TTT#322 Reclaiming the public in public education (IDEA) w/ Allie Desmet, Beth Sanders, Sam Chaltain, Gregory HIll - 11.07.12

Learn more about the Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA) on this episode of TTT , with our guests:

From the IDEA site:

Democratic education is not a type of school or research-based practice. It isn’t one kind of learning program or philosophy. It is a frame. It’s a way of gathering together a vast and powerful set of ideas, philosophies of learning, research, school models, teaching practices, policies, and community visions so that a powerful story can be told that reclaims the “public” in public education—that is, education owned by all of us.

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Until the nuanced story is clear, truthful and told by and large by those who are experiencing the greatest suffering (ie: young people), the solutions generated will not be the ones our city needs. —Jayeesha Dutta

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Peggy George: Hello. Is anyone here? :-) Looking forward to listening to this conversation.
21:06Chris Sloan: waiting for everybody to join us
21:06Peggy George: Hi Chris. Thanks.
21:07Peggy George: So sorry to hear NY is being hit by a huge winter storm now! Hope everyone is doing ok.
21:10Peggy George: Yeah! Getting the stream now.
21:19Peggy George: thanks Monika :-)
21:19Peggy George: yes we can always add links here in this chat and they will be clickable if we use http://
21:20Peggy George: Love that we can copy/paste the links in this chat. Used to have to drag and drop which never worked very well.
21:37Peggy George: I remember that conversation about reading! :-)
21:41Peggy George: thanks! got the link from the Titanpad :-)
21:41Peggy George: Looks amazing!
21:55Peggy George: love that term! "dot connector". I think that describes me too. :-)
22:02monika: speaking of stories . . .
22:03monika: and here are some cool audio essays, all about people's most powerful learning experiences --
22:03monika: all this via Sam
22:04Peggy George: love them! Thanks for including me!
22:04monika: me 7:18 PM!home/mainPage
22:05Peggy George: thanks. I was looking for that link.
22:08Peggy George: I've been reading those blog posts. Great stuff and shows the power of authentic writing.
22:10monika: for what it's worth, here's a video one of my students did about some teen Obama volunteers:
22:10Peggy George: terrific! Can't wait to watch it :-)
22:11Peggy George: how are your students reacting to the election results?
22:13Peggy George: lots of possible new conversations growing out of tonight's conversation :-)
22:15Peggy George: I hope Chris will talk about that again in a future session. Very interested in the student voice related to the political process.
22:16Peggy George: thank you all for another great conversation!
22:16Peggy George: good night everyone!