IHAQ#15 - The Ethics of Innovation

I Have A Question#15
July 27, 2014 

Featured Question:
The Ethics of Innovation


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Ethics of innovation ... awesome topic!
A pseudonym is only so good at protecting your identity though. It's more a false sense of security :/
@jason ... yes ... it screams "false" in my layers :(
I was in Massive Teaching, it was definitely icky. I think what came from it was already known, it just made some things unignorable. Whether or not that's good is anyone's game
That is the cool thing about "transparency" ... it reveals the "icky"
There is some literacy involved in scumbag detection
Love the scumbag detection literacy concept
Dave's course description:
This course examines the integration of computers and other technologies into adult technology education curricula and in business and industry sectors.
It provides an overview of current computer-based technologies (e.g. various software and presentation programs, Internet, World Wide Web resources, CD-Roms, online communication, Computer Assisted Technology), and the effective use of other multimedia technology (e.g. video and overhead projectors). Students develop animation skills for instructional purposes and learn audio production processes.
For Dehaye and the did anything give off the ego tip, he posted a document after deleting the course material and he was talking about how his goal then was confusion, students, university, Coursera, and journalists, and how he was hoping to generate publicity
This is the description for Massive Teaching: 
"Teaching goes massive: new skills required
The course offers a review of (at least) the business, legal, pedagogical and technical aspects of MOOCs, destined to higher education professionals who might feel threatened by them in terms of job security."
Here's the quote from Dehaye I talked about: 
"In any case, comes Monday, I figure I will do the following: 
confuse everyone, including the university, coursera, the Twitter world, as many journalists as I can, and the course participants. The goal being to attract publicity."
Just pace around in circles angrily.
Start with this: "Let's do the wave "Goodbye to assessment~""
great idea :)
Does it depend on what the grade construct means? 
I understand that in some places you aren't able to get 100% because no one is perfect, etc
Thank you, Jason! You were an awesome "audience" / participant :)
Did I miss it?