TTT#341 Spring Meet and Greet with Fred Mindlin, Jo Paraiso, Jeremy Hyler, Joel Malley, Jim Nordlinger, and Loren ELF 3.20.13

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TTT#341 Spring Meet and Greet with Fred Mindlin, Jo Paraiso, Jerery Hyler, Joel Malley, Jim Nordlinger, and Loren ELF 3.20.13

Share what's new on this week's episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT). We have an exciting line-up of topics and guests over the next several weeks, and so on this episode we decided to learn from each other.

TTT started with a group of teachers getting together, just sharing what they are noticing, dreaming of, connecting with and doing that was awesome. On this episode of TTT we continue that tradition.

Paul Allison and Monika Hardy are joined by Fred Mindlin, Jo Paraiso, Jerery Hyler, Joel Malley, Jim Nordlinger, and Loren ELF:

We talk a bit about our recent learning experiences at this year's DML conference, introduce new teachers who have just started using Youth Voices, and just basically catch up with each other.

Using Monika Hardy's notion of Detox, we talk about what we are noticing, dreaming of, connecting to, and doing that's awesome.

Enjoy! There are lots of ideas and plans here that we would love to involve you in as well.

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March 20, 2013

20:39Peggy George: Hi Paul. Xenia Shih talked about you and Youth Voices in our Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar last Sat featuring Gooru. I included some of your links in our Livebinder for the show. :-)
20:42Paul Allison: Cool. Is this link there?
20:42Peggy George: Next Saturday another fantastic ETT/Teachers Teaching Teachers regular, Valerie Burton will be presenting on Weebly for Student ePortfolios :-)
20:43Paul Allison: Sorry I was busy last week.
20:43Peggy George: checking now :-) I'll add it if it isn't. I included your recording of the show with the Gooru team
20:44Peggy George: she said you were away at a conference
20:44Peggy George: yes that link is in the Livebinder :-)
20:45Peggy George: the tab says: Gooru Collection on Youth Voices
20:47Peggy George: I also included your annotation example because people were really interested in that
20:47Peggy George: was there a recording for last week's show? I couldn't hear/see the video during the live session
20:51Paul Allison: Sorry... Chris Sloan was doing it... Can you hear me now? I'm live already.
20:56Paul Allison: Yes... I'll have it up at TTT early next week.
20:56Peggy George: yes I can hear now. Needed to refresh the page to get rid of the last video recording
20:56Peggy George: thanks :-)
20:56Peggy George: Hi to Gail Desler :-) Great to see another familiar face!
20:59Peggy George: Hearing everyone now
21:00Peggy George: we lost Gail
21:02Peggy George: thank you Paul for mentioning the Lower Third. Really helpful!
21:02Peggy George: Welcome back to Gail!
21:04Peggy George: Hi Joel! Thanks for joining me in this chat :-)
21:09Peggy George: really interesting to hear about the teacher strike in Argentina
21:11Peggy George: Love Jo's enthusiasm and energy!
21:13Peggy George: interesting point by Jeremy about his kids being scared about putting their work out their for the world to give feedback on
21:14Peggy George: wonder if it would make a difference if the focus was on having conversations with other students than on "feedback"?
21:22Peggy George: Hi Gail. Did you give up on the hangout?
21:22Gail Desler: Am very intrigued by all that Mozilla is doing., everything from "badges" to Popcorn Maker
21:23Peggy George: me too! maybe they'll try to fill in some of the gaps that Google is leaving. I'm really liking the Mozilla Feedly addon for RSS reader
21:24Peggy George: super idea about way to use Gooru from Jo!
21:25Gail Desler: I haven't tried Mozilla' feed, but their whole attitude towards remix is way ahead of Google
21:25Peggy George: it imported my feeds from Google Reader really easily
21:26Gail Desler: I also want to learn more about Gooru
21:26Peggy George: the Gooru Collections are a great way to curate resources
21:26Peggy George: we had a Gooru presentation last Saturday on Classroom 2.0 LIVE :-)
21:27Gail Desler: Was it recorded, Peggy?
21:27Peggy George: Yes :-) with a great Livebinder to capture her links.
21:28Peggy George: Xenia had a HS teacher join her to share her experiences with Gooru.
21:28Gail Desler: The Gooru folks tell me I have a champion in my district, Heidi Haugen - so I defnintely need to connect with her and see how her students are using Gooru in a high school biology class
21:28Gail Desler: was it Heidi?
21:29Peggy George: nno it was Hannah Grimm
21:32Peggy George: lost my connection briefly
21:32Peggy George: Hannah Grimm, Science Teacher Prospect Sierra Middle School El Cerrito, California
21:34Peggy George: Heidi is on their featured teacher page :-)
21:35Gail Desler: I love the ttt conversations - I learn new things every time
21:35Peggy George: love that her student blossomed with the praise! :-)
21:35Peggy George: me too Gail!
21:35Gail Desler: It's truly cutting edge PD
21:36Gail Desler: And it's always with students at the heart of the conversation
21:36Peggy George: you never really know where it will go even though it starts with a topic but they are always interesting and informative!
21:36Peggy George: true focus on student voices!
21:38Peggy George: that's funny! students don't even want what they write on paper to be public
21:40Peggy George: success will lead to courage to share in public :-)
21:42Gail Desler: I believe that too
21:42Peggy George: I wish you could get your audio working so you could share in the hangout :-)
21:42Gail Desler: But II like hanging out with you, Peggy:-)
21:43Peggy George: I LOVE having the company! It gets lonely in here :-)
21:43Peggy George: such a great point! opening their minds first
21:45Gail Desler: What I would have shared was the opportunity for students and teachers and community members to join a global conversation on what it means to cross the line and be an "upstander." We've embedded a VoiceThread on the Digital ID project. Here's a link to the page with the VT and information about the project -
21:47Peggy George: thanks! can't wait to check it out!
21:48Peggy George: what a great concept! "upstanders not bystanders"
21:49Gail Desler: Oh, Peggy, you've already checked it out?! You rock!
21:49Peggy George: of course! I told you I couldn't wait!
21:50Gail Desler: Please pass the link and invitation on - and it would be the icing on the cake to have a reflection from you on an upstander story!
21:51Peggy George: I will!! are you going to present in the School Leadership Summit on Mar. 28? That would be an awesome presentation for them!
21:52Peggy George: that's so funny about kids google chatting across the room :-)
21:53Peggy George: I have done that with my grandkids in the same house--upstairs and downstairs via Skype
21:54Peggy George: per Paul "the tools can do that but too often they don't"-emphasizes the point that it's not the tool but what you do with it!
21:55Gail Desler: Absolutely
21:55Peggy George: work sharing within own school--great way to start
21:56Peggy George: hooray! a teacher convert :-)
21:56Peggy George: field research project would be a great thing to do on Gooru
21:57Peggy George: they can upload their own resources too so it doesn't just have to be resources that already exist on Gooru
21:58Gail Desler: I'll listen to the Web 2.0 broadcast this week
21:58Peggy George: they are all doing something awesome :-)
21:59Peggy George: I learned a lot about Gooru possibilities in that session.
21:59Gail Desler: I love how iMovie makes it easy to do trailers....MovieMaker needs to step it up!
21:59Peggy George: the Livebinder includes some videos of other Gooru presentations too
22:00Peggy George: I love iMovie too and I can't view MovieMaker videos on my Mac.
22:00Peggy George: but there are lots of online video tools now so maybe it will be moving away from software based tools
22:01Peggy George: yes!!! open up YouTube! The Education YouTube channel makes an easy, safe first step
22:02Peggy George: how cool is that??!! Helpcoming Week! Raising money to support cancer research
22:02Peggy George: Super idea @Joel!
22:04Gail Desler: Also on my to-do list: download Will's book (I just inherited an iPad)
22:06Peggy George: It's great! only 2.99 :-)
22:06Gail Desler: Good night, Peggy. Have a great week
22:06Peggy George: I have it on both my Kindle Fire and iPad :-)
22:07Peggy George: Good night Gail! You have a great week too! I'll listen to your Voicethread now :-)
22:07Gail Desler: Love you, Peggy:-)
22:07Peggy George: you too Gail!
22:08Peggy George: thanks to everyone in the Hangout! a great conversation!
22:08Peggy George: good night all!