TTT#350 Booktalk on Gee's The Anti-Education Era - Pete Rorabaugh, Marcie Lewis, Roger Whitson, Leigh Wolf, Gerry James 5.22.13

On this episode of TTT we begin a conversation about James Paul Gee's book, The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning (2013).

New York: Palgrave/Macmillan.
eBook available here:
Kindle edition:

Enjoy this episode of TTT, even if you've just started the book! It might give you some insights as you read. Gee will be joining us on TTT on Wednesday, June 5th. If you would like to join us in the Hangout-on-Air, please let us know.

You might also be interested in this essay by Gee: Digital Media and Learning: A Prospective Retrospective

On this episode we are joined by:

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Gerry James - @gjames3312
Leigh Wolf - @gravesle
Roger Whitson - @rogerwhitson
Check out - Hybrid Pedagogy:

Here are a few paragraphs from the introductin of James Paul Gee's The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning.

To continue this conversation, please plan to join us along with James Paul Gee at on Wednesday, June 5 at 9PM ET/6PM PT/World Times

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May 22, 2013

20:50unnamedHi Marcie!!!
20:50Marcie Lewis: Hi!
20:50Leigh: I mean, Hi Marcie! (from leigh now, not unnammed)
20:50Marcie Lewis: Hi Leigh!
20:54Gerry James - EdReach: Hello!
20:55Andrea Zellner: I am saying Hello, too :)
20:55Peggy George: Hi everyone :-)
20:55Marcie Lewis : Hello Everyone!
20:59Chris Sloan: Andrea do you want to join us?
21:00Chris Sloan: or anyone else?
21:00Roger Whitson: I'm here?
21:00Roger Whitson: ok
21:00Andrea Zellner: Chris, I'm just going to listen tonight, but thanks!
21:00Peggy George: Have to lurk and listen since I haven't done my homework :-)
21:01Andrea Zellner: @Peggy: same here!
21:01Peggy George: thanks to Leigh and Roger for posting links to your blogs :-)
21:02Andrea Zellner: Also, I forget how this goes (is my face red! I haven't been here in so long!) The live hangout will refresh above? Or do I have to do something to see the live hangout
21:02Peggy George: refresh your page if you're not seeing the video
21:02Peggy George: it's live now
21:03Peggy George: sorry Chris!
21:04Peggy George: loving the lower thirds tonight! so helpful!
21:04Chris Sloan: you should get the stream now, we're live
21:04Roger Whitson: :) Happy about the lower third.
21:04Andrea Zellner: Awesome:thanks guys :)
21:05Peggy George: I didn't hear the echo either :-) gremlins
21:06Peggy George: how exciting! James Paul Gee in "person" on June 5th! Woo hoo!
21:07Chris Sloan: yeah, I'm pretty excited to talk to James.
21:10Peggy George: he's a fellow Arizonan :-) I'm in Phoenix and have lots of colleagues on the faculty at Arizona State University :-)
21:10Peggy George: perfect Leigh! hearing you great!
21:12Peggy George: did any of you participate in the 4T Virtual Conference from Univ of Michigan over the past 4 days? It was excellent!
21:13Andrea Zellner: I am a HUGE hybrid pedagogy fan :)
21:13Leigh: me too!! LOVE that site!
21:14Peggy George: the 4Ts stand for Teachers Teaching Teachers Teaching with Technology Sound familiar? :-)
21:14Andrea Zellner: And also a Roger and Pete fan who I follow on the twitterz.
21:14Peggy George: it's great to meet all of you!
21:16Peggy George: what was the name/url?
21:17Peggy George: so disappointed the book isn't available for Kindle!
21:18Andrea Zellner: It isn't available on Kindle? I downloaded a sample...
21:18Peggy George: I think sometimes when we read things we integrate the concepts into our thinking and can't specifically remember the source of the idea--we now own it :-)
21:18Andrea Zellner:!synthesis/ctau
21:19Peggy George: no-just checked Amazon. Checked the box to request it for Kindle :-)
21:19Andrea Zellner: whoops
21:19Andrea Zellner: That's not the right link!
21:19Peggy George: thanks Andrea
21:19Andrea Zellner:
21:19Andrea Zellner: THAT'S the right link
21:19Andrea Zellner: :)
21:19Peggy George: I saw the PDF in the pad on the left
21:19Peggy George: perfect!
21:22Andrea Zellner: Maybe the boundary crossing needs to happen between those in charge and those who read things like this.
21:22Peggy George: @Leigh I like that assessment of the book
21:22Peggy George: good point Andrea!
21:22Peggy George: there is often a very big gap!
21:22Andrea Zellner: yes, there often is.
21:24Andrea Zellner: My favorite anecdote about this is from a friend of mine who was at a district presentation about "21st century teaching" in which they were quoting Dewey.
21:25Andrea Zellner: Not that Dewey is bad, but definitely wasn't writing during the 21st century :P
21:27Peggy George: but an important part of the foundation of education :-)
21:28Andrea Zellner: Yes, we could all do with a little more Dewey these days, right?
21:28Chris Sloan: maker stuff seems like Dewey to me
21:28Andrea Zellner: okay, you all may have said this: define affinity space for those of us who didn't read in time for class?
21:30Peggy George: I think so too Chris
21:31Leigh: p174 andrea
21:32Andrea Zellner: thanks, Leigh
21:33Andrea Zellner: haha: just realized my book is in the other room. Ugh! BRB. Don't say anything too smart while I'm gone :)
21:33Peggy George: hahahaha
21:34Andrea Zellner: Whoa: there are 18 features listed to define affinity spaces. This is serious.
21:34Peggy George: :-)
21:35Peggy George: you're scaring me Andrea!
21:35Chris Sloan: Affinity spaces like Sims.
21:35Andrea Zellner: haha @Peggy...I think he's just being thorough
21:36Andrea Zellner: The affinity space thing reminds of a question we ask at our Red Cedar Writing Project all the time: where is the commons?
21:37Peggy George: I wouldn't mind learning chemistry through art :-) but not vice versa
21:38Andrea Zellner: chemistry has the best words. Where else can you say "tertiary" all the time?
21:39Andrea Zellner: Tyger, Tyger burning bright!
21:41Peggy George: ugh! I keep losing my connection! and I'm direct wired!
21:44unnamedMoving to my iPad!
21:44Peggy (iPad): Much better
21:45Andrea Zellner: Peggy: that's the worst
21:46Peggy (iPad): Marcie you live near Lorna Costantini!! She's one of my co-hosts on Classroom 2.0 Live
21:47Marcie Lewis : yes ... she lives in St. Catharines
21:47Peggy (iPad): exactly!!
21:47Peggy (iPad): How great to connect with you!
21:48Marcie Lewis : I haven't met her yet but I am sure that I will bump into her eventually
21:49Peggy (iPad): i talk to her every day in Skype chat planning for our shows :-)
21:55Peggy (iPad): Great point by Paul re listening to students
21:56Peggy (iPad): sostudents so true that we are "right answer" oriented--especially at the univ. level
22:02Peggy George: have any of you read his book Women and Gaming? (Gee)
22:03Andrea Zellner: I haven't
22:04Peggy George: just found an ebook version of Anti-Education Era on Macmillan (US site)
22:05Andrea Zellner: Sorry guys: going to duck out. Thanks for the interesting conversation! I'm excited to read the book :)
22:05Peggy George: and through that link found a link to a Kindle edition--strange that it didn't come up in an Amazon search
22:06Peggy George: $8.89 on Kindle--getting it now so I'll be prepared for the next conversation :-)
22:07Marcie Lewis : i got the ebook version too during the chat!
22:08Peggy George: great start to the conversation--inspired me to buy the book :-)
22:08Peggy George: and James Gee is joining this conversation on June 5th here on TTT?
22:09Leigh: i was hoping to get to windsor on Friday Marcie!
22:09Leigh: Do you want me to just wait for Galway for the hard copy then?
22:11Peggy George: Paul are you saving these questions to ask Gee when he joins us?
22:12Peggy George: I like the smallness of this group too. :-)
22:12Peggy George: but love the diversity and different people every week (along with some very important regulars)
22:12Marcie Lewis : Don't worry about it Leigh! I know you are busy!
22:12Peggy George: thanks everyone!
22:13Leigh: ok, I'll keep you posted - great to see you in this space - and good night to all :)
22:13Marcie Lewis : Good night everyone!
22:13Peggy George: good night all
22:13Peggy George: still early in AZ :-) 7:15pm