TTT#371 Social Media in Schools? Paige Woodard, Jo Paraiso and her students: Bassam Taleb, Katia Navidad, Jorge Espinoza 11.6.13

On this episode of TTT we discuss social media in education with several high school students. We are joined by:

Paige is on a mission, and we learn a lot by when Joanna's students who are working on join her in this conversation.

Here's what Paige wrote recently on Shane Haggerty's blog

Changing the education system is difficult, but tangible.

For the past three months I have focused on integrating social media into the education system and, surprisingly, have found countless administrators, teachers, and social media gurus alike that are passionate about assisting me in my mission.

My social media education mission began with a simple Twitter account and blog on WordPress, yet my ultimate goal is to film a DVD to sell to school administrators that will explain why social media is beneficial in the classroom and how it can be incorporated into the curriculum.

Paige also writes (in an email):

I am really interested in students' responsibility on social media and why they should monitor what they share, as college admissions and future employers alike research you on social media before accepting you into their college/university or allow you to represent their business.

I am also advocating for social media usage in the classroom because it exposes students to countless opportunities unavailable to them in their school district. As an example, without the use of social media and networking, I would not have made a presentation to Howard Rheingold's class at Stanford University.

I am happy to brainstorm any other ideas as well.

Want more? Here's Howard Rheingold's interview with Paige and and her teacher, Don Wettrick, "Freedom, Autonomy, and Digital Media at an Indiana High School"

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Chat from November 6, 2013

20:55Paul: Hi everyone!
20:55Paul: i've got Torin on my lap, asleep
20:55Paul: so i'm trying to type quietly :-)
20:56Paul: I'm excited that Jo and her students will be on the program
20:56Paul: I hope she talks up our EDDA project!
20:56Peggy George: Hi Paul! :-)
20:56Paul: Hey Peggy!
20:56Peggy George: stream hasn't started yet, right? :-)
20:57Paul: if it has, i don't see it :-)
20:57Peggy George: :-)
21:00karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, everyone.
21:00Peggy George: Hi Karen!
21:03Young Whan Choi: Hello, everyone. My name is Young Whan from Oakland.
21:03karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, Young.
21:03Young Whan Choi: I work with Oh no, Paul Oh.
21:03Young Whan Choi: Is this Torin's first TTT?
21:04Peggy George: Hi Young! Welcome! great to have you joining us!
21:05Young Whan Choi: Great to be here! or virtually there
21:06Peggy George: I learned about a great new tool for creating Lower Thirds in Hangouts. Can create your image and just upload it when you're in the hangout.
21:07Peggy George: that was a deep sigh :-)
21:08Paul: Hi all - sorry, had to do a diaper change :)
21:08Paul: is the show streaming yet?
21:08karen (@kfasimpaur): TMI
21:08Peggy George: yes it's streaming
21:08Paul: and yes, this is torin's first
21:08karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, it's streaming
21:08Paul: @Karen better than having to change my own diaper
21:08Peggy George: hahahaha
21:08Paul: oh wait, is this chat archived? :-)
21:08Paul: Hi there Young Whan!
21:10Paul: i'm not seeing the stream
21:11Peggy George: yes the recording will be archived but not sure about the chat
21:11Peggy George: refresh your page Paul
21:12Peggy George: you can also view directly on youtube here:
21:13Peggy George: really interested in hearing about her research projects on social media!
21:14Peggy George: did she Don Wettrick?
21:14karen (@kfasimpaur): Love it...I'll order a dozen copies.
21:14Peggy George: :-)
21:14monika: hello
21:15Peggy George: Hi Monika
21:15karen (@kfasimpaur): Hi, monika
21:15Peggy George: Eric S. was a great principal to interview!
21:16monika: new look on google plus
21:17Peggy George: are you going in the hangout Monika?
21:17Paul: hi monika!
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, new look but no real new features... go figure
21:17karen (@kfasimpaur): Wonder how the parents in Paige's district feel....
21:18Paul: thanks for the tip, Peggy - refresh didthe trick
21:19Peggy George: great!
21:19monika: that's howard's interview of paige and don
21:20Peggy George: thanks!
21:21Peggy George: I'm keeping the stream open in a separate window on youtube so I don't have to keep scrolling up and down to see the chat. Working pretty well.
21:22monika: oh .. good idea..
21:23Peggy George: much easier to just click that to keep scrolling :-)
21:23monika: ah. thanks Peggy.. so smart
21:24Peggy George: :-) shucks...
21:25Peggy George: Paige is doing a super job! very articulate :-)
21:27Peggy George: awesome place for her to start :-) Youth Voices!
21:27monika: oooh
21:28karen (@kfasimpaur): "Twitter, maybe" Really??
21:28monika: no facebook?
21:28Peggy George: what makes the alternatives better?
21:28karen (@kfasimpaur): the reason people use fb and twitter is because that's where people are.
21:28Peggy George: exactly!
21:28monika: yeah. that.
21:29Paul: yes, totally
21:29karen (@kfasimpaur): :)
21:29Peggy George: you have to bring your own value to FB and Twitter
21:29Paul: what is popular among youth today in terms of social media?
21:30monika: ha. this is how the curriculum was built.. to each his own
21:30Peggy George: powerful argument in defense of Twitter & social media! Hooray Paige!
21:30karen (@kfasimpaur): twitter more than fb i think
21:31monika: but if no one is modeling it used... it is or can seem useless.
21:31Peggy George: very true
21:31karen (@kfasimpaur): "empower yourself"...always good advice
21:32Peggy George: but just because we are surrounded by people it doesn't mean that they are valuable contributors to our learning.
21:32Paul: we've seen interesting work happen as part of KQED Education's Do Now Twitter program
21:32karen (@kfasimpaur): that's the truth
21:32Peggy George: great point Paul!
21:32Young Whan Choi: I think that it's important to consider the race and cultural context of the two students
21:32monika: it's like making people go to a party where they know no one
21:33Peggy George: love that analogy Monika
21:33monika: and their other choice is to go to a party that old people designed.. where their friends might not be..
21:34monika: : )
21:34Paul: @Young Whan danah boyd did a lot of interesting research related to class and race and social media, particularly FB and My Space
21:34monika: huge reaffirmation that we need open ness
21:34Young Whan Choi: Thanks Paul. I'd love to see that research
21:35Paul: let me look for it. brb.
21:36Young Whan Choi: I would like to hear how Paige addresses the point that Paul A made about the corporate presence in schools
21:36monika: that at least points to her
21:36Young Whan Choi: Or anyone for that matter
21:36Young Whan Choi: Thanks Monika!
21:36Paul: thanks monika!
21:37Paul: and here's the pdf i was thinking of:
21:37Young Whan Choi: What makes twitter a better social media tool than fb?
21:38Paul: Young Whan, you should consider jumping into the hangout and asking your questions.
21:38karen (@kfasimpaur): Paige on twitter @paige_woodard
21:38Peggy George: I love reading Danah Boyd's blog!
21:38Peggy George: thanks for the link!
21:41karen (@kfasimpaur): Saying there's porn on the Tumblr is like saying there's porn on the doesn't make sense to block the whole thing
21:41monika: tumblr is great
21:42Peggy George: I love that she is selecting the tools that best meet her needs
21:42monika: yeah.. i talked to danah boyd back in 2009.. she reaffirmed the best filter is a human
21:42monika: open
21:44Paul: on a HOMAGO geekout a couple of weeks ago, Alex, a teen, talked about his insterest in fashion and design - then showed his work on his tumblr blog
21:44Peggy George: Monika--do you consider Youth Voices this way "and their other choice is to go to a party that old people designed.. where their friends might not be.. "
21:44Paul: which he found to be more visually apealing and also where the people whose opinions mattered to him were situated
21:44monika: yes @paul - a lot of youth love tumblr
21:45Paul: @monika totally makes sense to me
21:45Peggy George: great examples Paige
21:46monika: @peggy - i think youth voices is doing amazing things.. thanks to Paul, et al, for setting youth free there..
21:47monika: different than making a kid only blog on a site you picked.. and about a certain topic
21:47Peggy George: true--just wanted to clarify since he was the creator of YV
21:47Young Whan Choi: I think that the benefit of site like youthvoices is that it creates a safe space
21:47karen (@kfasimpaur): safe, how?
21:47Young Whan Choi: Jo has spoken about how important that is as a place for youth to test their ideas
21:48Young Whan Choi: safe, meaning that the students are not worried that their ideas will be attacked
21:48karen (@kfasimpaur): got it
21:48Young Whan Choi: disagreements are raised civilly
21:48Young Whan Choi: or that conversations won't devolve into personal attacks
21:49monika: i missed what paul disagreed with paige about
21:49Paul: @monika Paige said spaces like Edmodo do not have as members experts and others in the wider world
21:49Young Whan Choi: on the use of twitter being important versus other social media
21:50monika: thanks
21:50Paul: And Paul initially disagreed
21:50Peggy George: why the need for FB & Twitter--I think. Confusing to me
21:50Peggy George: because they are corporate owned
21:50karen (@kfasimpaur): it was kind of the point we were talking about b4...sites like twitter are where people are even if we don't particularly like the corp-control aspect
21:51Peggy George: there's no guarantee of focused attention in the classroom even without mobile devices
21:51Young Whan Choi: the point about personal responsibility is a critical part of bringing this technology into classrooms
21:52Peggy George: I agree Young and that is why they need to be able to use them in school so they can learn about responsible use--their parents aren't necessarily the best role models!
21:53monika: where might minds go if we didn't think we had to keep their attention.. esp for things they aren't asking about
21:53Peggy George: :-)
21:56Peggy George: this was an awesome program on Frontline Digital Nation where they dealt with the myth of teens and multitasking
21:57Young Whan Choi: Thanks, everyone for the conversation! I hope to be back again soon.
21:58Peggy George: thanks for joining us!
21:59Paul: Bye, Young Whan!
21:59Paul: for me, the question about social media is less about paying attention or not in school, but it's about: what does learning look like today and into the future?
21:59monika: This is really what the whole debate over compulsory schooling is about. Do we trust people’s capacity to be curious or not? - Astra Taylor
22:00Peggy George: great way to state it Paul!
22:00Paul: and i would argue that we are more and more learning via SM, 24/7
22:00Paul: it's only in school where that isn't happening
22:00Peggy George: loved that point--she said ill equipped and not reluctant...
22:01karen (@kfasimpaur): in the future, things won't look anything like they do now. hope we're teaching self directed learning as well.
22:01monika: i want to meet that girl
22:01monika: katia
22:02Peggy George: this has been a great conversation!
22:02monika: it has.. thanks so much to everyone
22:02karen (@kfasimpaur): good conversation. thanks everyone.
22:02Paul: good night all!
22:02Paul: thanks!
22:03Peggy George: good night Paul
22:05Peggy George: fascinating area of study-women in construction
22:05karen (@kfasimpaur): that's city talk...out here in the sticks, women construction workers (or ranchers or xyz) don't get a 2nd look
22:05Peggy George: :-)
22:07monika: that's cool how when people are talking their name shows up now
22:07karen (@kfasimpaur): really, it's refreshing
22:07Peggy George: yes nice addition
22:07karen (@kfasimpaur): yes, monika, that's new
22:08monika: i'd like jo and her kids to come on again
22:08karen (@kfasimpaur): definitely
22:11monika: whoa
22:12Peggy George: kudos to Paige! super job!! she held her own!!!
22:12monika: yes.. Piage is great
22:13karen (@kfasimpaur): Thanks, everyone.
22:13Peggy George: love the student connections being made here!
22:13monika: yes
22:13karen (@kfasimpaur): see you all soon!
22:13monika: later loves
22:13Peggy George: it was so much fun having Jeff Lebow on the show a couple of weeks ago! so great to see him!
22:14Peggy George: good night all!
22:14Peggy George: see you next week!