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2009-10-01 Seedlings with Wes and Sarah Fryer

You have to check out the SEEDLINGS show this week with guest Wes Fryer. He talks about family, K12online, his upcoming trip to Maine. But, the best is mid-way into the show his daughter Sarah steals the show. Check it out. Sarah will be presenting with her father Wes Fryer at  , for more information.

Join the SEEDLINGS as we interview Wes Fryer and his daughter Sarah. Towards the middle of the show, Sarah steals the show and turns the tables on us and the entire chat room. This girl is going to change, transform all educators who are withing listening distance.

Geek of the Week

SEEDLings 2009-9-24 Quest Atlantis


Thanks to Bronwyn for joining us from Australia.

Geek of the Week links

Chat log:

bobsprankle ->   Hi Bron!

 alicebarr ->   Hi technatude

 bobsprankle ->   hi all!

 technatude ->   Hi!

 alicebarr ->   Technatude where are you from?

" technatude ->   Hi Alice, it's Stacy Alvarez from Westbrook!"

 alicebarr ->   Oh hi Stacy! Great to have you here!

Seedlings 2009-09-17 with Mary O Brien and Tim Hart

If you are thinking about trying out Second Life, check out this Maine Educators group on Monday in Maine.

We meet at 7PM EST. Look for Black Bear Island.

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we talk to Tim Hart, from the University of Maine, College of Human Development and Mary O'Brien, 3rd grade teacher from Manchester, ME. We have a great conversation and learn a lot about Second Life and the courses Tim teaches and Mary speaks as a student and extraordinary builder in Second Life!

Tim mentioned this article from the UMaine Today magazine where Lyra Hall talks about her experiences with John Sherblom's Communication and Technology Course.

SEEDLINGS 2009-09-10

This show was a great kick off to a new SEEDLINGS year! Join us as Beth Holmes discusses her letters to the President.


We had a great show with Beth Holmes as our kick off to the new school year. We have included the chat and Beth's resources.


The Chat:


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