TTT#327 Two Teachers Listening to Two Students for One Day on Earth with Kelsey Shelhart and Erika Auger 12.12.12

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On this episode of TTT, two students, Erika Auger (9th Grader from Wiscasset, Maine) and Kelsey Shelhart (8th Grader from Wheatfield, Indiana) join Paul Allison (NYC) and Monika Hardy (Loveland, Colorado) to tell stories that answer a couple of questions posed by our friends at One Day on Earth: What do you have? What do you need?


On this episode of TTT, two students, Erika Auger (9th Grader from Wiscasset, Maine) and Kelsey Shelhart (8th Grader from Wheatfield, Indiana) join Paul Allison (NYC) and Monika Hardy (Loveland, Colorado) to tell stories that answer a couple of questions posed by our friends at One Day on Earth: What do you have? What do you need?

On the TTT episode before this one TTT#326, we met founder Kyle Ruddick and Co-Author of One Day on Earth Educational Materials, Daniel Lichtblau: TTT#326 Think Global, Act Local with Youth .

This episode of TTT is our contribution to One Day on Earth 12.12.12: two teachers learning by listening to two students, all thousands of miles away from each other. Enjoy!

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Peggy George: Hi Scott and Kelsey!
21:03Peggy George: that was an awesome show last week!
21:04Peggy George: I purchased the One Day on Earth video for 10-10-10 and it is incredible!!!
21:04christopher cabrera: Paul is Chris!
21:04Peggy George: Hi Karen! Great to see you!
21:04Peggy George: Hi Christopher :-) aka Paul??
21:04Peggy George: Hi monika :-)
21:04christopher cabrera: No I'm Christopher his student
21:05christopher cabrera: I want to join :(
21:07Peggy George: see the hangout link on the left side of this chat?
21:07Peggy George: click on that link to join the hangout
21:08Peggy George: Kelsey you're awesome to use Hangout Thirds! Love seeing your name there.
21:09Peggy George: very eager to hear how your project develops Kelsey!
21:09karen (@kfasimpaur): Greetings, all. I love this project!
21:09Peggy George: me too!!! :-)
21:10Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Peggy-I'll keep you updated!
21:10Peggy George: thanks!
21:10Peggy George: I didn't create a video today but I tweeted about the day! :-)
21:11Peggy George: the 10-10-10 documentary video was released today and it is amazing!
21:11Kelsey Shelhart: link? I want to watch
21:12Peggy George: there is a free trailer and you have to purchase the recording through iTunes.
21:12Kelsey Shelhart: I can do that. thanks
21:13Peggy George: that's the link I used to purchase it.
21:15Peggy George: Kelsey can you mute your mic when you're not talking? picking up your background sounds
21:15Kelsey Shelhart: sure
21:15Peggy George: :-)
21:15Peggy George: who is speaking?
21:16Kelsey Shelhart: Erika Auger
21:16Peggy George: thanks :-)
21:17Peggy George: love the framing questions! What do you have? What do you need?
21:17Peggy George: persistence and consistency :-) interesting combination
21:17Kelsey Shelhart: Peggy-why don't you answer them? what you have and what do you need?
21:17Peggy George: thinking about that...
21:20Peggy George: I was in a great webinar today about PBL with Suzie Boss. She gave wonderful suggestions for the 4 C's in PBL. collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity
21:22Peggy George: pressure is on
21:22Peggy George: haven't answered yet
21:23Peggy George: I HAVE tons of technology tools but need to spend time learning to use them more effectively. I want to learn how to do streaming google hangouts.
21:24Peggy George: I have the instructions from Jeff Lebow but haven't tried them yet.
21:24Peggy George: that does sound boring Kelsey!
21:24Kelsey Shelhart: it is!
21:25Peggy George: what a great suggestion/resource from Erika.
21:26Peggy George: not sure there's one right answer to Erika's question. Everyone doesn't learn the same way.
21:28Peggy George: what a disappointing response from your teacher!!!
21:28Kelsey Shelhart: paul says jump into the hangout!
21:29Peggy George: you have a desire to learn and be challenged
21:29Peggy George: that's not my learning style!!!
21:29Kelsey Shelhart: good you know it.
21:30Peggy George: I need lots of time for trial/error when I learn and don't do it well in public!
21:30Kelsey Shelhart: i was scared to death the first time! we won't make fun of you, jump on in!
21:31Peggy George: my comment about learning style was in response to jumping into hangout to learn to stream--not about your desire to be challenged
21:31Peggy George: great point Monika!
21:31Kelsey Shelhart: right. i knew that. =-)
21:32Peggy George: :-) thanks for sharing my comments
21:32Peggy George: gooru
21:33Kelsey Shelhart: I liked them and thought the others needed to know. now, if you were ON the hangout, you could share them yourself.
21:33Peggy George: I didn't join the hangout because I thought we were going to talk about One Day on Earth and didn't have anything to share.
21:34karen (@kfasimpaur): Does Gooru have a social community aspect?
21:34Kelsey Shelhart: you can jump in now...
21:35Peggy George: very interesting--how to fit into a school situation that doesn't want to do school--ask Paul to say more
21:35karen (@kfasimpaur): We are a community. That means our needs are interconnected. No?
21:36Peggy George: true...
21:38Peggy George: maybe that's a good starting place Kelsey-check your perception with your teacher.
21:40Peggy George: great story!
21:40Kelsey Shelhart: have the day you have - I like that
21:40Peggy George: no pressure there...
21:41karen (@kfasimpaur): I like being an adult because I can have whatever day I want to have each day.
21:42Kelsey Shelhart: I'm always pressured to have a good day. I want to have the day I have sometime.
21:43Peggy George: I know what you mean :-)
21:43Peggy George: I want to go with Erika!
21:43Kelsey Shelhart: I don't like how everyone assumes that I don't like school. I do, but nobody believes me.
21:43karen (@kfasimpaur): We can all make our days what we want....maybe not tomorrow, but at some point.
21:44Kelsey Shelhart: karen- I love that!
21:44karen (@kfasimpaur): A lot of adults have forgotten that, I think.
21:44Peggy George: I think so Karen
21:45karen (@kfasimpaur): (I grew up in a family where work was something "you had to do"...and no one enjoyed it. I'm glad I got to know people who thought otherwise at some point.)
21:45Peggy George: a whole month! woo hoo Kelsey!
21:45karen (@kfasimpaur): Kelsey, I taught overseas and it was the most *fabulous* experience ever.
21:45karen (@kfasimpaur): Lots of time to read too!
21:45Peggy George: reading the book wouldn't be enough for you Kelsey--you need to be able to cook the food too
21:46karen (@kfasimpaur): ...and write a book :)
21:46Peggy George: absolutely!
21:46Kelsey Shelhart: I'm already writing a book.
21:46karen (@kfasimpaur): excellent...fiction or nonfiction?
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): Do you know about nanowrimo?
21:48Kelsey Shelhart: Karen- would you mind sharing your last name with me? Your quote about making our days what we want them to be was one of the best things I've heard in a while and want to credit you proerly.
21:48Kelsey Shelhart: and fiction. I love fiction.
21:48karen (@kfasimpaur): Awww, thanks. I'm Karen Fasimpaur.
21:49karen (@kfasimpaur): (If I weren't watching this over dinner, I'd join the hangout :)
21:49Kelsey Shelhart: next time.
21:49karen (@kfasimpaur): definitely
21:49Kelsey Shelhart: look forward to seeing you there.
21:50Peggy George: did she share the link to her site?
21:51Peggy George: great suggestion Monika!
21:51karen (@kfasimpaur): Thank goodness for the Internet for those of us who live in small towns!
21:51Kelsey Shelhart: I agree!
21:52Peggy George: love the concept of a Project Passion Council
21:53Peggy George: absolutely Karen! and for people who don't get around very well (like me). The internet connects me to the world of sharing, learning and collaborating all from home.
21:54Peggy George: Erika has so many passions!
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): cool idea, Kelsey. (My partner is diabetic, and I love to cook. Encouraging people to cook good food instead of eating out so much is a project I'm working on.)
21:58Peggy George: he snaps and what??? my audio keeps cutting out
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): Peggy, kills everone
21:58Peggy George: thanks
21:59Peggy George: Kelsey you should join the Tu Diabetes Ning to connect with others. Lots of great sharing there
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): If you kickstart that, send me a link (Your dad knows me.)
22:00Peggy George:
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Funny, my last nano novel is about cooking and good food
22:01Peggy George: I don't have diabetes but I belong to that network. My sister is a diabetes educator
22:01karen (@kfasimpaur): ...and empowerment and living off hte land
22:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Great hangouts
22:02Peggy George: many in my family have crohns and celiac disease and are restricted to gluten free food. Similar challenges to those of diabetics.
22:02Kelsey Shelhart: I don't think I could do gluten free... It sounds difficult
22:03Peggy George: my grandson was diagnosed at 1 year old and he has to monitor gluten free everywhere--he's 11 years old now
22:03karen (@kfasimpaur): Kelsey - think nut-based pie crusts :)
22:03Peggy George: :-)
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks, all. Great conversation as always.
22:04Kelsey Shelhart: It's been 9 years for me. and karen, i'll see what I can do woth that
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Good night, everyone
22:04Kelsey Shelhart: bye guys, it's been great to talk to you!
22:04Peggy George: I was in a great radio broadcast today with a cooking author--blogtalkradio show with Social Media Girlfriends. It was fantastic!
22:06Peggy George: thanks everyone! great conversations!
22:06Peggy George: good night all