Women of Web 2.0.10

Women of Web 2.0.10
January 2, 2007
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 JenniferW  Hello Room
 dthaggard  Good evening
 JenniferW  Good evening
 charbeck  Is there a feed yet?
 JenniferW  Not yet
 JenniferW  we lost Cheryl
 JenniferW  not literally
 JenniferW  but -- poof -- she was gone
 charbeck  yikes
 sroseman  greetings
 charbeck  hi sue
 JenniferW  Hi Sue
 charbeck  How is Ottowa?
 sroseman  Hi guys
 sroseman  ugg
 sroseman  no snow
 charbeck  You can have some of ours!!
 sroseman  No Winterlude Carnival too on our longest skating rink in the World..the Rideau Canal
 sharonp  Hi everyone
 charbeck  Hi Sharon
 sroseman  Hi Sharon
 sroseman  why don't you do a monthly WOW2 session in Tappedin?
 coolcatteacher  That would be neat.
 JenniferW  LOL -- wish I had time
 coolcatteacher  We are trying to get the stream up, folks, we'll be here soon!
 sroseman  I suggested it to BJB; the editor
 JenniferW  it is a good idea
 JenniferW  just not a working possibility for me rightnow
 sroseman  well think about it for the near future
 sroseman  or summer
 coolcatteacher  We are working folks on this. Stick around, please.
 JenniferW  and how has your 2007 been so far
 sroseman  ok
 coolcatteacher  I think everyone is getting in a little R&R before they start back tonight.
 coolcatteacher  However, I started back today!
 sroseman  Tappedin will be doing a 6 hour session at NECC
 coolcatteacher  6 HOURS!

for your general amusement - Terry Freedman's latest blog post -


 coolcatteacher  Prepare to laugh like the dickens!
 sroseman  virtual with video conferencing
 coolcatteacher  Folks, if you don't hear the stream, we are working on it right now.
 sharonp  had fun working with Terry on his little application
 coolcatteacher  Hang around a moment.
 guest478  ah.
 sharonp  big blogger awards
 guest478  need any help?
 JenniferW  we are checking our backup
 sharonp  Vicki, I can't believe you started back today
 JenniferW  she is checking the feeds
 JenniferW  so -- BIG HAND for Kathy Shields
 sharonp  just about everything was closed here in Qc
 coolcatteacher  Cheryl was getting ready to pull in the stream and then we lost her in skype. We're not sure what happened.
 sharonp  some shops were open
 sharonp  but very few people were at work
 guest478  mmm... computer crash.
 JenniferW  not sure
 sharonp  tomorrow the colleges and universities start back up
 guest478  she on a mac or windows i don't remember
 coolcatteacher  Well, we were back and I had to teach in one hour "everything I knew about podcasting, blogging, wikis, and web 2.0" :D
 JenniferW  quest478 -- hmmmm going incognito tonight???
 sharonp  she is on a mac, I believe
 coolcatteacher  She is on a mac.
 sharonp  wow
 sharonp  my turn is on Monday - something similar
 sharonp  half an hour for podcsting
 coolcatteacher  I wish I had a little longer.
 sharonp  and half an hour for wikis
 coolcatteacher  But then again we get two months in the summer.
 sharonp  for the teachers
 coolcatteacher  Yes, I taught the teachers today too.
 coolcatteacher  and the administrators.
 sharonp  but am up against about 20 other workshops - all run by and for the teachers
 coolcatteacher  Oh, my goodness.
 coolcatteacher  You'll have to give it a great name.
 sharonp  so will just have a handful for each presentation
 coolcatteacher  Like - free food from Sharon.
 JenniferW  Sue -- you said Tapped in is doing 6 hours at NECC??
 JenniferW  on what???
 sharonp  good idea
 sharonp  LOL
 sroseman  yep ..that's right
 JenniferW  about what???
 sharonp  is Tapped in just going to run ongoing webcasting and commentary?
 coolcatteacher  Thank you everyone for your patience.
 sroseman  one moment I will dig up the proposal..and it has been accepted
 JenniferW  cool
 sharonp  you could easily do that at NECC
 coolcatteacher  Neat.
 JenniferW  I would like to read it
 sharonp  there is always sooooo much going on at NeCC
 coolcatteacher  The times I've been in tapped in, I've really learned a lot.
 sharonp  it is amazing
 coolcatteacher  There are some great volunteers over there and they are doing a great service.
 JenniferW  I thought teaching 3 hours was a long time -- teaching 6 is even more WOW
 sharonp  I think the fact that onsite conferences are starting to do live podcasting and such is so great
 coolcatteacher  I went in there for a chat thing and messed everything up but they were so nice.
 sharonp  not everyone can make it to an away-conference
 sroseman  We are soo nice
 JenniferW  did we lose quest???
 sroseman  I have been a member since 1999
 coolcatteacher  6 hours is monumental.
 JenniferW  I am doing 3
 JenniferW  but on online projects -- so it will fly
 sroseman  let me dig something up...one moment
 sharonp  hope they provide 2 meals - if it is a workshop
 coolcatteacher  3 hours is a lot but you're Jennifer Wagner.
 JenniferW  yup
 coolcatteacher  a/k/a Wonder Woman
 sharonp  time flies when you are with Jen
 JenniferW  I can talk about ANYTHING for 180 minutes
 JenniferW  but not 181 :)
 sharonp  just look at my holiday schedule - for example
 sroseman  any audio yet
 coolcatteacher  a/k/a person who knows anyone and CAN talk about anything and sound smart.
 coolcatteacher  Status on audio, Jen.
 JenniferW  she is scrambling
 JenniferW  meaning -- she is frantically trying to pull it together
 sroseman  I will be part of the NECC Tappedin session I believe
 coolcatteacher  We lost Cheryl and we have a stand in who is trying to pull in our stream. She literally had 2 minutes notice.
 JenniferW  HEY DEB
 charbeck  Do you want someonw else to create a skype
 JenniferW  how is Cheryl?????
 coolcatteacher  We're working on pulling up our stream, folks.
 JenniferW  :) We lost her in skype
 coolcatteacher  Cheryl isn't online. I think she had a crash of some kind or a power outage.
 deb Barrows  Hi, Cheryl is on the phone with me. She lost her Internet connection.
 coolcatteacher  What was the weather like up there?
 JenniferW  Deb B is cheryl's friend
 coolcatteacher  OK, great.
 JenniferW  yep -- we thought so
 alicebarr  lots of internet problems here in Maine!
 JenniferW  tell her that we are trying to get Kathy Shields to help out,Deb
 JenniferW  and NOT to worry
 sroseman  Here is the proposal
 JenniferW  we are okay
 sroseman  why don't you do a monthly WOW2 session in Tappedin
 sroseman  oops
 alicebarr  hi deb
 sharonp  okay, have sent out distress calls to three people at WB
 JenniferW  just very very quiet right now
 JenniferW  thanks Sharon
 coolcatteacher  Thank you everyone for your patience. We may have to just do a small skype and record it as Jen suggested.
 sharonp  oh dear
 coolcatteacher  But the chat room is lively.
 sroseman  http://necc2007ti.wikispaces.com/
 JenniferW  we can handle just a chat --
 charbeck  Nice post at the wiki
 coolcatteacher  Oh, Jeff cooper worked on this. He is the person who helped me out so much at Tapped in.
 JenniferW  which wiki???
 coolcatteacher  he showed me so much!
 JenniferW  oh, the tapped in wiki
 coolcatteacher  Jeff is great.
 charbeck  Your wiki...The link for today?
 JenniferW  ahhhh -- thank you
 JenniferW  I can drop it here if you wish
 sroseman  Jeff Cooper is our resident guru on collaboration at TappedIn
 JenniferW  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/010207
 charbeck  You are making big buckes here
 charbeck  bucks
 Cathy E  Don't forget to talk about a hotel for NECC :)
 JenniferW  yup
 JenniferW  LOLOL
 deb Barrows  Cheryl is on my speaker phone. Will someone invite me via SKype and then she can talk.
 coolcatteacher  There is a frantic skype chat going on behind the scenes and microprocessors are burning.
 coolcatteacher  Give us a moment.
 JenniferW  yeah -- rolling in the dough
 JenniferW  please let me know if you hear a stream
 JenniferW  or a rumbling brook
 coolcatteacher  Boy, these folks hanging on need a T shirt or something.
 coolcatteacher  a trickle?
 charbeck  Tonights intro....It was a dark and stormy night when..... crash...
 coolcatteacher  *)
 charbeck  we eventually got things right!
 coolcatteacher  And when we got it right, it was AWESOME!
 alicebarr  Deb: Should I call you?
 charbeck  always is
 coolcatteacher  But until then, we all took nitroglicerine tablets and swigged coffee frantically.
 deb Barrows  sure via Skype
 coolcatteacher  I'll just sing a moment.
 coolcatteacher  How about "The old blue skype, she ain't what she used to be."
 sharonp  Lee Baber might be able to help us set up the stream
 sharonp  she is online helping me right now
 sharonp  she can set up the stream
 JenniferW  OKAY
 alicebarr  If Lee can't get it going I can try
 JenniferW  please open a NEW window or tab
 JenniferW  and go to this link
 JenniferW  http://www.webcastacademy.net/chat
 sharonp  she is trying to catch all ofus
 JenniferW  and click on SandBox A for the stream
 sharonp  Lee is working on this
 JenniferW  Kathy has it
 JenniferW  but I need vicki and sharon's skype names
 sharonp  Lee has channel 1
 sharonp  too many cooks in the kitchen?
 JenniferW  so what do you want me to do??
 JenniferW  is Lee calling us???
 sharonp  Lee Baber is one of our guests next week, btw
 JenniferW  yes I know
 sharonp  she is working on this
 JenniferW  :)
 sharonp  she has your names
 JenniferW  so Lee is callig us
 JenniferW  ???
 coolcatteacher  I think it is Sabo-skype
 JenniferW  should I hang up with Kathy????
 coolcatteacher  Conspiracy theories, anyone?
 sharonp  just give us a moment
 sharonp  she is working on the stream
 sharonp  and checking audio levels
 sharonp  can't wait to do all this
 sharonp  signed up for webcast academy today
 coolcatteacher  I'm just sitting here singing!
 sharonp  `my new year's resolution
 coolcatteacher  Nobody knows....
 sharonp  to learn how to do this
 coolcatteacher  So, perhaps we should talk about redundancy and backup tonight.
 sharonp  we are on channel 1
 coolcatteacher  :D
 sharonp  could somebody check in and listen to see
 coolcatteacher  Great, I'm here - I guess you'll skype me?
 sharonp  Lee will call us in momentarily
 coolcatteacher  Yeah!
 sharonp  Yay Lee
 JenniferW  so I should hang up with Kathy
 sharonp  my hero of the moment - hopefully this will all work out
 Cathy E  I got ya on the stream
 sroseman  We can hear you
 coolcatteacher  Jen you were busy.
 JenniferW  call me again please
 JenniferW  And we need to say THANK YOU to Kathy Shields
 JenniferW  who scrambled
 alicebarr  Can you guys add Deborah Barrows so she can put Cheryl on?
 JenniferW  skype name??
 JenniferW  for Deb???
 coolcatteacher  Lee is great!
 sharonp  is anyone listening on iTunes
 sharonp  can yo uhear us?
 alicebarr  Yes I am
 coolcatteacher  Everyone cheer for Lee!
 alicebarr  I Tunes is working Sharon
 coolcatteacher  Yes!
 alicebarr  Deborah Barrows is the Skype name
 alicebarr  Yes I can hear on iTunes
 lee  how do i spell doborah s name
 deb Barrows  deborah barrows
 alicebarr  deborah Barrows
 alicebarr  Cheryl is back on Skype
 deb Barrows  Cheryl has power again
 lee  ok
 coolcatteacher  Lee is great!
 deb Barrows  I won't need to be in now that Cheryl has power again.
 coolcatteacher  Yeah! I'm so happy!
 JenniferW  https://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/010207
 sharonp  Greetings Cheryl!!
 sharonp  welcome back!
 cheryloakes wow2  lee thanks
 lee  i dont know if I can do more than 5 and cheryl whould be 5
 sharonp  will stay at 5
 coolcatteacher  Thank you Lee.
 sharonp  thanks lee, again
 lee  iam not dual processor
 charbeck  welcome back chreyl
 charbeck  cheryl
 alicebarr  Cheryl Internet is wonky in Southern Maine
 alicebarr  Has been all day
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks alice, it was strange
 sroseman  It's ok in Ontario
 cheryloakes wow2  hi chris
 cheryloakes wow2  glad it is ok in ontario
 sroseman  Hi Cheryl
 sharonp  sue you are in Ontario? I wondered... what part? I am originally from ONtario
 cheryloakes wow2  I was talking to Terry sharon, jen and vicki, then all of a sudden
 cheryloakes wow2  no internet
 sroseman  Ottawa ..the capital, Sharon
 alicebarr  Woo Hoo!
 cheryloakes wow2  this is really the 12th stream
 sharonp  I am from the deep south of Ontario, Windsor
 sharonp  south Detroit, :D
 sroseman  Cool, Sharon
 sroseman  I was born in Montreal..
 sroseman  Cote des Neiges area
 sharonp  so you must have special memories of this place
 sharonp  only $40
 sharonp  I am in shock
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks to Deb for helping out by contacting you all to tell what was happening
 JenniferW  thanks to DEB
 deb Barrows  It was a pleasure
 sroseman  very dynamic speaker
 sharonp  solio
 sharonp  cool
 JenniferW  Leslie Fisher -- highlight of 2006
 sharonp  Leslie was great
 cheryloakes wow2  lee are yo u on yo ur Mac?
 sroseman  Amazon is great for buying books
 lee  yes i am
 lee  and thank you so much for the kind words! :)
 lee  (Powerbook g4)
 cheryloakes wow2  do you have skype beta? 2.5.38
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, I have mac intel, your machine is really doing well
 lee  no.. just plain skype
 coolcatteacher  And gadgets!
 sroseman  great line up
 lee  I will sit back and not talk since my mic is at work.. back to school and all!
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks lee
 lee  no problem
 JenniferW  Lee --APPLAUSE
 lee  and thanks Kathy for being ready if this drops! ;)
 sroseman  any Canadian guests?
 JenniferW  YEP
 JenniferW  Kathy is learning too
 JenniferW  Sue
 JenniferW  lots of Canadians in the works
 coolcatteacher  Sharon is working on more canadians.
 cheryloakes wow2  we are all learning and sharing, that is what makes this work so well
 JenniferW  but not confirmed
 sroseman  Canadian content
 coolcatteacher  Chris is a guest all the time!
 sroseman  cool
 charbeck  Boundries what boundries
 JenniferW  :)
 charbeck  Just Great guests...A+ lineup with people lining up
 JenniferW  we need CHRIS as a guest
 coolcatteacher  We need to have Chris and Jeannie on!
 charbeck  I like my role
 JenniferW  chris -- please drop your links here
 charbeck  http://k12online.wikispaces.com/Freefalling+in+January This is for saturday
 JenniferW  thanks
 JenniferW  Will you send Reminders for that please CHRIS???
 charbeck  sargentparkmathzone.blogspot.com is my class hub for work
 alicebarr  Yes YEs !!!
 sharonp  2006 was an awesome year for me
 charbeck  I sent one through tapped in should I do that again. it went to all the k12 people
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks chris for the link
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, alice
 JenniferW  Hmmm --- didn't get that email
 JenniferW  I don't want to miss it this time
 sharonp  saw Chris Betcher's blog today - he had put his OWN pic in the Time mag cover on his blog - laughed my head off
 charbeck  I'll give you a personal wake up call on the coast!!!
 JenniferW  truly??? I didn't see that
 JenniferW  chris -- you could
 JenniferW  sometimes that is the only way to GET me moving
 charbeck  Do you sleepin past 2?
 JenniferW  am or pm
 charbeck  pm
 JenniferW  nope
 JenniferW  I am usually awake by 6
 JenniferW  moving by 7
 JenniferW  :)
 sharonp  http://betch.edublogs.org/2006/12/30/person-of-the-year-moi/
 JenniferW  very very clever and cut
 JenniferW  cute
 charbeck  Those projects that include cross border groups are the best.
 sroseman  all teachers have to have a backup program
 sroseman  goes with the territory
 sroseman  quite a costly cover
 sharonp  yes
 sharonp  harnessing the passion of the ordinary person
 sharonp  however, have any of you seen the epic website?
 sharonp  http://idorosen.com/mirrors/robinsloan.com/epic/
 sharonp  a little scary - really shows the need for info literacy
 sharonp  it is an 8 min video
 JenniferW  here are the 15 articles -- http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1569526,00.html
 JenniferW  VERY VERY easy reading
 cheryloakes wow2  great story vicki
 charbeck  Karl fisch's take on epic is even better.
 sroseman  clap clap
 sharonp  would love to see it
 sharonp  so then you have seen epic?
 charbeck  It is at google video. I say epic last year... yikes
 coolcatteacher  I don't know what y'all are talking about!? Hyperlinks anyone?
 sharonp  I find it amazing that it was made about 3 years gao
 sharonp  agp
 sharonp  ago
 sharonp  http://idorosen.com/mirrors/robinsloan.com/epic/
 JenniferW  12,896 -- how many amazon book reviews by Harriet Klausner (54 years old)
 sroseman  The Refigerator article should be inspiring to the average teacher who would like to get started but is slightly fearful..nice metaphor
 sharonp  yes
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks susan
 coolcatteacher  The refrigerator article is great!
 sendkathy  I enjoyed the frig metaphor also
 sendkathy  I will be sharing it with the teachers at my school
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks kathy, it was fun thinking about it
 sendkathy  You sould see my frig!
 sroseman  this site should go along with the article http://www.tastyword.com/
 sharonp  teachers don't like that feeling typically
 JenniferW  another TIME article -- Kelley is a military blogger, or mil-blogger, one of at least 1,200 servicemen and -women who write about their lives online. So far his blog, Wordsmith At War, has logged more than 200,000 hits.
 sharonp  loss of control is hard
 JenniferW  a podcast example too:
 JenniferW  Their show isn't a conventional cooking show. It's a video podcast called Crash Test Kitchen, and it's their sheer fallibility, their humanity, that makes the thing work. Waz and Lenny don't have the wizardly air of a Mario Batali or a Martha Stewart. "We have always tried to steer clear of the temptation to make it a Web version of a TV cooking show, with the old here's-one-we-prepared-earlier fakery and everything always turning out right,"
 coolcatteacher  I love the term off balance.
 sroseman  I am still frightened with skype
 cheryloakes wow2  Jen, you are really giving some good text
 lee  i am getting the chat copied...in chunks
 sharonp  great examples - don'T think I have read all of tht
 cheryloakes wow2  Susan, it was my fault last night when I lost you, it was too many people in skype
 sharonp  thanks lee!
 sendkathy  I like Crash test too
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks lee, you are great
 cheryloakes wow2  bless you
 lee  So are you guys...
 sharonp  wow, can't wait to try out Crash test
 lee  great that is
 sendkathy  I have a question, how many blogs can a person maintain? I mean there are so many different blog sites, how does one choose?
 sharonp  exactly
 sroseman  Crash test???
 sharonp  rss feeds can help
 cheryloakes wow2  kathy, how about a google?
 sharonp  but honestly - I only read a fraction of what comes into my rss feed
 sendkathy  Some give more exposure than others, no?
 cheryloakes wow2  it is a math joke, kathy
 sharonp  titles and descriptions are SOOOO importatn
 sharonp  we should be teaching our students how to write a good title
 coolcatteacher  Well, kathy - you choose and stick with it.
 charbeck  I found karl fisch's take on epic 2015 http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2006/11/2020-vision.html Phew
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, I skim a lot, and go back and read things a bunch
 sharonp  thanks
 sharonp  chris
 coolcatteacher  I use blogger b/c it is SO tightly integrated with Google.
 coolcatteacher  But it isn't the easiest to use at all.
 charbeck  new blogger is pretty easy
 sharonp  thanks Chris for the fischbowl article - looks interesting
 charbeck  It is like getting out of bed. the first step is the hardest
 sharonp  I showed the "Did you know" powerpoint at our last critical friends group meeting with several of our staff
 charbeck  Sharon read all of his greatest hits. They are powerful.
 coolcatteacher  http://www.marumushi.com/apps/newsmap/newsmap.cfm
 sharonp  I will
 coolcatteacher  Newsmap - the WAY I love to read NEWS!
 coolcatteacher  It is great for history teachers and cultural literacy - you can compare the news in various countries.
 cheryloakes wow2  sharon i really like the did you know, I added some slides to make it pertinent for my school district
 sharonp  good idea Cheryl
 cheryloakes wow2  lee can you do 10 more minutes
 sharonp  I love the newsmap
 charbeck  Jen you should of read message I sent to Cheryl
 cheryloakes wow2  i'll send it to her.
 sharonp  blog tag
 charbeck  You have created a great network!!!
 JenniferW  http://elemenous.typepad.com/weblog/2007/01/im_starting_my_.html
 sendkathy  I found a new blog site today called BlogHer, reminds me of wow2 because it focuses on the feminine voice,http://blogher.org/topic/research-academia-education
 charbeck  like a frapper map
 cheryloakes wow2  Terry Freedman has a great article for all you bloggers.http://terry-freedman.org.uk/artman/publish/article_960.php
 sroseman  must be like frapper map
 coolcatteacher  Lee, thank you for tonight!
 JenniferW  chris -- I will ask Cheryl if I can read it
 charbeck  Sharon corrected me a few days ago!!! i say it properly now
 cheryloakes wow2  she sure can read it
 cheryloakes wow2  Lee thanks so much for tonight. kathy thanks for recording.
 charbeck  You already did what I was suggesting
 coolcatteacher  Thank you much all of you for helping!
 lee  your welcome..my pleasure
 charbeck  and posting rock and roll photos. check out his meme
 coolcatteacher  Thank you so much, Lee!
 lee  ni did
 coolcatteacher  Yeah, Lee!
 lee  yea you guys good job
 coolcatteacher  It wouldn't have happened without you, Lee. Thank you.
 sharonp  Happy New Year to all! 2007 promises to be great!
 lee  go ahead
 lee  im fine
 sharonp  Thank you so much,Lee
 cheryloakes wow2  Thanks for everything
 charbeck  Great chat everyone. Thanks for a great evening
 coolcatteacher  It was great! Thank you all for sticking with it, folks.
 JenniferW  see you NEXT WEEK
 sroseman  Thanks all!
 JenniferW  when you will hear LEE talk :)
 sendkathy  Night night!
 coolcatteacher  See everyone next week!
 sroseman  Looking forward to the new year
 coolcatteacher  My, how life can change in a year!
 JenniferW  good night all
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