TTT#300 with Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Jeff Lebow, Chad Sansing, Andrea Zellner, Fred Haas, Paul Oh, Robin Sowder, Teb Locke 05.30.12

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THANK YOU for all of the support and good wishes upon TTT#300.

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Here's Paul Oh's description of our work: Teachers Teaching Teachers Achieves 300th Broadcast Milestone
One-minute teaser (entire video below):
We started our celebration with a look at a couple of the philosophical touchstones for TTT, mainly World Bridges and the National Writing Project. Jeff Lebow (WB) and Elyse Eidman-Aadahl (NWP) helped us with these starting points. 
Here is Paul skyping in to EdTechTalk#40 (pre-Webcast Academy Launch) asking "Why do it live?
Here's more about World Bridges from Curt Bonk in 2007
More on Worldbridges:
The goals of Worldbridges are relatively simple and straightforward, as follows, “Our primary goal is to foster understanding and cooperation amongst the citizens of the world. We value civility and respect, open source collaboration, fair distribution of income, and a sense of world identity.” As part of these efforts, Worldbridges seeks to foster positive systemic changes in areas such as education, the environment, and politics. It also supports reliable and fair commerce. And it promotes a “people’s forum” for more civilized discussion of problems, issues, and conflicts that pose significant challenges in united the people of this planet. Values supported by the Worldbridges organization include respect and civility, fair distribution of income, world identity, and open source collaboration.
Jeff Lebow began experimenting with Worldbridges ideas (initially called “World Explorer”) when starting his master’s program in Training and Learning Technologies at the University of New Mexico in 1993 after a year of teaching English in Thailand (Worldbridges, 2007). At that time, Lebow became excited at the possibilities of the convergence of intercultural interaction and collaborative and interactive online technologies. After completing his masters, he returned to Asia—this time Pusan, Korea—where he taught English as a university and began to experiment with online audio and video, which included covering the Nagano Olympics in 1998. After burning out on all his activities and attempting to envision and build a webcasting network his life took a turn, or as he puts it, “I decided to quit my job, shave my head, and go to India for a while to contemplate the next chapter, for me personally and for Worldbridges. After some quality offline time, I decided to give Worldbridges a shot.” In Lebow’s vision for Worldbridges, he sought for it to become a means for using Internet technology for a global webcasting network of people. And it has!
And here's a paragraph about the National Writing Project's core philosophy by Art Peterson in 2004
The National Writing Project's core philosophy, "teachers teaching teachers," is perhaps most directly expressed in the invitational summer institute's teacher demonstrations. NWP founder Jim Gray writes in Teachers at the Center, his memoir of the writing project beginnings, "The most successful demonstrations communicate not only what the teacher does but also why the teacher thinks this particular practice works. The emphasis upon the why as well as the what is important: it provides a theoretical underpinning and it accents a considered approach to writing beyond mere gimmickry" (143). According to Gray, this demonstration serves as a "trial run" for the workshops future teacher-consultants will present during inservice work in the schools, but it is intended to be much more than a simple demonstration of a strategy or technique. It is intended to be a significant "genre" for the circulation of knowledge about practice.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

Paul Allison: Hi Jeff - Thought I'd ask you to talk a bit about the roots of World Bridges to kick things off.
20:53Jeff: Roger that. Will join hangout in two mins.
20:56Chad: Howdy, Folks -
20:58Jeff: Hello Chad
21:00Andrea Z: It's been a while since I've been on the Ed Tech Talk website instead of Hangouts: Etherpad replaced the chat? How cool!
21:00Chris Sloan: It works better
21:01Andrea Z: What a great idea. And congrats to everyone on the big 3-0-0!
21:02Robin S: It has been a long time since joining.
21:03Paul Allison: Anybody want to join us in the Hangout?
21:03Chris Sloan: we're almost ready
21:03Paul Allison: There's a link at the top of the pad.
21:04Paul Allison: Welcome all. We're about to get started.
21:04Chad: Woot. 300!
21:05Paul Allison:
21:05Robin S: haven't done the voice and video meetings, so I'm downloading the google stuff.
21:05Paul Allison: cool...
21:06Paul Allison: Chad are you going to join us?
21:12Paul Oh: Hey everyone!
21:14Chad: I am waiting to roast you, Paul Allison.
21:14Chris Sloan: Joining us in the hangout Paul Oh?
21:14Paul Oh: Is there room?
21:16Chris Sloan: yes paul
21:16Paul Oh: awesome ... will be there in a sec, then
21:26Paul Allison:
21:26Paul Allison: Join us if you would like.
21:27Jeff: Is this from that fateful day in WV?
21:28Jeff: ah, that was in Pittsburgh
21:29unnamed: hey guys...
21:30Chris Sloan: Teb, there's room for one more in the hangout
21:33unnamed: hello all
21:35Scott Shelhart: <clap>
21:37Jeff: To join the hangout, go to:
21:38Jeff: Favorite TTT Memories?
21:39monika: : )
21:39Jeff: If you're not breaking something, you're not trying hard enough :)
21:40Scott Shelhart: COngrats on the milestone.
21:40Chris Sloan: room for one more in the hangout
21:40Fred Haas: hey monika ... i'm going to jump off so you can join the hangout (or someone else can)
21:41Chad: Jeff, yes - I'm super curious about early highlights and favorites and memories.
21:41paul oh: (actually, that wasn't fred haas - that was paul oh)
21:41monika: yes - i am too - so am happy to stay here
21:42Gail Desler: Hello Paul Oh:-)
21:42Andrea Z: I am alone with the kids and one is having trouble sleeping. So I'm going to hang out here, too since I keep having to pop out.
21:42paul oh: hey Gail!
21:42paul oh: hi Andrea!
21:42paul oh: Gail, i just jumped off - you should join the hangout
21:43Andrea Z: Hi FRiENDS :)
21:43Gail Desler: Hi Andrea
21:43paul oh: :)
21:43monika: ginormously
21:43paul oh: say more, monika
21:43monika: i like seeing people
21:43Gail Desler: I love that you're recording sessions
21:44Andrea Z: Yes, Gail, JOIN!!
21:44Chad: I have crazy pinging going on - apologies if I sound disjointed.
21:44monika: is there a cake with 300 candles that i missed
21:45Gail Desler: No, I'm on my old laptop, which seems to always poop out on Google Hangout
21:45Andrea Z: Oh I love Kelsey! So glad she's here.
21:46Gail Desler: String games was a blast
21:47Chad: Just gonna watch & chat - audio and video seem to be competing with one another.
21:47Chad: Congratulations, again, to the TTT crew!
21:48Gail Desler: One of the benefits of TTT are the awesome ideas for taking student voices beyond the walls of the classroom
21:48monika: who's 3 in from the left
21:49paul oh: that's fred haas
21:50monika: k. thanks.
21:51Gail Desler: iPads at high school level - any limitations?
21:53paul oh: the critical element to me, Gail, is if the ipads are used as tools of creation as well as tools of consumption
21:53Gail Desler: Absolutely, Paul. But I want an iPad;-)
21:53monika: a lot of people geeked out on that
21:54paul oh: by the way, i meant to say when i was in the hangout that paul a. is one of my heroes
21:54Gail Desler: @ monka "that"?
21:54paul oh: i still remember watching one of his first v-casts which he shot with a headcam during one of his runs
21:55Gail Desler: Paul is one of my heroes too - and a major mentor
21:55paul oh: it was brilliant/crazy, and pushed boundaries, as usual with paul a.
21:55monika: i think people liked the augmented reality @Gail
21:56Gail Desler: brilliant/crazy - good summary
21:56Gail Desler: Kelsey, having a student voice in TTT is wonderful
21:56Andrea Z: BTR: HUGE fan here :)
21:57Gail Desler: Kelsey, how the heck are doing that - all the faces?
21:58Andrea Z: @Gail: it's part of Google hangouts. It's an app
21:59Gail Desler: Oh that's wild - a total selling point for Google hangouts!
21:59monika: that's what i keep hearing about Paul
21:59Andrea Z: I am known for donning them inappropriately during VERY IMPORTANT meetings. I can't stop myself.
21:59paul oh: @andrea - i can only imagine :)
22:00monika: faith with the audience
22:00Gail Desler: What an awesome role model your are, Andreaa
22:00monika: oooh.. yes to those
22:00Andrea Z: One can't take oneself too seriously, right?
22:02Valerie Burton: @Chris Good point. Paul thinks out loud and takes others on his journey
22:02Gail Desler: Hi Valerie
22:02Valerie Burton: Hey all.
22:03Gail Desler: @Valerie - my dog NOLA is by my side:-)
22:03Valerie Burton: Ahhh. Rowdy NOLA
22:03Valerie Burton: That was howdy in dog @Gail
22:04Gail Desler: @Valerie - oh that's a new one for me
22:06Andrea Z: Gotta go: great job everyone and congrats again! So proud to know all of you and lucky me to be here tonight. HUGS.
22:06Chris Sloan: thanks Andrea
22:06paul oh: bye, Andrea!
22:07Chris Sloan: Great idea for a show, Paul Oh
22:07paul oh: which idea was that, Chris?
22:07Chris Sloan: this one
22:08paul oh: ah, yes
22:09monika: bravo man
22:10paul oh: i love the idea of an episode on writing camps
22:10Valerie Burton: Clap Clap Clap Whistle Whistle Whistle
22:10Jeff: clap, clap, clap!
22:10Gail Desler: Bravo Paul!!!!
22:10paul oh: way to go, TTT team!!!!!
22:10Gail Desler: yes, here's to 300 more:-)
22:10Valerie Burton: Have a great week
22:10paul oh: at LEAST 300 more :)
22:10paul oh: night all!
22:10Gail Desler: night all
22:10Paul Allison: Thanks you all.
June 2
12:45JoseRodz: Hey.. TTT rocks!
12:47JoseRodz: Darn..looks like I missed the party