TTT#358 #clmooc Imaging Futures w/ Christina Cantrill, Karen Fasimpaur, Fred Mindlin, Terry Elliott, Mia Zamora, Sheri Edwards

On this episode of TTT (recorded 7.24.13), we invite you to join some of the instigators and nurturers of this summer's #clmooc (A Massive Open Online Collaboration about Connected Learning). Listen as these inspiring educators envision future communitites of learning together.

Making Learning Connected #clmooc was a massive open online collaboration -- it was a collaborative, knowledge-building and sharing experience focused on making and connected learning. In #clmooc, participants designed and engaged in "makes" -- creative projects -- that tapped into participants’ personal (and professional) interests.

In this episode of TTT, we talk with several participants and facilitators of #clmooc about their experiences and how they envision taking what they have learned forward to apply it in other contexts.

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Random notes from the webcast:
Mon.,  July 29 - 1pm Eastern - experiment with "unhangouts" on Connected Learning TV -
Collaboration and community - "Discovering a Shared Purpose with Digital Stories" on Digital Is
 the #clmooc g+ community is open to anyone. Continue these discussions at
Digital Storytelling - #ds106 - [my heroes]

July 24, 2013

20:37Paul Allison: Welcome friends!
20:54Christina: hello everyone!
20:55karen (@kfasimpaur): Greetings all!
20:58karen (@kfasimpaur): ...breakout rooms in hangouts
21:00unnamedready all
21:02karen (@kfasimpaur): "not writing project"....yet, that is :)
21:08Christina: that is SOOOO not true, just to say. :)
21:08Christina: karen has been key to making this thing happen.
21:09karen (@kfasimpaur): ehhh
21:10karen (@kfasimpaur): #moocmooc
21:10karen (@kfasimpaur): #etmooc
21:10Tellio: metamoocs
21:10karen (@kfasimpaur): Learning Creative Learning (now concluded):
21:13karen (@kfasimpaur): Curious if +clmooc seems "less huge"?
21:14Anna: evening!
21:14karen (@kfasimpaur): See... this is why I love #clmooc! Thx for the lovely words Sheri.
21:14Christina: #etmooc,
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Anna. Would you like to join the hangout?
21:15allie: #clmooc is tiny in comparison! i think it might have to do with the fact that the facilitatiors are also true participators.
21:15Anna: I am not very presentable at the moment.
21:16karen (@kfasimpaur): :) no problem. (Hey, I'm in NY. Was on the bus w/Paul when you called.)
21:17Anna: I was involved in the #moocmooc and #etmooc set up, very informally. Each of those and #clmooc was designed by educators who wanted to see what could be done with this kind of platform. For me, it's why they have all been so involving and personable.
21:17Anna: (Karen, no way! We should meet up!)
21:22allie: the community pulled me in and kept me there in the clmooc - not an experience I had in other MOOCs.
21:22Anna: Oh, this has been kicking me off. I caught a bit from Karen when she was saying "what does it mean to drop out." I have wondered about "completion" being a marker of success. Whose goals are being completed?
21:22allie: yes, Fred, that is why it doesn't end - the community.
21:23Anna: I like this tweet from Jesse Stommel about building community/collaboration and sustainability and facilitating and and and :) :
21:25vanessa: good evening all
21:28Anna: and not everyone was hacking toys
21:28Anna: hacking toys was one way to explore some of the connected learning principles
21:28allie: and making was the context for larger conversations.
21:29allie: it was the medium for the community at the start.
21:29Anna: yes
21:29Anna: Allie, making as the medium rather than the shared goal
21:29Anna: Allie...say that out loud!
21:31Anna: Sheri, that warms my heart. I <3 process!
21:34Tellio: assuming positive intent
21:35Anna: I wish adults found it easier to assume positive intent...just intent even...for youth.
21:37Christina: trying again ... here's the article I referenced:
21:37Christina: well said, Terry.
21:38Christina: Explore the Make Bank here:
21:38Christina: DS 106 Assignment Bank:
21:41allie: a make bank is an interesting idea to use in a classroom community...getting students to reflect on the process of making and learning, and having things available to remix and build upon.
21:43karen (@kfasimpaur): nice, allie
21:43karen (@kfasimpaur): this hour is flying by!
21:44Christina: "Make with Me" was also an invitation of the facilitation team ...
21:44Christina: ... that I think will have a life afterwards too as kind of a new genre/approach to collaborating, actually.
21:44Tellio: allie, is a tool and a structure serving just those purposes
21:45Christina: love that idea, Allie!
21:45Tellio: It is amazing the stuff that happened unbeknownst to us!
21:45Tellio: Or at least to me
21:45Christina: that's wonderful to have these kind of informal spaces in communities ...
21:45Christina: I love this too Terry. So great to hear.
21:45allie: the roots of #clmooc!
21:46Tellio: the ripples in the laptop pond
21:46Christina: beautiful.
21:47Tellio: we even had a reflection during the reflective make
21:47Tellio: Thanks, Mia
21:48Tellio: REally fascinating Fred
21:48JoAnn Delaney: Hello, I've been listening from the beginning but was problem solving how to go live due to cookies. I am a 6th grade m.s. science teacher and know Karen which is what brought me to the mooc tonight...this is my first time live with discussion. Collaboration within the classroom and as a pln is of interest to me ;)
21:48Christina: yes, I agree. Really great Fred!
21:48karen (@kfasimpaur): HI, JoAnn. Welcome!
21:48JoAnn Delaney: ty ;)
21:48Tellio: Good on ya, JoAnn
21:49Christina: fabulous organizing here!
21:49JoAnn Delaney: Glad to be able to participate! And learn!
21:49unnamedThe reflection piece is what inspired me to join-- too many makes/projects/assignments without time to reflect is not good; this reflection also helped build the community. Like I said, very well planned.
21:50vanessa: speaking of ripples, Tellio made quite an impression on Bryan Alexander's post,
21:50karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks for that nice feedback.
21:52@grammasheri: unnamed -- @grammasheri
21:52karen (@kfasimpaur): thx sheri
21:52JoAnn Delaney: If you build it they will come...Listened to Kiran Bir Sethi #TED talk contagious-experientail learning very powerful!
21:53Christina: great feedback for us Sheri!
21:53Tellio: Back atcha Vanessa. Without your reply I would not have carried on'
21:54vanessa: we modeled community and collaboration for them
21:54Tellio: I felt like we were tag teaming them and they didn't even know it.
21:54vanessa: :0
21:54vanessa: I meant :)
21:55vanessa: no, they didn't but going local and networks were the ideas Bryan liked
21:56Tellio: ONe of the values of NWP is building capacity and we have folks here tonight like sheri and vanessa and allie and on and on
21:56Tellio: who have built on what we have done
21:57vanessa: #clmooc shows how moocs are evolving into something that can leave their silos too
21:58I would stay with this community too!
21:58Anna: Wasn't it awesome to meet finally, Karen, after communicating so long via #literacies chat!
21:58vanessa: there are important mooc building lessons modeled (made) here
21:58JoAnn Delaney: Strongly agree with Karen..Twitter is my new PLN! Collaborating with many great individuals in the community!
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): vanessa, we're writng a whole series of articles about what we learned
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): (logs)
21:59karen (@kfasimpaur): oh...that was "lots"
21:59Tellio: Clmooc as farm team for educator innovator
21:59karen (@kfasimpaur): :)
21:59vanessa: :) definitely
21:59Tellio: I think clmooc will be the beast that won't die
22:00vanessa: and this is from a veteran of both connectivist moocs like PLENK, CCK and Change11 as well as the x model
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Terry, don't talk about our adopted child as a beast :)
22:00Tellio: A sweet beast purring in the corner
22:00karen (@kfasimpaur): or crowing like a rooster
22:01Tellio: my claim to fame
22:01vanessa: tiger tiger burning bright in the jungles of the night
22:01Tellio: or a cheshire cat
22:01karen (@kfasimpaur): vanessa the poet
22:02vanessa: Mr Blake, who also wrote proverbs - some about learning
22:02Anna: or space to have a poetry backchannel
22:02vanessa: Anna, space for whatever we want to make
22:03Tellio: yay, Mia
22:03allie: sorry i had to go - thanks for great conversation!
22:04Anna: #literacies chat tomorrow at 1PM ET on civic engagement as one future form of engagement
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): You can continue this discussion at the #clmooc g+\ community
22:04Anna: and Karen, can you give all the other activities?
22:04Anna: Oh, you just did. Thanks, Karen!
22:04Christina: Cathy's blog -- you are read about it here:
22:05Tellio: Christina, sounds like the unthingy on Monday might be of interest to Mia
22:05Christina: yes, Terry good idea!
22:05JoAnn Delaney: It was a pleasure listening to all of you and good luck as you move forward with your "Adopted Child,""BEAST," or "Cheshire Cat."
22:05Christina: I'll follow-up with you Mia
22:06karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks, all. This was awesome. As always.
22:06Tellio: Thanks so much Paul
22:06vanessa: will anyone here be in her January course - a mooc about moocs and higher ed (meta mooc)
22:06@grammasheri: Thanks all!
22:06Christina: Thanks everyone! That was great.
22:07Christina: Now I have to finish packing ... oy :)