TTT#366 Connected Educator Month w/ Sheri Edwards, Valerie Burton, Jo Paraiso, Joann Boettcher, K. Fasimpaur, Alan Levine 10.02

CEM 2013 is ON! This is the first of five special episodes of TTT we did as part of Connected Educator Month. We gathered for this episode of TTT on October 2 to talk about what it means for each of us to be "connected" -- and how this has changed our work with studnets. Enjoy!

Here's who join us for this episode:

Christina Cantrill's profile photo Christina Cantrill Sheri Edwards's profile photo Sheri Edwards Valerie Burton's profile photo Valerie Burton
Johanna Paraiso's profile photo Johanna Paraiso Joann Boettcher's profile photo Joann Boettcher Karen Fasimpaur's profile photo Karen Fasimpaur Alan Levine's profile photo Alan Levine

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and to find a couple of links to the resources shared during this episode of TTT.

Notes from the Webcast:

5 card Flickr stories -
5-card stud writing activity
Lifelong kindergarten -

Chat from October 2, 2013

20:54Paul Allison: Hi All!
20:54Paul Allison: Join us in the Hangout if you can.
20:59Sheri Edwards: Hi Karen
20:59Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hello all
20:59karen (@kfasimpaur): Greetings everyone.
21:00Peggy George: Hi everyone!
21:00Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hey Peggyeeeeeee
21:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Peggy!
21:01Sheri Edwards: HI Peggy
21:01karen (@kfasimpaur): Thre's room in the hangout if anyone would like to join us.
21:02Peggy George: Hi Sheri, Karen, Valerie and Paul :-)
21:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Connected Educator month is how I got to know Sheri. (I think.)
21:03karen (@kfasimpaur): Who is that behind Christina? ;)
21:03Peggy George: there are so many amazing opportunities this month!
21:03Sheri Edwards: Yes, you facilitated our presentation -- Denise Krebs and myself. We couldn't have done it without you!
21:04karen (@kfasimpaur): I remember how happy I was when you emailed me, Sheri.
21:04karen (@kfasimpaur): And even more happy with how you followed through...and even happier now that we've gotten to be friends!
21:04Sheri Edwards: :) Yes!
21:04Peggy George: :-) don't you love all of these great connections!! :-)
21:05Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Ahhh, I am feeling the love Sheri and Karen
21:05karen (@kfasimpaur): yes. Peggy, you and I are connected in so many ways!
21:05Alan (@cogdog): Howdy I recognize Karen's window
21:05karen (@kfasimpaur): <oops...muting my typing>
21:05Chris Sloan: Howdy
21:05karen (@kfasimpaur): Hey, Alan! Good to see you here.
21:06Peggy George: :-)
21:06Peggy George: Hi Chris and Alan!! Always great to be in sessions with you!
21:06karen (@kfasimpaur): I was just going to invite you to another show we're doing in mid-Oct. ...
21:06Peggy George: @Alan I've been loving all of the new photos you've been posting on Flickr. :-) I'm a stalker. :-)
21:07karen (@kfasimpaur): about ongoing, opt-in educator "shows" ... We want to learn about DS106
21:07Christina: she's my good side, karen!
21:07karen (@kfasimpaur): does she have a name?
21:07karen (@kfasimpaur): Nice, Peggy. I didn't know. ;)
21:08Alan (@cogdog): Thanks peggy. I was going to say I know you were there but I would be kidding.
21:08Marcie Lewis : Hi Everyone!
21:08karen (@kfasimpaur): HI, Marcie.
21:08Peggy George: hahaha Alan!!
21:09karen (@kfasimpaur): If anyone else wants to join us in the hangout, there's room and you're welcome!
21:09Peggy George: I love it when fellow Arizonans join us for these sessions!
21:09karen (@kfasimpaur): Alan, have you been in/on TTT b4?
21:10karen (@kfasimpaur): Online spaces as safer...that's interesting.
21:10monika: hello all
21:10karen (@kfasimpaur): Hey Monika
21:10Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hey Monika
21:11Alan (@cogdog): @karen first time listener
21:12Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Welcome Alan
21:12Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Welcome Marcie
21:12Sheri Edwards: Hello cogdog @grammasheri here! Welcome.
21:13Peggy George: Hi monika! Great to see you!
21:13monika: likewise Peggy
21:14Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline:
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): True, "connected" is more than just being online.
21:15Peggy George: absolutely Karen!!
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur):collaboration....openness... what else?
21:16Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Connected to me does refer more to utilizing the connections for the joy of having resources
21:16karen (@kfasimpaur): re: Youth Voices, our friend Areeg has a new post up about Egypt:
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): @MsB Joy...I like that.
21:17Peggy George: I really liked all 3 panels yesterday in the kickoff sessions for CEM! One was called From Connection to Collaboration and it was excellent.
21:17Peggy George: Tom Carroll, Kecia Ray, Mark Prensky, Connie Yowell, and Yong Zhao, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
21:17Sheri Edwards: I looked for the archives Peggy -- will they be?
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): I missed that one. WIll have to catch the archive
21:18Chris Sloan: I took a class from Yong Zhao. Love that guy
21:18karen (@kfasimpaur): Archive page for CEM seems to have an erroe
21:19Peggy George: me too Chris. He was great and there was tons of interaction in the chat room
21:19karen (@kfasimpaur): Usually take them a few days to get them posted
21:19Peggy George: don't think the recordings are posted yet
21:19Peggy George: yes
21:19Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Other Connected Educator events can be found here
21:20Peggy George: 3 Arizonans tonight!! :-)
21:21karen (@kfasimpaur): We did DS106 type photo challenges with little kids here too
21:21Peggy George: love your tweets for tonight's show Valeria! :-)
21:21monika: chaordic-ness. whimsy. yes.
21:21Sheri Edwards:
21:22karen (@kfasimpaur): Links in the doc to the right as well
21:22Peggy George: that's so exciting to hear Alan talking about this project!
21:22Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: It is because it is really fun to play with the cards
21:23Peggy George: the photos really give yo something to write/tell stories about :-)
21:23karen (@kfasimpaur): We did a 5 card stud writing activity in writing project this summer that was awesome (diff from this though)
21:24Peggy George: I didn't know that idea started with Scott. :-) I heard Wes Fryer present about it and write about it
21:27karen (@kfasimpaur): I wonder how many teachers think about having their own online space and/or domain
21:27karen (@kfasimpaur): I'm thinking not many
21:28Peggy George: Sheri--you NEED to be a featured teacher on Classroom 2.0 LIVE!!! You have so many awesome things to share!!
21:29Peggy George: Karen did you blog about the 5 card stud writing activity? really sounds wonderful!!
21:29Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Karen, that sounds crazy to me.
21:29Sheri Edwards: Thanks, Peggy
21:30Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I always want to share everything online
21:30karen (@kfasimpaur): I didn't but I should. It was awesome (credit Chris Burnham)
21:31Sheri Edwards: by Will Chamberlain
21:33Peggy George: great point! it's not an option to NOT do it but there can be lots of ways to get there...
21:35karen (@kfasimpaur): It started with a guided meditation, which was awesome in and of itself, as a writing exercise
21:36monika: future platform in your head.. ness. multiple web communities..
21:36Peggy George: is there a limit to how much Youth Voices can grow?
21:36Peggy George: thanks Karen!!
21:36karen (@kfasimpaur): technical limit? support limit? not that I know of
21:37Peggy George: both which might impact how many classes/teachers/students can get involved
21:37Peggy George: can the platform manage unlimited numbers of students?
21:37karen (@kfasimpaur): my sense is that there isn't a practical limit looming
21:38Christina: I like "positive personal space" ...
21:38karen (@kfasimpaur): The platform isn't limited to a number of users...there are practical bandwidth consideration I suppose
21:38Christina: and it make me think that Youth Voices is a "positive community space"
21:38Peggy George: yes with increased numbers means lots more interaction
21:39karen (@kfasimpaur): Where to post things -- that's a big issue for me.
21:39Peggy George: eager to read that Chris. I recently watched the movie about the young people that lost their lives to bears in Glacier Park (my old home town area)
21:41Peggy George: "Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzlies"
21:41monika: 2 great recent talks if you missed them: - antero
21:42monika: and ethan:
21:42Peggy George: where to post things is a frequent issue for me--with so much openness and encouragement for participation it's hard to get a conversation going. During a Hangout people are tweeting to different hashtags, commenting on youtube, commenting on G+, etc.
21:44Chris Sloan: @Peggy, kind of what I mean by "shouts in a crowd." when my students tweet and post without having much conversation around those things. Or scattered conversations that lose power with a dispersion
21:44Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Good comment, learning new ways to do things
21:45Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Sharing allows us to grow and learn
21:45Christina: Paul -- did you get an email about badges tonight?
21:46Peggy George: I totally agree about the value of these sessions/conversations! They should receive PD/CE credits if they want/need them
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): I like what Jo is saying. Equity doesn't mean everyone has to have the exact same thing.
21:47Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I was told to leave my computer/iPad in the classroom for today's PD. It blew my mind because I was trying to figure out how I was supposed to take notes. .... Pen and Paper?? What!!!!
21:48Peggy George: exactly!!! According to Thomas Jefferson “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.”
21:48Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Why would I just take notes on paper when I could do it digitally to share with other educators, or schools, or the district. For me if there is something worth writing down, I feel that it is worth sharing.
21:48Peggy George: oh no Valerie!!
21:49monika: @Chris @Peggy - the web wants to connect us better..
21:49Christina: "good for them"
21:49monika: and spot on .. we unleash the kids.. we don't have to do it
21:49Sheri Edwards: Agree and good point, Valerie
21:49Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: I had to tell a teacher that I had an Individual Educational Plan that called for me to use technology to record information.
21:49Christina: jinks monika!
21:49Peggy George: :-) Monika
21:52Peggy George: Love Audrey Watters! She and Steve Hargadon are co-keynoters for the Open Learning strand in the K12 Online Conference.
21:53Peggy George: love that story!!
21:54Peggy George: good problem solving Valerie! better than what you had!
21:56Peggy George: just heard a really sad story by an amazing educator friend who wrote yesterday that she QUIT! She was a tech facilitator for 1:1 initiative and everything was being blocked by the administration and it conflicted too deeply with her values & priorities for kids using the tools that she couldn't in good conscience continue.
21:56Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Oh no Peggy
21:56karen (@kfasimpaur): I've seen some very good teachers leave formal teaching in the last year or so
21:57Peggy George: very rare for someone being able to/willing to take a stand like that!
21:57Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: That is so heart breaking
21:57karen (@kfasimpaur): There are other opportunities though in informal spaces?
21:57Peggy George: me too Karen!
21:57karen (@kfasimpaur): like you and I Peggy (informal spaces)
21:57Peggy George: yes other opportunities but what about the kids she's leaving behind??
21:57karen (@kfasimpaur): They need informal spaces too
21:58Peggy George: so many kids are missing out on meaning education because of these kinds of decisions
21:58Peggy George: meaningful
21:58karen (@kfasimpaur): yes...and not because of good teachers leaving
21:59Alan (@cogdog): We have a culture in ds106 of failing in public
21:59karen (@kfasimpaur): #clmooc too... we love failing :)
21:59Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Ahh @Alan Failure is Learning though
21:59Christina: @karen she needs a name ...
21:59Peggy George: would love to hear you say more about that Alan!
21:59Christina: Paula?
22:00Alan (@cogdog): @peggy see all the typos in my blog ;-)
22:00Christina: @Alan ... yes, that requires practice too!
22:00monika: thanks guys..
22:00Peggy George: :-)
22:00Christina: Well, failing is not so hard. Embracing it .. harder.
22:00Peggy George: autocorrect doesn't help either!!!
22:00Christina: Hi Peggy!
22:00Peggy George: Hi Christina :-)
22:01Christina: life long kindergarten!
22:02Peggy George: so cute!!!
22:03Peggy George: there certainly is a lot we can learn from Kindergarten!
22:03Peggy George: can you share the link she shared in the Hangout to her website?
22:03Peggy George: see it in the Titanpad now :-) thanks
22:03karen (@kfasimpaur): Jo's class web site -
22:03karen (@kfasimpaur): And everyone is invited to all of our October TTT Connected Educator month shows.
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Next week is openness as Paul said.
22:04Peggy George: Karen what an incredible multi-tasker!!!
22:04Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Chris
22:04Peggy George: thanks Val!
22:04Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Hope that wasn't private Chris
22:04Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Sorry
22:04karen (@kfasimpaur): Oct. 16 is teacher voice
22:05Christina: Just catching up with your story @Peggy ...
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): Oct. 23 is informal opt-in shows, etc. - podcasting and beyond
22:05Peggy George: gee whiz!! so many awesome things happening! I started this session with 210 tabs open and now I have 220!!
22:05Peggy George: really looking forward to Oct. 23rd :-)
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): Every school district needs someone like Sheri!
22:05Peggy George: absolutely!!!!
22:07karen (@kfasimpaur): It's the fear vs. trust issue that pervades everything...
22:07Peggy George: last week in a podcast, Kevin Honeycutt said if teachers are "waiting" to get on board with engaging students, openness, technology and connected learning it means that the students HAVE to wait. So true!
22:07Peggy George: trust is definitely something we can learn from the Finland model!
22:08Valerie Burton @MsBisOnline: Night and Thanks
22:08karen (@kfasimpaur): Great hour. Thanks all! Hope to see you next week.
22:08Christina: night all!
22:09Peggy George: thanks everyone for another great conversation!
22:09Peggy George: good night!

October 3, 2013

3:49Niyi: hello
3:49Niyi: want to know how to get admission into the program
3:52Niyi: [email protected] . pls mail me

October 5, 2013

21:20Tawanda Bromell: Hello, I am a GA Pre-K Assistant Teacher and I would like to know how do I get on board and participate in discussing awesome topics.
21:23Tawanda Bromell: My name is Tawanda Bromell and I would like to know how I get on board with discussing great topics. I am a GA Pre-K Assistant Teacher and I am looking for new ways to learn more and network with other in my profession.

October 9, 2013

21:01karen (@kfasimpaur): Hello everyone.
21:02karen (@kfasimpaur): Would anyone like to join us in the hangout? There's room.