2011-12-12 SEEDlings with Homa Tavangar

Post-Show description: 

The author of Growing Up Global, Homa really wowed us in this last live broadcast of 2011.

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be at Home in the World

Growing Up Global Website

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 bobsprankle ->   howdy

 cheryloakes50 ->   getting ready!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Yahoo!

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Here we are !

 connect2jamie ->   Hi all!

 bobsprankle ->   hi jamie!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Hello Jamie, welcome can you hear Homo, growingupglobal

 cheryloakes50 ->   sorry, Homa,

 bobsprankle ->   can you hear us, jamie?

 connect2jamie ->   I can hear you and Lisa talking about twitter!

 bobsprankle ->   uh oh

 connect2jamie ->   lost her ipad!

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Uh oh

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Cheryl, you need help?

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, that might not be our show. alice mentioned twitter, but you should hear Bob, Alice, and I with Homa?

 connect2jamie ->   LOL!

 cheryloakes50 ->   I will say hi to you LIVE,

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Oh maybe that was me with the iPad...

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I was asking Bob about it

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok

 bobsprankle ->   hmm... i think it's another show...

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa is discussing global education and 9-11

 connect2jamie ->   Am I in the wrong room? I'm listening to ustream

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, try edtechtalk and the EdTechTAlkA sound

 connect2jamie ->   I hear Lisa and Maria Knee, but i don't see them in the chat, so I think I'm messed up. Al my peeps are streeaming at once, but not together! LOL!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Look for the Edtechtalk A, stream status and window media or itunes or real playr

 cheryloakes50 ->   But Lisa and Maria have a great show too!

 bobsprankle ->   hi peggy!

 Peggy George ->   Hi all-so sorry I'm late--lots of last minute prep for the K12 online Conference Afterglow right after your show.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Can you hear us OK?

 bobsprankle ->   yes! we're going to talk about that!

 Peggy George ->   hearing great!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Hello Peggy, welcome, we are here with Homa tonight an d then promoting K12online Afterglow it is in the show notes

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Great! 

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   K-12 Online ROCKED this year :)

 cheryloakes50 ->   It is on the back burner for me, I am writing IEPS in my spare time

 Peggy George ->   it really has been an awesome conference!

 Peggy George ->   do you have a link for our guest?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   www.growingupglobal.net

 cheryloakes50 ->   alice wins

 Peggy George ->   thanks :-)

 Peggy George ->   I don't have a passport either--never have had one in my entire life!

 Peggy George ->   I do my traveling online :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->   Oh, we 4 out of 5 of us have passports. I am going to get the wallet version.

 Peggy George ->   that's really funny Bob!!! Just a hop, skip and jump to Canada!

 Peggy George ->   I was hoping you'd explain the wallet version :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->   Peggy, you are funny. I want the wallet version so I can just decide to go to Canada.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Peggy but aren't you close to Mexico?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   You may just need that wallet version!

 Peggy George ->   yes I'm fairly close to Mexico--about 4 hours away

 cheryloakes50 ->   right alice

 Peggy George ->   haven't been to Mexico since late 1950's :-) didn't need a passport then

 cheryloakes50 ->   Interesting, same kind of thing with Canada, too.

 Peggy George ->   do your students really understand the importance of going global?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I grew up going to Canada all the time (Buffalo) now we need passport and it takes forever to go back and forth

 Peggy George ->   when did the passport requirement come about?

 cheryloakes50 ->   What a great idea for your high school to have a chinese teacher from China.

 Peggy George ->   My sister in law got to participate in an exchange with China when she was a principal and said it was such an incredible experience

 cheryloakes50 ->   Peggy, where was she located.

 Peggy George ->   that's really exciting Alice!

 Peggy George ->   I wish I could remember Cheryl--some kind of sister city project and then came to visit her school too

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Peggy it has such an impact on our school. in a good way!

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, sister city projects are so comprehensive.

 Peggy George ->   that's what she said about the impact on her school

 Peggy George ->   has she talked about her parenting toolbox yet?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   no...

 cheryloakes50 ->   ef.com/us-home

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.ef.com/us-home/

 Peggy George ->   I have never hosted an exchange student. Have any of you?

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://growingupglobal.net/page.php?id=16   Some of Homa's great ideas.

 Peggy George ->   those are great ideas!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   I love the toolkit idea, it makes it personal!

 Peggy George ->   how do you help students learn about other cultures without creating stereotypes?

 Peggy George ->   I saw that term about the parenting toolbox on her home page

 Peggy George ->   the book really is the toolbox :-)

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Every school should have this toolbox book!

 Peggy George ->   it sounds so wonderful!

 cheryloakes50 ->   agreed

 Peggy George ->   http://www.growingupglobal.net/blog/?p=531

 Peggy George ->   found it :-)

 Peggy George ->   that's an amazing idea for Thanksgiving

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I tried putting the link in and keep getting booted out of the chat room.

 Peggy George ->   http://abcnews.go.com/millionmomschallenge

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Did you get the link Peggy?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   OK

 Peggy George ->   yes found it

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I will not be doing Geek of the week :(

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Cant get the links in

 bobsprankle ->   i got it

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok alice

 Peggy George ->   this is the first time I've been able to drop links in our chat in forever!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Go Peggy!

 Peggy George ->   I have not been able to float the chat for months! Today I could do it in Chrome

 Peggy George ->   but I've tried before in Chrome and couldn't do it

 cheryloakes50 ->   me too, chrome is working well for me.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I forgot about floating.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Thanks for the reminder

 Peggy George ->   I'm going to have to leave you to get the room ready for the K12 Online Afterglow. I'm so glad I got to meet Homa! What an amazing lady!! See you next time.

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok, thanks Peggy for stopping by, good luck with Afterglow!!

 Peggy George ->   thanks :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->   globaleducation.ning.com

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa is sharing global education conference!! Archived, listen away!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   FREE!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZSJDQTK1cM

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa's next geek of the week

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   http://powerof1.yarmouthschools.org/

 cheryloakes50 ->   powerof1.yarmouthschools.org   Alice's

 cheryloakes50 ->   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jcCMQUuzTPoRvpzc_NF5Jj5AhsiHQ7W698w3...

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jcCMQUuzTPoRvpzc_NF5Jj5AhsiHQ7W698w3...

 bobsprankle ->   http://todo.ly/

 cheryloakes50 ->   todo.ly    a task list, with a count down feature!!  and a great alternative for QR codes!  http://qrvoice.net/faq_en-US.html

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.thestateoftech.org/

 bobsprankle ->   https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mfllcofeninepmljbfgbhjfpfhkcndlh

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.ohiotreasurechest.org/

 bobsprankle ->   http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_gaming_can_make_a_better_world.html

 bobsprankle ->   http://girleffect.org/

 bobsprankle ->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l5qkcIT5NE

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://a4cwsn.com/

 cheryloakes50 ->   Thanks for listening!!