Teachers Teaching Teachers #254 - What happens when a brewer becomes a teacher? Meet Tommy Buteau (plus Chad Sansing) 07.06.11

On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, meet Tommy Buteau and learn more about Chad Sansing and the Cooperative Catalyst. Tommy recently wrote Paul Allison.

I read about the Youth Voices project at the Digital Is site, and I think it sounds very interesting, like something I would use with my 9th and 11th grade English classes here in Windsor, CO. So, I visited the site and signed up, but it seems like I do not have access to everything. I can only see three of the guides that you use, and the directions for most of the activities seem limited. I enjoyed the free-writing article by Peter Elbow, and I also like the 10 questions activity. I am wondering if there is a description of how teachers use this site somewhere. 
Tommy Buteau 
That’s not all, a couple of days later Tommy wrote:
Have you ever used your site for cross-campus peer reviews before? I found that when students from another school did a peer review, the results were great. We used google docs for it. You can see what I did with a creative writing class at Then, we did a similar process with speech podcasts at I think the key is that it was completely anonymous.

We couldn't wait to welcome Tommy into our community and to learn more about his work. We were also delighted to welcome Chad Sansing back to TTT. You can see the results of the challenge we threw to him on TTT #256 - Cooperative Catalyst.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

Making Connections # 37

Jen Wagner and Mark Samberg share how to use Google Spreadsheet in the classroom.  As a result, Nags Head Elementary School is now gathering their lunch count using a Google Form - which dumps the results into a great spreadsheet.

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So sorry it has taken me so long to post this audio.  Real life keeps getting in the way.

This show came to be as a result of me wanting to automate our lunch count proceedure.  I wanted to know the best way to use Google Spreadsheet/Forms to make it happen.  Once again, Jen Wagner came to the rescue along with Mark Samberg and his great ideas.  

Thanks for a great learning experience!


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