TTT#338 NWP's Connected Learning Inquiry Group #2 Stephen Ritz, Bronx Green Connected Teacher w/Nadjib Aktouf, Nikhil Goyal 2/27

Joel Malley @joelmalley and Stephen Ritz join us on this episode of TTT, the second of a series of episodes this Spring where we are discussing Connected Learning and our OLE (Online Learning Experience) sponsored by the National Writing Project (Anybody can join the OLE. Just email Joel.)

We're in the middle of the third session, and this webcast looks back to the first session where many of us were introduced to a wonderful example of a connected teacher, Stephen Ritz.

Here's the plan for the next couple of months:

We invite you to join these conversations at the Connected Learning Inquiry Group and here on Teachers Teaching Teachers over the next several weeks.

On this episode of TTT, we are joined by:

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Paul Allison, Stephen Ritz, Joel Malley, Chris Sloan, Nadjib Aktouf, Scott Shelhart, Nikhil Goyal, Valerie Burton and Monika Hardy

After listening to this first episode in this series on Connected Learning (TTT #336), we hope you are inspired to join our special guest, Stephen Ritz on this episode of TTT.

Check him out here, listen to or watch our webcast -- further below, and leave your coments.

And stay tuned! We are live every Wednesday at Teachers Teaching Teachers.

After we read and discuss Will Richardson's Book Why School? on the Connected Learning Inquiry Group site, Richardson will be joining us on TTT on March 27 at 9PM ET/6PM PT/World Times: at .

Enjoy this episode of TTT, and plan to connect with us all Spring!

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Links we talk about on this episode of TTT:


Stephen Ritz
Nikhil re: Independent Project
Chris Sloan re: My Hometown Project 
Paul re: Dean's collage project on Youth Voices
Nadjib re: I-Spy

February 27, 2013

20:39Paul Allison: An example of connected learning:
20:39Paul Allison: I'm thinking to ask everybody to share an example from student work?
20:57Peggy George: Hi everyone :-)
21:02Peggy George: where are all of the women??? :-)
21:03Peggy George: funny! read the computer screen off the glasses :-)
21:03Joel: C'mon into the hangout!
21:03Peggy George: I'm cooking dinner--multitasking!
21:04Joel: Haha...what are we eating?
21:04Peggy George: you don't want to know... :-) grilled cheese sandwich and soup
21:05Peggy George: thanks for using Lower Third Joel!
21:06Peggy George: yes! the world is good!!!
21:06Peggy George: welcome Stephen!
21:06Peggy George: it WAS a great intro!
21:09Christina: Nice prompt!
21:10Peggy George: that's funny! 30,000 pounds of vegetables later, here I am!
21:10Joel: My Hometown...someone find a link?
21:10Joel: Nice!
21:10Christina: @joel :)
21:11Peggy George: you were faster than me Christina!
21:12Christina: This seems to be a write up from the Voicethread website:
21:13Peggy George: that's a good link @Christina :-)
21:14Chris Sloan: Thanks to Christina for telling me about the My Hometown project:
21:14Peggy George: awesome site!
21:16Christina: @Chris you are welcome! seemed perfect :)
21:16Peggy George: hahaha! oldest 6th grader you'll ever meet!
21:17Christina: Hi Scott!
21:17Peggy George: Hi Scott! great to see you! How was Kelsey's math class she taught for her teacher?
21:18Peggy George: that's really incredible!! he's famous!!!
21:21Christina: It doesn't surprise me that he considers himself a literacy teacher ...
21:23Chris Sloan: Yes, the literacy teacher description got my attention too.
21:23Christina: ... would love to have him share at NWP Digital Is (
21:23Peggy George: can't wait to watch his TED talk!
21:24Peggy George: I wish everyone considered themselves literacy teachers :-)
21:25Christina: @Chris if there is an opportunity to have him talk about that it might be interesting! Especially in the making/literacy area.
21:25Christina: lots of noise!
21:25Christina: okay, it stopped :)
21:25Peggy George: I really like that question, Paul--mainstreaming instead of being on the margin
21:26Christina: @peggy agree!
21:27Peggy George: great to see Valerie! can someone in the hangout ask her to log into this chat?
21:28Peggy George: is this Nikhil speaking?
21:33Peggy George: sounds like a powerful philosophy!
21:36Christina: Green Bronx Machine on FB:
21:37Peggy George: you're on fire with the links, Christina! thanks!
21:37Christina: :)
21:38Peggy George: that comfy couch was made out of re-used water and juice bottles on the FB page is incredible!
21:38Peggy George: love it! all kid-driven and the teacher is the orchestra director
21:41Peggy George: this pic was fantastic too! Lady Liberty! She was built ENTIRELY out of Girl Scout Cookie boxes!
21:41Peggy George: achievement gap is engagement gap! so many great quotes from Stephen!
21:43Christina: sounds like kids bring different strengths to these projects ...
21:44Peggy George: absolutely!
21:45Christina: the community building aspect is so important here.
21:45Christina: it would be great to actually hear how this can be picked up by others.
21:46Christina: Here's the main link:
21:46Peggy George: he is hilarious!
21:46Peggy George: his passion is contagious!
21:50Peggy George: would love to hear from Valerie!
21:51Chris Sloan: talk about connected learning!
21:51Peggy George: absolutely! wish we could clone him!
21:52Peggy George: welcome to monika :-)
21:54Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Helllllo allll
21:54Peggy George: Hi Valerie!!! so glad you joined us here in this chat :-)
21:54Peggy George: I just sent you a tweet. :-)
21:54Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Oh will check it out. Multitasking. Sorry.
21:55Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Been awhile Peggy. Missed you guyus
21:55Peggy George: miss you too!!!
21:56Peggy George: hear hear!! bottle him up and bring him home!
21:58Peggy George: how do you bring green walls to the basement?
22:01Peggy George: yes Valerie!!! you need to connect your classes with Stephen!
22:03Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: @Peggy, you bring in the walls
22:03Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Thanks @Peggy, leaving a message on their facebook wall now
22:03Peggy George: :-)
22:04Peggy George: another awesome quote!!!
22:04Peggy George: standing ovation for Stephen!!! :-)
22:05Peggy George: he's better than vitamin pills!
22:05Scott Shelhart @kd9sr: I LOVE THIS GUY
22:06Peggy George: hahahaha!!!! can change their underwear but can't change their genes!!
22:06Peggy George: I can't stop laughing!
22:06Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: He is too tool funny
22:08Peggy George: I'll bet the parents love it because their kids want to go to school!
22:08Peggy George: hahahahaha!!!
22:09Peggy George: I can't wait to share this recording with my colleagues!
22:10Christina: Checking out this Green Schools Network,
22:10Peggy George: yes! keep kids out of jail and they will become customers, clients, citizens & leaders!
22:11Christina: does he have a twitter handle?
22:12Peggy George: couldn't find it
22:12Peggy George: maybe @greenbronxmachine ???
22:13Peggy George: that didn't work for twitter
22:13Christina: more schools less jails!
22:13Peggy George: yes!!!
22:14Christina: Thanks guys@
22:14Peggy George: thank YOU!
22:14Peggy George: huge thanks to Stephen and everyone in the hangout!
22:14Nadjib: Great session! Thanks for that.
22:14Peggy George: what fun!!!!
22:15Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: NIght all
22:15Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: He is GREAT
22:15Peggy George: good night everyone