Teachers Teaching Teachers #130 - One of the most moving experiences of my life - 11.19.08

We invited theee students to "talk it over." Katie had written about her experiences of being in Chicago and in Grant Park on the night that Barack Obama was elected. Dominique commented on Katie's post in such a way that Katie's teacher, Chris Sloan and Dominique's teacher, Paul Allison decided that it might be interesting to invite Katie and Dominique, along with another student, Farisa, to get together on Teachers Teaching Teachers to talk things over.

That's where this show begins.

In addition the students were joined by Elizabeth Berryman, Director of the PBS Teacher Center in Virginia. Elizabeth provided some follow up to a project that Susan Ettenheim's students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in New York City participated in.

On November 4th, Katie, a senior at the Judge Memorial Catholic High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her mother "coincidentally" found themselves in Chicago.

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