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Teachers are Talking Episode 10

Lisa Parisi, Cheryl Lykowski, and Susan van Gelder were joined by Wesley Fryer.  They discussed the K12-Online Conference, the notK12-Online Conference, and a new project, Story Chasers.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #76 - Coming and Going from Georgia, California, New York, Utah, Virginia...

Join our virtual staff room as we check in with a couple of 9th graders from Virginia--Victoria and Zack--along with teachers from these schools:

  • East Bronx Academy for the Future, New York City - Paul Allison
  • J. Frank Hilliard Middle School, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia - Lee Baber
  • High School at UCLA, California - Lynne Culp
  • Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia - Vicki Davis
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School, New York City - Susan Ettenheim
  • Florin High School, Sacramento, California - Bob LeVin
  • Judge Memorial High School, Salt Lake City, Utah - Chris Sloan


It's Elementary Show #9 - At the K12Online Conference

We continue our conversation about the K12 Online Conference. The show includes Jose Rodriguez, third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA, Alice Mercer, an elementary computer lab teacher in Sacramento, CA, Maria Knee, a kindergarten teacher from Deerfield, NH. Lisa Durff, a K12 teacher in Maryland was unable to join us for this show. We share some impressions and reactions to the presentations and discuss what we look forward to viewing during the upcoming week.

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