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Bob Sprankle Bob Sprankle died on December 8, 2015   The world has lost a great teacher, friend, and human being.  The Edtech community has lost one of its pioneering practitioners and  EdTechtalk has lost one of its early kindred spirits  Having touched so many lives in so many wonderful ways and having produced so much engaging digital content, Bob leaves a tremendous legacy behind - online and off.  He will be greatly missed and remembered with genuine affection by all those who knew him.  

TTT#471 Webcast Remembering Bob Sprankle

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Below are places to check out some of what he produced online along with sources of remembrances.


2012-2-13 SEEDlings with Mike Muir

We’re joined by Mike Muir (Multiple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projects 4 ME with Dr. Mike Muir, large school change specialist)!

Show Notes

Geek of the Week


(22:45:11) Cheryl Oakes ~SEEDLINGS (guest-2410): Check out my settings. Be back at 7:15 pm EST

(23:59:30) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): Please go here!

(00:00:52) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Hi all

(00:06:00) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): we are waiting and doing our sound checks

(00:07:24) bobsprankle (guest-2415): hey all

(00:12:05) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Please go here!

(00:13:59) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Cool iPad skype!

(00:17:42) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): Listening at edtechtalkA

(00:22:01) guest-2416: Mulitple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projects 4 ME with Dr. Mike Muir, large school change specialist

(00:23:27) guest-2416: Update on Projects 4 ME, in Jan. big meeting to reflect on the first half year

(00:25:11) bobsprankle (guest-2415): thanks guest for the notetaking!

(00:25:27) guest-2416: 23 Auburn students and other schools can join in. Student designed learning and standards based.

(00:26:47) guest-2416: It is a program for high risk kids, who are very self-motivated.

(00:27:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:28:17) guest-2416: This program is for non traditional students.

(00:28:50) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:29:04) guest-2416: Alice that for the links!

(00:29:21) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Welcome!

(00:29:36) guest-2416: Thanks for the links!

(00:30:17) guest-2416:

(00:30:35) guest-2416:

(00:30:53) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:31:05) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Hi all! Glad to "see" you all! Late, but made it!

(00:31:10) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Oh you beat me to it!! Thanks

(00:31:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Hello Connect 2 Jamie!

(00:31:21) guest-2416: Jamie, hello and welcome, back.

(00:31:26) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Glad to see you here

(00:31:44) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Did you figure out how to hear?

(00:31:51) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Glad to see all of you too! haven't made it in awhile! Miss you all! :)

(00:32:01) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): School must be here for everyone!

(00:32:08) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Yes I did--took me a minute, but I can hear now!

(00:32:33) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Hello Jamie!

(00:32:54) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Hey Bob!

(00:36:02) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:37:12) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): One of the books educators in Maine have been reading is "Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning"

(00:37:48) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:41:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:50:22) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:51:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(00:56:13) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Alice great job with these links.

(00:56:15) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): HI Bonnieb abd tomj Can you see how to listen and enter the chat room?

(00:57:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): If you go to

(00:57:24) bonnieb: Yes, I am listening- thanks. Had to take a call for a moment.

(00:57:39) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): ok, glad you are here

(00:57:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): No problem. Thanks for joining us!

(00:57:56) bonnieb: Very interested to hear the latest news from Auburn K project :^)

(00:58:26) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Sounds like you have to wait till Thursday :(

(00:58:39) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Hi Bonnie!

(00:58:49) bonnieb: Hi Bob!

(00:59:02) tomj: Yes Alice

(00:59:10) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): WE are piloting iPads in Grade 1

(00:59:24) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): God TomJ Glad youa re here!

(00:59:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Whoops! Good TomJ!

(01:01:05) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:01:18) bonnieb: Yes, hope that all we be posted to the website on Thursday. Will spread the word!

(01:02:41) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:02:57) bonnieb: It was great- was delighted to have had the chance to attend.

(01:03:33) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Lucky you! @bonnieb

(01:03:44) bonnieb: Really loved the design- was very effective.

(01:03:44) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Heard it was great!

(01:03:51) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): That is awesome, Bonnie. Do you have an ipad in your classroom?

(01:05:21) bonnieb: I am partnering with some area PreK programs/colleagues in different settings (Montessori, Head Start, family child care, and a public program) testing out iPads with preK children.

(01:05:56) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Oh that's so interesting! WIll be great to have many view points

(01:06:02) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): This is great Bonnie, please share more!

(01:06:24) bonnieb: Also in discussion with Hillary Brumer and a colleague working with English Language learners- have an article to write soon, so trying to explore with younger children.

(01:06:57) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Great! Hillary is great to work with.

(01:07:11) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Wonderful! We met Hillary when we went to the session for Special ed this summer.

(01:07:29) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): I think the ipad will be a game changer for ELL

(01:08:38) bonnieb: re: Auburn conference, lots of info here: and did an article for children's technology review which is listed there.

(01:08:58) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Go Bonnieb!!!

(01:09:12) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): These links will add to our resources.

(01:10:24) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): You go Bonnie! God stuff!

(01:10:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Ahck GOOD stuff

(01:14:33) bonnieb: Glad to finally have joined the group-oddly enough, am out of town this week :^)

(01:14:59) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): glad you are here too! Thanks for all you shared.

(01:16:05) bonnieb: Oops-closed iTunes so turned off the sound, but wanted to add free example Lomba Kapal mentioned by an ADE playing with iBOoks author.

(01:16:38) bonnieb: would love to hear more about your iPad experiences with youner children. Thanks!

(01:18:25) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): geek of week!

(01:19:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:22:17) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416):

(01:23:17) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): blogsy writing tool for writing blogs

(01:23:52) connect2jamie (guest-2468): LOVE budburst!

(01:24:06) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Thanks Jamie, are you a member?

(01:24:46) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): member for budburst?

(01:24:57) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:25:06) connect2jamie (guest-2468): No--I meant thanks for the link! It looks really cool. We have done JourneyNorth before and it was really fun and interesting for the kids.

(01:25:33) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): This looks like a very similar one! Enjoy.

(01:25:55) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:27:13) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):

(01:27:14) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Paperport app! It is awesome.

(01:27:41) connect2jamie (guest-2468): WOW! Our Space looks very interesting! Will def spend some time there.

(01:28:33) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Thanks all! It was very interesting tonight--

(01:28:41) guest-2474: great show everyone - thanks

(01:28:46) bonnieb: Yes- thanks!!!

(01:29:00) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Night all! Have a great week!

(01:29:09) bobsprankle (guest-2415): night all!

(01:29:09) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Thank you all!

We’re joined by Mike Muir (Multiple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projec

2011-10-10 Seedlings with Emily Hunt Esch Cyberbullying Month and Common Sense Media

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl as we interview Emily Esch from Common Sense Media and learn about Cyberbullying Month and all the new resources available to educators.

   Alice, Bob and Cheryl get together and talk to Emily!

Seedlings presents Emily Esch Common Sense Media and

October CyberBullying Month

2011-12 Seedlings Teaser!!!

Homework for the first Seedlings show, September 12, 2011. Read this article , then leave us comments at FaceBook  or at BitbyBit

the article!   and

Liz b Davis' reply!

Join us Monday, Sept. 12, 2011

Join the Seedlings crew as we start our new school year , same bat channel, different time, different night! Hope you can tune in.

Alice, Bob and Cheryl

2011-05-05 Seedlings Show 114 with Miranda Adams

Join us as we get all the details about Miranda Adams, 3rd grade teacher from Jesep Elementary School, Jesep, GA. She started blogging one year ago and has changed the landscape at her school with her inclusive community for parents. She can put a blog post about requesting something for the classroom and the results are astounding! One little change has meant so much for her students.

We share many links throughout, so listen and follow along in the chat.

The Chat: 

19:25:06  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to Seedlings


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