Parents as Partners Episode #52 September 24, 2012 Brainstorming Presenters and show ideas

Monday Night September 24, 2012 was the Opening show for the 2012-2013 season. Show hosts Lorna Costantini and Maria Fisk hosted a brainstorming session to gather ideas for the fall shows. @jeanninestamand @shannoninottawa @pgeorge @rggillespie @/DrThomasHo joined and shared some great ideas. 

They included: 

  • recall guests from the first few webcasts to check on progress and successes.
  • Host a school council meeting to model how to use BlackBoard Collaborate   and other webcasting software 
  • Share tech tools that people are using to connect with parents
  • cyclical issues throughout the school year such as parent-teacher conferences, report cards
  • food/treats/snacks during class parties and how to meet the needs of all student 

They also gave us a list of possible presenters and they will be announced shortly.

Please continue to share ideas for topics or presenters by completing the following form.

Click Read more to find the form and the chat from this episode of Parents as Parnters.







Chat log


Sep 24, 2012 4:02:03 PM - PARENTS AS PARTNERS 



00:03 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Howdy!  I can't stay for too long - Monday is swimming night this fall! 


00:17 - Peggy George 

not seeing it on your spreadsheet but it says 3 submissions 


00:25 - Peggy George 

Hi Shannon!! Great to see you!!! 


00:32 - Maria Fisk 1 

Hi Shannon! 


00:43 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Hi Maria, Peggy and Lorna! 


00:55 - Peggy George 

this is the link to the form:


01:04 - Peggy George 

great to be here with you :-) 


01:21 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Don't worry about it - I will just "chat' 


01:35 - Peggy George 

Hi Reed. Great to see you :-) 


02:27 - Lorna Costantini


02:37 - Lorna Costantini 

that is the link to the google foem 


02:40 - Lorna Costantini 



02:58 - Peggy George 

I think it's great you are continuing Parents as Partners because there aren't many webinars focusing on the school/parent partnership! 


03:01 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I'm on the google form right now 


03:25 - Peggy George


03:59 - Peggy George 

if we want to speak we can just click on the "Talk" button 


04:51 - Peggy George 

I would love to see some of your former guests return (like Aaron Puley, Joe Mazza, Eric Sheninger, etc.) 


04:58 - Peggy George 

Hi Jeannine :-) 


05:13 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Hi Everyone 


05:21 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

It is tough to get a time that works for everyone - the recordings are a super resource! 


05:24 - Maria Fisk 1 

Hi Everyon! 


05:40 - Maria Fisk 1 

Make that everyone :) 


05:46 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I wasn't thinking when I booked swimming lessons on Monday evenings! 


06:06 - Peggy George 

:-) Shannon! 


06:36 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I think it would be really cool to have a School Council meeting on the Parents as Partners as a model to how we can use something like blackboard or connect to host virtual meetings 


06:50 - Peggy George 

I discovered today that Lorna's parent engagement Livebinder has had 11727 views as of today 


07:07 - Peggy George 

that would be fun Shannon! 


07:34 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

yes - I wonder if there might be opportunities to talk about different perspectives on how this might work or be received 


07:37 - Peggy George 

and we could use Joe's model with ustream :-) 


07:53 - Peggy George 

streaming a Google Hangout is another great option 


08:19 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Hangouts are good, but there is a delay that might put some folks off - it is a bit "clunky" 


08:29 - Peggy George 

it's really easy to use Hangout and it automatically posts to youtube after the session 


08:34 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Sorry - no headset 


08:47 - Peggy George 

only 10 people can participate in the Hangout but unlimited can participate in the live stream 


08:56 - Jeannine St. Amand 

One of my kids stole mine ... need to get shopping. 


09:19 - Maria Fisk 1 

GoToMeeting has a monthly subscription fee, but it's not high, and easy to use for up to 24. 


10:06 - Jeannine St. Amand 

I would love to hear Trace perspective.  Sheila would be awesome too. 


10:09 - Peggy George 

I know why everything didn't show up on my form submission. it's there but you have to scroll down in each section to the bottom unless you align the text in the boxes to the top left 


10:24 - Peggy George 

I agree Jeannine! 


10:36 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

It might be fun to have someone talk about how they use livestreaming of events at the school - how is that received, do parents feel it is a valuable way to connect? 


11:00 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I was thinking of livestreaming public speaking events, or other events - it is one-way communication though 


11:00 - Peggy George 

Parents as Partners has free access to this Blackboard Collaborate site for all sessions 


11:34 - Peggy George 

that would be really cool @Shannon if you can get the permission from the participants to be streamed live on the internet 


12:35 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

would have to see how that would be received - will approach council 


12:48 - Peggy George 

does Joe have his parents sign release/permission forms for that? 


13:19 - Peggy George 

maybe he just informs them that it will be streamed live 


13:38 - Jeannine St. Amand 

I was also thinking that dedicating an evening to discussing tools might be useful.  Could do a google doc ahead of time collecting tools and then on the live show share how they've worked.  Seems there are ususally a few mentioned each session - I'd love to have a 'complete' list :) 


14:01 - Peggy George 

no such thing as a "complete list" @Jeannine :-) 


14:38 - Peggy George 

tools that support school/home communication? or tools that students are using in school? 


14:54 - Peggy George 

I think ZippSlip is awesome!!! 


15:02 - Peggy George 

That would make a fantastic session! 


15:23 - Peggy George 


Presenter: Matt Holley <[email protected]


15:31 - Peggy George 

Bring back Karen Bantuveris from VolunteerSpot to provide updates on new features 

[email protected] 


15:38 - Peggy George 



15:50 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Ha - I thought the ' ' would protect me :)  I think tools that are used for the home school connection - tools for communication and other connections. 


16:03 - Peggy George 

Hi Thomas!!! How great to see you here! :-) 


16:08 - Maria Fisk 1 

ParentSquare would be glad to chime in :) 


16:08 - Reed Gillespie 

Love the idea of zippslip and the like--so much time, money and trees wasted on the paper forms. Our system is moving towards electronic filling. 


16:37 - Peggy George 

Thomas is the person who helped me get my Blackboard Collaborate app working on my iPad :-) 


17:09 - Peggy George 

there has to be a session going I think--just for participants 


17:30 - Peggy George 

you wouldn't want to use it to moderate because it has too many limitations 


18:09 - @DrThomasHo 

I JUST remembered about the iPad app, but I'm already on my Windows laptop 


18:30 - Peggy George 

I would love to have Larry Ferlazzo as a guest presenter! Larry Ferlazzo, Parent Engagement Advice for Teachers based on his blog "The Best Sources of Parent Engagement Advice for Teachers"


19:09 - Maria Fisk 1 

Larry would be great. 


19:27 - Jeannine St. Amand 

I wanted to thank you for the earlier time slot (only 8 pm here in Atlantic Canada) I'm hoping that I can get some parents together some evening to participate with me ... they seem to like the idea of PasP but I haven't seen them show up in a chat room yet. 


19:46 - Peggy George 

even in these kinds of online sessions many people are reluctant to take the mic to speak but fairly comfortable typing in the chat 


20:40 - @DrThomasHo 

Greetings from Orlando, Florida 


20:53 - Peggy George 

yes a bit of lag Lorna because you are talking at the same time Maria is 


21:02 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

that may have been the echo because I didn't have a usb headset 


21:07 - Peggy George 

there are 3 mics open now 


21:11 - Maria Fisk 1 

A lag just started for me.... 


21:14 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I have to run - off to swimming, but will check recording later 


21:19 - Peggy George 

best to have one at a time :-) 


21:22 - Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 



21:28 - Peggy George 

thanks so much for coming Shannon! 


22:05 - Peggy George 

I'm sure it's a better time slot for the east coast :-) 


22:32 - Peggy George 

there are cyclical issues throughout the school year such as parent-teacher conferences 


23:00 - Maria Fisk 1 

Great idea - parent-teacher conferences! 


23:37 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Report Cards were a real hot topic for the home-school connection when I was presenting at LearnEast this summer. 


23:38 - Peggy George 

also food/treats/snacks during class parties and how to meet the needs of all students 


23:56 - Peggy George 

yes Jeannine!! report card alternatives too :-) 


24:30 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Exactly - we need alternatives, but almost harder to break the parent expectations on that one! 


24:36 - Peggy George 

for sure 


25:02 - Peggy George 

student-led parent conferences are so valuable but many parents don't understand the power 


26:24 - Lorna Costantini


27:12 - Peggy George 

that's similar to the idea I put on my form


27:32 - Peggy George 

something they're piloting in San Diego this year 


28:24 - Peggy George 

I love the really practical sessions with people sharing what they are doing in their schools to increase parent engagement 


28:42 - Peggy George 

how many sessions each month? 2 


28:52 - Peggy George 



29:08 - Peggy George 

I tweeted to it tonight and last night :-) 


29:17 - Jeannine St. Amand 

It would be interesting to revisit your first few webcasts too ... Would be nice to know if progress has been made. Most days I feel there is some momentum ... other days not so much ;) 


29:29 - Peggy George 

2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00pm ET??? 


29:40 - @DrThomasHo 

you can see my Twitter handle :-) 


29:43 - Peggy George 

love that idea Jeannine! 


30:02 - Peggy George 

that's a great way to sign into these sessions @DrThomasHo :-) 


30:26 - Peggy George 

Chris Wejr is fantastic! 


30:42 - Peggy George 


30:45 - Jeannine St. Amand 

I think a blog post for us to really push via twitter and facebook would be excellent - thank you all. 


30:53 - Jeannine St. Amand 

Perhaps :) 


30:54 - Peggy George 

yes Jeannine!!!! 


31:32 - Jeannine St. Amand 

I'll take the mic some night Lorna.  Yes - I'll send you the link 


31:38 - Peggy George 



31:47 - Maria Fisk 1 



31:55 - Jeannine St. Amand 



32:03 - Peggy George 

thanks for the jumpstart to this year Lorna and Maria!! 


32:08 - Peggy George 

see you in two weeks :-) 


32:36 - @DrThomasHo 

same time in 2 weeks? 


32:59 - Peggy George 

we'll have to watch for your tweet :-) 


33:12 - Peggy George 

sounds good 


33:20 - Peggy George 

good night all! 



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