Teachers Teaching Teachers #93 - Open Curriculum Planning - 02.27.08

Imagine, if you would, your department meeting webcast live every month or so. At it's core, that's what we aim for at Teachers Teaching Teachers, and there's more. In this podcast, we go back to the basics, back to the making public our private curriculum discussions. Five National Writing Project teachers and two guests joined together to check what our students were doing and what we were thinking. We work together with a group of sites:

The curriculum we build together is beginning to be gathered together in places like these: On this podcast Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim, from New York City were joined by:
  • Chris Sloan, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Bill O'Neal, Trenton, New Jersey
  • Lynne Culp, Los Angeles, California
  • Mike Sansone, Iowa
  • Jim Sigler, Missouri

Chat Log
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