2009-04-16- SEEDLINGS Google Fest Show

What a great Google show! If you thought you knew Google, join us and hear about our predictions for the future of Google!

Join Alice and Cheryl as we interview Kern Kelley, Sarah Sutter, all from Maine in our Google Fest Show. Bob is out at his daughters show for the evening. Part way through the show we brought in Melanie Holtsman, from Jacksonville, FL, who was on the show last week. We met Melanie at the NYC GTA 08 meet up.

The chat will be added tomorrow and it is full of amazing links.

As you will hear, the interest generated by a Google discussion is huge. We had fun, we hope you do too.

Seedlings 2008-09-04 with Kern Kelley

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as Kern Kelley shares his experiences at Google Educators Academy. He had a blast, and you may too when you listen. Kern is such a visionary educator we promise that just by listening to him you will end up brainstorming new ideas as well.

Alice, Bob and Cheryl= SEEDLINGS 

Join us as we get an insiders look at Google Teachers' Academy with
Kern Kelley. Kern is a Google certified educator and in this edition he
speaks of his day at Google.

Here are the delicious links from the show.

“Geek of the Week” Links for 2008-04-09

Here is the all important chat:

19:24:59 cheryloakes webcaster -> -EdTechTalk: hello Doug,

19:25:08 alicebarr -> -EdTechTalk: Hi doug.. Thanks for retweeting seedlings

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