TTT#364 Youth Voices-Sheri Edwards, Jo Paraiso, Andrew Wyndham, Tricia Clarke, Marina Lombardo, Jake Jacobs, Valerie Burton 9.18

On this episode of TTT, we invite you to meet other teachers who have been using Youth Voices this fall to connect their students.

We shared our plans... dreams... ideas... worries...  as we moved into the fall semester.

We hope you enjoy this informal "meet and greet" -- out of which we hope many new connections might grow.

We will be meeting to talk about Youth Voices and how it is (or isn't) fitting into our curriculum often as 2014 kicks off! We gather at EdTechTallk each Wednesday at 9PM Eastern /6PM Pacific.

Please plan to join us when you can.

It has been exciting to see the posts and the comments flying into Youth Voices again this fall!

All that is needed is an hour on Wednesday evening, earbuds, and a Google+ account that you can Hangout on.

Come join us for a conversation that could make all the difference for your students!

Here's who joined us on this episode of TTT:

Sheri Edwards's profile photo Sheri Edwards Johanna Paraiso's profile photo Johanna Paraiso Andrew Wyndham's profile photo Andrew Wyndham Tricia Clarke's profile photo Tricia Clarke
Marina Lombardo's profile photo Marina Lombardo Jake Jacobs's profile photo Jake Jacobs Valerie Burton's profile photo Valerie Burton

Click Read more to see the chat that was happening during this live webcast,
and to find a couple of links to the resources shared during this episode of TTT.

Notes from the Webcast:

Adding students to Youth Voices:
Results  from the Million Voice Project contribute to national research that  documents why student voice is essential to the success of schools and  communities everywhere.
They are tweeting at @myvoicelistens


Chat from September 18, 2013

20:53Paul Allison: Hi Marina... You'll be joining us?
20:54Peggy George: Hi Paul and Sheri. :-)
20:54Peggy George: Hi Marina!
20:54Sheri Edwards: HI peggy!
20:56Peggy George: I was in a great webinar this week about the Student Voices research.
20:57Peggy George: Results from the Million Voice Project contribute to national research that documents why student voice is essential to the success of schools and communities everywhere.
21:01Sheri Edwards: Thanks Peggy
21:03Peggy George: they are tweeting at @myvoicelistens So glad I found them.
21:03Chris Sloan: Looks interesting Peggy
21:04Peggy George: the presentation was great!
21:04Peggy George: last week's show was fantastic with all of the students! are we continuing that tonight?
21:05Peggy George: oh goodie!! a throwback show :-)
21:06Peggy George: the format of Youth Voices webcasts has changed a lot over the years :-)
21:07Peggy George: sounds like some exciting new activity!
21:07Peggy George: Hooray! Andrew from Gooru is back!
21:08Peggy George: Love that idea Paul! a thesis on reclaiming computers for writing! :-)
21:16Peggy George: that's a large class! when you have 36 kids you really hope some of them will be "no shows" :-) 31 is more manageable but still too big!
21:18Peggy George: Interesting term "priority school" aren't they all???
21:18Peggy George: always means more monitoring and documenting but no more money or resources :-(
21:20Peggy George: Paul are you only teaching middle school this year? no more HS?
21:20Sheri Edwards: Yes, but our staff is and always has been so focused on our kids ! We really care about them.
21:21Peggy George: they're so lucky to have you!!
21:23Peggy George: is there a chirping sound coming through someone's mic or is it only something on my computer?
21:24Peggy George: I'm hearing it about every minute or so.
21:24Sheri Edwards: I had that chirp on mine, but it disappeared.
21:24Peggy George: it sounds like a fire detector with a bad battery and I'm been looking all over but can't find it.
21:25Peggy George: I won't worry about it then. I'll see if it disappears after this session is over :-)
21:26Peggy George: how exciting! 2 google hangouts with other art teachers. Congratulations!
21:34Peggy George: this is really interesting to hear how all of you got started!
21:39Peggy George: was that Nancy Atwell? I love her work!
21:40Sheri Edwards: Yes. Nanci is a hero!
21:42Peggy George: I think I have most of her books sitting on my bookshelf :-)
21:42Peggy George: Do you have her big notebook Lessons that Change Writers?
21:42Sheri Edwards: Yes, I do.
21:43Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Sorry but connection is really bad here
21:43Peggy George: Hi Valerie!
21:46Peggy George: Great point Andrew!
21:46Chris Sloan: Nice to have you Valerie
21:47Chris Sloan: Are your students Youth Voices this year, Valerie?
21:47Peggy George: Valerie is that you on camera all the way to the right?
21:48Chris Sloan: Yes that's her, but she says her connection is bad
21:48Sheri Edwards: Yes, Valerie is on the right
21:48Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hey guys
21:49Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I keep fading in and out
21:49Sheri Edwards: Hi Peggy. I'm not hearing everyone.
21:49Chris Sloan: Are your students Youth Voices this year, Valerie?
21:49Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Chris, I am going to start to add my kids this week
21:49Peggy George: I'm hearing everyone but my audio keeps cutting out
21:49Chris Sloan: audio is wonky tonight
21:50Peggy George: ugly art sounds like a really interesting idea :-)
21:50Sheri Edwards: Ok, Cuz I can only hear Andrew and Paul
21:50Chris Sloan: Sheri if you can't hear everyone, leave the hangout and then rejoin it right away
21:50Sheri Edwards: Ok
21:50Sheri Edwards: Thanks
21:52Peggy George: thanks Chris
21:54Peggy George: those would be great photos for student writing projects! are they all licensed CC?
21:54Sheri Edwards: Sorry I missed the whole curation piece! I think that curation is so important.
21:54Peggy George: are you hearing everyone now?
21:55Chris Sloan: I'll have to remind them again about CC licensing. They don't always think to do that
21:55Sheri Edwards: Yes I am
21:55Peggy George: I forget sometimes too and have to go back and change them. I think my default now is cc.
21:56Peggy George: It would help so much if people in the hangout each week would use lower third. With so many people it's hard to remember who each one is.
21:57Peggy George: maybe the instructions could be posted on the Titanpad each week with brief instructions about how to turn on lower thirds??
21:59Chris Sloan: good idea Peggy
22:00Sheri Edwards: We're reading Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper for the Global Read Aloud.
22:01Peggy George: That sounds great Sheri! Did I see that it was an online tooktalk? Did you start that?
22:01Peggy George: booktalk
22:03Sheri Edwards: No, I didn't see that online booktalk, but we are connected but I have connected with bloggers and also on Edmodo
22:06Peggy George: Sharon's book site:
22:08Sheri Edwards: Thanks all ! :)
22:08Chris Sloan: Thanks Peggy
22:08Peggy George: loved the conversation tonight! exciting things happening to kick off the school year
22:09Peggy George: making icons? avatars?
22:09Peggy George: thank you all!