TTT#323 - Reclaiming the public in public education (part#2)

Teachers Teaching Teachers #323
Reclaiming the public in public education (part#2)

November 14, 2012


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“People need to have the power to solve their own problems” - Kosta Grammatis
Kosta Grammatis believes if you provide a person with a mobile  device and access to the internet their learning space can be anywhere.  Support a person’s curiosity to question, reason and create within whatever space they are in and their learning can become anything.  Learners of the 21st century need these things: a space, a device, a  connection, a facilitator, a motive. Yet over 5 billion people on this  planet don't have internet access.
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Gregory Hill
11:00 AM
erika auger joined group chat.

monika hardy
11:14 AM
kosta grammatis

Gregory Hill
11:23 AM
+1 "following whimsy matters"
Gregory Hill
11:25 AM
Erika, you already understand something that most adults who start big organization that try to change education
listening is the first step
great job!

erika auger
11:25 AM
Thank you!

Cristian Buendia
11:32 AM
but there is people who enjoy sitting in class

Beth Sanders
11:32 AM
Cristian, do you think they enjoy sitting in class because they don't know different?

Cristian Buendia
11:33 AM
i dont know but i do think that there will be kids who will choose to be taught like regular school is right now

erika auger
11:34 AM
threre are people who enjoy that, but they don't know any different..
they proabably have not been exposed.

Gregory Hill
11:35 AM
wooo #sschat!!

monika hardy
11:41 AM
attachment and authenticity

Cristian Buendia
11:48 AM
I dont think 20 percent is enough..... but thats just me

monika hardy
11:49 AM
does he want to join us here?

Gregory Hill
11:55 AM
Erika 2024

11:55 AM
Auger 2036!

erika auger
11:56 AM
hopefully I can make a change somehow in education(:

Gregory Hill
11:57 AM
Already talking like a modest politician : )

Beth Sanders
12:00 PM

Gregory Hill
12:02 PM

Gregory Hill
12:05 PM







11:06Peggy George: Hi Monika and Jeff :-)
11:06Peggy George: looking forward to part 2 :-)
11:07Jeff: Hi Peggy
11:07Jeff: Great job with the intro Christian
11:08Peggy George: love that! changing the world!
11:09Peggy George: that's funny! lethargic from large dinner--not computer lag :-)
11:10Peggy George: love hearing the comparisons between public schools in different countries
11:12Peggy George: Beth had enough energy for all of us last week!
11:14monika: kosta grammatis
11:18Peggy George: those tech tools and the internet make it possible for these kinds of connections and conversations--not just shiny tools :-)
11:20Peggy George: love his point about his own blogging!
11:25Peggy George: thanks for the links Jeff!
11:27Peggy George: would he choose to be there if he had the choice?
11:28Peggy George: or would he only want to be there for certain things?
11:41monika: attachment and authenticity
11:45Peggy George: even tweeting isn't necessarily synchronous but it can be if it's set up to meet at a certain time
11:45Peggy George: like in tweetchats
11:46Peggy George: love the Google 80/20 time concept!
11:53Peggy George: and maybe in some charter schools or magnet schools
11:53Peggy George: they seem to have more freedom to create their own learning opportunities
11:56Peggy George: I'd vote for Erica for President :-)
11:56Peggy George: love her passion and energy and great ideas!
11:58Peggy George: but isn't there something to be said for starting some way--even if it means starting with 10-20% of the time? Is it only good if it's 100%?
12:00Peggy George: she's so right! grading and rubrics are passion killers!
12:06Peggy George: hahahaha!!!
12:07Peggy George: well said Jeff! definitely a pleasure to hang out with such articulate, thoughtful, passionate people!
12:07Peggy George: Good night everyone!