too, adn encourage them to share their voice on blogs and in conversations as well.
22:04:01  Jamie Steckart: It is more complicated than 1:1.  Students design in the morning, staff design in afternoon.  Field studies. 40 expeditions every year
22:04:04  SusanEttenheim: yup works now!
22:04:27  thomassteelemaley: @jamie, Michael is not here
22:04:34  SusanEttenheim: when students are designing do they each have a laptop? Do they take them home?
22:04:38  Jamie Steckart: Sitting a building is not our model
22:04:39  Chris Sloan: Do any of you work at Project Foundry?
22:04:42  paula: my kids have made wikis, too, to share what they'd like school to be.
22:04:44  csansing: Check out Kirsten's latest post about joy in learning on Pedagogies of Abundance.
22:04:45  SusanEttenheim: how many studnets?
22:04:54  csansing: Yes, Terry - thank you for saying this!
22:04:59  Jamie Steckart: http://fieldnotes.nwphs.org our student blog
22:05:09  paula: freaking ad interrupted the talk....
22:05:29  Jamie Steckart: 200 kids
22:05:39  SusanEttenheim: and that's 9-12
22:05:45  SusanEttenheim: ?
22:05:53  Jamie Steckart: yes  each staff is responsible for 15 students
22:05:56  thomassteelemaley: @Jamie, I love your fieldnotes site
22:05:57  SusanEttenheim: cool
22:05:58  Jamie Steckart: per day
22:06:00  paula: Paul and Chad, thanks for moderating and facilitating.
22:06:14  Jamie Steckart: iPads in the field
22:06:22  jeff: I'll keep streaming and 'hanging out' after the show if people are interested in troubleshooting/playing with G+
22:06:28  monika: bravo guys.. thanks..
22:06:31  SusanEttenheim: is all hardware communal?
22:06:36  Jamie Steckart: Yes
22:06:40  monika: thank you Jeff
22:06:40  SusanEttenheim: yeah jeff!
22:06:45  csansing: Thank you all!
22:06:47  Jamie Steckart: Thanks
22:06:48  paula: Thanks, Jeff!
22:06:55  SusanEttenheim: I'm an audio gurl
22:06:56  paula: and thanks, Susan!!
22:06:56  Mary Beth: thanks everyone!
22:07:00  thomassteelemaley: Thanks
22:07:02  SusanEttenheim: Thanks everyone
22:07:03  telliowkuwp: Thanks guys one and all
22:07:04  Jamie Steckart: bye
22:07:06  SusanEttenheim: goodnight
22:07:12  paula: good night, all!
22:07:28  mrsenorhill: THanks jeff!
22:07:32  Jamie Steckart: how do i get into the hangout
22:07:32  mrsenorhill: and thanks everyone for participating
22:09:03  paulallison: Thanks!!!
22:09:10  monika: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/6cfa653c70d88c354dc393881fa8c2a20...
22:09:25  Jamie Steckart: it still wont let me in
22:13:22  Jamie Steckart: Should I be able to just be able to click the link and it should work?
22:13:48  jeff: as long as you have google talk plugin installed
22:13:50  jeff: yes
22:14:05  jeff: http://google.com/talk