Conversations Episode 98 - School Rules

This week, Lisa, Sheila, and Maria talked about school rules - what are they, why are they, what should they be.  We started the show with some exciting news about our friend, Amanda Marrinan.  John Fladd also shared some great news with us.





11:13:37 Lisa Parisi : Welcome. 

11:13:41 Lisa Parisi : You are in the right place. 

11:13:43 sheila : Can you hear the music?

11:13:54 slmteach : yes I can hear the music

11:14:03 Lisa Parisi : Once we get started, we will be heard on ustream.  the music will go off

11:14:16 slmteach : ok thanks

11:19:18 Sheila 2 : font de music is the tool that's being used in the screen.

11:19:34 rpotterfield : Hi, I am not hearing the music. I was trying EdTechTalk A on iTunes. Should I try one of the others in particular?

11:19:45 Lisa Parisi : We will be on ustream today.

11:20:07 Sheila 2 : Maria may be using ETTA

11:20:17 rpotterfield : Got it. Thanks.

11:29:09 rpotterfield : Will we need the video? Is there a way to see larger video & chat at the same time?

11:29:45 Lisa Parisi : This is an audio show.  You can now hear us on ETTA or ustream.

11:30:57 PeggyG : audio is coming through great on ustream :-)

11:31:33 PeggyG : yes!!!!!! Amanda is a winner!!! :-)

11:32:04 woodenmask : Good morning

11:32:08 Sheila 2 : Morning!

11:32:10 PeggyG : Kay Bitter Award for Teacher of the Year for ISTE!!!

11:32:22 PeggyG : I saw her tweet :-)

11:33:02 PeggyG : we need to plan a little celebration/party with her at ISTE11 :-)

11:33:08 woodenmask : Mazeltov Amanda

11:33:26 PeggyG : That's one we want to shout from the rooftops :-)

11:33:37 Sheila 2 : Welcome all!

11:33:51 slmteach : Hello

11:33:55 Sheila 2 : Can you all hear? On ustream or ETTA?

11:34:14 slmteach : Yes, ustream is working for me!

11:34:27 PeggyG : Amanda is so deserving and such an outstanding teacher to recognize!

11:34:29 Sheila 2 : Great! Thanks!

11:35:14 woodenmask : UStream is working - StreamA, not so much

11:35:28 PeggyG : great to see all of you!!

11:35:32 Sheila 2 : Ok, thanks John!

11:35:53 MariaK : good morning to all - sorry we go side tracked by an award winner announcement

11:36:21 PeggyG : classroom discipline and school rules... interesting topic for today :-)

11:36:23 woodenmask : Can I share a couple of quick Award-y pieces of news, quickly?

11:36:40 PeggyG : yes John!!

11:36:48 woodenmask : Just heard that I got the NEH grant to study Duke Ellington in Harlem this summer

11:36:59 PeggyG : woo hoo!!!! how very exciting!!!!

11:37:04 Lisa Parisi : Wow!

11:37:06 woodenmask : Also, Ben Vereen Twittered my class last week

11:37:11 PeggyG : congratulations!

11:37:27 woodenmask : They are huge Roots fans

11:37:33 PeggyG : you need to get on the skype call and tell us the details of both!!

11:37:45 woodenmask : Okay - let me get to a quiet room

11:38:07 PeggyG : yes please do!!!!

11:38:25 PeggyG : that must have been so exciting for your students :-)

11:40:21 PeggyG : I agree Maria--Gary Stager is very "quotable" and definitely can get people fired up in very engaging conversations

11:40:34 PeggyG : that's so funny!

11:41:40 PeggyG : be respectful definitely covers "don't be a jerk" :-)

11:41:43 Maureen : I had a student's cell phone ring the other day- it was his mother...I didn't bother telling him how inappropriate it was.

11:41:45 Sheila 2 : Woodenmask's blog -

11:42:24 PeggyG : thanks for that link Sheila

11:43:23 pamela livingston : Adults hate these kind of rules imagine having so many during a workshop - I think it all needs to be done in a very kind way

11:43:44 Maureen : I was listening to something the other day- an EC educator talking about not using "time out" anymore- but the reality was she was just changing the name to "thinking time".

11:44:24 PeggyG : very interesting Maureen--that's something we educators do frequently--call things by different names but still the same thing

11:44:27 pamela livingston : Liking that.  With adults I introduce an exercise and then say we'll do this and it will also give us time to silence our cells

11:45:03 pamela livingston : Sorry who is speaking didn't do my homework

11:45:13 Maureen : That sounds great. A friend of mine did some work about Harlem Renaissance- took them to Harlem for the day at the end. Lots of music, lots of art- lots of poetry.

11:45:15 Lisa Parisi : Woodenmask

11:45:19 Lisa Parisi : John Fladd

11:45:25 pamela livingston : thanks

11:45:28 Lisa Parisi : He got an award and is talking about it

11:45:53 Sheila 2 : His blog is

11:46:06 PeggyG : what an exciting summer!!

11:46:25 PeggyG : take pictures to tell the story John :-)

11:46:41 PeggyG :

11:47:24 PeggyG : I'm so glad you're telling this story John!!

11:48:49 Sheila 2 : He teaches in Deerfield, NH.

11:48:51 pamela livingston : Great story how wonderful he said he loves them back.  We are missing real love back to our students in many cases

11:48:59 PeggyG : that's so interesting!

11:49:20 pamela livingston : The antidote to bored students - love, engagement, making something important

11:49:34 PeggyG : we never know what a minute or two of our time can mean to a child (or anyone for that matter)

11:49:56 Sheila 2 : Absolutely PeggyG!

11:50:29 PeggyG : hard to physically move a middle schooler :-) not that you would want to...!

11:51:09 Sheila 2 : I've had former students now adults coming back and sharing fond memories, which I don't remember. Small acts can make big impacts.

11:51:21 PeggyG : what are you teaching them if you say "don't let me catch you..." does it say it's ok to do it somewhere else?

11:52:08 pamela livingston : There is a list of things that would help students if we allowed them; cell phones; music; iPods

11:52:17 Maureen : Good question Peggy.... I do the same thing, but don't feel like I'm being supportive of admin.

11:52:29 McTeach (Karen) : I just got in big trouble this week for letting a student use cellphone to look at a world map.

11:52:38 Maureen : Are we teaching them that they can pick and choose the rules??

11:52:49 Lisa Parisi : Peggy. I am telling them that sometimes you have to follow rules in school. But in our classroom, as long as we have a reason to "break the rule" we will as long as it stays in the room

11:52:57 PeggyG : the kids all learn which teachers they can "get away with things" and which they can't -- just like with their parents

11:53:07 pamela livingston : Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator) and Willyn Webb's book will be out before long. Will be amazing - about cell phones for kids.

11:53:59 PeggyG : there are always interesting conversations about whether rules should be stated positively or negatively (don't do this) or (do this)

11:54:15 woodenmask : The amount of time a Middle School student can spend defining the terms in rules and looking for loopholes can totally dominate the time we need in class for other things.

11:54:41 Maureen : @woodenmask- many of my middle school kids will become fine lawyers

11:54:48 MariaK : I think we need to be explicit with our directions - tell about the specific behavior - don't couch it in sarcasm or not so suble hints...

11:54:50 PeggyG : when you ask kids to help you come up with the rules for your classroom they almost always state them as negatives (at least in my experience)

11:55:06 PeggyG : I agree Maria about being explicit

11:55:21 MariaK : yes Peggy - and i was told to try to restate in the positive.

11:55:24 Maureen : @peggyG- I have had the same experience- and had to work hard to make the kids come up with positive expectations

11:55:34 McTeach (Karen) : And what about when the rule is wrong...or outdated?

11:55:47 MariaK : If they say - Don't hit . I ask - what would you be doing if you were not hitting someone.

11:55:51 PeggyG : you're so right John about the amount of time it can consume with Middle Schoolers

11:56:14 McTeach (Karen) : Thank you!!! Exactly my thought!

11:56:23 PeggyG : sounds like the 60's bumper stickers--"challenge authority" :-)

11:56:24 pamela livingston : I never understood the hat rule either

11:56:39 Maureen : Not sure about that Lisa. I think that if we- as adults- can make the case, then admin will change.

11:57:02 Lisa Parisi : Really Maureen?  You really believe that?  Has that been working so far?

11:57:02 Maureen : The hat thing came from anti gang stuff- at least that's what I thought. 

11:57:07 PeggyG : I really believe in using positive statements for classroom norms (don't really like the word rules)

11:57:26 pamela livingston : At one time there were very specific rules about taking off your hat to women and inside, etc. like in my father's time

11:57:53 PeggyG : yes pamela! it's showing respect for someone else

11:58:00 Lisa Parisi : Hello Jamie

11:58:13 connect2jamie : Good morning all! Late, but....

11:58:31 PeggyG : in our school the rule no hats was meant to deter the spread of lice

11:58:47 Lisa Parisi : That should be no sharing hats, then.

11:58:49 pamela livingston : But yet another throughback to the 19th century (hats)

11:58:50 connect2jamie : ick! Lice is always a problem!

11:58:50 MariaK : or keep the lice under cover - so to speak

11:59:03 PeggyG : but a no hats rule is AZ has to be changed when it comes to really hot weather because they need to be protected from the sun and skin cancer

11:59:19 Maureen : I have kids running from building to building-for almost every class-they wear their hats. I sometimes don't even notice... but when I do, ask them to take them off

11:59:20 rpotterfield : In some schools, it's a safety issue--kids (kids!) have smuggled guns into schools under hats. Have any others had concerns like this?

11:59:22 MariaK : we are allowed to have our hats on outdoors.

11:59:35 pamela livingston : My daughter used to wear a hat and get in trouble but she said the hat made her feel protected.  She was bullied.

11:59:47 Lisa Parisi : If that is a concern, @rpotterfield, then it should be a rule.

11:59:47 PeggyG : interesting point rpotterfield--hadn't heard that but it makes sense

11:59:50 connect2jamie : Outdoors only here in hot south TX too.

12:00:47 pamela livingston : At one school the questions were Is it Nice?  Is it Necessary?  On t-shirts, etc.

12:01:23 PeggyG : and there are religions that require certain dress that may include head covers that schools need to accommodate

12:02:02 Sheila 2 : We deal with t-shirts with language on them.

12:02:08 Maureen : I think that we sometimes have to ignore a rule just to show that we are human. For example, I had a 7th grader swear in class- it was really quiet and it was pretty bad.... but he had just lost his work on the computer. I told him that everyone makes mistakes and that was his.  Done.

12:02:19 PeggyG : that's the problem with "rules"--you can never define every possible thing people need to do to be good human beings

12:02:25 connect2jamie : Yes, we have many Muslim girls & moms that wear their head covering, and that is not a problem b/c it's a religious observance.

12:02:41 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Maureen.  But if the principal had been in the room at the time, what would have happened?

12:02:55 pamela livingston : At my daughter's school both girls and boys had to take hats off.

12:02:56 connect2jamie : @maureen love that.

12:02:59 Maureen : sorry- phone call...........

12:03:06 Sheila 2 : Welcome smithtk

12:03:16 smithtk : Thx

12:03:24 connect2jamie : @maureen you de-escalated a situation that could be taken care of quickly and appropriately

12:03:39 pamela livingston : The rigidity around gender is another thing which hurts some people.

12:04:12 connect2jamie : I think my principal would have been ok with that response,had she been there. Would yours, @maureen?

12:04:41 Maureen : maybe, maybe not.

12:04:59 PeggyG : have you read/used Ron Clark's "Excellent 11" or "Essential 55"?

12:05:35 Lisa Parisi : Yes, Pamela, gender issues bug me.

12:07:01 woodenmask : The job of 8th graders is to push behavior and find acceptable limits. Unfortunately, the job of applying limits is my job as their teacher.

12:07:07 PeggyG : as a principal I would have understood if I had heard that and would have commented on the deep frustration he was feeling and not the words. Now if he started throwing desks in anger that would be different

12:07:15 pamela livingston : Me too Lisa I'm also a PFLAG mom so am involved.

12:07:31 Lisa Parisi : What is PFLAG?

12:08:09 pamela livingston : PFLAG = Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  It's mostly parents who love their children who came out.

12:08:15 Lisa Parisi : Ahhh

12:09:22 PeggyG : I have a hard time accepting a poster on a wall that would say "don't be a jerk" but I can definitely see having that conversation with kids and using that language when you remind them about appropriate behavior

12:09:39 Lisa Parisi : I wouldn't put that on the wall, Peggy. LOL

12:09:43 smithtk : good point - will they be more comfortable with more opportunities to practice being responsible, therefore pushing the rebel button less often

12:10:18 pamela livingston : Thoughts even random ones that you believe in cause specific actions.  I think cognitive therapy ought to be something we get in PD every year.

12:10:47 PeggyG : good idea pamela

12:11:11 PeggyG : those are the kinds of rules Ron Clark includes in his book, Lisa

12:11:12 smithtk : maybe more important once they get the good feeling from it

12:11:18 pamela livingston : Children may act like it's not important when their friends are looking

12:11:37 pamela livingston : Starting with a positive intent

12:11:38 connect2jamie : Yes they do like that. It affirms them as human being.

12:12:16 smithtk : true, drives me nuts when teachers don't say hi

12:12:40 woodenmask : Just looked up the West Point Honor Code - "A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do." Purposely vague.

12:12:47 smithtk : it's a cultural signal

12:12:51 connect2jamie : Yes we work on that @lisa. It is very hard for many kids. They don't know how to reply every time they meet someone. They need us to tch them how.

12:12:53 pamela livingston : The Dalai Lama said start with compassion for all people

12:13:00 pamela livingston : Set that tone

12:13:03 woodenmask : Mine always hide...

12:13:48 connect2jamie : It reminds me of when I lived in Germany. In that country, every SINGLE time you walk into any store--big or small--you are greeted by the staff. You need to say hello to them too, and when you leave you say goodbye. Every single time. I liked that.

12:14:23 PeggyG : thanks for sharing the West Point Honor Code--interesting!

12:14:26 Lisa Parisi : Remember To Sir With Love

12:15:02 PeggyG : I loved that movie Lisa!!!! Still do!

12:15:20 Lisa Parisi : They learned respect

12:15:39 smithtk : if kids see teachers not acknowledging each other aren't they learning it is normal? Is this something we want to model?

12:16:03 PeggyG : good point smithtk--not the best example for kids

12:16:03 pamela livingston : Culture drives so much - walk into any school and in a short time you will "feel" it

12:17:04 Sheila 2 : Find value in each person, not if they conform to my views.

12:17:18 Sheila 2 : Welcome to "Conversations show"

12:17:22 mecheverria : Hello

12:17:24 PeggyG : well said Sheila! I completely agree with that

12:17:26 MariaK : Pkay, Peggy and Lisa...I now have the theme song from To Sir with Love in my head...

12:17:37 PeggyG : me too Maria!!

12:17:37 MariaK : oops - okay

12:17:38 smithtk : part of succeedingin our culture is understanding some of the positive norms

12:18:02 smithtk : we see cultures clash when norms are not exhibited

12:18:06 PeggyG : and I'm going to look for my video right after this show is over

12:18:28 PeggyG : those aren't "rules"

12:18:42 pamela livingston : I think that's culture not rules

12:18:46 Lisa Parisi : There only rules in school

12:18:50 Lisa Parisi : They're

12:18:53 Sheila 2 : Yes, smithtk

12:18:56 Lisa Parisi : Yes, I know how to spell

12:19:02 pamela livingston : School has culture too it's not in the rules

12:19:13 pamela livingston : Not just in the rules

12:20:04 pamela livingston : If people follow the behavior and actions and ways of interacting it's culture

12:20:33 PeggyG : that's why I like Ron Clark's second book "excellent 11"--it all about qualities that motivate, inspire and educate and isn't about rules. like compassion, common sense, appreciation, etc.

12:21:39 smithtk : but smiling or nodding hello is such a different level of custom and one that will help students in their futures

12:21:44 PeggyG : sometimes there are very good reasons to bring your own food (having a grandson with celiac disease)

12:22:14 Maureen : Seems like they are designed to teach compliance more than anything else.

12:22:24 pamela livingston : The rules are about the adults mostly

12:22:28 Sheila 2 : In Belize, the Mayan girls hide their smiles with their hands. When taking pictures, no smiles.

12:22:43 PeggyG : that's why I have such a problem with "rules"--there are always reasons for exceptions! look at the phonics/decoding rules :-) tons of exceptions to most of them but teachers still use them

12:23:26 MariaK : That's why i tell my lang arts folks that they shouldn't call them rules.

12:23:31 smithtk : good point, agree sheila2 - across cultures we need to be aware. Differences in Asia also.

12:24:16 PeggyG : teacher's tone of voice and rolling eyes can communicate tons!!!!

12:24:22 slmteach : i don't think all of our rules demonstrate an appropriate purpose (to children). if the students see the importance and value of the rule they will be more invested in following the rules. *so then it's our responsibility to teach why these rules or expectations would be important

12:24:42 PeggyG : outstanding point simteach!!!

12:24:45 Sheila 2 : good point simteach

12:26:07 McTeach (Karen) : People become disrespectful when they've been disrespected

12:26:08 PeggyG : adults too--will challenge rules when they don't understand the purpose

12:26:32 Lisa Parisi : And that, @simteach, is why I don't follow all the school rules.  I don't understand the point of them

12:27:12 PeggyG : I have a really hard time with sarcasm but you're not saying what you mean and kids have to figure out what you really mean

12:27:49 woodenmask : One of the historians I was reading wrote that for most of human history, we based our human relations on Power. We all knew what that meant - you have it or you don't.

12:27:50 Sheila 2 : So shouldn't we have a discussion of the rules before we break them?

12:28:05 woodenmask : Now we base it on Respect - and we can't agree on what that looks like

12:28:22 connect2jamie : very interesting point @woodenmask

12:28:38 PeggyG : and now that people are tweeting and posting on facebook those sarcastic comments they are part of their digital footprint that could be seriously misinterpreted

12:28:46 PeggyG : Chip Wood's books are great!

12:29:05 McTeach (Karen) : They'd better get sarcasm before they reach me in seventh grade!

12:29:39 PeggyG : I think sarcasm comes across as always being negative--I have a hard time listening to my grandkids when all they use is sarcasm

12:30:17 PeggyG : but do you think your kind of "sarcasm" is hurtful McTeach? I don't

12:30:52 pamela livingston : Sarcasm is a tough thing really tough.  I read a quote saying that sarcasm is meanness.  Irony and jokes are something else.  "No dark sarcasm in the classroom" - Pink Floyd "The Wall"

12:31:07 MariaK : I think most shows on tv and movies model sarcasm for folks.

12:31:09 PeggyG : great quote pamela!

12:31:11 McTeach (Karen) : No, I don't think it's hurtful...but what if a kid doesn't get it?

12:31:23 PeggyG : then you would explain it to them, right?

12:31:29 connect2jamie : Ahhh! Pink Floyd! :D

12:31:31 pamela livingston : Sarcasm is all over TV now it's why I can hardly watch it anymore

12:31:34 McTeach (Karen) : Yes, definitely!

12:31:37 woodenmask : I'm going to have to leave, now. Just heard a crash.

12:31:45 Lisa Parisi : Bye John

12:31:53 PeggyG : sometimes your jokes fall dead when people don't understand and you explain why you thought it was funny

12:32:00 McTeach (Karen) : But what happens when the students see the principal disrespecting the teachers?

12:32:13 PeggyG : that should NEVER happen McTeach!!!!

12:32:20 slmteach : How and who gets to decide which rules can be broken and which cannot though?

12:32:29 McTeach (Karen) : Peggy...happens every day.

12:32:40 Maureen : I also don't care about some of the rules. ie gum chewing- but if someone goes to a job interview and is chewing gum... chances are they won't get the job. Kids need to understand context and school is one of the contexts they need to understand.

12:32:49 PeggyG : that makes me so sad!!!!!

12:32:52 slmteach : I am sure our students would differ with use on which rules can or cannot be broken

12:32:52 Lisa Parisi : YEs, Maureen!

12:33:12 PeggyG : good example Maureen

12:33:15 pamela livingston : If a principal disrespects a teacher publicly that school's in trouble

12:33:17 Sheila 2 : We had a 40 minute discussion on fundraising in our school - guidelines. It takes time  .. . .

12:33:21 McTeach (Karen) : I probably shouldn't be chatting about it.

12:33:44 PeggyG : just like going to a job interview for teaching with a pierced tongue or lip--your choice but good chance you won't get hired

12:34:19 pamela livingston : Adults break rules all the time that they don't believe in

12:34:39 PeggyG : do you teach kids there are rules you don't need to follow and rules you have no choice about following????

12:35:04 Maureen : BUt when kids go from teacher to teacher- they can't change their clothes, lose the gum, the cell phone, etc... doesn't really help in middle school

12:35:44 PeggyG : try going through a red light in the middle of the night when you think no one is watching and the police officer pulls up behind you

12:35:59 Jose Rodriguez -> puentesalmundo: hola amigos..

12:36:04 PeggyG : I agree Maureen

12:36:09 Jose Rodriguez -> puentesalmundo: disculpen hubo un error en la hora

12:36:25 pamela livingston : Teaching kids to discern is one of our jobs

12:36:40 Maureen : @Peggy- we have 2 stops signs in my town. I got stopped one day after rolling thru both.. My excuse was that no one was coming. Lucky it was a local cop ...:-)

12:36:40 slmteach : interesting food for's a tough call and discussion certainly is the key. I must go, thanks for the conversation!

12:36:45 PeggyG : teachers are usually good rule followers :-)

12:36:56 PeggyG : very funny Maureen!!

12:37:04 pamela livingston : I don't find teachers good rule followers - oh that was a grin

12:37:11 PeggyG : we need to continue this conversation!!!

12:37:23 PeggyG : you get us all excited and charged up and then the time is up!

12:37:43 PeggyG : moral stages of development :-)

12:37:44 pamela livingston : It's like therapy! Your time is now up!

12:37:57 pamela livingston : ha

12:37:59 connect2jamie : LOL!

12:38:07 PeggyG : thanks everyone for a great conversation!

12:38:19 Lisa Parisi :

12:38:22 rpotterfield : Thank you!

12:38:26 pamela livingston : Thanks so much all great afternoon all

12:38:40 connect2jamie : Thanks all--it's always good to touch base with you on Sunday mornings, my friends!!

12:38:41 PeggyG : Easter is in 2 weeks

12:38:45 Lisa Parisi : Bye

This week, Lisa, Sheila, and Maria talked about school rules - what are they, why are they, what should they be.  We started the show with some exciting news about our friend, Amanda Marrinan.  John Fladd also shared some great news with us.

Conversations Episode 97 - Exploring New Cultures - Heading to Belize

This week, Sheila brought along Tracy Sherrill and Tom Waldron to discuss the UNH Teacher Program trip to Belize.  These extraordinary teachers learn about working cooperatively and working with different cultures by traveling to Belize to work in schools there.  

You can find out more about the trip at this link.



11:24:51 Sheila : HI there!

11:25:04 Tracy : hello

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11:29:15 Lisa Parisi : Miss you.  Yes we do.

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11:34:38 PeggyG : I'll try chrome then.

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11:35:19 Maureen : sounds like trial by fire

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11:36:23 PeggyG : that's the strangest thing! on all of my browsers there is a big white empty space for ustream!

11:36:26 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Sounds like more fun than my undergrad program

11:36:58 MariaK : but Scott - you'll be at the Lab school in Chicago. Not the rain forest but very exciting.

11:37:26 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : It is such a COOL place  The building looks like Hogwarts!

11:38:16 PeggyG : can't even get in with the direct url--guess I'll have to catch the recording. I really wanted to hear about Belize!!

11:38:27 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Maybe a reboot...

11:41:37 Sheila : Scott - you're good!

11:42:05 McTeach (Karen) : Such cool pics!!

11:42:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : No, Google translate is good.  I just copy/paste.

11:44:06 KarenJan : love the pics!

11:44:46 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Night hike in a jaguar preserve!?

11:45:05 KarenJan : terrifying!

11:45:16 KarenJan : absolutely beautiful water

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11:48:47 Lisa Parisi : HEllo Ginger!

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11:51:32 KarenJan : thank you! great to see everyone this morning but I have to get back to my report writing

11:51:41 KarenJan : thanks for sharing Sheila

11:51:42 Lisa Parisi : Bye Karen

11:51:44 MariaK : bye bye karen

11:51:47 KarenJan : bye everyone!

11:56:30 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Did you see any use of solar power when you were there?

11:57:15 Sheila : Some solar. Especially for a small village's community radio/phone.

11:57:26 Sheila : Not as much as you would think would be there.

11:59:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : I've been reading about the use of Stirling engines in remote areas for power generation.

11:59:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) :

11:59:52 Tracy : interesting Scott

12:00:23 Tracy : I saw some cool roof water heaters on Barbados that uses solar power

12:00:39 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : It's a good compliment for solar.... They work well if there is cooling water available

12:00:48 Tracy : Have to go. Bye all!

12:00:58 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : Bye

12:01:03 MariaK : thanks tracy. great to hear from you.

12:09:45 MariaK : There is so much that we take for granted. think of all the pencils the custodians sweep away each day.

12:10:56 McTeach (Karen) : Maria...I usually pick them up and put them in a basket that we call OfficeMac

12:11:22 McTeach (Karen) : Wait...what was the name of that book again?

12:11:28 Lisa Parisi : Material World

12:11:35 MariaK :

12:11:58 McTeach (Karen) : Thank you!

12:13:21 Lisa Parisi :

12:13:29 Lisa Parisi : This is something I saw this morning

12:14:40 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : @Lisa. I saw that earlier today also.  Its worth taking the time to watch.

12:16:50 McTeach (Karen) : I saw that! It's wonderful!

12:18:07 McTeach (Karen) : Well, isn't that the lesson? To be happy wherever you are, with whatever you have. And don't let the things you perceive to be obstacles stand in your way.

12:19:59 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) : ... or teach them how to make their own

12:20:34 McTeach (Karen) : So are we! We have a couple hundred made so far!

12:31:22 Lisa Parisi :

12:31:42 Lisa Parisi : Thank you all for coming.

12:32:05 McTeach (Karen) : Thank you!!

This week, Sheila brought along Tracy Sherrill and Tom Waldron to discuss the UNH Teacher Program trip to Belize.  These extraordinary teachers learn about working cooperatively and working with different cultures by traveling to Belize to work in schools there.  

You can find out more about the trip at this link.

Conversations #96 - Spring in the Classroom (March 27, 2011)

Spring Renewal. Do our classrooms have seasons too? We discussed if there were spring/seasonal differences that affect our teaching and our students. Does your classroom change? The building staff? You?

Conversations Episode 95 March 21, 2011

This week, Maria, Lisa and Sheila discussed the topic of acceptance of all students.  We talked about UDL and how that can help us accept differences among behavior, both social and academic.  


11:29:51 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Hi there!  What is the topic today?

11:30:50 Lisa Parisi: Different Strokes for Different Folks - UDL in action

11:30:57 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): cool!

11:30:58 MariaK: different strokes, for different folks - udl in practice

11:30:59 PeggyG: Hi Scott!

11:31:14 PeggyG: great topic! love talking about UDL!

11:32:21 PeggyG: we had a great webinar on Classroom 2.0 LIVE recently with Karen Janowski on UDL and resources to reach ALL learners :-)

11:33:19 Lisa Parisi: Welcome all

11:33:33 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): I better find my headset... I have some questions

11:33:50 Sheila: Welcome to Conversations!

11:34:15 PeggyG: I love the new Icecast feature on ETT! Don't have to choose which icon to use (per Jeff) and there is almost no lag in the audio. :-)

11:34:32 PeggyG: Hi jgates513 :-)

11:34:33 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): icecast better than ustream?

11:34:55 PeggyG: no video on icecast but if you're just listening to audio it's great

11:35:04 Sheila: Less bandwidth with no video.

11:35:10 PeggyG: exactly

11:35:17 Sheila: Maybe next time?

11:35:26 jgates513: not hearing anything on icecast. Should I be, at this point?

11:35:28 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Reducing  lag is my main goal

11:36:01 PeggyG: This is the link for the recording with Karen Janowski--lots of great resources!

11:36:22 PeggyG: Maria isn't using Icecast today because it's brand new on the site

11:36:29 MariaK: you bet me peggy - as usual. quick draw peggy with the fantastic trigger finger

11:36:36 PeggyG: :-)

11:36:48 Sheila: THanks PeggyG! She is an amazing resource! I want her to come to our school district and present.

11:37:03 PeggyG: I'm an eager learner but not a presenter :-)

11:37:20 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): So, it is 100% differentiation for 100% of the students? 

11:37:39 PeggyG: I think everything about UDL is valuable for all learners!

11:37:54 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): replace "differentiation" with "customization"

11:38:37 PeggyG: Link for the UDL Toolkit created by Karen Janowski and Joyce Valenza--it's fantastic!

11:38:54 PeggyG: you're going to miss your student teacher Lisa!!

11:39:47 edwin cesasr yauyo soto: hi

11:40:02 PeggyG: Karen's blog post: It's not about the tools; It's about the Possibilities--talks about differentiation and engagement

11:40:05 MariaK: hello

11:40:06 Sheila (again): Welcome to conversations.

11:40:53 MariaK: from Karen J Flexibility is embedded within the curriculum.

11:40:56 PeggyG: Hi Jackelin

11:41:17 PeggyG: Welcome everyone! We're talking about UDL today


11:41:33 PeggyG: what a great story Lisa!!


11:43:41 PeggyG: those choices are so important!

11:45:14 connect2jamie: Good morning all!

11:45:38 Sheila (again): Morning!

11:51:23 Sheila (again): Welcome to Conversations!

11:52:16 PeggyG: I wish we could copy/paste here. I was using google translate too but couldn't paste it here :-(

11:52:44 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): had to paste translated text to a word doc, then drag into chat.

11:52:55 Sheila (again): :)

11:52:55 PeggyG: aha! thanks for the tip

11:53:49 PeggyG: that is such an awesome video Maria!

11:54:22 MariaK:

11:54:57 PeggyG: everyone has a strength!

11:55:21 PeggyG:

11:55:32 PeggyG: direct link to the video-starts playing immediately

11:55:58 Sheila (again): THanks Peggy for the headsup

11:57:09 PeggyG: there are so many school rules that are not appropriate for all kids! hats are a perfect example--especially in AZ where kids need to be protected from the sun

11:59:33 Sheila: In Iceland, you are not allowed to wear outside shoes inside. Makes sense to me. Can wear slippers :)

12:00:36 PeggyG: Teacher shared this on listserv this week: Case #2 - 5th grader - very low reader - special ed.  He desperately wanted to read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  I hooked him up with the books and the audio books.  He took them home and read all 5 books over the weekend. This is a kid who "doesn't like to read."  He came back and asked for the last book 2 more times.  A month ago - or so - he told me that he had read the entire book by himself and he "didn't miss any words."  It wouldn't have been possible without the audio books.  He did pass his state reading assessment

12:01:22 PeggyG: I agree Sheila about Iceland :-)

12:02:07 PeggyG: fidget toys :-) love the term and great idea!

12:02:08 connect2jamie: I'm a big believer in audiobooks. My own daughter needed them. She's in college and doing great now--she just couldn't read what all the other kids in her class could in 4th-5th grades. She listened and read and it bridged the gap for her.

12:02:54 PeggyG: I am too @connect2jamie!

12:03:44 connect2jamie: just spent a huge amt of $ in my library for audiobooks. My asst is slightly annoyed w/ me b/c they're kind of a pain to deal with. LOL!

12:03:54 PeggyG: why a pain?

12:04:08 PeggyG: do you have headsets?

12:05:27 PeggyG: some teachers think it's cheating and not fair to let some kids listen to books when others are required to read them--that's the attitude that needs to change

12:06:06 stephenveliz: Not quite the same as watching the movie in place of reading the book.

12:06:29 connect2jamie: There's more processing that we have to do w/ audiobooks that the vendors do withour books, plus, we have to check that all the CDs are returned, and track them down when one is missing. And she worries that they'll be scratched, etc. It's just "other" stuff that you don't have to worry about with books. But it's not about us. It's about what kids need. So I figure she'll get over it! :)

12:06:35 PeggyG: Thomas Jefferson: There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.

12:06:40 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): So, what does UDL "look like"?   Can every teacher do it successfully?

12:07:05 stephenveliz: Blog link?

12:07:14 PeggyG: aha @connect2jamie--management kinds of issues

12:07:33 PeggyG: blog link for what?

12:08:15 Sheila (again): Good quote!

12:08:26 Lisa Parisi:

12:08:26 connect2jamie: We buy earbuds from Follett--$1.16 each. Right now I'm just giving them away, but next yr we're adding them to the student supplies list.

12:08:31 Sheila (again): Am going to use it with admins about teachers. ;)

12:08:33 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): UDL seems intuitive to all of us here in the echo chamber, but how do we help other teachers understand UDL?

12:08:36 PeggyG: you have to drag the url-can't copy/paste

12:08:37 stephenveliz: thanks.

12:08:53 MariaK: - also fantastic resource for UDL

12:09:25 PeggyG: show them the UDL Toolkit Scott. They all understand that they are responsible for teaching all learners regardless of handicapping conditions or special needs

12:10:42 stephenveliz: jamie - we added headphones to our supply list this year

12:11:05 stephenveliz: difficult to get them to carry them in binders, etc.

12:11:53 PeggyG: CAST is another fantastic resource for UDL

12:12:18 PeggyG: :-)

12:14:13 PeggyG:  "Differentiating Instruction-One Size Doesn't Fit All-Effective Strategies to Improve Student Performance"

12:14:41 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): UDL helps the child learn in the way that fits the best.   But what happens next year?  If next year's teacher is 'old-school', has a year of UDL in my classroom helped or hurt the child?

12:14:45 PeggyG: that site has links to all subject areas related to differentiating

12:15:20 Sheila (again): Hopefully, it gives the child a voice of reason of what works for him/her

12:15:27 PeggyG: @Scott-they may need parents to advocate for them next year to let the teacher know what their child needs

12:15:59 PeggyG: doesn't have to be called UDL-may scare the teacher but they understand that sometimes kids need alternative ways to learn

12:17:37 stephenveliz: Used to worried about letting my classroom get "out-of-control" - now worried that someone will walk into a silent room

12:17:48 PeggyG: great point stephenveliz

12:18:29 MariaK:

12:18:51 PeggyG: cool Maria!! modeling beeswax!

12:19:25 Lisa Parisi: I like it.

12:19:43 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): and it doesn't roll away when dropped

12:19:50 connect2jamie: @stephen what age students do you work with? I'm at elementary, and we're thinking teachers will keep track of the earbuds for the primary students. Don't know abt older kids. Actually, most of them have earbuds at home anyway by 4th-5th gr.

12:19:53 PeggyG: I used to hand out "goop" for teachers to squeeze during faculty meetings :-) Great de-stresser! like beeswax :-)

12:21:37 PeggyG: Lisa-take the playdough to your next faculty meeting :-)

12:22:09 Lisa Parisi: Peggy, my faculty already thinks I'm crazy.  I don't need to prove it.

12:22:13 Lisa Parisi: :)

12:22:15 PeggyG: :-)

12:23:17 PeggyG: I found that most kids are very good about "tuning out" outbursts from Asperger kids or Tourette's Syndrome kids. They can be very accepting and tolerant

12:23:27 Lisa Parisi: It's true, Peggy.

12:23:45 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Have you tried a stand-up desk or table?  Something like a tall cafe table?

12:23:52 PeggyG: don't "hide" the disability but teach tolerance and understanding

12:25:22 Kelly Jurkowski: in my room we talk about the idea that "fair" does not mean the "same"

12:26:18 PeggyG: you can't afford to sacrifice entire years of learning for these kids!

12:27:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): everyone needs a pressure-relief valve. 

12:27:35 PeggyG: for sure!!

12:27:35 connect2jamie: Hopefully they DID work with him @lisa

12:27:46 PeggyG: that is such a sad story Lisa!

12:28:03 connect2jamie: Oh my. So frustrating

12:28:18 PeggyG: they are breaking the law by violating the IEP! you can't discipline/suspend for behavior on their IEP

12:28:45 Lisa Parisi: They can, Peggy, when he is a danger to others.  Throwing chairs is a danger.

12:28:54 connect2jamie: yes, that's right @lisa

12:29:01 PeggyG: allowing him to throw chairs is not on the IEP

12:29:27 PeggyG: I'm referring to specific behaviors or activities you must provide for them to be successful

12:29:52 PeggyG: Courage to Teach is a great book!

12:29:52 Lisa Parisi: It was not in his IEP just in the notes. 

12:30:08 PeggyG: too bad

12:30:43 PeggyG:

12:30:51 PeggyG: Link for Courage to Teach

12:31:50 MariaK: -more on courage to teach from Parker J. Palmer

12:32:12 PeggyG: they will learn that! we had a Tourette's child that both of his parents were also Tourette's and his dad was a very successful judge

12:32:20 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): Cheaper here...

12:32:58 connect2jamie: good point--our curriculum is so prescriptive and lock-step that it's frustrating

12:33:10 PeggyG: maybe cheaper Scott but have to pay for shipping. Shipping is free for me on Amazon with Prime :-)

12:33:40 connect2jamie: LOVE Amazon prime! :)

12:33:47 PeggyG: me too!

12:34:04 PeggyG: you have all done a fantastic job of making the case for differentiation and UDL!

12:34:09 connect2jamie: Thanks everyone! Interesting discussion as usual!

12:34:11 stephenveliz: Thanks.  My first one.  I'll be back.

12:34:23 PeggyG: Great conversation, as always!

12:34:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): free shipping for many items at alibris

12:34:41 Sheila (again): Thanks for coming!

12:34:46 connect2jamie: Yes @stephen! This is always an hour that I look forward to each week!

12:34:49 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr): But I do like my free Amazon prime!

12:34:58 PeggyG: I saw that option Scott-if you buy several books from one vendor you are eligible for free shipping--I think

12:35:06 Lisa Parisi:

12:35:49 Lisa Parisi: Bye

This week, Maria, Lisa and Sheila discussed the topic of acceptance of all students.  We talked about UDL and how that can help us accept differences among behavior, both social and academic.

Conversations Episode 94 March 13, 2011

We're back from a two week leave due to school vacation weeks. Today's Conversation was about using events, patterns and structures and examining the 5 events that led us to go into teaching. Lisa, Maria and Sheila each shared the 5 things that led them into education. They looked at the events and then looked for the patterns. Taking it further, they asked about the system that is in place that allows for these events to happen or for the pattern to evolve. Of course, there was plenty of conversation.

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