The Blue Frog!

I have been receiving lots of spam messages in my Yahoo! Mail account, lately. In addition, the spam filter by Yahoo! hasn't been functioning well, directing emails from old familiar senders to my Bulk folder. I have stopped my Norton AntiSpam in order to avoid any kind of conflict with that of Yahoo, however, the problem continued. Last week, I arrived at one of Yahoo pages where I found and then downloaded the new Anti-spam program, Blue Frog, which should work with Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail Mails. Then, I found a message in my Bulk folder from a freind complaining about a similar problem of unknow senders spamming him, and has promised to work on some stuff that should solve the problem for all of us exepriencing this kind of trouble. Well, I can see that spammers have left my Inbox folder alone, eventually; however, I'm not sure whether it was James's solution or that little Blue Frog!

Comments, tips, or feedback on this story are appreciated, as always.

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Very interesting to me. I spend significant seconds per day deleting spam from my Yahoo! account. I've been on geocities since 1996 and my email gets just severely nailed all day and night long. I find that I need to peruse the misnomered "Spam" file before I delete email there because sometimes stuff that I need/want shows up there. I am _so_ lookin' into Blue Frog... thanks,

Scott Merrick
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Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach
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