WOW2 Show #110 with Jackie Gerstein

The incredible Jackie Gerstein (Ed.D)  describes how technology has transformed her students' learning in the elementary classroom.

Come and listen to the amazing Jackie Gerstein (Ed.D.), an innovative teacher who is empowering her elementary students through technology. Peggy George interviews our guest with sidekicks Cheri Toledo and Sharon Peters. Happy Ada Lovelace Day - celebrating women in technology!


Chat Log:

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WOW2 SHOW #109 With web 2.0 Guru Suzie Vesper from New Zealand!

Suzie Vesper joins us from Wellington, NZ to share her expertise in Web 2.0 and Professional Development with teachers.


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Women of Web 2 - Show #86 - August 26, 2008 - Jeff Utecht

Show host guests Lucy Gray and Peggy George join Jen Wagner and Sharon Peters as they invite Jeff Utecht on to the show from Bangkok, Thailand. Jeff shared his excitement about the upcoming Learning 2.008 Shanghai Conference in September. Later we shared some ideas and plans as we head back into the classroom for our next academic year.

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